Sunday 29 September 2019

Tanjung Piai, between Umno and MCA

A very high ranking Johor Umno leader asked me the other day whom should BN field in the upcoming Tanjung Piai by-election.

I actually felt honoured that he asked for my opinion. After all, I'm just a nobody while he is a very important Johor Umno decision maker.

I told him that my opinion on the matter is probably not the best as I have been away from Johor for quite a while and due to that I'm quite out of touch with the local sentiment.

"Datuk, I can give you my personal opinion, but I want you to know that I will still respect your decision and that of Zahid's on this matter if you all choose the other option. All that really matter is for BN to win the by-election," I said.

Having said that, I told him that personally I would prefer MCA's Wee Jeck Seng, the former MP there to be the BN candidate.

The main reason for my choice is that I believe BN will contest the by-election as the favourite to win it due to the current political climate and that if the coalition fields an MCA candidate, then it would prove that the recently sealed Perpaduan Ummah pact with Pas was not meant to alienate the non-Malays, particularly the Chinese community.

It will send a strong message to the Chinese community, especially in Johor that DAP's accusations of BN over the years, especially about Umno being a racist party were not true.

Tanjung Piai, despite being a Malay-majority constituency (currently at 57 per cent) has been an MCA stronghold until the last general election.

Wee had done well there by previously winning against DAP Malay candidates in 2008 and 2013.

The guy was well liked as he served his constituents diligently, irrespective of their race or religion.

In the last general election, despite other MCA candidates being massacred elsewhere, he was beaten by the late Dr Md Farik Md Rafik of Pribumi Bersatu by a razor thin margin of 524 votes.

I was told that Wee managed to get about 30 per cent of the votes from among the Chinese voters in the constituency, which was exceptional compared to the average five per cent received by other MCA candidates from the community.

The bulk of voters who used to support Wee but turned against him last year were actually Malays.

This is evident from the results at the two state constituencies within Tanjung Piai.

In Pekan Nanas, where the local Chinese community is concentrated, the MCA candidate managed to reduce the DAP's majority from 2,669 votes in 2013 to 1,308 while in Kukup where the Malays have the outright majority, the Umno candidate's majority of 6,946 votes in 2013 was reduced to merely 862.

Considering the current trend of Malay support swinging back to BN, Wee may get back his lost votes.

This is the full result of GE14 for Tanjung Piai
PHMd Farid Md Rafik21,25547.29+ 47.29
BNWee Jeck Seng20,73146.12- 10.00
PASNordin Othman2,9626.59+ 6.59
Total valid votes44,948100.00
Total rejected ballots841
Unreturned ballots69
Registered electors53,528
Do take note that it was the first time Pas, which is now a BN ally had contested in Tanjung Piai and its candidate acted as a spoiler that prevented Wee from winning. Also, to be considered were the over 800 spoilt votes which could have been from those who protested against the BN leadership at that time.

Click on this link for the electoral history of Tanjung Piai,
Tanjung Piai (federal constituency)

All that considered, I told the Johor Umno leader that Wee would be the ideal BN candidate for the coming by-election.

I also pointed to him that most of the parliamentary constituencies in Johor are of the marginal type and BN will need all the Chinese votes that it could get in future elections in the state.

"If Umno and Pas campaign hard for Wee and he wins in Tanjung Piai which is a Malay majority constituency, then the Chinese, at least in Johor, will realise that the Perpaduan Ummah is not a threat to them and some may even return to support MCA again.

"Bear in mind that not all Chinese even like the DAP. Wee even received over 30 per cent of their votes despite all the BN's problems during GE14," I said.

The Johor Umno leader nodded in agreement. The guy is nice and sensible.

However, he told me that many other Johor Umno leaders, including those at the Tanjung Piai division wanted their party to contest the by-election.

"They felt that there's no benefit in giving MCA another Malay majority constituency. Umno suffered so many betrayals by MCA members who voted for DAP and its allies in past elections. They told me that if MCA want to win elections in future, they have to do so at Chinese-majority constituencies so that they can truly say they represent their community," he said.

