Monday 29 March 2021

Umno still needs improvements for solo ride

For once in quite a long while, it was worth observing the Umno general assembly over the weekend.

They finally made it official about really reviving BN for GE15.

No more ties with Pribumi Bersatu and even PAS if the Islamist party chooses to remain with Perikatan instead of Muafakat.

For me, it's the best move by Umno.

I always prefer Umno to fight alongside just its BN allies rather than forming what was supposed to be a domineering Malay Muslim coalition with Pribumi Bersatu and PAS.

It's going to be like what it used to be - BN, a workable moderate multi-racial coalition.

That's the model that worked for the country since Merdeka till GE14 in 2018.

It's better than an ultra-conservative Malay Muslim coalition or a coalition of parties with unrealistic and hypocritical objectives.

As we should learn by now, these alternatives led to chaos and instability. We have tried it, okay.

I know, I know....but Umno and BN were corrupt, got it.

I'm not blaming you all for changing the government in 2018.

Hey, we tried it, and I'm fine with it. The mess now is just the price we paid for the experiment. 

Anyway, that's democracy. We are free to choose and try things.

So, would the BN which will be contesting GE15 on its own be any better than it was in GE14?

Yes and no.

Yes, because it surely remember the lessons from GE14.

No, because at the moment, Umno is still weighted down by the same bunch which caused its GE14 defeat.

Well, that's a price to be paid too later.

Hopefully Umno will sort that one out before GE15.

Okay, now they had said it, I wish to see them actually doing it - cutting off ties with Perikatan led by Pribumi Bersatu.

For now, I think they should not quit the government until parliament has been dissolved.

This is so because we need a functioning government, especially amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Umno ministers and those of MCA and MIC should stay where they are and continue to do their job.

It's not for the Perikatan government but instead for the rakyat.

Ministers salaries are not that big anyway.

What I really want to see now is for Umno leaders appointed by the Perikatan government to head GLCs to resign with immediate effect.

They were given those highly paid positions just to support Perikatan.

Not really for the rakyat.

I'm quite sure the GLCs would continue working well without those political appointees.

Most of them are non-executive chairmen, whose actual job is just to chair board meetings in return of huge salaries and other fantastic perks.

Well, of course most of them instead meddle with the management and behave as if the GLCs belong to them.

Just look at the Prasarana mess. That boorish Tajuddin Rahman should resign now since he was one of the loudest in riding the Umno's bandwagon of separating from Perikatan .

Anyway, he's one of the guys, who make Umno still looks bad to a lot of people.

And then there's Khaled Nordin, who was equally loud in riding the Umno going solo wave.

I'm waiting for him to quit being the Boustead chairman since the first day he started to whack Perikatan in order to be seen as an Umno champion.

And he's an Umno vice president, for goodness sake.


There are quite a number of others like Tajuddin and Khaled in Umno leadership now.

As far as I'm concerned, they are only good at talking and not much else.

Well, if they stay put in their cushy posts, then I think Umno still have quite a bit more to go at removing the parasites in their midst as was vowed by them during the weekend.

Come on Umno, jangan cakap tak serupa bikin.


  1. ape terjadi Pooper De Northe

    Penang responds to Kedah's call for help in emergency water works
    some days!!!!!



    The squealing in panic of the chubby little Tobacco Toyol (just Google "Ideas" and "tobacco") yesterday is very revealing about Bersatu's distressed mental state.

    If Umno competes in their stolen seats head to head, Bersatu will win 2 seats in PRU15. That would be Moo and Tok Pa. (Maybe even these two will die.)

    The rest, hanco beb.

    They will literally lose every single other seat.

    The fact is, both PPBM and even PUS are completely dependent on Umno to attain federal power.

    Without Umno, they either dissolve (PPBM) or become a small regional party (PUS.)

    So now, Pagoh, Larut and Min Isapkote will move on to Plan B.

    What is Plan B?

    To buy the Umno elections.

