Friday 19 July 2019

Let's have our own Changi Airport

When I saw this story yesterday

Court orders AirAsia to pay RM40.73m 

to Malaysia Airports

I immediately thought that now MAHB has more money, then it could further upgrade airport facilities around the country so that things such as this would not happen again,

AirAsia flight from Melaka to Penang grounded 

after LTAM air traffic control glitch

That was on July 3.

Air traffic control should not have even a bit of glitch as airports could not afford such things.

Planes could crash and people could die, okay.

As I previously wrote, when it comes to aviation, safety is paramount and there should not be even the slightest error.

Hopefully MAHB will use the extra money they received at the court to make things better at our airports, which it has a near monopoly.

It's good for business anyway.

See, AirAsia actually announced this just a day before their planes were grounded at the Melaka International Airport due to the air traffic control "glitch",

AirAsia plans to offer more routes 

via LTAM

Hopefully they were not deterred by what happened.

The way I see it, if MAHB can spend more to improve the airports, then I think the airlines will be more enthusiastic to increase their flights.

This among others will further boost tourism, which is good for Malaysia as a whole.

By the way, this is the latest list of
The world’s best airports for 2019

Yup, at the very top is Singapore's Changi Airport.

Inside Singapore's  Changi Airport
It's holding the title for the seventh consecutive years.

Unfortunately, as reported here

KLIA Ranking Drops Again in 

Skytrax World's Top 100 Airports 2019

And then we also have

Well, I think we should do something about this.

After all, we and visitors to our country are paying all sorts of taxes to fly from our airports.

We definitely can use some of that money to improve our airports, I think.

This is even more so now that the government is planning to introduce a departure levy for all those flying off to another country from our airports.

We shouldn't go around charging levy on tourists who are leaving our country from a crummy airport, right?

If the airport is number one in the world like Singapore's Changi, then maybe that's okay lah.

Otherwise, many tourists will just think that we are not so welcoming and don't want to come here again.


  1. It's ridiculous trying to compare an airport run by monkeys to Changi. Madness.

  2. Aisay Annie...the clowns can't even cut grass n maintain drains...the very little and simple things and you want them to run a world class airport. Mustahil sister!

  3. The issue is not whether or not MAHB is a near monopoly, a 100% monopoly or operates some airports in Malaysia whilst other companies operate other airports.

    Changi Airport is operated by the Changi Airport Group, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

    The key difference is the diligence and professionalism in how airports are operated and Changi comes out tops.

    Bangkok Suvarnabhumi was ranked at 46 in 2019, down from 36 in 2018, whilst Kuala Lumpur ranked 54, down from 44 in 2018.

    The Pakatan government of our "New Malaysia" must do something to get MAHB to buck up.

  4. And the top 100 airports in 2019 ranking.

  5. Aviation....hhhhmmm..I think we need Mr Stark to help us la...he can bring all his AVENGERS hero to rectify all those shoody works at KLIA...but on one hand...MACC please follow the money trail....Mana tau TOYOL berkeliaran...hahahaha

    1. Malaysia ranks top 5 globally in mobile social media penetration, highest in region

      (File pix) A man holds a smartphone with the logo of a social network app. Malaysia was ranked top five globally and highest in Southeast Asia for mobile social media penetration, according to Hootsuite and We Are Social in their latest Digital 2019 report. AFP Photo

      By Bernama
      January 31, 2019 @ 11:19am
      KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia was ranked top five globally and highest in Southeast Asia for mobile social media penetration, according to Hootsuite and We Are Social in their latest Digital 2019 report.

      Internet penetration in Malaysia said the report, stood at 80 per cent with users spending a daily average of eight hours and five minutes online.

      “A healthy portion of this time, two hours and 58 minutes is attributed to social media consumption.

      “Emerging fourth globally in mobile social penetration, Malaysia is in the lead among Southeast Asian countries including Singapore is in sixth place, followed by Thailand (eighth) and the Philippines (10),” they said in a joint statement today.

      Congratulation PH govt, finally, you made us proud and tall, once again.....!!

    2. Buanglah taksub Pak Othman. Belum cukup bukti negara makin tenat bawah PH? Bodek Tun pun tiada dapat syafaat di akhirat. Dulu kaum Firaun memuja dan membodeknya hingga anggapnya Tuhan yg sentiasa benar. Habis mereka tenggelam dalam azab....

    3. Dunno if you're being sarcastic, Othman Ahmad.

      "Malaysia ranks top 5 globally in mobile social media penetration, highest in region

      All this means is that Malaysians are amongst the top in mobile and social media activities - basically consumption activities.

      More significant is how much have Malaysians created in the ICT space which we can be proud of and which can earn Malaysia foreign exchange.

      Yes, there have been some MSC Malaysia startup companies which have made it on the regional and world stage with their ICT-based applications, solutions and services but not that many, and ins some cases, such as the MyTeksi taxi e-hailing application which was developed in Petaling Jaya, the company which developed it as well as its founder has moved the company to Singapore and it's now a Singapore-based company known as Grab.

