Thursday 25 February 2021

GE15 should not be too immediate

As you all should know by now, Yang DiPertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah had yesterday decreed that the parliament could be reconvened despite the ongoing state of Emergency.

I believe the Agong, being the good king that he is, wanted the country to continue being a democracy.

Thank you, Tuanku.

Well, surely now the opposition people led by Anwar will once again go after Muhyiddin with their no-confidence motions in parliament.

Oh, they must be so itchy for that now.

And of course by right, if that happened, Muhyiddin will dissolve the parliament paving the way for GE15.

Never mind that the Covid-19 pandemic is still raging with thousands of new cases being recorded everyday.

However, I have a feeling that this will not happen. At least not immediately.

This is because, I believe Muhyiddin now have the number in parliament.

He is likely to have bought enough time to get enough Umno MPs to back his Perikatan government.

For the sake of the country, those Umno leaders would say later.

After all, Umno had even before the declaration of state of Emergency stated that it would only push for GE15 if the pandemic has been placed under control.

Anyway, I don't believe the Agong would have issued the decree to let parliament reconvene if he knew it would lead to more Covid-19  infections and deaths.

He must have somehow knew that GE15 will not immediately be held amidst the pandemic despite him allowing the parliament to meet again.

I'm actually fine with that and in fact hopes that was indeed the case.

I'm not that crazy to have the GE15 as long as the Covid-19 crisis is still not showing signs of easing.

All I want for now is for our democracy to be restored.

Meanwhile, I noticed that some failed Umno leaders are trying hard to make a comeback.

These are the people who screwed up and finally lost their position in GE14. 

They tried to project an image of being an Umno hero by bashing the Perikatan government, knowing well that the party grassroots are unhappy about being bullied by Pribumi Bersatu.

This is one of them today,

Titah Agong ‘mimpi ngeri’ buat Muhyiddin, halang kerajaan PN berkuasa penuh, kata Aziz Kaprawi

This Aziz Kaprawi lost his Seri Gading parliamentary seat in Johor during GE 14 despite the constituency being at that time an Umno fortress in the Johor Malay heartland.

That's how screwed up he was.

Well, I guess he wanted to have another go at it.

Then there was the former Johor MB and state Umno chief Khaled Nordin who lost the entire state and on top of that the parliamentary and state seats that he contested.

He has been making all sorts of anti-Perikatan statements of late in his capacity as Umno vice-president, a position stupidly given to him in the aftermath of GE14. 

I guess Umno people were so dazed and confused by the disaster at that time that they forgot Khaled's "achievements" in that general election.

I highlighted his recent nonsense in my previous posts.

Also making all kind of heroic statements against Muhyiddin was another failed Johor Umno guy by the name of Puad Zarkashi.

Not unlike in Khaled's case, I'm also not sure how the Umno people had became so blurred that they elected him as a member of the party's supreme council after GE14.

He is probably hoping to once again contest the Batu Pahat parliamentary seat which he lost back in GE13. Yup, that's even before Umno and BN drove themselves into the longkang in GE14.

Well, I don't really mind that. Will enjoy a good laugh when he loses again.

Hopefully though, Umno people are a bit wiser now.

There were others like these clowns, but I'm only going to mention those few as they are from Johor, which I'm most familiar with.

Anyway, as I mentioned above, I think there's quite a while more before GE15.

At least until the Covid-19 numbers drop significantly.

That should be at least until the end of the year.

So, the focus should still be on fighting the pandemic and reviving the economy.

Hopefully the vaccination process , which started today will go smoothly and with that normalcy will return.


  1. i beg to differ annie. I think his majesty realised he was ill advised / hoodwinked by tsmy. not surprisingly, the emergency council sat together a few days ago - i am sure the learned group probably advised his majesty that the emergency declaration does not mean laws & constitution can be thrown aside like what PN is doing now.

    and no, tsmy doesnt have the numbers at all. its time he starts talking to heads of parties for confidence-supply like perak

  2. So many countries had carried out their elections during the pandemics without causing substantial rise in their covid 19 cases.Are we so incapable to come out with the appropriate SOP to carry out an election like other countries?I dont think so.

    1. Yes we are..incapable that is to follow rules & regulations. Is the spike after sabah's election not proof enough?

      Heck, many m'sian from all walks of life can't even be bothered to dispose their rubbish properly or obey traffic lights. What more proof u need?

    2. Sabah's failure was the result of those entrusted with implementing the rules succumbing to the whims and fancies of the ruling elites.They even put the blmes on the illegal immigrants rather than the politicians and their minnions.

  3. As far as I am concerned, the opposition under the lead of opportunist-Anwar wants so much for the Parliament to be convened at its earliest convenience in the name of democracy. Really, is that so? Democracy to check and balance? Or, just to resort yet another cry-wolf-numbers trickery in his attempt to snatch back the power before the court-cluster changes their mind? Well, not so easy. Should the worst come to its worst, the way I see it, Parliament would be dissolved for good. And most importantly, to end the bitterly long running dispute of power struggle while as the matter of factly the people are the ones who suffer most.

