Saturday 17 July 2021

There's still hope for Malaysia....and Umno too

 I'm now recovering from an illness (but not Covid).

Still a bit weak.

So, this is not going to be too long.

Just want to say that there's still hope over the horizon.

First the Covid situation.

I know it's bad at the moment, but our vaccination rate is getting better every day.

This kind of reports give me hope;

High vaccination rate may reduce cases to below 1,000 daily by October

Anyway, other countries, including the advanced ones such as Australia and Japan are struggling to contain the pandemic too.

We are really not the only ones in bad shape now.

Therefore let us not be too angry with the situation.

I mean, try to control the emotion a bit better.

No need to go around cursing people too much, okay. 

Ya, I have seen such TikTok videos by some privileged kids trying too hard to be woke. Quite painful to watch, actually.

Use the energy instead to do some work such as signing up to be a volunteer frontliner or something.

If can't, please not bitch too much so not to disturb others.

I know, things are hard but we are at war now. Everyone is suffering, okay. Everyone has complaints.

On politics, I think Umno also has some hope based on this report;

Umno No. 2 replaces Tajuddin as elections director

Finally, Zahid is starting to do the right things.

I first wrote about Tajuddin being Umno's election director in this post on Nov 5, last year;

Latest suicide attempt by Umno

and then later in this one on May 25;

Tajuddin's shit will stick on Umno

Now, I think Umno and its BN allies do have a chance at GE15.

I always want them to be okay again and redeem themselves at a general election instead of making deals to get back to power.

If they want to be the government again, they should do so by winning over the rakyat at the polls.

Removing faces like Tajuddin's from its front desk was a good start.

Ya, I'm not in a hurry to change the government.

For me, we need to win this war against Covid first.

Help the frontliners, instead of just bitching.

Once we manage to do that, we can have GE15 properly.

If you are against the current government, don't worry too much about people being swayed into supporting Perikatan later because Covid has ended by then.

Winston Churchill led the Brits to be part of the side that won World War Two, but he lost in the election right after that.

Eh, I'm tired already.

Will write again later, when I'm feeling better.



  1. UMNO jer yang nampaknya semakin matang dalam ketik dan hiruk-pikuk Politik dasawarsa ini....
    2. Tak sangka Parti keramat yang berasaskan bangsa ini ambil iktibar kepungan imej dek tumbangnya rejim PM6 tempoh hari.

    1. Sorry mate. It is no more party keramat.btw what so karamat about when you are losing. Melayu dah sedar party keramat and another parti agama.itu semua karut hanya utk momok melayu. I have no problem with this party. I have problem with those who manage the party.all self servings.

    2. Ehhh.Parti keramat dan Parti Agama sahaja ke " self servings" ???
      Parti demokratik,parti 1 bangsa, parti campur2 bangsa pun sama juga lah.Bila dapat kuasa baru nampak sikap buruk masing2

    3. REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY dude. Strategic thinking would create BANGSA MALAYSIA ☕
      Salam Perayaan 🤝

    4. Zie.... Awak bukan sahaja cantik.... Bijak percaturan Nya... Patutlah Angela Merkel mengetuai Pentadbiran negara terhebat maya pada!



    “Singapore: Six weeks after entering a nationwide lockdown, Malaysia is in a state of paralysis.”

    “Hospitals and their staff are overwhelmed, the unemployed are going hungry, the economy is reeling and the infection rate has continued to climb, reaching a level twice that even of COVID-ravaged Indonesia on a per capita basis.”

    “Amid the death and despondency in the south-east Asian nation of 32 million, however, there is one silver lining.”

    “Malaysia now boasts one of the fastest vaccination rates in the world, doling out more than 400,000 doses a day, out-performed in the past week only by Canada among countries of a similar size or greater – and double the pace of Australia.”

    - According to, as of June 12, Malaysia managed to administer on average 0.38 daily COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to 100 people. Our score hover at bottom of the rung below world average at 0.44 but higher than United States. Other countries ahead of us were Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, China, Denmark with South Korea came out on top with a score 1.22.

