Sunday 21 February 2021

Idiots who think they are smart are everywhere

 Someone asked me the other day why I'm not active on Facebook and Twitter.

Told him that it's because I value my privacy.

I don't like people shoving their ideas and thoughts into my face.

I also don't like to do that to other people.

This blog is okay enough for me. I can write my thoughts without forcing people to read it.

If they want to read, they are welcomed here, and if they don't, it's okay too.

With the other platforms, people will have to see my writings whether they like it or not. 

That's not right for me.

Similarly, I don't like to have to read other people's nonsense.

You know, like when they post an irritating article and it's then there on your Facebook wall.

Too many idiots around who think that they are smart enough to educate others by shoving their stuff in the social media.

Sometimes they just cut and past or plastered the links of articles, which really irritate me. 

I'm actually easily irritated by their nonsense and tend to get itchy to tell them that they are idiots in their face.

Of course that's rude, but I can't help myself sometimes.

So, these days, I rather not get involved.

For this blog, I have to exercise a lot of patience when managing the comments. Well, at least I can delete the comments which really irritate me.

I also don't like WhatsApp groups.

Currently I'm only in two groups - my family's and an old school friends'.

The old school friends' one has a  strict policy of no politics or any sensitive stuff. 

I exited the main one that my school friends set up because it turned into a political platform.

I ended up quarrelling there and decided to get out. Wasted my time and energy only entertaining silly political arguments.

I know, I should simply ignore them but I just can't.

It's the same reasons why I quit so many other WhatsApp groups, which I didn't really want to join in the first place.

You see, some friends wanted me to be in their groups and I felt that it's impolite to decline, so I just tolerated it.

However, the idiots are all over the place.

Without fail, one of them will be there in each of the groups peddling their political and other beliefs.

Really can't stand them.

Anyway, a few years back I have to quit my previous job because some bastards used the company's WhatsApp group to bully others and I told them off.

I really hate bullies.

Well, one of the bullies was my then big boss, and for that I was forced to tender my resignation. 

Oh, they have ways of forcing me to quit without breaking the labour laws.

But never mind. I leave it to Allah on that one.

So these days, whenever someone included me into a WhatsApp group, I would try to tolerate it as long as I could.

But once I noticed that I started being sarcastic and rude because of the idiots, I just leave.

As I always told my close friends, I'm not in the business of educating idiots.

Especially idiots who think they are smart. They are the worst.


  1. Good for you. I dont have facebook,whatsapps and all those social media platforms. My excuse is at my age i am tech ignorant eventhough i have phd in double e. I dont even join my surau whatsapp group.

  2. Aisay Annie ....u seem to have yr knickers in a twist. Sabar la beb! Kenapa hot sangat.....minum air kelapa muda....cheers. Agree with yr views here..sometimes less is more

  3. Good on you Annie.

    I am on some WhatsApp groups out of neccessity and some are political and tok-kok but I generally ignore such chats posted by idiots.

  4. We called it "EXCLUSIVITY" Annie... " Niche market"
    2. Saya pun sama.
    P/s: kita ada chemistry rupanya...

  5. Not worth to get upset by idiots. Stay focused for more important things ahead. However, letting some steam off is a brilliant idea. Hey, Annie, you failed to bid us goodbye with your catchphrase either "cheers" or "ciao" this time around.

  6. Words of frustration had been poured out throughout your article. I feel for you. To be honest, I am one of the few who never fancy any of those advanced apps. To me, they are really redundant and invariably being misused for idle gossips or irrelevant things. Maybe the idiots' comments had cast a slur on you, it is neither here nor there. It won't affect you not an iota, I believe, as you are stronger and smarter than them. Well, life is just too short to be wasted for all claptrap. Cheer up, Annie, looking forward to embracing yet another wonderful tomorrow and the days after!

  7. idiots like Jahit and Bossku?hahahahaha

  8. I left my WA group when I found myself losing my argument to their more factual discourse. That's when I consider them idiots.