I told him I do understand that sentiment and I don't blame those Umno leaders. I was myself enraged when TS Abdul Ghani Othman lost to Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah in 2013 because I believed that the Chinese, who are the majority there betrayed their own MB at that time despite him contributing so much to their community just because he is a Malay.

But then again, I still feel that the Johor Umno leaders need to see the bigger picture which is how to once again turn Johor not only to be the tiang seri of Umno but also the stronghold of Barisan Nasional.


  1. MCA must make sure that they are no more talking the same voice as D4P. What happen to The Star newspaper that all this while MCA just let D4P to use this paper to their advantage.

    1. the star like rocket not much "65% malayuu mosleem" buying power support still survive. even sun is free, ah! but harakat 1 million ahli PAS support hutang rm 3 juta, malayuu printing firm suffer hutang, go chinese print!!!!

    2. It sure looks like MCA's seat at Tg Piai will be wrestled off by a new MCA, ie. Melayu Chauvinist Activist aka Umno with the blessing of Pas Piss Puss.

      My oh is so damn bloody absurd while the international community, particularly the Muslim world, admires Tun's leadership, sadly these new MCA hypocrites continue to slander, demonize and insult him for political gain. These hypocrites forget that there are monumental support of over billion Muslims in the entire globe support & give best doa to Tun Mahathir.

      It is so worrying that destabilzation, disoder & perhaps bloodshed could happen at any time due to the spread of slander, provocation and incitement on social media by irresponsible quarters.

      Henceforth, I strongly agree it is timely for Tun to attend & deliver a "final message" at the upcoming Malay Dignity Congress next month in the face of "hypocrites" sowing slander and provocation that threatens to undermine national unity.

      These irrresponsible sore losers & desperados are bent on doing so after being rejected by the people in the last general election for being corrupt and betraying the people's mandate.

      They are surely desperate to return to power after filling their cronies' bellies and their own for decades and exploiting Malay and Muslim sentiment on the political arena.

      They are using the name of "Muslim unity" to shield leaders who are now being investigated for corruption and other crimes on the pretext "Daulah Terpendam" - My foot...,!!

      The fraudulent fighters are once again trying to fool Malays and Muslims by claiming that they are defending Islam and bumiputera, that as though they are the only hope and there is no alternative - my foot...!!

      Melayu2 totok 'dulat terpendam' yg menghina Tun adalah goblok tak kenal diuntung terhadap Negarawan Yang Terulung di Dunia yg baru2 ini juga dilabel Best Speaker at 74th UNGA leaving a permanent mark for a long-long period of time.

    3. Tun M adalah pemimpin sejati-jitu sebab beliau seorang 'thinker/pemikir', work smart & hard.

      Beliau terpaksa bekerja keras untuk membina semula setelah ekonomi negara musnah diratah BN.

      Ketika Tun ambil alih, perbendaharaan negara telah habis kering kontang dilapah oleh BN. Justru kerajaan PH tiada pilihan kecuali menjual asset2 & sykt GLC negara yg tidak berprestasi untuk menjana tabung membayar longgokan hutang2 peninggalan BN dan juga mengurangkan beban kerugian sykt2 GLC.

      Inilah akibatnya bila Najib berfalsampah 'cash is king' apabila bersandar & bersekutu dgn Zionis Amerika/Yahudi dgn melantik Zionis Yahudi APCO & Goldman Sachs sebagai Penasihat. Kesannya dirasai sekarang & terpaksa ditanggungi kerajaan PH bila grace period telah matang untuk membayar kembali hutang2 tersebut beserta bunga riba haram tertinggi dalam sejarah perbankan dunia. Semua presiden2 Amerika dijilat Najib. Zionis Yahudi dijadikan Tuan Punahsihat, sampai2 Bank Laknatullah Yahudi Goldman Sachs diberi lesen untuk beroperasi buat julung2 kali di tanah air kita, Malaysia.

      Ekonomi negara merudum bila Najib yg tak ada pengalaman & kelayakan akademik mengurus kewangan negara secara peribadi....ditambah pula dgn keborosan-nyopping-sakan Borosmah.

