Saturday 7 September 2019

Haze getting worse yet crazy "environmentalist" attacked PMO over Lynas pulak

The haze was very bad today.

It has been like this in KL for quite a while.

As everyone knows, it was caused by people setting forests in Indonesia on fire so that they can set up farms and plantations.

It has been a problem since the 90s and I can't see any chance there will be a solution any time soon.

Not even the Malaysia Baru government seems capable of doing much.

When Indonesian president Jokowi visited Malaysia the other day, everything seemed the same.

Not much attention given to the haze problem.

The Pakatan Harapan environmentalists were also not saying much.

They appeared more busy fighting over Lynas which their own government had declared safe.

This is the latest

Wong Tack urges MACC to probe 

PMO officers over Lynas FAQ


The 14-point infographic, citing information from the energy, science, technology, environment and climate change ministry, also said data and reports by government agencies and experts showed that Lynas’ operations in its plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, in Pahang, was controlled and safe.

Crazy guy that one.

I'm still waiting for the PMO guys to respond to this nonsense.

Tell MACC to probe Dr Mahathir la. He's the one who said Lynas is okay.

Go after Yeo Bee Yin, who is the minister in charge of environment too as her ministry's data on Lynas were quoted by the PMO.

In fact, go after the entire Cabinet because it was their collective decision to let Lynas continues its operation.

Seriously, if this Wong Tack, Fuziah Salleh and others like them were really concerned about the environment and well being of Malaysians, they should have switched to pressuring the government over the haze problem.

Go la and make noise about it.

Why they did not have a demo when Jokowi was here? The haze is from Indonesia what. That was scientifically proven, okay.

Lynas scientifically proven to be safe by even their own Pakatan government yet still they want to make noise pulak.

Still trying to deny that they lied over the years about Lynas.

So shameless.


  1. this is what you "tempatan" deserve other than the objects projectiles at bung karno stadium. unlucky lim kit sial have to come in a tongkang to being a indonesia province. if not the "tempaatan" live happy as indons not worry about the Dapigs.

    1. That Najis fellow stole billions of dollars from the country. Is he from the DAP?

  2. If one got elected into office based on lies and deceit, he or she has no choice but to continue to lie and deceive the public. He has no choice really. He has gone down that road, he has no choice but to continue.

    Despite all the evidences, scientificaly proven which show there’s nothing there, it is bizzare these people still keep on spewing bulls**t.

    1. Do u also mean the lies and deceit that have all now become court testimony and evidences in the SRC and !MDB trial is it?

  3. looks like wan azizah has called you out.

  4. Haze...
    Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu jugak...

    Saya sokong anggota Parlimen Bentong...apa kejadahnya PMO sampai keluarkan FAQ...dah jadi Conflict of interest... PM7 kena ingat...

    at least, biarlah pejabat kementerian berkaitan e.g pejabat dareil leiking atau pejabat yeo yee bin. If pejabat redzuan yusof pun boleh laa.. ini Pejabat no. 1 negara menpertahankan taik Australia ini. KAU RASA?

  5. Constrasts between haze and Lynas
    Haze does not require IAEA certification to produce


  6. Tried to read FAQ at

    But response was "Content not found!"

    Also discovered there are FAQs at "Laman Web Rasmi Lembaga Perlesenan Tenaga Atom (" and at ""

    If they don't want FAQ at the PMO, then Wong Tack and Fuziah Salleh should create their own FAQ. That's fine with me.

    1. The AELB's website timed out and I cannot find it on the Lynas website.

      "Website down" and "computer down" appears to be a more common occurrence in Malaysia.

      Aiyo! Like this how to do Industry 4.0, e-Government, etc?

    2. IT.Scheiss
      Thank you for the feedback.
      Tried again just now. It seems both websites are OK.
      I suggest you try again now. Thank you.

    3. OK! Firstly, the website should be the full which works.

      However, I clicked on "Lynas Information" and got a "404 - File or Directory not found"

      Try it.

      I wonder what that is so.

  7. lynas going build leching and bleach facility in kalgoorie. watch out for lynas 2.

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    1. Anon 20:48

      TKasih atas keperhatinan membantu majukan produk2 Islam. Untung lebihan selain dapat membayar cukai, ummat islam juga membayar zakat yg dapat membantu golongan2 yg berhak menerima zakat..

