Tuesday 9 February 2021

The tudung ideology

 This is interesting,

Peer pressure makes tudungs the norm in schools


1. “There are schools which create their own rules and regulations. The ministry does not take any action unless a parent lodges a complaint.”

2. “It’s really not about the law. It’s more about stopping the ridicule and mental torment of those who face compulsion.

3. “The issue of tudung is actually an issue of jurisprudence, but yet they make it an issue of faith,” 

I believe there's quite a bit of truth in this.

They said if a woman doesn't wear tudung, she will be going to hell and receives all sorts of horrific punishments.

I don't want to write down here in specifics what they said those punishments are as they are too....horrifying.

Oh, and if you don't believe what they tell you about those things, then you are a bad or not even a real Muslim.


And when a girl starts to wear tudung, they celebrate it as if she has just converted to Islam.

Sudah hijrah, sudah dapat hidayah, they said.

My father who studied in UiTM when it was still ITM once told me how when at the start of his first year, half of the girls in his class were not wearing tudung but by the end of his final year, every single one of them already did.

And then there's my aunt who studied marine biology at UPM. She didn't wear tudung at that time and sometimes had to wear swimming gear to conduct practical studies in the water. 

She told me that even her cousins who also studied at the same university refused to acknowledge her as a relative and openly said they were ashamed of being related to her because of that.

Really, I'm not against anyone wearing tudung, but I don't like the ideology that if you don't wear tudung, you are a lesser Muslim or even not a Muslim at all.

It's terrible actually, to teach girls such an ideology.

If I'm not mistaken this whole thing started in the early 1970s during the so-call Islamic revival in Malaysia.

It actually has a lot to do with a young Anwar Ibrahim and his student movement. Go check that one out yourself.

The tudung as we know it today was at that time called "mini telekung". That's after the telekung worn by Muslim women during their prayers.

Tudung  back then was actually what is now normally referred to as selendang. Malay women wear it during social gatherings, kenduri kahwin and even religious events. Most of the time, the majority of them didn't cover their hair.

Apparently, the Islamic revivalists argued that the selendang was not modest or Islamic enough as the hair could still be seen.

Not a single strand of hair must be in public display, they said.

Hence the mini telekung, and for the even more pious ones, they wear the longer version called mini telekung labuh.

Nowadays, they are simply called tudung and tudung labuh or to make it sounds even more Islamic, they called it hijab, which is in Arabic.

Oh, and the supposedly super pious ones wear face covering called niqab.

These days, tudung has become an industry with people like Neelofa and such becoming millionaires selling them.

Well, I don't mind that. Piousness could generate the economy, I guess. They sell lots of stuff catering to pious people - bottled air zam zam, kurma juice, non-alcoholic perfumes etc. Gunakan tanpa was-was, they said.

It's just that ideology that bothers me. I just wish it's not like that among the young people.

I don't know lah....maybe I'm going to hell just for writing this.

Never mind. I take my chances as this issue bugs me for quite a bit, especially now that they are saying that we may soon have a super Malay Muslim coalition forming our government.

Honestly, I'm a bit scared of those Pas people as they may emerge as the dominant Malay party at the expense of Umno which has been branded with all sort of bad things, especially by the non-Malays.

Who knows, maybe ten years from now, all Malay Muslim women are going to evolve once again into wearing the niqab like some Middle Eastern women.

The tudung may soon be not Islamic enough anymore, the same way the selendang was back then.


  1. Everything gets politicised...

    "Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim apologised to badminton legend Datuk Lee Chong Wei today after the latter was criticised for joining a programme to assist poor students in the Opposition constituency.

    In a heartfelt post on Facebook, former deputy minister of youth and sports Sim said he felt very sad after hearing that Lee has been called rude for supporting his campaign to provide free laptops and electronic devices for the children at Bukit Mertajam.

    “They (the haters) even called for his (Lee) ‘Datuk’ title to be revoked allegedly for supporting DAP.

    “If you really support DAP, there is nothing wrong. But the problem is, (Lee) Chong Wei's actions are not because of politics but because he wants to help our children,” he said today.

    The programmes, called “Asal Cek Mau Pi Sekolah” (Why do you want to go to school) aims to assist students from B40 families by allowing them to print out their homework for free, giving them free laptops or tablet computers as well as SIM cards for Internet connectivity.

    Lee, who is from Bukit Mertajam, sponsored 50 Samsung A8 tablets for children from B40 families."

    The poor guy is FROM Bukit Mertajam.


    Home town, lah.

