Saturday 13 March 2021

They turned into frogs because of their sins

 This morning

PKR MP Xavier defects to support Perikatan

Then in the afternoon

PKR accuses Perikatan of using agencies to coax defectors


Saifuddin said Xavier had recently met with the PKR leadership to inform them that MACC has detained his political secretary, personal assistant and several acquaintances.

“Xavier was then contacted by a senior minister, who told him that he has to support PN or face serious consequences,” read his statement.


If you got no dirt, why be scared of being threatened.

If they really go after you, then you just defend yourself in the court of law Najib, Zahid etc etc.

See, even Guan Eng defends himself in court.

This just shows that all those talks by PKR leaders and the gang about fighting Umno's corruption are mostly political bullshit more than anything else.

They are themselves doing it when they were in power.

And that Xavier was among the loudest when it came to whacking Umno.

Now, after his people got arrested and millions seized the other day, he jumped.

Yup, otherwise what material do Perikatan have to threaten him and the others as alleged by Saifuddin.

They are now jumping all over the place when the heat is on, giving all sort of crap excuses like wanting to help the government fight Covid-19 etc.

Saifuddin also really shouldn't point his finger at the police, MACC and IRB people as those guys were just doing their jobs.

If they are given the evidence of corruption, of course they have to investigate the case.

What else could they do.

It doesn't matter to them whether the evidence being produced is part of a political agenda.

If it's legit, they have to take action.

It's the same way they handled the prosecution of Najib, Zahid and the other Umno leaders after Pakatan Harapan came to power after GE14.

It doesn't matter to them whether the charges were part of Pakatan's plan at that time to totally destroy Umno.

Well, now these people like Saifuddin are crying foul and accusing Perikatan Nasional of using the same tactic to force their MPs to jump ship.

I'm not saying it's alright for Muhyiddin's gang to do it, but for PKR and Pakatan people to bitch about it seems quite hypocritical.

Eh, you all did the same to Umno la, when you all were in power.

Well, there you have it. 

All of you who sacrificed your time and energy at street demonstrations back then should learn from this episode of comedy.

Don't be too obsessed with your side being right all the time and that your supposed leaders are saints.

Next time, don't be so easily conned, okay.


  1. A clear conscience makes a soft pillow. If Mr X did nothing wrong, why succumbed to the so-called threat? Unless it is actually the other way round, for fear that his skeleton would be brought out into the open. That, for sure, would kill him instantly. Well, a guilty conscience needs no accuser. In fact, he himself has already confessed whatever wrongdoing he has done during the short-live 22 months of administration. Alas, PKR is just too good at finger-pointing, always trying its very best to make an effort to deflect the blame for its failure. It is always someone else's fault but never ever theirs. How convenient! There is an elephant in its room, but deliberately being ignored. What else can we conclude? All politicians' nature is the same and would do the same things if provided with power and positions. 2x5 5x2. Sama-sama loot la semahunya.

  2. I know this man for a long time. Based on my experience dealing with him, he is among the most principled and well meaning man that I have ever deal with. It’s kinda surprise that he leaps to the other side. He probably does it to protect his family and loved ones.

    1. May be it is like the tamil movie
      If cannot get the father
      Get the wife the son or the daughter

    2. Anonymous14 March 2021 at 07:19

      Read the history of Russia under Stalin.

      Innocent men will confess to anything in order to protect the innocent.

      But karma is a bitch.

      SodoMin may be crowing now, but one day he'll be in jail himself.

      If Umno regains power, he will find out very quickly how much they "love" him.

  3. What happened when your government built on razor thin majority, the government itself is UNSTABLE . When it is unstable, it always feels insecure thus seek to stabilise by encouraging defection to tip the balance. Using carrots and sticks. If a carrot no longer effective then use a stick.

    General election need to be carried out ASAP. This hopping stuff is extremely worrying and have gone out of control!

