Wednesday 10 February 2021

Stop promoting prostitution

 This is a story in FMT today

More varsity girls turning to ‘sugar daddies’ during pandemic

It mentioned all the nice perks of being a sugar baby and how it's a way to survive this ongoing hard Covid-19 time.

What the story didn't highlight though is that being a sugar baby is actually providing sexual services for older men in return for money.

Let us be straight to the point here, it's prostitution, plain and simple.

The story makes it as if it's a normal thing to be. At least that's how I read it.

It's pandemic time, students sell their young fresh bodies to older rich men to make ends meet, consenting adults, win win arrangements, good for all individuals involved.

I know, sex stories sell, but don't the editors have any moral obligation not to promote such a thing in their stories.

Well, they should have at least get the authorities or someone to comment on it.

Ask them whether it's legal to promote that sort of activities, for instance.

That way, the story doesn't look like it's saying being a sugar baby or sugar daddy is a normal thing.

I'm not a very moral person myself, but to promote immorality like that is even more not right, I think.

We need to draw a line somewhere.

For all the girl readers of this blog, please don't resort to such things.

Do try other ways to improve your finances. You may get less, but you will not lose your dignity and honour.

Being a prostitute like that will destroy your life.

Okay, since I'm on the subject, if there's anyone with authority or power reading this, please do something to stop this prostitution of our young girls.

If there is no law covering this, do enact one.

Those smug pimps quoted in the story should be put in jail and be castrated.

Real bastards.


  1. Lain macam jer ni... Dear Annie..

  2. Absolutely disturbing issue. What sweats me out is, what if the lawmakers themselves subscribe to the prostitution? Worse still, those prostitutes may not only comprises females, but males and even transgenders too who happily offer heterosexual, homosexual or any other sexual services in exchange for quick-easy money.

  3. It is not a what if regarding the lawmakers. From what I've heard including from the ex-wife of a quite prominent politician this is actually very common among them for years. Financially they can afford it. Publicity-wise? They are very good at covering up carrying a public persona diametrically opposite to what they do behind the scenes.

  4. Spot on Annie.But what you have written is only one side of the coin. Now what about the stories of high profile 'anak ikans'over the last 20 years or so. Terlepas pandang or Capt said that one cannot touch..

    1. People have been keeping anak ikan or ayam all along. That's bad enough but now they are openly promoting and profiting from it to a point where accredited news outlet like FMT are writing about it as if it's an advertoriol. Are we going to accept this and parents one day will tell their daughters that being a sugar baby is a good way to earn money? Maybe we will even have a course in the universities on how to be a good sugar baby. That's why I'm highlighting this issue.

    2. Ayah Adib kecewa, dakwa polis sambil lewa dalam siasatan

    3. “Insulting Leaders On Social Media Is The Number One Mental Illness in Malaysia” Says Senator
      what goes round comes back "rounded"

      serve you right, when "democracy" not understanding.
      democrate - pemerintah and tokong lge, lim kt sal

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  7. well drugs used to be called najis. now it is considered a cool thing to do at night clubs.

    wht do i say to this. humanity has become more vulgar. Malaysia's not an exception. all these things are being normalized. do u wanna follow the crowd ? the trend ? the thing they now consider as cool ?

    or do u wanna think for whts right and dare to be diff. thts the key. but people are such follower. some people consider others as goyyim, and people sure act like one

  8. Aisay Annie....u seem to have yr knickers in a twist with this issue. Having a sugar dad n prostitution r not the same. Sugar dad's pay a monthly stipend to these young girls for company. It is not all abt sex. It's like having a mistress. For Many sugar dads it's like having a trophy n for d girls it's a way to continue their education n having a decent lifestyle.