Sunday 7 March 2021

Can they just shut up and disappear?

 Saw this one just now and I was like "Yuck, this one still around and making noises?"

Cooperate for Malay politicssakeUmnoBersatu urged 


The Jelebu Bersatu chief said the two parties should not cut ties completely, and expressed hope that both will continue to work together.

This Rais Yatim is one of the most icky politicians as far as I'm concerned.

Been around for so long that I wonder why people are so easily conned by him.

Jumped here, jumped there, jumped everywhere.

He even thrived and became minister again during Najib's time until he fucked up big time and was sidelined. 

Then he turned against Najib.


Well, that's Najib's fault for surrounding himself with people like Rais. He's a poor judge of character.

Anyway, what is this Rais talking about saving "Malay politics"?

So dumb.

No politics needs saving at this time. In fact, less politics would be better.

It's the rakyat that need saving. They need to be saved from unemployment, corrupt people in power etc etc.

It really irritates me seeing him invoking the word "Malay" like that.

This guy is actually desperate as he knows that without Umno supporting Perikatan, Pribumi Bersatu which is his ship now will sink.

He can't jump back to Umno because he had done all the jumping that he could and Umno people must surely still remember how cocky he and the other turncoats were right after GE14.

Why can't people like Rais just shut up and disappear?

Then there's this one,

Duhhh...this Musa Hitam is still around too?

And now suddenly making an appearance  giving Umno an advice which is soo obvious.

Yeah, that's a good advise but coming from him made me cringed.

Where was Musa back then when everyone said Umno is dead post GE14?

He had a cushy lucrative job (if you can call it a job) at the Sime Darby Foundation at that time and I was told that he refused to go anywhere near Umno, let alone lending a helping hand to save it.

Now he's dishing it advice and talk like this,


In the interview, Musa also explained that severe infighting within Umno has caused the party to be splintered into three factions.

One faction he described as Umno puritans who believe in the spirit of the party, the second faction are those who side with the party leaders such as its current president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamid, and the third consists of capable leaders that were not given the opportunities to step forward.

Yeah, right.

As if he now suddenly knows Umno inside out again.

Eh, does he ever goes down on the ground and talk with the real Umno grassroots (I'm not talking about the ketua2 bahagian, okay)?

Does he knows that the Umno grassroots is still very strong, even when everyone said it's dead after GE14 and people like him abandoned the party and people like Rais betrayed it?

Whatever lah.

You see, that's why I'm feeling quite fed up these days.

I keep bumping into stories of useless people making useless statements quite a lot of late.


  1. In present day Malaysia, UMNO must be the backbone of the government for the country to be politically stable. With political stability, the government's attention can then be turned to the economy.

    Paradoxically, for Umno to survive, it needs the 'court cluster' to be among its leaders until its political fortune is stable. This is because the 'court cluster' leaders are among the smartest and politically experienced of Umno leaders. Moreover, they have surely learnt the lessons of GE14.

    Infact, since the beginning of MCO about a year ago, surely among all opposition politicians, Najib is the one who talks most constructively.

    1. Utusan TV Online Poll

  2. Jgn fed-up cik Annie. The drama is just starting with RM32b now on the loose.

    SPRM tak payah tunggu olang lepot.. skrg shld oredi create a special task force codenamed "RM1m dollar trail".

    Just assign a grp each to follow-up those who gets RM1m given out in whatever form .. grant, tender, stimulus package or whatever la.

    Lamai unemployed graduates sikalang, just pay each RM1K (food allowances) I am sure hundreds of thousands will come forward to volunteer. Apa susah sgt klo lamai2 tolong buat audit n investigations, SPRM shld be belly2 glateful.

    Pemimpin2 yg being paid tens and hundreds of thousand ringgit each month yg baya toktua2 yg takut masuk Dewan.. amik lia olang punya gaji/elaun/perks n use to pay these volunteers. Hmm lagi cepat ekonomi will recover like this tau.

    Cik Annie can bzzz yourself giving updated performance lepot on d progress of all these RM1m recipients.

    Lasanya mayak sikalang sudah mula gatal tangan, kena la bersuara satni tak dapat habuan mayak lugi owh.. hah KATAK2 apa tunggu, Lompat tinggi2 nanti lagi mayak lapat $$$$$%

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. "This guy is actually desperate as he knows that without Umno supporting Perikatan, Pribumi Bersatu which is his ship now will sink."


    Same applies to PAS.