    Meaning, either H2O or Mael Telor Penyu must be made President to replace Zahid.

    You can be sure that billions - not millions, ya - will be spent on this.

    It's do or die.

    If they fail, there is no comeback.

    These three have nowhere to run.

    All bridges are burned.

    That is especially true of Si Kitol Kunyit @Sandakan @Gombak.

    It's over. (He is already begging to escape from Gombak.)

    Will Plan B succeed?

    Two main problems:

    a) H2O and Mael Telor Penyu are not popular with the grassroots and are seen (correctly) as closet PPBM members. I predict if anything happens to Zahid, Mat Hasan will become President.

    (A certain egotistical keling blogger is of the opinion that Tok Mat's popularity is waning, but this moron is wrong most of the time, so poooooorah lah dei. Tok Mat is more popular than H2O and Mael Telor Penyu. Talk to real people on ground.)

    b) You cannot compel someone to vote once they are in the voting booth. Can SodoMin or Moo actually FORCE 3.3 million Umno members to vote for them? They cannot.

    My guess is, they will try to prolong the Emergency till 2023, but by then the rakyat will not forgive or forget.


    1. MUHYIDDIN Yassin will lose if he insists on contesting the Pagoh parliamentary seat in the next general election, said the Johor menteri besar.

      “Only 26% of Malay voters support the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government that is led by Muhyiddin,” said Hasni Mohamad during the debates at the 2020 Umno General Assembly.

    2. I would prefer Ku Li as UMNO President and Tok Mat as his deputy . Khaled Nordin could be more formidable than Tok Mat . a veteran and young blood would put the party in better light .

    3. Khalid Nordin??? Kahkahkah...rotfl

  3. Aisay Annie....Ammo has split fr Bersatu so it's logical that all ministers deputy n GLC heads letak jawatan sekarang juga.... can't understand y u say that it's ok for ministers to stay but heads to resign. Why wait till ogos to withdraw it now. Aisay this is all talk only la. Nothing will change

    1. UMNO should withdraw immediately from PN and tie up with PH to form a new government . KuLi as PM and Anuar as DPM.

    2. Hmmmmmmm, there is a smell of traitor in the air...

      "“Saya difahamkan pertemuan berlangsung lebih sejam mulai 5.30 petang hingga 6.45 petang itu diadakan secara mengejut bagi membincangkan keputusan Umno untuk menarik diri daripada kerajaan Perikatan Nasional dan kerjasama dengan PPBM.

      “Namun, saya tidak boleh menjelaskan butiran terperinci mengenainya kerana tiada dalam pertemuan berkenaan,” katanya ketika dihubungi.

      Antara mereka yang dilihat keluar dari kompleks Jabatan Perdana Menteri petang tadi ialah Menteri Kanan (Keselamatan) yang juga Naib Presiden Umno, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Menteri Tenaga dan Sumber Asli yang juga Ahli Majlis Kerja Tertinggi Umno, Shamsul Anuar Nasarah, Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan dan Ahli Parlimen Ketereh, Annuar Musa serta Menteri Kesihatan, Dr Adham Baba, Menteri Pengajian Tinggi merangkap Ketua Wanita Umno, Noraini Ahmad, Menteri Luar, Hishammuddin Hussein."

      These worms are all going to die a horrible death if they leave Umno to kiss Muhyiddin's backside.

      Don't misread the ground sentiment.

      The three million Umno members HATE Parti Bunga.

  4. I will never vote for umno if it still offers zahid & najib as candidates for ge15. Sgt keji manusia yg bertopengkan agama, berselindung disebalik yayasan yg konon2 islamik

  5. Jeng jeng jeng!!!!

    "PRIME Minister Muhyiddin Yassin will meet with Umno ministers tonight following the party’s 2020 General Assembly which ended yesterday, sources told The Malaysian Insight.

    The meeting will take place at the Prime Minister’s Office in the evening, said a source close to a minister."