      "Gelembung bubble economy najib" sepanjang 10 tahun pentadbirannya kini dah tak boleh terbendung akhirnya meletop pecah. Sebab itu ekonomi negara hancuss & pertumbuhannya agak perlahan, ditambah pula dgn perang dagangan/ekonomi antara Amerika & China. Pelabur2 asing pula banyak dah cabut lari ke negara lain semasa era Najib.

    4. Tun was a yesterman la...dont be so fanatic...heused to be a good malya leader but after 22 yrs power has corrupt him absoloutly....still believe all the slander about najib...main problem with najib is Rosmah but najib himself is a typical politician same with all the katak in ppbm think the Dap politician are saint..haha..corruption is the theme for the chinese bro...wake up la...the oldman is not the old malay dilemma mahathir la....

    5. Nahh...choose one chinese muslim candidate under BN banner,,,just like at cameron...sure win one...but not mca ...they dare to threat umnopas...who they think they are

    6. Anon 22:02; 2206...

      Your above absurd gibberish reflect your personality, education, upbringing, social stature & idiocy.

    7. UMNO-BN dah kena bayar cash, sampai2 kena terajang dari Putrajaya & dicemuh orang sepanjang zaman dgn kesipuan rak terbandingkan di setiap pelusuk & penjuru dunia.

      - Ali Baba Bujang Lapok simpan duit & harta samunan dalam gua.

      - The fish keep their money at the river bank.

      ' Adakah patut Penyamun Borosmah Najib (BN) simpan duit berbilyon-bilyon, barang2 kemas, ratusan beg tangan termahal hasil klepet dalam rumah sendiri.

      Memang patut kena Kantoi..kantoi.,kantoi...!!


      Putrajaya's interest payment for SRC International Sdn Bhd's loan from the Retirement Fund Incorporated (KWAP) has climbed to a total of RM1.73 billion.

      This comes after the government footed another interest payment of RM43,023,748.31 on behalf of SRC International, a former subsidiary of 1MDB.

      "Based on the payment schedule, the date for the next interest payment will be on Feb 28, 2020, involving a sum of RM37,806,311.73.

      SRC International, which had taken out an RM4 billion loan from KWAP, had been unable to service the loan.

  2. Saya baru pulang dari Pontian. Nampaknya ahli akar umbi UMNO kembali ke tabiat lama. Zahid perlu bijak kali ini kerana di atas kertas, pasukan Tun M ada peluang 0 peratus untuk pertahan kerusi
    3. Jangan kerana undi protes senyap akar umbi UMNO, BERSATU menang; sedangkan akar umbi DAP dan PKR telah bersumpah untuk memenangkan lawan Tun M
    4. Hanya akar umbi AMANAH yang loyal itupun sebab Salahudin Ayub orang Pontian
    Maybe untuk play safe, BN boleh pertaruhkan MOY adun Kukup sebagai calon

    1. Awqk org kuat moy. Mesti dia yg minta awak cucuk kat sini

    2. Sori wak... saya bukan oghe politik...umno apatah lagi...

  3. MCA can prove itself by giving higher majority to UMNO candidate. Cukup-cukuplah nak undi org Melayu sahaja. Undi Cina taknak bagi.

  4. if i were to vote there i’ll just go for anything, even d toad, but not ph. mm needs some slaps on his face. he is at his worst again. it was enuf time given. from deluded promised to lacklustre performance…to now more confusion on national issues on leadership…he has to go…for good. mbe its a painful decision but it’ll be worth it in d long run.

  5. I agree with you Annie. MCA's Wee Jeck Seng had been winning Tanjung Piai in several elections before GE14 and PPBM won the seat in GE14 with 47% of the votes - the largest minority of votes, thanks to PAS splitting the BN & PAS vote in what is a 57% Malay majority constituency.

    This strongly suggests that some Malays are willing to vote MCA/BN and some Chinese will likely be more willing to vote MCA/BN rather than UMNO/BN, so with Wee Jeck Seng being an established politician there, he would logically be the most prudent choice of candidate for BN.