  4. "He is likely to have bought enough time to get enough Umno MPs to back his Perikatan government."

    Not really.

    Here is the simple fact.

    Annuar Musang says the UMNO grassroots will vote according to the top leaders' orders.

    They won't.

    They hate Parti Bunga.

    Kemonlah - that Form 3 student they made the PPBM Youth Chief just called UMNO irrelevant.

    My guess is, that didn't go down to well.

    If in late March the PAU says ties are cut, then they are cut.

    Then where will Pagoh, Larut and Tukang Kote Kunyit al-Sandakan get their votes from?

    Nur Jazlan is right, they are looking to Umno to save them.

    But if 3 million Umno members don't like you, what can be done?

    1. Damage control....

      That Bersatu Youth Chief is the new Mat Maslan.

      Pure comedy.


    Pada waktu ini, Mahathir tiada. Dia ketika itu mnyokong Bn. Dia dtg bersama rakyat marhaen di dlm PH disaat menjelang PRU14. Dia tak pernah lalui kesusahan dan ujian seperti orang lain, jauh sekali mahu dibandingkan dgn Anwar. Dia join PH waktu kita diambang kemenangan. Dia basuh kaki je masuk PH dan diangkat jadi PM.

    Kemudian dia angkat kaki untuk tumbangkan kjaan PH dengan bantuan pengkhianat. PRU15, diharamkan Mahathir berada dlm saf dan jemaah kita.

    Dah abis susu tetek perumah lama(PH) Tun sebat maka Tun pun tinggal kan tetek itu... sekarang Tun nak cari 'perumah' susu tetek yang lain pula..


  6. My bet is that TSMY will not be giving the green light to convene the Parliament, not least in the foreseeable future, even though Agong has granted the go-ahead amidst Emergency. A seasoned politician like TSMY must have his own calculations on how to cross the bridge when he comes to it, rather than committing a hara-kiri in the House if the no-confidence vote is constrained to be tabled. I don't think he is a blockhead to allow his job to be on a cul-de-sac. But, if that happened, he would have to either unabashedly quit or unsparingly being kicked out. Alas, politics is a mere survival of the fittest dirty game, full of money politics shit on one hand and scheming on the other, all are clandestinely 'kaw-tim' done behind closed doors. As we all know, UMNO is no stranger to corruption in the past, yet, this fraudulent conduct is also found happen in opposition side with stacks of cash piled up at home. So, it really doesn't matter which political party a politician hails from, does it? It is all the same, raking in as much as they can, making hay while the sun shines that comes once in a lifetime. Hopeless and hapless GE15 with self-serving politicians of that quality.

    1. dear wansee
      abah moo will dissolve for PRU 15 once his "rear-side" boy kitol-smburit Ass0min is conveice can winnable. meantime all party should make kitol-smburit and gang confident in winning.

    2. "The police have recorded PKR president Anwar Ibrahim's statement as part of their investigation into a joint statement by the Pakatan Harapan presidential council.

      His lawyer Ramkarpal Singh said his statement was taken at the PKR headquarters around 3.30pm today."

      A sign of fear.

      People know lah why you are doing it.

      I think AssMain & Gang are in panic mode.

    3. Anwar the next PM without going through GE15, by any chance? Should be a good toe to toe fight to the finish between a semburit protégé and a liwat mentor.

  7. Sama saja Annie...Anwar nak cari numbers from where...must be from Umno la...kena pi jilat pungkok Umno untuk jadi PM...pirahhhh...dulu macam2 tuduh UMNO tak betui...Mat Sabu pun sama naik...semua auta ja....perjuangan bangsa taik kucing...semua kelepet duit rakyat...puuuuuihhhhh....

  8. mp baiting, police reports, macc pressure. tsmy just taking a leaf out of dr.m’s playbook. stay abv the fray and get ur henchmen like azmin & hamzah do the dirty work.

    works as i kinda like tsmy but hate azmin / hamzah with passion

  9. 1. Tun dan UMNO
    Cikgu Kamarul Azman Habibur Rahman..

    Pengasas PPBM

    (Persoalan prinsip, dasar dan akidah. Perlukah aku menang bila prinsip maruah negara dan akidah digadai untuk menang..!?)

    Seorang yang bijak pasti mampu memanfaatkan musuh-musuhnya, daripada seorang bodoh yang dijahanamkan oleh rakan-rakannya.

    (Perlukah aku menang dan mengangkat sesorang yang bercakap pasal islam dengan gah bila berkuasa tetapi bila kuasa sudah tiada sanggup pula mengadai akidah bersama anak cucu menjulang perjuangan COMANGO, LGBT Seksuality Merdeka dan bersama sama jadi barua Lee Kwan Yew@ DAP bila sudah kehilangan kuasa.!? Ingat 22 tahun 22 bulan berapa banyak tanah orang Melayu tergadai dan bailout bagi tokey Cina)

    Dalam meniti hari-hari menuju kepada terbitnya fajar pilihanraya umum ke 15, UMNO perlu mempunyai pandangan yang jelas dan terang tentang siapa rakan dan siapa lawan. Ini bukanlah masa untuk UMNO menambahkan musuh tetapi sebaliknya.

