Friday 5 March 2021

PN vs PH vs BN (or is it MN?)

It's confirmed then that Umno (and most likely its BN allies too) wanted to go on their own for GE15.

I don't mind that at all.

PN vs BN vs PH. That should be quite interesting.

Pribumi Bersatu said they were not scared but I think they do.

The flying car minister said there are still the Umno election, hinting that if there's a change of that party's leadership, then Umno will stick with supporting PN.


I believe they are betting on their trojan horses in Umno to take over the party leadership and change its course.

They can try.  Pour lots of money and it may work. Fair enough.

Who? Hishammuddin and KJ? 

But those two are too liberal for Pribumi Bersatu's ultra-Malay designs or Pas ultra-Islamic aspirations.

Other than those, who else?

Never mind. Let's just wait and see.

It's Pribumi Bersatu's best hope for survival, I guess.

Seriously, if that one doesn't work, I don't think PN stand any chance to survive GE15.

PN now solely rely on Pas' machinery to fight on the ground.

Really. Pribumi Bersatu and the other insignificant parties in the coalition have almost zero grassroots structure.

What? Gerakan? Gerakan is now just a joke, okay.

In fact it has been a joke for quite a while.

They may as well recruit Keyvias and his....what is the name of his party now?

Come to think of it, Pas, which is the only one in PN with real machinery should just turn the whole gig into its own coalition. 

It would be very much like its funny little coalition for GE14 which even its name nobody remembers.

Okay, in the event of a real three-cornered fight like in GE14, which I think is really going to happen, who do you think will win?

PH is definitely happy, thinking the Malay votes are going to split again.

But bear in mind that the dynamics have changed.

There's no more that sympathy for Dr Mahathir factor anymore.

Pas may hold their ground in their strongholds but they are not going to get the votes from disgruntled Umno people which was a huge factor in the sinking of BN in GE14.

Pribumi Bersatu and the other nonsense parties in PN will be wiped out. I'm quite sure of that.

After all, what could they offer anyway.

Okay, the non-Malays are still mostly going to side with PH but the enthusiasm will not be as great as in the last two GEs.

These are bad time, okay. They know now that instability is really bad for business, especially now with Covid-19 wrecking havoc up and down the country.

During PH's 22 months rule, except for the satisfaction of having Guan Eng as finance minister, I don't think they got much else.

Oh, okay, they got to see Najib being humiliated and dragged to court. But compared to now, I think their businesses did better during Najib's time.

Never mind, I know, they'll give it another try. Sure. It's the pride thing.

Again, let's wait and see.

It's always a gamble anyway. Except this time, the price could be quite high if they lose.

Back to Pas. 

If they are a bit smarter than I think they are, they could see all these and decide to side with Umno and BN rather than the almost sure losers of Pribumi Bersatu and its other nonsense PN allies.

Remember, they still have that MN (Muafakat Nasional) thing with Umno and its BN gang going.

If this happens, then PH would likely be as screwed as PN.

It would be a real Malay tsunami.

I'm quite sure of this.

It's only fair. They talked about Hindraf tsunami in GE12, Chinese tsunami in GE13 and rakyat tsunami in GE14. Why not a real Malay tsunami this time, right?

Racist? Eh, BN fielded MCA in the Malay-majority Tanjong Piai by-election and they destroyed PH, which fielded a Malay candidate.You all forgot, is it?

Well, I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. 

Malays are nice people and their tsunami should be very brief. And they are not very vengeful. 

Also, they'll very soon quarrel among themselves again.

Then it's back to business as usual.

Not so bad, okay. 


  1. Smart move Umno, better cut ties before Bersatu slowly eat up your territory. Bersatu is a bunch of parasite anyway. This annuar guy is already a Bersatu member ignore the clown.

    1. dua kali di patuk, memang banggan. cam sabah prk. last day sebelum hari undi all settle. wayang.

  2. "Who? Hishammuddin and KJ?"


    Both will try money politics to win UMNO election (KJ was reprimanded for this before, remember?)

    "Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009

    KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam has been found guilty of breaching the party’s campaign rules and would not be allowed to contest the Umno deputy presidency next week.

    Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaludin was also found guilty of breaching Umno campaign rules and given a warning, but would be allowed to contest the wing’s chief post."

    Kantoi oooooooo.

    But the real PPBM Trojan Horse in Umno (apart from the clown Annuar Musang) is H20.

    He was SodoMin's "inside man" for the Sheraton coup.

    H20 has eyes on DPM, just as SodoMin thinks he can be PM.

    However, let's see.

    H20 is seen as stuck-up bangasawan by Umno grassroots.

    Never turun padang.

    There's only so much that $$$$$$$$ can do.

    I think if Zahid falls, Tok Mat will take over.

    And Tok Mat is no lover of Parti Bunga.

    He WILL NEVER give them the seats they stole.

    So, checkmate.

    As for the PAS-rasites, they have really embarrassed themselves by trying to block Parliament from sitting.

    They are no "kingmaker".

    Umno has already said, no compromise in Ganu.

    After PRU15, I think PAS will crawl back to their badly-managed strongholds in East Coast.

    They are not relevant to Malaysia's future.

    Zero ideas, zero policy, 100% hypocrisy.

    1. Si Kitol Kunyit has been given budget of RM600 million to buy over people. Pls remember whose money this Sandakan buttf*cker is belongs to you and me.

  3. Don't wait for GE just try this = BN + PH + WARISAN = 130 AND YOU CAN ADD GPS = 150 STRONG FORMIDABLE GOVERMENT .

    1. "Anyway, now that Bersatu is ready to use the full weight of the state apparatus to finish off Umno, UMNO now enters into a civil war of who is to control. Those who support Muhyiddin would want to remove those who are against Muhyiddin.

      If pro-Muhyiddin leaders Hishammuddin Hussein and Annuar Musa prevail, Umno the brand will be Muhyiddin’s loyal servant and there will be an exodus of those who lost.

      But the likeliest situation will be that those who are against Muhyiddin will prevail. Among those who are against Muhyiddin are leaders like Najib, Zahid and the "court cluster" who are toxic electorally as the Malay middle ground will still not accept them.

      Those who are anti-Bersatu will have to decide who will be the face to lead Umno into the next general election when Umno has to campaign as an opposition party without the aid of government machinery and less cash compared to its time in power."

      Yep, I think anti-Moo will win.

      UMNO cannot say no to its KBU and grassroots.

      After that, anything can happen.

      Maybe PH plus UMNO plus Sabah plus Sarawak.

      BN should push MIC and MCA out, maybe Moo will take them, useless though they are.

  4. Yes good umno cutting ties with Bersatu it will clear the traitors among them . Like PKR they allow traitors to stay and stab them from the back . Smart move umno . better bring BN to join PH and do a grand coalition before GE15

  5. To regain being a Malay dominant party,UMNO must sideline all klepto leaders,especially those exposed and charged in court. In one stroke this will make PPBM, PEJUANG even PKR irrelevent to claim representation of Malay voters.
    On the other hand,to continue giving promi ence to this group will only repeat what happened in GE14. Arrogance and underestimating the Malay voters at large will again bring down UMNO.

    1. I don't think PPBM, PEJUANG or PUS have any credibility with Malay voters either.

      My friends are openly mocking Moo & Takiyuddin's lack of jantan factor by ignoring YDPA's advice.

      PS: Media statement from YDPA is not a trivial matter.

      It's actually titah to Moo to reconvene Parliament.

    2. For 60+ years malay raced based parties have not given the malays the tools to prosper. Largely malays are stuck in the b40 group. The country wealth only shared around politically connected malays. The malay raced based parties only shout of success is their ability to give handout to makcik kiah. Surely, the malay are tired of the con job by these parties.

  6. Yg penting formula lantik PM jangan lantik dari UTARA Malaysia...

    22 tahun 22 bulan akidah dilacurkan dng COMANGO,Pluralisma, Liberal Syiah Lesen Judi yg besar bertambah, Pulau bagi kaum pendatang tanah rizab dilacurkan bailout bagi suma pada pendatang..

    Bab judi, arak, pub disco maak aaii kemain jadi batuapi dan adu domba...

    Bila bab hukum mahkamah luar tabiee suma lari masuk lubang gua senyap sunyi sepi...