    I regularly meet a Chinese M&E engineer - a Petaling Jaya person - who is out of work and whilst he is not exactly entirely pro-BN, however he told me that economic matters were better during Najib's time, when there were more jobs and business was more healthy, whilst now, there are more "For Sale" or "For Rent" signs on shoplots, jobs are harder to find and he even related to me a story where an Indian lady said - "Whilst Najib may have eaten, we could also eat too but now we have nothing to eat".

    Also, I read and saw a video about a Chinese association in Kelantan which invited Najib to speak at their event. I cannot remember the link to that article but this is a sign that there are a considerable number of Chinese who are beginning to realise that the Pakatan government is unable to manage the economy well and being practical people, are turning back to BN.

    However, if an UMNO/BN candidate runs in Tanjung Piai, especially if he or she is an unknown or worse still a parachute candidate, the Chinese there may either vote the Pakatan candidate, whilst the Malay vote may well still be split enough for the Pakatan candidate to win, albeit with the largest minority like in GE14.

    BN should think about what happened when DAP ran a Malay candidate, Dyana Sofea, parachuted into Teluk Intan and lost by a whisker to Mah of Gerakan/BN. It's believed that if DAP had run a local Teluk Intan candidate they would have held Teluk Intan in that by-election.

    They should not ignore the power of local loyalties, where people may prefer a local candidate whom they know over an outsider they do not know over party policy or ideology.

  6. I support MCA as candidate in this by-election, but please don't use President Xi Jinping's picture in your campaign posters or billboards.

  7. MCA is not a sincere friend. Full stop

  8. How many more times Malay and Muslims gonna get played lahh.
    With MCA bad records they are no use at all during election.
    They were front liners against Jawi being taught. Enuf already.

    1. errr! when MSA gadai jam tangan for so called "bapak kemerdekaan" tiket kapal terbang to london discuss "merdeka"
      what say you??????

    2. Amazing to read comments from people here. I guess the realization that PH is a failure is finally gaining ground. Many were die hard PH promoters before. Unfortunately it comes late. God knows how many years it will take to fix the damage done by PH to Malaysia....

    3. MCA please be sincere to UMNO and Barisan Nasional. i think if this time MCA 'kalah' it's time for umno to take over the seat. Enough is enough.

      However for this time by-election i agreed MCA should contest for the seat.

  9. First election after the unity of BN and PAS under perpaduan ummah, and you gonna give it to MCA.

    Things happened after the the last GE until now, you should take that into account rather than analyzing based on the last GE result.

  10. Agree with your comments.. Support MCA candidates and if they win , this will be a good momentum for BN + PAS.I will gladly like to kick out DAP led PH government for good.Nothing good they had deliver so far

  11. Umno should contest this election to show that the Malays are strongly back supporting them and they don’t need other races support to rule this country as long as they have PAS on board. Only Malay unity and nothing else matters

  12. Waste of time n energy for PH to contest. Janji2 manifesto sah depa kata itu sekadar angan2 mat jenin aje.

    1.5 thn yang patut turun naik, yang patut naik turun. Aset kasi lelong, cekup dr Petronas RM82b tapi hutang makin dok menaik.

    Menteri2 pula melilau macam burung terbang sana sini. Dok peghabih duit rakyat memanjang.

    Mengarut macam ni pun ada hati nak bertanding kat Tg Piai? Ape pula agaknya janji2 baru yang akan dtabur situ nanti? Kesian.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  13. Well written.

    What sort of nation are we going to inherite to our children? A nation where all the races think that their race is 2nd class?

    Give chinese a last chance (after a serie of lasts) for them to prove that they are able to think about others as well.

    Strategically, both options whether to field Umno or MCA candidate can be disasterous if they have a different dream.

  14. The late Dr Md Farid did a very good job. People will remember I hope.

    Btw, MCA or DAP, they're just the same. It's all about chinese schools, chinese character, chinese signboards, chinese, chinese exams, chinese this and that. Never about Malaysian as a whole. Boleh blah!!

