Wednesday 10 March 2021

About a Kluang guy's solar project

This is what I know (of course only what I actually can tell here) about this story,

Ceremony to kick-off mega Pengerang solar park cancelled


Sultan Ibrahim said he did not see why Putrajaya would not be willing to give Johor a chance to be an eco-friendly producer of electricity.

Well, this project is actually an initiative of a guy from my hometown Kluang.

He migrated a long time ago and became rich, but now, out of his love for Johor, has decided to give something back to it.

I have checked his story and it's quite genuine.

The Sultan actually has no real shares in the project except for the land to be used for it being leased by the Ruler to the Kluang guy. 

I was told that Sultan Ibrahim has been supportive of the initiative from the start, thus the name of the project.

The problem actually started when the proposal for the project was brought to Putrajaya for approval.

There, the Kluang guy was offered to do the project somewhere in Perak instead of Johor.

The Kluang guy refused the offer, saying that he initiated the project specifically for his home state and furthermore, the area chosen for it was most suitable for it.

He, nonetheless, offered to build a mosque or some other social welfare projects in the area in Perak.

That's when the project stalled. No federal approval for it.

I was reliably informed that PM Muhyiddin, who is a Johorean himself, will call for a meeting on the matter as soon as he gets back from Saudi Arabia.

Well, in case he's reading this, Muhyiddin should ask his people about the matter of RM4 million related to the approval of the project.

That should get some people's armpits sweating.

Sigh. These people really need to stop such nonsense.

I hope this project will proceed.

It's after all good for the environment. Particularly Johor's environment.

Oh, even though I like Pahang more these days, I still love my home state Johor.


  1. AzseOmain: to move away from labour intensive investments, focus on tech-based investment policy

    cuba nak kasi tau tak dapat tarik FDI. google, hundaii EV kereta, facebook labor intensve industry

    1. SodoMin & ZaFool are the same:

      Completely clueless men trying to sound intelligent.

    2. Basic common sense la. Politic very unstable sapa berani masuk?

      PN? hmm Bersatu 5, PAS 18, half PKR Azmin 10, KATAK Umno 16, KATAK2 baru lompat still blur, BN plak anytime -42.. even I donno how to plus minus oredi, wht more foreign investors. Kekekeke

      FM a Minister wth no vote plak tu, foreigner main anggok masuk telinga kanan keluaq telinga kiri blink2 dgq his proposals..

      Ministers yg represent UMNO, power masing2 dalam Parti macam lampu minyak tanah (angin tiup aje terus padam).

      Kalau jual goreng pisang tepi jalan keadaan tak laku macam nih, mmg lama dh kena bungkus!

      China dah pun buat artificial sun. Sini sekadar solar power pun pakat kalut semacam.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  2. Annie,

    Thanks for the missing details.

    I was also confused when I read this story online.

    Hope there's no udang di sebalik batu.

  3. Aisay Annie...pls b careful of wat u post or u might find d polis at yr front door. Poor Fahmi...poster of a missing minister also tak boleh....wat the shit is going on. The mental midgets in Putrajaya don't know what is satire. Back to d issue....most probably yr Kluang fren did not grease enough palms.

  4. Since Tuanku has openly made a "plea" for the mega project, I would say, PM is expected to rubber-stamp the approval without much ado. So, no worries, the people, Johoreans in particular, will reap huge benefits out of it. However, what if the act of this unstinting generosity has hidden agenda? To give back an astronomical RM1.4b is really something out of ordinary that public would certainly cast doubt on that kind of massive aspiration. Indeed, it sounds almost too good to be true.

  5. If this project were to be eventually approved, we'll have to wait and see what happens to it in the not too distant future. Changing hands, Annie?

    You know the greed that prevails in your much-loved state?

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