    A month later on July 12, according to the same stats, Malaysia pulls ahead and outperformed all those countries with an average 1.09 people administered out of 100 people second only to Canada. Lots of European countries were below us. Is that a sign of “Kerajaan Gagal?” Is that a sign of non functioning government??

    Other than The Star, no newsportals highlighting this remarkable achievment. Instead the usual-suspect newsportals, quoting from the same news source, looking at negative aspect of the report like ministers flouting SOPs and turn it into massive headlines. They’re harping on something which is not even the main focus on the report. We have media in Malaysia instead of being fair and give credit where it’s due, have shamelessly taking side. Which is very pathetic and unfortunate.

    1. Tenkiu, abang JKOM.

      Tlg deliver khutbah ini in-person kpd rakyat biasa, and see how many will tampar you kow kow.

      Then maybe ko paham ler.

    2. It is not khutbah, It is news article from Australia which show facts and statistics. You don’t know the difference? Aku ke kau yang tak faham? Khutbah dengan artikel pun tak reti nak beza. Lagi mau komen…

    3. Nak sangat dengar khutbah. Haa ini khutbah .
      Kempen #MuhyudinLetakJawatan dan #KerajaanPNgagal semakin menggila sejak kena hijack dengan kempen #AnwarForPM. Sama macam kempen #TunMLetakJawatan pada tahun 2019 lepas.
      Dari semua sudut, atas semua perkara , saperti terancang,PN di kutuk,di hentam di tuduh gagal oleh semua pihak. Hingga kan seolah2 langsung tiada apa kebaikkan dibuat oleh PN sejak 15 bulan lepas.
      Ini lah yang buat rakyat yang sememang nya sedang lapar gila jadi gila habis hingga terus terjun flat.

  3. yeah stop bitching on others bitching, do something to get the stupid pm pegi berhampus. churchill was there to replace the stupid chamberlain and won the war.

  4. The word is sincere...
    Kusufian Write@blogspot
    ABAH sailboat safely...

  5. A speedy recovery and return to health soon, my dear Annie.

    Can't help but cringe at the thought of bleak prospects that Covid has embroiled us in a state of uncertainty and suffering. As much as I want to be sanguine in an otherwise soaring numbers of new cases and deaths, Klang Valley in particular, depicting a gruesome ambience despite the ongoing high vaccination rate.

    While the Covid continues to take a ferocious grip on us, unfortunately at the same time, the non-stop politicking in the country seems feeding off of the public's fear with the pandemic issues. Just take a look at this pompous DAPSamy, bad-mouthing and casting a shadow of doubt on Tun M's NRP proposal to PN on how to tackle the perilous situation that afflicts our nation. To this, I just want to ask this hatemonger to put a sock in it, if he refuses or offers nothing to help. Go on and get lost!

  6. It all started with uxno and pxs joining berxxtu to form a govt. There are collective responsible for this mayhem.So dont blame others.

  7. Cik annie. Hope ur getting better. Musim Covid ni hari2 cuba minum air kelapa and air barli.. lots of fruits and vege..

    Sedih amat sgt. Hearses tak renti sampai dTanah Perkuburan BkKiara tau.. if only I can fwd n share utk beri kesedaran kpd semua.

    Jgn dok ingat Covid 19 will go away soon, prepare yrself esp financially to bertahan for at least another 2years!!

    Apapun UMNO/BN pernah menghadapi bbrp musibah besar .. Komunis, May 13, Nipah virus etc, tiap tahun banjir and all those many stupid "revolusi" demonstrations.

    Mai PH and PN habis kelam kabut hancur berderai masa depan anak2 cucu2 kita! Issshh taktau apa lagi nak kata. Sigh

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  8. Yes umno umno umno and umno. Once umno is back, we will have najib, zahid, isa samad, tajuddin, ahmad maslan and the likes back into action to serve our beloved nation. Our country will be back in motion as in the past. Moving forward we will reach greater heights together. Welcome back.

    1. its better than having pencuri terowong and his dogs governing