Wednesday 3 March 2021

Prosecuting Sajat

 So, it has came to this,

Transgender Nur Sajat – now in hiding - wants to renounce Islam

Great work they did, these supposed to be promoters and defenders of Islam.

I previously wrote about this 


Even if that Sajat is an irritating and troublesome pondan, I don't think they should have bullied her like that.

Now that Sajat wants to renounce Islam, they said she was being emotional.


There was even this one ustaz pencetus ummah who also commented that it's Sajat's own fault that she ends up wanting to quit being a Muslim and that she was a disgrace to Islam.

Yea right, and how about his pencetus ummah type who were charged with rape, divorced their pregnant wives to marry other women and such?

Charge them with disgracing Islam too la.

I don't normally comment on religious matters as I'm not a religious person, but the hypocrisy surrounding this Sajat's case was a bit too much.

To recap, Sajat was charged with insulting Islam for organising a religious event at her business premises and wearing a baju kurung and tudung at the function.

How could that even compare with posing as a religious man at national level and using the status to lure women to be raped or using Islam to justify divorcing a pregnant wife to marry another woman.

And how about those who use Islam for personal gains through politics and business?

Aren't they more damaging to Islam than Sajat and her antics?

Well, damage done already.

I'm just writing this to let off steam.

Nothing could actually be done, okay.

I have seen what they did when they catch transgender offenders.

I was at a magistrate's court once a few years ago and was told that a bunch of transgenders were about to be charged for prostitution.

 I look at the people who were about to be charged and none of them looked like a transgender prostitute.

Turned out they had shaved the transgenders' heads and that day they looked very much like army recruits or prison inmates.

There were seven of them and they each got a few weeks in jail. 

I think they are going to catch Sajat in the end and throw the book at her. After all, hundreds of Jais people, assisted by the police are hunting her now.

Her alleged offence carries a maximum RM5,000 fine and three years jail.

But I don't think those potential punishments are the ones that made her wanted to renounce Islam.

It's the thought of being further humiliated that's most scary to her.

Ya, they do love to humiliate people like Sajat.

Imagine a botak Sajat in a prison garb and handcuffed.

A disgrace to Islam, they said.

Well, Sajat should have just migrated to another country to save herself from all this trouble.

Maybe after this.

And I hope she will not renounce Islam when she's over there.

Allah knows her better than those people.


  1. All Malaysians irrespective of gender ( including the so called "haram" ones ) deserved better treatments, for after all they are made by God. Hence, they are answerable to God. How do we see other humans who treat others who does not follow their teachings as? They are arrogant and as if they are without sins themselves!. Just stop treating Sajat and others like him as if you can get any pahala from your treatment of him. Go out and look for fathers/brothers who raped their own flesh, those who did not pay almony to their ex wives and children that they fathered, youths who go rempeting the highways and small kampung roads, mat lanjak, those on drugs and buang baby ( caused by men who ask girls to have sex with them for their own lusts and later do not want to be responsible for their lusting actions). But no, you rather pick on Sajat because the other issues are not bringing you "celebrated" pahala, isn't it? When it is your actions to cause Sajat to turn against his own religion. Where is compassion in this religion?.

    1. annine at the moment pay less opinion on this end of the sajat like LGBT spectrum.
      more concentration on the Asse-main spectrum. like how much more the war- chest has, hundreds millions, billions.
      who are the trojans.
      just imagine if this become next Pi eM.
      for clue early on let girlie saloon operate. any idea services like "ais-krim" are availabe in this places

    2. "Caused by men who asked girls to have sex with them __".No sexual intercourse will take place without lusting on both sides except in cases of rape and prostitution.

  2. Problem is... unfortunately Sajat is a "SHE", like many other women can be easily targeted, discriminated and bullied. Why they never go after the actors of man-man-sex sometime ago?That was a disgrace in Islam too.

    1. Correct.

      Dua darjat, mah.

      Standard lah.

  3. HeShe (?) has always been pushing the envelope quite far enough!

  4. Investigations into Datuk Dr Tawfiq Ayman over 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB)-linked funds are still ongoing, say the police.

    Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) director Datuk Comm Zainuddin Yaacob (pic) confirmed that the husband of Bank Negara's former governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz is being probed for allegedly receiving funds from 1MDB.

    "The funds (allegedly) received were linked to 1MDB and his bank account in Singapore.

    "Seeing as the investigations require statements to be recorded in Malaysia and overseas, the police will be taking further action under the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 2002, to obtain statements from overseas," he said in a statement on Wednesday (March 3).

    The CCID, said Comm Zainuddin, is carrying out the investigations under Section 4(1)(a) of the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act (Amla) 2001.

  5. a lot of resources gone for wearing a dress.

    mean while child brides still on going.

    boleh la malaysia

  6. The Jais alongside PDRM would leave no stone unturned in search for a defenseless poor soul Sajat. The idea of mobilizing hundreds of manpower to hunt down a mere pondan seems far-fetched and ridiculously inapt. Doesn't this appear to be rather making a mountain out of a molehill? Why keeps pinning down on Sajat and drive her to the brink? That is misleading and not Islamic. Just leave "her" alone to be with Allah for divine guidance.

  7. PAS Takiyuddin is sooooooo scared.

    And what BS excuse.

    Cannot hold Parlimen because MPs are old???


    55 days last sitting, nothing happened what.

    Follow SOP.

    Derhaka by PAS and gomen palsu Abah Kau.

    They are TWISTING YDPA's titah last week.

    Tuanku said Parlimen may convene DURING - DURING - the Emergency.

    PN cowards are ignoring that and saying "oh, that means AFTER the Emergency".

    Recent survey showed 4 out of 5 people want Abah Kau gone.

    I think after this, it's 5 out 5.

    1. Flying Car Minister not scared of Zahid's letter???

      “I myself have learned that a few state leaders and cabinet members are slowly building continued support for Muhyiddin,” he said after a PPBM Supreme Council meeting today."

      Ehhhh eleh.


      On a serious note, the two biggest PPBM snakes in Cabinet are H2O and Teloq Penyu.

      Both of them think they can get TPM position if they sell Umno to Parti Bunga.

      Umno must be very, very careful of these two snakes.

  8. Kita jangan letak hukum pada mata kasar. Islam adil dan saksama. Sajat telah cross that fine line. To organise event berpakaian perempuan secara to endorse his status as women which is WRONG!!!....Pondan yang buat kerja sembunyi2 itu urusan dia dengan Allah...Kawin empat is allowed tapi kena adil dari semua aspek kehidupan...duit...masa...anyway...sayang mak bapak Sajat...terkedu dan tertutup mulut..ditaburi matawang ringgit tertutup pintu hati...masya allah. Semoga kita semua dilindungi Allah selalu. Aamiin

  9. Sajat has the solution leave Islam, make sense if your religion wants to put you in jail. Worst still your religion wants you to change, you should have the free will to change your faith if your religion don't want you. Simple she no longer Islam then she is not a problem to Islam.