  4. A senior minister is working so hard lobbying so that the PM will appoint him as TPM. A very ambitious man.

    1. I think the biggest snakes that UMNO must be beware of are the Dedak Cluster - those whom Mookimak showered with minister positions.

      They are PPBM members in all but name.

      Zahid, Tok Mat and the MTU must remove the cancer before it spreads.

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  6. If the enforcement agencies are just carrying their jobs then at least in Xavier case they will prosecute him in court even when he has switched his support.We will watch and see wether that will happen Annie.

    1. Anonymous14 March 2021 at 10:11

      Correct, 100%.


      If the MACC says "switch support and case will be dropped, then the system is corrupt.

      Laaaaaaaaa, susah sangat nak paham ke?

      How does the statement "just doing their jobs" apply to this case?

  7. Umno has been checkmated ha ha ha..

    1. Wanna bet?

      UMNO = 39 MPs.

      Minus Moo's bootlickers (Dedak Cluster, new PRIMA chairman, and Anu Musang) = 30 or 31 MPs.

      If they pull support, I would love to see Pagoh, Larut and Pencucuk Tahi al-Sandakan try to buy over AN EXTRA 25 MPs to make a "majority".

      Nope, I think UMNO is in charge of the chess game, not PN.

  8. "Saifuddin also really shouldn't point his finger at the police, MACC and IRB people as those guys were just doing their jobs. If they are given the evidence of corruption, of course they have to investigate the case."

    Complete bullshit.

    You don't seem to see the hole in your own argument:

    If the MACC are being used as political tools, then by definition the system is broken lah, doh.

    By definition.

    You need to understand, this is politics, not justice.

    You think Musa Aman was released into Sabah with tens of millions because "there was no evidence"?

    Kah kah kah.

    There are apparently 70 MACC officers now in Sabah. As Najib said "it must be a co-incidence".

    Kah kah kah.

    The most disturbing thing? When a senior Court of Appeal judge said he wanted to explain to an RCI how cases were fixed, he was swiftly silenced.

    You think anyone will chance that?

    Hey, they charged Anwar for committing sodomy in a condo that wasn't even built yet.

    You think the system isn't broken?

    You think if BN had won PRU14, these same "brave and independent" (ha ha) investigators would have pursued them?

    "Just doing their jobs"?

    You are really naive.

    Najib, Zahid, and other Umno leaders are in court because Madey is vicious and vindictive. If they had met his demands, I can promise you nothing would have happened to them. (If you think Madey is interested in "clean governance" and "anti-corruption", then you must have been asleep for 22 years.)

    Every successive gomen abuses the instruments of power.

    People will go free or be charged for political reasons.

    That is the classic sign of a 3rd world country.

    1. Im afraid you need to improve your understanding of English. Otherwise you are going to keep missing the point. Thank you.

    2. Annie,

      Sadly, your readers seem to be more intelligent than you when it comes to "getting the point".


      "Anonymous14 March 2021 at 10:11

      If the enforcement agencies are just carrying their jobs then at least in Xavier's case they will prosecute him in court even when he has switched his support. We will watch and see whether that will happen Annie."

      Read that carefully a few times.

      Then you'll see the massive holes in your posting.

      If you still don't get it, sori lah...

    3. Annie, I think you're the one who should sign up for a kindie english class. For sure Xavier, having switched sides, will definitely have his case NFAed. Everyone can see that. MACC, IRB just doing their jobs you say? C'mon, they work according to the whims and fancies of their political masters.

    4. Correct.

      Simple example...

      POLICEMAN: "You jumped red light."

      DRIVER: "No, I didn't!"

      POLICEMAN: "Pay me RM50 and I won't saman you."

      DRIVER: "But - "

      POLICEMAN: "Up to you, lah. I can help you if you help me. If you want to make the saman go away, you play by my rules. Take it or leave it."

      In this case, is the policeman....

      a) "Just doing his job"?

      b) Actually NOT doing his job?