    What is Mookimak up to?

    a) Jump now and you all join PPBM

    b) You all have to leave

    In either scenario, Mookimak will lose his majority very heavily. At most, 5 will cross over, then by this week the other 30-plus will withdraw support.

    He and Geng Pintu Belakang need to learn the expression:


  6. Kalau Mahyuddin nak jadi PM dengan jangka hayat yang lama elok buang segera pegawai lantikan Tun spt Amit Bedul, Zety, SPRM lain lain KSU dan KSN era Tun. Mereka semua tu balaci Tun yg ada eksess sabotaj kerajaan yg di terajui oleh Mahhuddin..

    Buang semua yang tak guna itu segera. Sejarah PM yang lalu sebab ramai balaci Tun yang sabotaj.

    Buang segera suma yang tak guna itu cepat...!!

    1. "Kalau Mahyuddin nak jadi PM dengan jangka hayat yang lama"....kih kih kih.

      Jangka hayat yang lama???

      Sape nak Abah Kau kekal PM, ekkkk? Xde sesiapa pon. Pi mampuih ler engko....

    2. aiya! cume general eilek-tion 15, PRU 15
      satu undi satu kanpit beras super 5kg
      all settled.
      semburiy ass-min PM ke 9.

  7. air salut!!!!! adoi, wind fall taxes
    illegal musang king kebun!!!!
    macam not only foreign company lari!!!!!
    penadatang peenumpanag company pun plan lari!!!!

    However, the proposed additional listing on the HKEX also serves to raise Top Glove’s profile in China, which is in line with our overall strategy to explore business expansion and strategic opportunities in China or North Asia

  8. What a farrago of repeated fables in his AGM speech. Nothing new, nothing surprise, nix. It is nowt to do with the struggle of Malays but just to save his own skin. Don't be naive that he is putting his neck on the line for party. In order to have... "a workable moderate multiracial coalition...", Umno must make a clean break with its charges-laden President first, before mulling and weighing the possibility of going solo in GE15. Everything else is secondary. Just that to break free from the deplorable baggage. BN cannot afford to make a misstep only to be regretted later. Mind you, the opposition is kicking anxiously its heels at the sideline and feeling ravenously hungry for another shot to reattain the taste of power. By hook or by crook, politicians are all about power and positions. Why would Umno Ministers have to resign while those GLCs are allowed to continue to enjoy highly remunerative jobs? The blaring of that Pasir Salak, refusing to step down tells the Malayland is yet again rearing its ugly head as a dominant Big-Brother. Then, the political wheel turns full circle...

  9. kau sorang yg kata mcm tu... yg lain mahu Mahyuddin kekal... yg penting kick out Tun segera... sabotaj dan fitnah balaci Tun sedang buat serangan hendap..

    pecat dan ganti orang Tun, Zety tunggu hari untuk ditukar dan tamatkan kontrak di PNB

    1. I voted for ph last election for a reason and will opt out this coming election as i dont like traitors, frogie, turncoat, opportunist and personal agendist.

  10. Bersatu =13-1-6 mmg cannot wan. Mohid skrg tercunggap2 trpaksa layan KATAK2. Mana ade masa to care for the rakyat?

    Katakaloo BN announce menang aje GE15, lantikn FM akan dberi kpd MCA.. hmmm lompat la semua join MCA. Apek kawan sya habaq.. Cina fm birth even afterdeath, needs $$$$. Dah mampoih pun kena ebank duit to the bank of hell klo tidak roh2 mrk akan hidup dalam kemiskinan.

    40%+ populasi are the young ones. So yg dh tua2 please bersara. Spend yr time with cucu cicit, main aci sembunyi loot chak, malam2 ajaq mereka baca quran.. ini lebih berfaedah.

