Thursday 12 September 2019

Muzzling Malaysians

This is the front page of NST today,

You can read the report by clicking on this link;

Social media ban in crisis gets an aye

Personally, I think it's a totally insidious bullshit.

I dare say that it could be an early step to further muzzle Malaysians.

Since this report is by NST , which was and is linked to the powers that be, I'm taking it as an early warning that the government may in future shut down the social media if it deems the country as being in crisis.

I believe they will use whatever survey quoted in the report to tell everyone that Malaysians are okay being shut up in time of crisis.

Who the hell exactly these people who did the survey?

Not even the previous BN government, said being so evil, had ever tried to shut down the social media.

Heck, not even the communist government in Beijing had resorted to such measure to clamp down on the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

The way I see it, it's the government's job to manage the flow of information without shutting down channels of information.

It's definitely not its bloody job to shut up people.

When they campaigned for GE14 the Pakatan leaders promised freedom of this and that, but now that they are in power, they are mulling to shut up everyone, are they?

Crisis? What is that? Is it for the government to define what is a crisis?

This currently terrible haze is a crisis to me. Does it mean the government should shut down the social media?

Anti-government protesters defying police in down town KL. Is that a crisis that warrants the government to shut down social media?

If yes, then the people of previous BN government were really fools for not doing it back then during all those Bersih rallies and such.

Well, let's wait and see where this whole thing is leading to.

For all I know, this Pakatan government may be worse than the communist regime in Beijing.


  1. ....mengingatkan saya kepada PM4...moga-moga our current PM7 tidak menjadi seperti PM4...andai tiada aral melintang, tidak lah kita seolah-olah keluar dari mulut buaya...masuk pula ke mulut alligator...

  2. rumour mongering laaa you Annie. nyampah!

  3. Semua confuse now...Menteri pun confuse lot. Anyway we the one should be proud for choosing the current govt. Padan muka aku...hahahaha

    1. Tak payah nak padan muka.. Tak payah me nyesal. PRU 15 nanti undi je balik BN. Ada package baru lagi sekarang UMPAS.JASA,AMK..TunFaizal,DrNova,Gomo..Bru, Brick, Dog, Capt. CFO, LSS.. U spin.. Semua akan meriahkan balik so med. Media arus perdana macam Utusan, Media Prima pun akan kembali ke pangkuan. Tambah lagi kemeriaham Jom Hebuh. Boleh Menteri Pelanchung lancarkan 'Selamat Datang ke Malaysia Tahun Kebebasan media.. Atau Welcome to Malaysia- Press Freedom Year'

  4. aiya! annine PAKATAN have not chopped any head yet even billions stolen. still give holidays for conjutivitist. hmmm! even a OKU buta can attend court, why a "sakit mata" pahlawan bogis get exempted. try to steal a million from xi jee peng and see. not only stealer head, maybe mummy rosie head also gone end.

    1. Plan nak social media ban? Macam takut dengan bayang-bayang sendiri aje nih?

      Org yg dtuduh dlm kes 1MDB merayu agar pembicaraan disiar cara langsung pun taknak? Awat macam tu yang Arif Tuan Hakim Anon 20:50?

      Esok jom peghati. 13hb dan 14hb Sep 2019 facebook2 UMNO, PAS, Utusan dan BMPF agaknya akan lagging juga tak... macam jadi pada hari PRK Sandakan?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Prof, how's your boycott coming along? Pure or to your lazy ass inbred convenience? Why are you on FB or even Google? It's not BMF. So you see, when the world laughs at you, don't ask why.

    3. Anon 15:50
      Ni sekok tak faham bahasa Kebangsaan, satu geng dgn yg bela anak manusia dan anak bulu bulu..

      Neway kan dh kata. Video tadi keluaq voices garbled and skrg LIVE screen keluaq hitam aje. Hmmm ramai sgt takut dgn bayang2 sendili nampak gaya.

      Professor Nasi Lemak


  5. quote, "this Pakatan government maybe worse then the communist regime in Bejing".

    Manyak takut loo oo !, itu macam maa aa .

  6. Are we to take some silly survey seriously ?

    NST batu api

  7. Keeping 153 in the Constitution is a fucking crisis

  8. PH is dying day by day. All because of the arrogance of DAP & PKR cheapskate politicians.

  9. Aisay Annie...your post memang bagus but your last line...PH gomen worst than communist regime..come onlah! If indeed it is worse all the blokes who looted the country (you know who la)would have been shot and wld be now food for grass.
    BTW yr buddy Jibby kena sakit mata...wonder how he got it since it can only spread on contact. U know Annie? Tlg bagi tau ya..ok?