  9. Turning into frogs because of one's sins. Well what is new.
    The President bowed and stooped down to the Sultans to get a pardon and then claimed,that also absolved all his court convictions.So much for Reformasi.
    The court cluster at Sheraton joining the backdoor govt. Only to hear the PM assuring non inteference with the judiciary. That triggered the acid bombs until today.
    To all you media people.Every isjumping to what Saifudin Nasution said in his media statement, which are only all very obviuos and familiar. Why noone has followed up on Annuar Musa's claims of the PH-UMNO talks.Fake news or what? This can give a lead to the PKR exodus today..agree?

  10. No Annie. You got your perspective totally off tangent. The fact of the matter is, Xavier's SPRM/IRB issues should be dealt with legally, not politically. If there are solid grounds to charge him, let him face his day in court instead of running into the arms of Bersatu embrace. Let's see whether his case will be brought to face justice or there will be no compelling reasons to charge him. If his case will not proceed for whatever reasons, then he is innocent implying that he was not a corrupt PKR politician. You cannot be corrupt as PKR politician and innocent when you crossed over to Bersatu. Blowing hot and cold, no?

    1. This was Madey's intention:

      Charge as many UMNO politicians as possible, in order for them to be forced to join Bersatay.

      His intent was always either to take over Umno or replace it.

      Anyway, he screwed up. Big time.

      Think about this:

      About 70% of Madey's "base" at PRU14 was from PH voters.

      So the fact that all these people were brought to court is a legacy of PH.

      If BN had won PRU14...

      a) Najib would still be PM.

      b) A Pandi would still be AG.

      c) KBAB1 would still be IGP.

      d) Bali Romeo would still be running MACC.

      e) 1MDB, TH, Felda cases would be 6 feet under the carpet. NFA sampai hari kiamat.

      e) Malaysia would have sampai tahap 5th World Country. Next level, beb!

      Geng Pintu Belakang are now using the court cases (which had zero to do with them) to remove political opponents.

      Welcome to Malaysia.

  11. Nampak gaya sumpah laknat Bossku, doa2 dn solat hajat dr mrk2 yg teraniaya sedang memberi kesan kan?

    Mengelabah kepanasan semacam aje bbrapa wakil rakyat, finally showing their true colors?

    Contoh sekoq KATAK.. Ramai not aware tht his righthand man and friend are under investigation involving tens of millions of riggit. Sikalang lia tolong expose kasi viral supaya satu dunia tau! CROAK CROAK.

    KATAK2 lain tak sabaq2 nak lompat juga ke? Berhati2 lanti famili kamu pakai seluaq dalam warna ape, satu dunia akan tahu.

    Terlibat dgn perkara haram jadah ni semua, tak selamat dan balasan "GUARANTEE" akan turun kpd anak menantu cucu cicit. No escape wan.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    Professor Nasi Lemah

  12. Wah.. baca berita Hero BAFIA dh masuk balik politik dan bersama PKR?

    Tu dia pemimpin2 yang kaki makan rasuah. Hangpa kena lebih berhati2 mulai hari ini..

    Satni bank akaun kamu seisi keluarga tetiba viral mula banjiri alam maya, sedunia bole belek?? Naya tak abis.

    KATAK2 yang dok gatai nak melompat bokbaik tau.. Duit haram jadah simpan elok2 dalam kotak2 dan sembunyi sumbat masuk lemari.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  13. Drp buat susah2 menggubal undang2 anti lompat lebih baik buat undang2 menggalakkan lompat. Lompat legal tp boleh lompat 2 kali saje. Sape lompat bayar cukai lompat RM100 ribu ke atau 15% dari habuan diterima atau mana2 lebih tinggi. FDI dah kurang setidak2nya boleh menjana pendapatan negara. Kalu x benarkan lompat, dorang lompat juga. Boleh lah kita buat tema "lompat itu perniagaan" mcm kat pasar tani tu.