Thursday 13 May 2021

Why can't they celebrate Raya without firecrackers?

 Another Raya under MCO.

Well, I'm okay with it, as I feel it's necessary with Covid-19 raging worse than ever now.

What's there to celebrate, eh?

Anyway, I don't really celebrate anything much these days.

Just trying to make ends meet under the ongoing movement restrictions.

That's partly the reason why I have not been writing here for quite a while.

Busy and no mood.

I wonder how certain people could complain about not being able to celebrate Hari Raya as usual.

Maybe that's because they have a steady income or lots of money.

They don't seemed to realise that others are suffering.

Some are even burning money on firecrackers.

My friend in Kuantan said her neighbourhood now is like Jerusalem with Israeli soldiers running amok shooting and bombing Palestinians (which they are actually doing right now)..

They are using huge firecrackers there in her neighbourhood.

My friend's son who is with autism is having a very bad meltdown because of it.

Most people with autism can't stand the sound of firecrackers.

This is one of them,

This Khairul guy is a RTM radio DJ and he is with asperger, a high functioning person with autism.

I was told that there were other individuals with  autism who have to be taken to hospital because of this last night.

Ya, why can't they celebrate raya without firecrackers?

It's not an Islamic or even a Malay tradition.

It's I believe was adopted by the Malays from Chinese New Year celebration.

The alim ulamak should come up with a fatwa on this.

What's the hukum of Muslims burning money with firecrackers to celebrate Hari Raya?

Anyway, I'm back in KL since a few weeks ago.

Crossed the state border with police's permission because of work.

I don't know whether I still have my job a few months from now because of the lockdown.

Hopefully, I will still have it, but if I lose it, I will accept it as something fated by Allah.

I will not blame it on the lockdown because it's necessary to contain Covid-19.

In fact,  they should have done it much earlier when the number of cases started to increase earlier this year.

Well, if I lose my job, I think I will use my little savings to open a burger stall when the pandemic is over.

Life has to go on and I will survive one way or another.

I may not celebrate Hari Raya or anything else for now but I will not despair either.

p.s I have decided not to publish comments not related to my post anymore. Too many spams.


  1. Selamat Hari Raya Puasa... Annie.

    "What's the hukum of Muslims burning money with firecrackers to celebrate Hari Raya?"

    I wholeheartedly agree with your sneering question.

    It seems to me... this is the first time in my whole life that I've noticed the Malays celebrated the end of fasting with 'made in China' fireworks/crackers... at this enormous scale.

    Even in my small town there are almost 20 ~ 30 open-table vendors selling them... as if the gomen had purposely allowed more import from China or maybe close one eye on smuggling them from Thailand... so that youngsters could earn extra money selling them beside the road, parking lots or five-foot way... also known as kaki-lima.

    Ehmm... how I wish Malaysia followed Singapore... total ban of these dangerous and senseless behaviour of burning money.

    1. I fully agree with you. Everytime a fire cracker/firework is lit, it felt like I'm in a war zone area. Reminds me of Palestine right now. Malaysia should ban this nuisance.

  2. SELAMAT HARI RAYA CIK ANNIE dan semua2 dsini..

    Everyone is facing same problems due to this pandemic..

    Stay strong.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. Aisay Annie...Selamat Hari Raya (May happiness & Joy be with u always)..."burning money on crackers"... wat the hukum? what about burning money on ciggys? If I am not mistaken there is a fatwa on this but nobody gives a damn. JAKIM and the like all quiet. OK Annie ...enjoy ketupat and don't forget your ear buds!

  4. Ramai orang Islam burning money dalam pelbagai perkara dan sudut..kenapa fire crackers jadi mangsa?

    Sekurang nya setahun sekali untuk kegembiraan hati anak²..yg lebih PENTING penjagaan supaya tidak menimbulkan kecederaan.

    Memang kurang setuju fire crackers, tetapi tidaklah sampai jadi tajuk UTAMA utk DIKECAM...

    1. KD.
      Sapa2 yang main Mercun/Fire Cracker,bunyi bising melampau menyusahkan orang keliling/jiran tetangga .Ada terkejut,ada melatah .

    2. Worst di chine new year...dan Melayu diajak KOMPROMI bersabar memahami.

      Dan mereka tidak jadikan isu sebaliknya satu motivasi untuk terus dan perlu KAYA.

    3. Orang Cina tu bakar mercun sebab nak halau evil spirit ke apa tu aku boleh faham lagi la. Dah adat agama dia orang.Tapi orang Islam bakar mercun setan tak lari pun. Kalau nak main bunga api dengan anak2 tu tak apa la juga. Ni memekak dgn mercun, meriam buluh tu apa hal. Kutuk Cina komain lagi, tapi ikut juga dia orang bakar mercun sebab nak syok2 konon. Aku kata perangai macam beruk bodoh kang marah pulak.

    4. so if cina burned the mercun...ghost runaway...but other race burn the mercun the ghost wont run...ghost also racist

      >james bond

  5. Bukan ke firecrackers outlawed long time ago? How come they easily accessible? I went to bazaar in my hometown and firecrackers being sold openly like nobody business. They probably smuggled in from neighbouring countries. Customs and KPDNKK officers should really look into this seriously.

    1. This is a Chinese concern. Made in China, imported by Chinamen or their mules. Anything touching this "Chinese concern" bottom line mana ada kastam ke penjawat awam berani nak usik. Peniaga goreng pisang berani la😋

  6. Anything offbeat to overhear the ear-splitting boom and the ear-piercing bang whenever there is a celebration in our country? At times, the noise sends a tidal wave of confusion as if CNY is celebrated throughout the year. To me, it seems and looks like people are openly defying the law and order without a second thought. Take a peep at those who made the tremendous cheer, and worse still, sounded like a victorious one, after throwing firecrackers at the police on duty of late. How do you interpret the incident? What message did the crowd try to send? Are we living in a lawless state, no rule of law whatsoever? What really baffles me is that of those so-called just and fair but hopelessly noisy lawmakers continue remaining silent over this sickening issue. Perhaps they are too scare to incite the wrath of public for fear that it might cost them dear, more than an arm and a leg. Hence, just close an eye to the fact that the crackling of firecrackers and fireworks will linger on for as long as the public routinely and diligently cherish them to be a way of celebrating whatever the fete or jamboree is, ignoring the existing Bill that had long been passed in the House. How ridiculously wonderful our nation is! Whatever it is, not forgetting to wish Annie and family a Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

  7. Sambut setan dan iblis lepas dari rantai Ramadan

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    1. Cik Annie..
      Rasanya komen ni tak ikut tajuk aje.terlepas pandang kot.takpe lah,ikut budibicara tuanpunya Blog

    2. Betul juga. Terimakasih Zie.