Tuesday 16 February 2021

They are just making noises about the sugarbabies and that's about it

So many people talked about the Sugarbook pimping app yesterday, mostly demanding action against it.

I wrote about it the other day,

Stop promoting prostitution

From how I understand it though, they will take no action because there is no actual law to be use for it.

Just read the statement by MCMC

MCMC warns internet users to be cautious when using online dating app


The MCMC said it would continue to monitor and investigate the Sugarbook application and would take necessary action against the users and platform owners should there be any violation of the law.

It said that PDRM would take further action if there are elements of prostitution involved.

Note the use of words "should there be" and "if".

Yup, as it is now, pimping Sugarbook style is not against the law. 

Otherwise MCMC which are usually fast in taking action against people and blocking websites deemed to be offensive would have come out with  a stronger statement like, 

"The bastards are pimping and therefore under the Pimping Act 1966, we are blocking their website etc etc."

Instead it just "warns internet users to be cautious", as if we are the ones who are doing the pimping. 

So lame.

Well, as I wrote previously, if you don't have the law against it, enact one.

Those irritating politicians who are our MPs need to work on this and do some good for a change instead of just quarrelling over who should be PM or who should be blamed for this and that.

Yeah, especially those PH MPs who claimed that they were better than the others. They should start the ball rolling. In fact, they should have done this when they were in government back then.

As for now, we have to resign ourselves that nothing could really be done about this issue.

They will make some noises like yesterday and then nothing will happen as the issue dies down.

And for them, that's about it to it.

Really, those people in the positions to do something to stop the pimping bastards simply have to do what they must do.

Don't wait until one day you suddenly find out that your daughter or sister is sucking and licking the stinking body of a lecherous old rich man for her extra pocket money.

"Oh, daddy, I'm just being a sugarbaby. Totally respectable and legal, ya," she will tell you.

When that happened, padan muka engkau.


  1. Aisay Annie...u write, the bastards are pimping. Pls tell me who is pimping? The girls get onto d site on their free will n choose whoever they fancy. They r in uni n mature enough to make their own choices. Are you implying our youth have otak udang?

  2. "Oh, daddy, I'm just being a sugarbaby. Totally respectable and legal, ya," she will tell you.
    "So who is your sugardaddy gegirl".
    "Surprise..he is Tan Sri Fiction Wan, daddy."
    "Ohmy that sure was surprise.Now you go tell him, I have a company that can take subcontract work for his billion dollar project. You sure are as smart as I am, gegirl. I'm really proud of you.,"
    Now how's that for a drama script based on real life...lol!!

  3. Even if you ban the the sugar book website,the lecherous rich old men still can get plenty of sugar babies Annie.

    1. Ya. But at least we are not telling our children it's okay to be prostitutes.

  4. Sugarbabby " Not only my Sugardaddy operates multiple outlets of nightclubs and massage parlors but my Sugardaddy was accorded a Dato Seri title, an acknowledgement of his exemplary services to the community. I am proud to be associated with such a distinguished personality".

  5. Jujur nya, Annie....
    semasa saya menuntut di Universiti, dulu 90-an.... saya pun ada sugar mummy....
    2. Yang kelakarnya hari ini begitu ramai pihak duk hentam sugarbook a.k.a sugarbabies alter ego anak ikan or WHATEVER pun....
    3. Di belakang industri ini bukanlah Pak Mat Tempe hujung Kampung Serom, tetapi nama-nama besar yang ada gelaran di hadapan nama...
    4. Yang duk jadi Sugar Mummy pun bukanlah Mak Cik Kiah yang jual goreng pisang tepi Masjid Kolam Ayer, JB
    5. SEMUA NYA PROPA jer.... Good Marketing Strategy by SugarBook anyway

    Moral of the story, SELAMAT PAGI ANNIE....

  6. PAS dah ambil tindakan sewajarnya buat laporan polis supaya tangkap pada pengasas SugarBook Cina sialan itu.

    Otai Reformasi hari hari balun PAS dah ambil tindakan ke blom...!? Anwar Ibrahim merangkap PM ke 9 dah buat tindakan pasal sugarbook nih ke atau blom lagi...!?
    Lansung tak bunyi bunyi..!!

    Tun Mahathir yg mintak matapelajaran Isle dikurangkan dah cakap sesuatu ke pasal SugarBook nih...!? kerr dah jadi Setan Bisu... agaknya klu mintak anak Tun@Marina Gereja COMANGO cakap pasal Sugar Book dia ckp apa yer..!?

    Gebang Islam peerghh ke main kebabom sana sini... bab sugar book macam sial gampang..

    Tuan Puan Pok Cik Makcik Apek Anee Apaa Uncle sklian Rakyat dah celik minda dan tak mudah di bodoh bangang lagi oleh Tun dan Anwar Aljub dan gang walaun semua...!!


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  8. masih ingat semasa nak "kebus" Gothtree, ada yang kata "no country can challenge
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    See see "climate change", technolgy and science advance. Pulau Hainan pun boleh tanam.

    Like musang king also, Viet kong yang satu masa berak bercangkul di parit sawah
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  9. Don't put yourself in distress over this sugar-baby-daddy matter. And, never expect our MPs do something about it either. They are all hopeless bunch, just too good at empty rhetoric without any pertinent actions. Take a peep at the child marriage issue that had once, too, thrust into the national limelight. In the end no such enactment is made. Well, we are so used to their 3-minute passion. To them, perhaps this sticky-sugary issue is a mere mutually consented sexual transaction between 2 enthusiastic adults agreeable to the done deal. To become a sugar baby is a momentary slip of choice in making the decision, where no coercion is involved, due to the seriously enticing lucrative green paper by selling off one's virginity and dignity for hypocrisy and vainglory to the point of no return.

    1. Momentary slip of choice...I think not. Both parties register with daddies having to post bank details on how thick their wallets. Then both parties choose. U have a choice to accept or reject.

  10. Bila Otai dah bagi kata dua pada Pakatan Harapan 'No Pejuang No Mahathir' maka dengan muka hodoh tak tau malu mula terhegeh hegeh nak kembali pada UMNO... alasan bangang bodoh di ulang ulang ramai yang jumpa dia minta tolong selamat kan negara bla bla bla bole blahh.. alasan basi yang di ulang ulang macam bangang gampang...

    Kita tahu Amit Bedul lantikan Tun dan expired, PRU makin hampir, Tun Daim yg diam dan mula bising bercakap walaupun baru ini disekolahkan oleh Ku Nan dan Sharir.

    Nampak tak betapa terdesak nya orang tua hodoh ini ke hulu orang tak layan, ke hilir orang tak peduli mula tebal myka buat alasan bodoh bangang ramai rakyat jumpa Tun mintak selamat kan negara....elok TV dan Media badan2 NGO fb blog anjurkan buat survey betul ke rakyat nak orang tua ni...!?

    Kalau tanya Jon Doe bukan setakat rakyat nak Tun malah Jon Doe kata kibar panji itam lagi...bodoo bodoo


  11. still waiting for authorities to take action against child brides. since 10th century