    Why pick on LCW for helping his home town???

    My home town is JB, if I donate cash to kids there, am I endorsing Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir?

    Bodoh tahap gaban.


    1. The translation would be "as long as you want to go to school"

      Asal cek mau pi sekolah


    "Many doctors groups have slammed Putrajaya’s decision to gazette a new rule exempting Cabinet ministers returning from official visits from the mandatory 10-day quarantine, describing it as ridiculous and illogical.

    The rule is contained in a new ministerial order which will be in force from today until Aug 1, requiring ministers to only undergo observation for three days or undergo surveillance until they can be discharged without danger to the public.

    The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Associations Malaysia (FPMPAM) said there was no scientific evidence behind the ruling, adding that if it could be applied to ministers, it should be applied to the general public as well.

    FPMPAM president Dr Steven Chow said the move was tantamount to “formalising” double standards, adding that it even contradicted travel bubble concepts."

    What is the science behind this?

    The COVID virus call tell the difference ke???

    Between menteri and rakyat biasa?

    Bodoh bin Bangang...

  3. Not 1970s...more like 1980s. Up until early 80s, most of us in girls schools were still happily wearing pinafores except on fridays. There were already ustazah who frowned this but they were in the minorities. By 1985 onwards the tides were turning.

    I believe the so called islamic revival was started by the iranian revolution in 1979. The Ayatollah were seen then as the saviors against corrupt regimes but now we know better...they were nothing more than devious politicians

  4. Wearing tudung is Islamic etiquette of clothing to cover awrah in order to protect one's dignity and decency. Whether pious or not, it is different matter that must stem from within. Nobody wants an outward piousness hanging around despite dressing up in a full hijab. That would look fake like a super-duper 'pious' Anwar who used to clad in white jubah, lipping off hukum hakam in ceramahs and something of the sort. Yet, he had ended up in sodomy crimes, adultery with an Ah-Moi and some other alleged sexual misconducts. Was he merely a victim of political conspiracy? Again and again?

  5. In the early 90’s, there are more women not wearing headscarf in public than those who wear one. The women who cover their heads were in the minority at that time. Even TV programmes those days. Those who covered were extremely rare.

    Nowadays, it’s totally the opposite. Those who are not covered are in the minority. You walk down the streets in KL nowadays, you can consider yourself lucky if you come across a Muslim woman who doesn’t cover. TV programmes now are full of Muslim women wearing hijab with different style and fashion. Even those who are not covered feeling akward and pressured to do so.

  6. The Quranic 24:31 is the command of covering the bossom using the your headcover for women.The edict is to cover the bossom/chest,the headcover is the norm of the period regardless wether the women were Muslims or not.

    1. True no Muslim want to listen to their holy book. Everyone want to believe the addon and insist you are deviant if you don't follow the addon or their glorify imam.

  7. Tudung, turban or skull cap sometimes donned to fool people around them to show that they are religious and Islamic. There are those who are truly Islamic and religious, I don’t deny that but some people put an effort for such of appearances just to mask shady behaviour and further their agenda.

    I judge people by 2 things. Their behaviour towards the people lesser than him/her (a waiter, a cleaner, a security guard etc) and their track record/past experience dealing with them. Other than that is just fatamurgana (arabic term: google yourself)

    A case in example. PH government had paid around 400 million of royalty money to Pas state government in Kelantan. You see what they did with the money? Instead putting the money for good use such as helping the poor and needy, upgrading basic facilities, building roads and bridges, they. use the money instead to buy brand new Mercedes Benz to their senior leaders and officers. If that is not enough, they raised their salary scale to maximum and backdated the date to pocketed more money. Is that Kerajaan Islam?

    There is a video circuling around recently where a pregnant woman with small children on tow jumped and foraging huge garbage bin in Tumpat looking for scraps to sell. If I am this woman MP, I step down immediately!..

  8. TALIBAN is making the monkeys more stupid and useless. What's so bad about that? Keep it up.

    1. Ooo..the swines are back...oink oink. Getting ready for ge15 ke?

  9. All i will say is tht to each their own. U wont be judge by people. U will be judge by your creator.

    So if u succumb to peer pressure u r also setting up a statement. U r also part of the problem. U should stand up for whts right

    Wht people dont understand is tht we are given the choice to make well choice. And we will be hold accountable for it later. Tht includes investigating urself wether u should or shouldnt wear hijjab.

    For those taking the opportunity to ridicule our religion well, as if ur people are perfect. We got genocide next door nobody says a thing.