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      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Your raw materials comes from where / whom


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      banay sikit sokong itu ikan bakar sikincang. apa terjadi?
      ikan bakar banyak bangla punya kerja. ornag tempatan kulang.

  8. Cik Fadzireen

    May I assume ur a non Muslim? Nak dapat sijil Halal, bukan setakat bayaq RM2.5K aje tau.. esp mknn, they will test ingredients etc to ensure talak guna bahan2 haram. If yr a Muslim u'll tak perlu nak explain semua ni.

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    Haiyaa cik Annie
    Jerebu mayak telok ini hari. Our grp dh nasihat semua2, a?to stay indoor. Kalau terpaksa keluaq beli barang2 keperluan pun .. terus pi kedai2 yang menjual produk2 Muslim saja... yg lain2 tak beli pun bole hidup..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. prof, kempen ni bantutkan persaingan..pengguna muslim gak yg rugi

    2. tat d way u labelled people? asking one possible question on economic matter is already a deviant? r u a whirligig propelling pas hoopla’s? remember u'd assumed me d same...xgood la

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    4. bukan rm2.5k aje tau. kalau rm 2.6 B olang akan bayar. bila berjaya "pass" ambik sijil halal JAKEEM, banyak pun dah tutup kedai especially pengusahb malayoo bumiputra. kalau nak "test" lagi bahan ramuan lagi makan masa. pasal itu kurang daripada 40% milik malayoo bumiputra. guna aje gula dan tepong robert kuok cap sauh sudah ade sijil. kalau nak bikin roti, kah! kah!

  9. What najib case which is still in the court got to do with haze or lynas. U sound so desperate la anon 01.52

  10. A commentary by Zaidi Azmi

    September 10, 2019

    IN his latest bid to rekindle the nearly-extinguished fire on Lynas, DAP’s Wong Tack has once again accused the government of delivering a sales pitch on behalf of the Australian rare-earth refiner.

    This time around, the alleged salesman of Lynas were officers from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), who Wong insisted have published an infographic debunking controversial claims the former had levelled against the company.

    In addition to that, Wong also believed that these PMO officers have gone rogue and were acting without the knowledge of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Therefore, he urged the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to probe the outfit.

    Gosh! What a claim.

    If this was a Pokemon video game, Wong now basically has no energy left to deliver any significant attack and is left to rely on the default desperation move called struggle which does chip damage – a video game term for little damage.

    “Notice how Wong did not say that the facts in the infographic were wrong. Also, is he saying that the PMO cannot disseminate correct information to the public? This is what happens when a politician has no other platform to stand on,” said a PMO officer.

    Even if what Wong claimed was true, why on earth did he merely urge the MACC to probe? If he felt so strongly about it, then the most apt and normal way to spur the graft buster into action was to lodge a formal report.

    Has he done so? No, he has not…at least not yet.

    So was the accusation by Wong a mere lip service just to show proof to his supporters that his environmentalist moxy still burns brightly? Who knows, but when it comes to environmentalism, Wong hardly ever harped on nothing but Lynas.

    He made almost zero notable stink about the debilitating air pollution at Pasir Gudang which has yet to be solved since early May despite the situation there proved to be way more toxic than that of Lynas’.

    Wong has also been silent over the smothering bouts of Indonesia-borne haze that had been engulfing Malaysia since early last month despite the fact that Indonesian president Joko Widodo came to Malaysia a week after the haze alert was announced.

    Even more peculiar was the fact that Wong, after Pakatan Harapan won the May 9 national polls, last year, is now the chairman of the Malaysian Timber Industry Board.

    Wait, what!?

    What a twist. The so-called guardian of mother nature, who in November last year launched the “Plant a million trees in Bentong” campaign now chairs a board that manages Malaysia’s commercial logging?

    Ah, the irony of Malaysian politics.

    Oh, by the way, the million saplings that were planted during the launching of Wong’s campaign had all died in April this year, due to what was reported to be poor and half-hearted management.

    Sheesh, what a waste of taxpayers’ money.

    Wong’s hoo-haa on the PMO however, was quite odd as the same information that the outfit relayed to the public was sourced from the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).

    And since the AELB is an outfit under the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change, will Wong also go after the two and accuse them for their alleged ‘Lynas hard sell.’

    Oops, my bad, he already did so in November last year.


  12. IT.Scheiss
    You should try this link. It works for me.