    Let's decode the whole "Malay unity" bullshit:

    It's a psychological gambit by two small, parasitic parties to drink the blood of the larger host (i.e. UMNO.)

    a) Without the 3.5 million voter base of UMNO, PAS is forever an irrelevant regional party that has no idea how to govern (see how Kelate has suffered. The moron "Minister" says wait 30 to 40 years foe clean water. Keep voting PASPISPUS and tunggu sampai kiamat x jadi pon. Hopeless.)

    b) Without the 3.5 million voter base of UMNO, Bersatu is literally dead. They came to power on the basis of PH votes, basically. In a head to head match-up, the bunga will be crushed.

    Right now, the Backside Boy of Sandakan and Larut are spending 100% of their waking hours trying to bribe and blackmail more support.

    The Sandakan Sodomite knows one thing: He cannot afford to fall. If PN loses power, he is dead. If you are hated by Umno, PAS, PKR, PH, you basically better join....MIC?

    Just like Trump after Nov 2020, they are being paid gaji buta. Trump spent 3 months on a massive tantrum about the US election. He did zero work. Meanwhile, Covid killed 500K Americans.

    The Three Stooges and their Sabah coup sent Covid skyrocketing in Malaysia, after it was under control.

    Now the Three Stooges cannot sleep at night. Even if they jail Zahis, there is NO WAY that Tok Mat will ever allow them to contest the 16 frog seats. Bersatu will lose them all. Then how will any of them claim a right to be PM?

    Thieves never rest easy.

    Padan muka.

  4. Umno will triumph eventually because unlike Bersatu that struggled to oust Najib, or PKR that struggles to raise Anwar or DAP that struggles to protect the Lims, Umno struggles for the Malay realpolitik hence Umno will not die as long as Malays dominate Malaysia. Numbers win.

  5. Only the the prime minister himself out of Bersatu is guaranteed of winning a parliament seat if Umno going separate way. The rest of them which consist of frogs, opportunist and back side lover almost guaranteed losing all theirs in 3 corner fight. There’s no way the rakyat will vote these shameless, despicable, selfish, self centred goons. Lompat sana, lompat sini, lompat lagi, tak malu ke?? Rakyat sedang memerhati gelagat mereka!!

    Do bear in mind that it was Atuk and Saddiq factor last time which made Bersatu managed to win 13 seats. Without these 2 people Bersatu is nothing. When parliament dissolves and there’s no more government, Bersatu’s worth as political party will be exposed. Tanjung Piai’s result in almost all the seats they contested..muahaha...

  6. We are fully aware of RY's current notable position as a Bersatu appointee. Perhaps he was trying to help ease up a little on the growing tensions between the 2 big-egoistic heads. You know la, he is made 'somebody' but cannot afford to make a point of sitting on his hands while everyone else is voicing something, day in and day out, about the seemingly political impasse. Then his utterance has successfully made him appear rather sagacious enough to retain his relevance as the YdP of DN, at least he did say something as well, and of course, caught Annie's attention to come up with this write-up. Well, it all largely depends on the survival situation when to be flexible and how to bend the truth in order to protect his rice bowl or maybe to save his neck, to be precise. Biasa lah, it is not unusual.

  7. Dah 22 tahun 22 bulan kena bodo bodoo jer kena tipu... asal tawap masuk lam kaabah

    yg sorang ni pulak dah berpuluh tahun goreng tak menjadi..

    Trending terbaru sekarang ni..

    Asal gi Mekah nak tawap jer masuk dalam kaabah, asal masuk kaabah kena gi mekah.. kikiki

    Mahyuddin dah gi masuk Kaabah, Najib udah masuk jugak, agak agak klu bang non buat tawap dan masuk kaabah mungkinkah pengundi melayu isle kembali undi Bang Non kite...!??

    Nak belanja gambar Bang Non gi haji pun susah... muskil jugak dng bang non kota nih.. belanja ler gambar tawap ka , saie ka lontar ka masa gi aji dolu dolu..

    klu gi tempat lain satu muka buku penuh gbar bang non ...


  8. Betul la kat Musa tu.

    UMNO dah tak ada pemimpin2 lain selain yang keluar masuk Mahkamah dengan tuduhan jenayah?

    1. vaccine games. picture tell a thousand story.
      wonder if fearing more scare virus.
      masih ingat virus boleh di botol kan healer tradisonal Pasu.

  9. Where’s my comment that posted yesterday morning Annie? It is not seditious whatsoever

    1. Pls resend. Must have got lost somewhere. Thank you.

  10. Ramai rakyat yang berterima kasih pada Najib minggu ini.

    Saya baca ramai yang i-happy hari ini tapi ramai juga yang i-kecewa. Walaupun ketua kerajaan beritahu saya bahawa skim i-Sinar sudah elok dan suruh saya henti tekan kerajaan untuk hal ini, saya tetap mahu kerajaan hapuskan segala syarat pengeluaran dengan segera.