    Yang kuat makan duit rasuah, wakaf harta2 haram semua? Pi buka rumah2 anak yatim, rumah2 org tua atau buka yayasan khas utk mmbantu fakir miskin gitu. Manatau sbelum hangpa mati sempat reduce sikit dosa2 mu. In sha Allah

    Lagipun klo PN masih memerintah, silap2 hanya puak2 tua aje yg akan berada dNegara ini. Hmmm tengok Kelantan udah. Puluhan tahun under PAS... negeri hidup segan mati tak mau. Berselerak rakyat Kelantan terpaksa keluaq mencari rezeki.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. singkir kan semua pegawai lantikan Tun segera... semua lantikan pegawai tinggi lantikan Tun kaki busuk Tun semuanya... kaki busuk yang suka buat sabotaj pada PM yang lalu.

    Singkir kaki busuk ini segera

  12. Well... its been a long while since I last commented.

    However, I'm steadfast against Muhyiddin's betrayal of people's mandate, plus his Cash is King policies in clinging to his backdoor-POWER.

    However, I fully agree when you wrote about the event in UMNO's GM.

    "They were given those highly paid positions just to support Perikatan.
    Not really for the rakyat.
    I'm quite sure the GLCs would continue working well without those political appointees."

    In my opinion, if UMNO was really sincere in fighting for the welfare of the Rakyat, they should have vowed to do away with political appointees in GLCs, once they regain 2/3 majority.

    Instead they promised to strengthen the Syariah Laws... obviously to outdo PAS' Islamic influence (just like the Rear Admiral once did with his 'Penerapan Nilai-Nilai Islam' in early 90's)... much to the chagrin of allies in BN and probable allies in Sabah & Sarawak.

    So... UMNO can forget about support from progressive Malays and non-Malays, or their dream of a 2/3 majority win for GE-15.

    1. "In my opinion, if UMNO was really sincere in fighting for the welfare of the Rakyat, they should have vowed to do away with political appointees in GLCs, once they regain 2/3 majority."

      This is Madey's legacy.

      From having professionals running our GLCs, now it's a haven for cronies.

      Asia Sentinel did very good article on this recently.

    2. Welcome back RD, we miss you. Please take care of your health.

  13. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Calon pengganti Zeti kini di tangan PM - Sinar Harian

    20 Mar 2021


    KUMPULAN Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) bakal menerima peneraju baharu dalam masa terdekat apabila kontrak Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz sebagai pengerusi institusi pelaburan utama negara itu tidak akan disambung.

    Sinar Harian difahamkan, nama pengganti Zeti telah dikemukakan kepada Perdana Menteri untuk kelulusan.

    Adalah difahamkan terdapat dua nama yang disyorkan untuk penelitian dan persetujuan Perdana Menteri.

    Kedua-duanya adalah kapten industri dan memiliki pengalaman yang luas dalam bidang pelaburan. Pelantikan pengerusi baru ini akan memberi dimensi baharu kepada PNB.

  14. "Najib: Having Umno party polls now before GE15 could weaken party; no fair contest unless all quit govt posts"...Malay Mail

    Iya la tu...sebelum ni masa umno bermaharajalela tak timbul pun isu lantai tak rata..tetiba ge15 berjawatan jadi isu pulak.

    Nampak nya sahih le cerita umno akan bekerjasama dgn pkr lepas ge15. Nampak nar zahid & najib ni munafik & penakut.

    1. Betul kata awak ni. Saya sokong. Masa dia pm tak cerita pulak tak adil ke apa. Kahkahkah.

  15. Lepas Zety harap ramai lagi pegawai lantikan Tun perlu dibersihkan... ramai kaki busuk sabotaj dan fitnah jijik.. dah ramai PM sebelum ini jadi mangsa angkara sabotaj dan fitnah jijik

    Masuk akal ke pegawai lantikan Tun kata Jho Lo sukar dikesan, kononnya Jho Lo dah bertukar rupa jadi beruang...!?

    Justo pulak lesap tah kemana... Aljazeera cari Jho Lo sambil gentel gentel telo jer temuramah Jho Lo..!!