    1. chinese mother usually tell tale the boys not to peek at certain part of the female anatomy. if not can get this "sore eyes"!!!
      wonder for jibby is there much more to see????

    2. Anon 16:47.
      Or could be a case of having to see the 'elephant in the room' on a daily basis.(pun intended)

    3. BN under Nahin is rock bottom. Nothing is worst than that.

  10. Communist China shoot those who committed bribery. Robin hood najib will definitely be found guilty. So if PH dont shoot Najib will PH be better than Communist China.

  11. This is to be expected of the powers that be, whether Pakatan or BN, whilst in the wider world, private operators of giant social media sites with worldwide access are taking it upon themselves to downplay content deemed "inappropriate" or even to remove such content creators from their site.

    When the public began to access the Internet in from around 1992, those who had Internet access were a small minority, so anything was allowed on the Internet and "free speech online" was the big thing, both in the advanced countries and in Malaysia.

    However now that broadband penetration in Malaysia is close to 80% and almost everyone has Internet access, either on a PC, smartphone or a tablet, with the ability to make opinions and content posted go viral very fast, the Internet and especially social media has become a mass media with a bigger influence upon public opinion than traditional mainstream media, so the powers that be deem it necessary to try to curtail free speech online.

    In principle, this is not necessarily wrong, especially if the posts online can lead to social instability and violence, so it depends upon the nature of the message conveyed.

    On the other hand, if it is just an opinion or a message critical of policies or actions of the ruling government, then it would not be justified to ban it.

  12. BTW. You keep saying "like communist"

    How about "like fascist".

    Fascism is the most extreme form of capitalist rule, where when capitalist democratic processes are abandoned and dictatorial brute force rule is applied, such as in Italy under Mussolini, in Nazi Germany, in Spain under Franco, under military juntas (governments), under emergency rule, in wartime and so forth.

    The Pakatan government can be said to be liberal fascists, in how they have banned smoking in restaurants, pubs and bars in such a totalitarian way.

    For instance, did you know of the Nazi roots of the environmental movement, when our common perception of environmentalists are peace loving, long haired hippies protesting.

    This video is about 27 minutes long.

    "The Nazi Roots of Environmentalism and the Climate Change Fraud | Close Encounters Ep. 2"

    Also, this video which is aboy 37 minutes long:-

    "Green Tyranny: Exposing the Totalitarian Roots of the Climate Industrial Complex"

    In this short 5 minute video, Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore explains why he left Greenpeace.

    "Why I Left Greenpeace"

    This is a longer, more detailed exposition by Dr. Patrick Moore.

    "Patrick Moore – The Sensible Environmentalist"

    This is a longer video accuses the notion being promoted over 'Global warming' as being anti-development - about 40 minutes:-

    "'Global Warming' is Population Reduction, Not Science"

    The speaker, Magan Beets is a member of or is affiliated with the Larouche Political Action Committee which advocated the politics of Lyndon La Rouche, a radical American politician who advocates policies of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - i.e. a New Deal Democrat, and La Louche wants the U.S. to return to the kind of scientific and technological development during the early post-WW2 period up till the Kennedy era.

    Megan Beets rightly out how today's environmentalists tend to advocate against development which would be in the interests of the people of under-developed and of developing countries, and I tend to agree, though I cannot accept Megan's argument that a world population of 100 billioAlso, if you look closely, you may find that environmentalists tend to be from rather privileged, n people will be a good thing.

    Anyway, as has been observed, birthrates tend to naturally drop, even to below the replacement level, the more developed a country and the higher the standard of living, due to the economic demands of raising and educating children and as parents feel less need to have many children as an insurance policy in their old age.

    If you go back to the green movement in Germany towards the end of the 1800s and the early 1900s, you will find that it was a movement advocated and supported by the landed aristocracy against the rise of industrialisation in Germany at the time, mixed with traditional European mysticism and obscurantism, including concepts of racial superiority.

    The Wondervogel movement in Germany around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries was a kind of similar to the hippie movement in the U.S. and the west in the 1960s.

    "What is the Wandervogel vs 1960s hippie movement? How do Subcultures form? by Daily Renegade"

    If you look at their backgrounds, you may well find that most environmentalists today come from fairly privileged, middle class backgrounds, who feeling materially secure, have the time to turn to other issues unrelated to their survival, and as Dr. Patrick Moore pointed out, Greenpeace had metamorphosised into an anti-human movement which disregards the interests of people, especially lower-income people and people of the developing world.

  13. Here's a another good one by Dr. Patrick Moore.

    "Patrick Moore on GMO, Sustainable Energy & Pop Environmentalism"

    Whilst there is some truth in what Dr. Patrick Moore says about the impracticality of solar and wind power, however he tends to ignore the potential for prices of solar panels to drop as the technology improves.