    "Buatlah macam i-Lestari. Siapa yang rasa mereka ada keperluan, biarlah mereka keluarkan sedikit duit jika mereka masih ada baki dalam akaun. Bukan nak keluarkan semua pun. Cuma sehingga RM10,000 sahaja," katanya dalam statusnya di laman Facebook Januari yang lalu..

    Najib Tun Razak

  11. "KUALA LUMPUR: Arau member of Parliament Shahidan Kassim has been appointed as chairman of Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia (PR1MA), effective immediately.

    In announcing the matter, housing and local government minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said Shahidan’s five-term experience as an elected representative and his vast experience in governance were needed to boost PR1MA’s performance, Bernama reported.

    His experience as the Perlis menteri besar and minister in the prime minister’s department can help PR1MA achieve its mission of providing affordable housing in the country, she said during a visit to the PR1MA headquarters here today.

    Shahidan was in the news recently for saying that Perlis Umno, which he heads, would continue to work with PPBM, despite a decision by Umno to sever ties with the party."

    Jilat, jgn x jilat ooooooo!

    Masyukkkkkkkk oooooooo!

    This is the enemy of UMNO.

    Sold his soul for $$$$$$$$$$.

    1. annine swiss going to sign FTA with the Indon. well ketuaan race cannot sign becos swiss chocolate may have one or two khinzir dna contaminated. also cannot import swiss bir.
      in future may have to beg the Indon repackage palm oil to Swiss like what got into the USA. might have to give discount.

  12. Murtad itu jenayah dlm islam jangan ambil mudah.

    Golongan evangelist bertepuk tangan kerana memudahkan ‘kerja-kerja’ mereka

    Gejala murtad atau keluar daripada agama Islam adalah satu jenayah berat dan tindakannya bukan perkara main-main.

    Ketua Setiausaha Kluster Dakwah Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA), Ustaz Mohd Noor Azib Asmangi berkata, individu beragama Islam yang murtad akan mendapat hukuman berat bukan sahaja di dunia, malah akan diazab di akhirat.

    Jelasnya, perbuatan individu murtad dan mengisytiharkan perbuatannya jauh lebih berat berbanding mereka yang jatuh kafir.

    Katanya, pegangan agama individu terbabit telah rosak secara tersembunyi atau tidak disengajakan.

    “Ini kerana individu murtad dengan bangganya melanggar perintah Allah dan telah mempromosikan kemungkaran

    “Lebih-lebih lagi mereka yang ramai pengikutnya di kalangan orang muda,” katanya ketika dihubungi hari ini.

    Mengulas lanjut, beliau berkata, agama Islam adalah agama yang diturunkan Allah SWT, yang juga satu-satunya agama yang benar dan diterimaNya.

    Jangan diharap dengan pemimpin yang bersekongkol dengan agenda Liberal, Pluralisma, COMANGO Syiah ini untuk mempertahankan kesucian Islam yang sebenar.

    Kita sudah kenal pasti siapa pemimpin yang bersekongkol dengan golongan ini samada di blok PH dan PN mahupun parti nyawa nyawa ikan seperti PejWang.

    PRU 15 adalah jalan jihad untuk kita hapuskan terus pemimpin ini. Hapus dan simen.

  13. Mahathir: UMNO ‘cakap kosong’ sahaja, tak serius putus hubungan dengan PPBM.

    Si Batu api yang tak beberapa berapi.. udah udah lah kubo dah kata mai sini umah dah jerit brambos pergi..kikiki

    Pengerusi Parti Pejuang Tanah Air (PEJUANG), Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mendakwa UMNO tidak serius untuk memutuskan kerjasama dengan Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM).

    Selain itu, beliau berpendapat, langkah memutuskan hubungan hanya sekadar ‘cakap kosong’ kerana UMNO dan Bersatu saling bergantungan antara satu sama lain untuk mengekalkan kerajaan Perikatan Nasional (PN).Tun Biar lah cakap kosong jangan cakap bohong membelit dengan lidah bercabang..

    “Kalau UMNO tidak bekerjasama dengan Bersatu, Bersatu akan jatuh. Apabila Bersatu jatuh, maka UMNO pun akan jatuh. Ini kerana UMNO pun bergantung kepada Bersatu, seperti mana Bersatu bergantung kepada UMNO,” katanya pada sidang akhbar selepas menerima suntikan vaksin Covid-19 pada Ahad. Tak kan UMNO nak bersatu dengan PejWang yang ekor cabang tanduk gigi pun tak nampak lagi...agak agak lah.. kikiki

    Dah dekat sangat dah masa dah tidak ada.. cukup cukup lah tu jadi batu api adu domba fitnah jijik.