    (Kami tidak menambah musuh cukup lah musuh yang sedia ada pengajaran 22 tahun 22 bulan cukup mengajar kami siapa musuh dan kawan dikala susah dan senang..)

    Mantan Presiden Amerika Syarikat Abraham Lincoln pernah berkata “Bukankah aku membinasakan musuh-musuh ku dengan menerima mereka sebagai rakan?”

    ( Yer Abraham Lincon dan Tun tidak sama, Abraham mati ditembak semata mata menghentikan sistem hamba abdi sungguh mulia dan manipulasi Federal Reserved, hingga mati ditembak demi prinsip kerjanya walaupun dia agama Kristian.
    Tun apa yang dia buat untuk negara selama 22 tahun 22 bulan... prinsip flip flop dan lalang)

    Saya cuba menyelami perasaan para pemimpin serta ahli-ahli UMNO apabila Tun Mahathir mula menunjukkan tanda-tanda untuk pulang ke pangkuan UMNO.

    (Tanda kepulangan untuk apa..!? Yang rakyat nampak tanda kepulangan orang yang cukup terdesak menyelamatkan anak cucu dan kroni setelah tipu daya dan muslihat politiknya mudah dibaca oleh rakyat)

    Ternyata ada perasaan yang masih dan akan terus terusik tentang apa yang telah berlaku.

    (Apa guna nya untuk menang bila semua harta rakyat dibailout sesuka hati demi anak cucu bila rugi berniaga sambil memaki hamun bangsa sendiri tak tahu berniaga dan sebagainya bila perniagaan anakcucu rugi..!?)

    Ramai juga yang seperti telah menutup hati terhadap Tun.

    (Perlu kah aku harus menang semata mata untuk menang bila prinsip flip flop Rules Of Laws yang dilaung dari satu bukit ke satu bukit dengan mudah dipijak pijaknya dengan lidah bercabang fitnah jijik bila kuasa ditangan.. bila kuasa sudah tiada diulang ulang Prinsip Of Laws. Sekali diperbodoh tidak mengapa Cikgu..!! kalau lebih sekali cuba memperbodohkan rakyat itu bangang namanye..)

    Namun untuk menang dalam permainan politik, UMNO tidak mampu untuk menutup pintu terhadap mana mana tokoh yang ingin bersama mereka.

    (Ye kami mahu menang dan bodohlah kalau bertanding tak nak menang. Apa guna menang bila maruah akidah iman tergadai..!?
    Biarlah kalah tapi kalah bermaruah dengan akidah iman tidak digadai dan dijual beli dengan mudah...bijak kah aku semata mata untuk menang bila akidah maruah bangsa digadai sesuka hati)

  10. TSMY rugi ke kalau dia dah tak jadi PM? Pendapatan masih cukup. Kalau PN kalah pun, akan tetap ada perebutan kuasa dan jawatan pada yang jadi kerajaan.Kecuali dpat 2/3. Yang pasti, sesiapa yg jadi PM, pasti telah diberi 'syarat' tertentu jika nak jadi PM. . Never ending story. Sigh.

  11. IMHO the main argument raised by those against a GE(GE15) in the near future is that regardless of the GE result, it will still be status quo,and whoever becomes the next PM, and the next Cabinet Ministers, public official, etc, will still have the same DNA as any Malaysian politician ie self-serving,focused only on protecting one`s turf,is devoid of integrity, honesty, fairness or respect for the rule of law, and competely forget their overriding role and trust to serving the Rakyat at large, without fear or favour. But let`s not forget that we as a nation ,as per our Constitution, subscribe to democratic principles which dictate that our government is chosen via the people`s mandate ie from the side with the majority votes garnered via a GE.It`s absolutely impossible to guarantee that the next government, so selected, will be better, or worse, than the incumbent, or any previous government we`ve had.But that`s democracy.Arguing that we should let the present government continue as it is as we cannot see any better alternative, is no argument at all, if we genuinely believe in true democracy.The in-coming government, for better or worse, is the government chosen by the will of the majority.We have to, and must accept, this fact. And for those who raise the issue that a GE will adversely impact ongoing efforts to control the COVID19 pandemic, citing the recent Sabah State Elections as evidence, a GE SOP must be set-up, learning from the terrible fiasco of that recent Sabah PRN, and learning too from the way other countries safely conducted their GE`s during the pandemic.One of the SOP`s must surely be banning physical campaigning and limiting such campaigning to virtual sessions only, and perhaps via leaflets or printed manifestos, whatever.Singapore did this during their GE not too long ago.If there`s a will, there`s a way.