    Ada sapa yg brani sankal fakta di atas ... silakan berhujah dng fakta...

    sembang persepsi smpi babi pun boleh terbang boleh tolak tepi la...

  7. A gang of desperados now openly singing the same tune and issuing matching statement despite still being in the opposite side of divide but secretly already engaged. Rojak betul politik Malaysia.

  8. We have seen much of TSMY's "scheme of things", but I believe, it was just the tip of the iceberg. So don't underestimate his capability. Perhaps he is waiting for the right time to play the ace up his sleeve even more. Well, he has survived thus far and will continue to lap up the top seat power for as long as he could withhold. For all he knows, PH and UMNO are like a sheet of loose sand, directionless and disorganized. Whatever it is, before severing ties with Bersatu, UMNO should cut the court-cluster off, especially the liability klepto-duo, so as to break free from the past critical opprobrium. Only then will UMNO be able to move on and regain trust from the public at all levels. Hence, it would be a 2-corner tight battle between PH + court-cluster UMNO and PN + Warisan + Pejuang + Muda.

  9. Whatever outcome in the next GE, there will not be any single or political group dominating the malaysian political landscape to form a government. If you think GE15 can break the political deadlock and conundrum we are facing today, think again. It may well be back to square one. Horse trading will be more rampant and this time the trading floor will be open like public auction. MPs and Aduns can bid their position to the highest offer. The same frogs who opted for new pond may be going back to the same old pond or new watery pond depending on the price. Those who missed the earlier cash-loaded-boat to abscond currently on offer may realised that the opportunity knocks twice not thrice. This time the situation will become " take it or others will".

  10. Nampaknya umno masih dikuasai oleh penyangak dan penyamun. Kegagalan umno menyingkirkan pemimpin yang bermasalah akan menyebabkan parti ini terus dihukum oleh rakyat terutama yang berpendidikan. Busuk hingga ke akar. Tak boleh nak buat apa dah.

  11. H20 is trying very hard to show he is working right now. Even took pics with Brunei police He looked like an idiot. KJ looked uglier each day...muka kepam jer....anyway Umno people please chuck H20, KJ , Shahidan n Annuar Musa out of umno asap....these people are traitors to the Malays ....

    1. Anon 23:55, u punya kriteria pilih pemimpin kena muka bugis/ jawa acah2 suci pijak semut tak mati... biarpun dah kantoi makan harta dermasuah yayasan, masih diangkat sebab muka suci murni gitu..Org cam ni umnoputra sanjung tinggu sebab dia pandai kongsi dermasuah dia

    2. Very well said.

      The deal between H20 and Min Isapkote was that after Muhyiddin's term, they would be Number 1 and 2.

      One problem:

      You cannot FORCE 3.5 million Umno voters to vote for a candidate.

      You think people in Gombak are going to vote for Si Kitol Kunyit because Annuar Musa says so?

      No way.

      They will have to use EC to cheat and fix the votes, no other way of doing it.

  12. Lawak lawak..
    Gerakan joins PN?? Nengok udah their list of pemimpin.. jgn lupa ya Penang lulu2 was under Gerakan.

    Sikalang kam sia kam sia kongsi kongsi kong sama Mohid. GE15 lanti semua pangkah kasi sama DAP..

    Lanti2 kongsi kongsi kong talak lapat cukup, GE15 lia olang tikam blakang siAnu, siAnu pun tikam blakang lia pula... LOMPAT lagi.

    Wah.. stimulus pakej 320b kasi mayak olang telioq owh..meleleh2 air lioq. Tamau dewan bersidang? Talak mau lakyat check and balance mana ini kaasu semua piligi ke?

    Owh? Lamai pemimpin2 golongan toktua takut pigi Dewan sbb Covid 19? Sikalang lia olang luluk lumah main sama cucu cicit sja ke? Ini maciam bila bole tulun padang tgk sendili kepayahan hidup rakyat2 dalam kawasan masing2?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  13. msian politics wont go anywhere until anti-hopping is in place. the various state apparatus are also extremely corrupt & biased.

  14. It is not malay rakyak that needs saving. It is a malay politicians that need saving. Without politics they are just useless bums.