  15. Mca telah bertanding guna lambang mca di prk balakong dan presidennya menyatakan bn telah pun mati.mca memang kawan yg tidak boleh dipercayai.calon umno harus diletakkan bagi menguji strategi pru 15 nanti.kalau kalah pun x apa.

  16. As MCA once declared that BN already is a demise at the Balakong by election, they can't use the "baju orang mati" anymore. Let Malay candidate fight each other.

  17. Let clear heads prevail.Don't talk about race n religion.May the best candidate wins, even if he is an independent.Fedup of politicking all the time.Kerja tak.Asyik asyik perang mulut

  18. UMNO can’t see the bigger picture laaa Annie.

    Their leaders are facing charges in court.

    And yet, they still got the nerve to show up in public like nothing is going to happen to them.

    1. Anon 22:33

      Tengok apa dok jadi dalam jelambu sikit bole??? Yang memalukan baru2ni sapa of all person yang kena?

      Alhamdulillah yg dah masuk mahkamah, rakyat dan dunia bole turut jadi saksi..

      Hmmm yang sabit tuduhan semburit, merogol, beli lumah mulah2 siap swimming pool mana ghaib itu semua kes? Tanah2 luit mau bayaq Telowong mana pigi itu telowong? ..mau kasi puting beliong bedai Tanjung lagi ke balu lu lampak?

      Mata lu sepet sebelah ke? Lasuah????? Haiyaaa. Banyak doa jangan lu punya mata bitut2 terus jadi!!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Prof nasi lemak is a broken record
      Mentioning the word ' telowong ' here and keep repeating it in the following posts
      Sept - no white terror at our airport
      July - Guan Eng not very good day ( update )
      June - the bocor airport for rakyat marhaen
      So much for Macc independence ( update )
      May - they dont listen to Dato Kadir's advice


    3. Fadzireen, you kasi tolong cerita sikit pasai Telowong??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. PNS 0:52.. Lol!!...hahahahhaa....
      Sentap nampak. Kenapa tak main balik rekod2 lama..Forex rm30b...Perwaja...Tun M rm 100b..yang lagi lama BMF Rm 2b...banyak cerita tu.
      Sekarang orang cerita semua testimoni mahkamah laa PNS woii.. Yang dulu korang sibuk tuduh fitnah fitnah fitnah..semua dah jadi court evidence dah...kau ni faham tak ..

  19. Tg Piai by-election is for PH to lose. It is almost a goner if the candidate is Tun M's choice. The constituents will have the support of Tun M haters, the palace lovers, Umno-Pas loyalists, MCA entourage, Anwarists and follow the tide voters all combined. The leftovers are Mazlee and Syed Sadiq enthusiasts. Muhiyuddin supporters are largely on their own. It almost a walkover bye election. Perhaps Tamrin should stand in for some light and humour.

    1. must put UMNO-PAS malay muslim candidate. test to see how much support. now tokong lim gone-in is supplying ringit "strategically". worst finance ministor
      see how strong 65% malay muslim support power.
      sokong calun melayu muslim dahulu

  20. Kempen utamakan produk Muslim tunjuk perkembangan baik - Ummah

    Aminuddin mengakui walaupun terdapat peningkatan dalam jualan, kilang-kilang dan pemborong yang dikendalikan bukan Melayu tidak terjejas.

    Mungkin yang terjejas tu kedai. Tapi pemborong dan kilang saya rasa tak boleh pun tembusi.

    erkembangan sangat baik. Banyak peniaga melayu muslim menyatakan (Jualan) naik antara 50-100 peratus. Dalam masa yang sama, (mereka) kata perniaga Cina mengadu kata perniagaan drop sehingga 50 peratus.

    nak tanya sedikit kalau "old town white kopi" tutup bangla ke yang hilang kerja?

    sikincan bakar ikan mungkin malyuu hilang kerja, so "70% malayuu power pembeli" sokong

    restaurant ikan bakar. orang malayuuu lagi banyak maju.

  21. Why MCA and MIC want Malay majority seats but never allow Malay candidates in Chinese majority seats? Mau untung senang saja.