    Elok lah diberamboskan suma pegawai tinggi kerajaan lantikan Tun...

  16. Kita kuburkan karier politik katak-katak Bersatay dalam PRU 15 nanti!....Ayuh!!

  17. Beria ia lah sidang akhbar pasal kegiatan Dato Nikky dan berjaya dilumpuhkan.... alhamdulillhah tahniah

    malangnya Si Nikky nya pulak tak jumpa.... alahaiiii..

    Apakah Si Nikky senasib dengan Jho Lo dan Justo lesap dan senyap senyap dilupakan suatu hari nanti... jengg jenngg

    wayang karela sungguhhh..!!

    1. Hanya orang yg buta mata hati je tak perasan berapa banyak tangkapan & rampasan dadah sejak igp ini dilantik. Najib & zahid jugaklah yg dipuja suci

  18. Prebet Adam meninggal dunia. Tewas angkara fitnah jijik

    Fitnah merupakan suatu kebohongan besar yang sangat merugikan dan termasuk dalam dosa yang tak terampuni oleh Allah SWT. Oleh karenya, Islam melarang umatnya memfitnah sebab fitnah adalah haram.

    “Fitnah itu besar (dahsyat) dari melakukan pembunuhan.” (Q. S. Al-Baqarah : 217).

    Dalam hadist yang diriwayatkan oleh Hudzaifah RA, Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang artinya; “Tidak akan masuk surga orang yang suka menebar fitnah.”

    Kisah silam fitnah jijik Prebet Adam mengamuk di Chow Kit sampai membunuh seorang mangsa pada tahun 1987 dulu. Adam dikatakan bertindak lepaskan ratusan das tembakan kat orang awam menggunakan M16 sebab berang dengan Almarhum Sultan Johor iaitu datuk kepada TMJ yang dikatakan memukul adik Adam sampai mati.

    Lebih 30 tahun cerita fitnah ni dijaja kepada orang ramai, rupa-rupanya semuanya hanyalah fitnah semata-mata! Menurut Berita Harian, keluarga Prebet Adam yang selama ni mendiamkan diri akhirnya muncul dengan luahan maaf kepada keluarga Diraja TMJ, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim.

    “Saya minta maaf kepada keluarga Diraja Tunku Mahkota Johor (TMJ), Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, kerana terpalit dengan fitnah yang membabitkan abang saya, Prebet Adam,” kata Hawa Jaafar, adik Adam.

    Jadi kerja siapakah fitnah prebet Adam itu..? Apa muslihat fitnah Prebet Adam. Kenapa pula Prebet perlu minta maaf pada TMJ... sedangkan yang memfitnah bermaharaja lela dan kaya raya dulu kini dan selamanya.

    Akhir hayat yang difitnah sekeluarga merana miskin kehidupan akibat menanggung fitnah sepanjang hayat. Yang memfitnah kaya raya dan bermaharaja lela masih cuba memfitnah musuh yang lain pula.

    Insyallah Allah akan mengantikan suatu kehidupan yang lebih baik disana angkara perbuatan fitnah jijik ini. Damai lah disana.


  19. Annie...everyone is now laughing at UMNO. After the big talk at their assembly...the menteri and GLC cluster are staying put. They dont give a shit to Nazri calling them cowards or to Ku Li ...they know that the President is a lame duck and will not dare to take action. Ber(soothu)...thats Tamil for backside, and its allies are thumbing their noses at UMNO. Malu betul!

  20. The mess and chaos are because this overrated macam pandai ph government underestimated the damage done by bn government and they did not get full civil servant support because all the top guys in civil service were so scared their collaboration with bn leader and support on wrongdoings will leak.

    Trust me, regardless of whoever rules the government, if you dont know how to live as global citizen, be knowledgeable and competitive and still politicking about racial, economy and government finance, u dont fix the bloated civil service and tackle corruption, we malaysian will very soon end up losing against our neighbor thailand and vietnam.

    Mark my words. Hehe.