  6. air traffic control is under DCA jurisdiction, not MAHB

  7. Since day 1 up today we achieved zero Tun M have failed to make Malaysia An Asian Tiger now we are A Kuching Kurap Of Asian. 🙈

    1. Anwar should ask the PH Presidential Council to endorse him as PH Chairman.

      Then, Mahathir will see the Agong.

      But..but..PKR with just 50 MP seats (mind you 60% already rebuked Anwar), the PKR President cannot be PM without the support of the PH Presidential Council.

      If the PH Presidential Council meets, Bersatu and Amanah may not support Anwar’s bid for the chairmanship.

      DAP may be neutral.…


    2. You're correct Pak Othman.

      In Kapir-Countries, politician like Anwar would have thrown into the longkang... since 1997/98.

  8. What is the point of having world class infrastructure if the people live like a robot. The people are joyless, overwork and depressed. Their freedom is restricted. Even having an opinion can land you in jail.

    They pride their so called democracy and meritocracy inherited from the Brits are just facade. They are not well functioning. Not working as it should be. At least here the right to vote is so powerful. It could change the government overnight. Our democracy is REALLY working and functioning. Over there your vote is meaningless. Nothing much happened. Same old same old...

    People live just to put the food on the table and pay the bills. Living under an authoritarian government by the same bunch of people bent on to rule forever.

    1. You're right about Singapore being a rather regulated society with little real democracy and political freedoms but world class infrastructure, democracy and political freedom are not mutually exclusive as is demonstrated in the liberal western democracies and these need not be mutually exclusive in Malaysia either. Instead, we should be able to have them all.

  9. look at your own "local people" aka malai attitudes lah annie!!!!
    how treat "pendatang" balik thongsan. many are still hiving in kampong mentality. think it 1990 where the thongsan people still berak into the bucket. like vietnam still very hulu. i think the mat salleh or mindah salleh prefer to go cambodia where the airport got only one runway and worst rated than KLIA. can swim naked or naked in jungle. here will sure go jail. and see those mmany kaki ragut

  10. Banding kan ayam dengan ayam... paling tidak pun itik
    not fair compare ayam dengan Anggur

  11. LOOK AT THAT.....


    Saturday, 20 Jul 2019 (6 hours ago)

    PETALING JAYA: Top PKR leaders, including 15 MPs as well as 21 members of its central leadership council, did not show up at a party retreat that was meant to mend the rift between certain factions and also iron out problems brewing within the party.

    PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali leads the list as the most senior leader who did not and will not attend the retreat.

    The two-and-a-half days retreat for all levels of leaders, right from the grassroots to the top, is being held at a five-star hotel in Port Dickson, the parliamentary constituency of PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad attended the opening night of the retreat at Anwar’s invitation.

    Other leaders who did not attend were those deemed to be Azmin allies, among them vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin, women’s wing chief Haniza Talha, and youth wing deputy chief Muhammad Hilman Idham.

    In recent days, the gap has widened between the Anwar and Azmin camps after the former said that the latter should resign from the Cabinet if it was proven he was indeed the man in a viral sex video.

    Azmin rebuked Anwar by stating that his party president “should look into the mirror”.

    A group of 24 central leadership council members then signed a statement on Thursday to rebuke Anwar for telling Azmin to resign, while six of 14 state party chiefs signed another statement yesterday in support of their president.

    Foreign Minister and leadership council member Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, who was part of the group that rebuked Anwar, said he was meeting his counterpart in Jakarta last night and had a packed schedule.

    Party vice-president Tian Chua said he did not go last night. Chua said the idea of the retreat was mooted about three months ago by the top leaders to resolve differences within the party.

    A PKR central leadership council member who is also an MP said he was staying away to send a strong message to the prime minister-in-waiting, Anwar.

    1. Thanks. I saw that article yesterday night and kind of realised what a mess PKR is in right now.

      Thanks to Malaysia high ranking in social media consumption and the MSC Malaysia initiative to develop an ICT industry and ICT literacy in Malaysia, some Malaysians have world class in the production and dissemination of sex videos supposedly involving politicians and ministers.

    2. Kan dah cakap dulu. Serigala rebut bangkai. Rakyat merana. Tiada apa yg pelik dengan kekecohan politik, ekonomi dan social sekarang. Institusi-institusi hilang kredibiliti bila kroni dinaikkan. Meh sama sama bantu ranapkan PH dan naikan Ummah!

    3. PH belum terkenal sebagai "Serigala rebut bangkai"... Mr.J

      Tiada yang pelik dengan kekecohan dalam PKR nih. Omputih kata... birds of a same feather, flocked together.
      Sebab tu... tertubuhnya Party ni pun...pada 1998, demi membela gaylord mereka... dan pada masa yang sama, untuk 'rebut bangkai' yang Mr.J maksudkan tu.

      "Institusi-institusi hilang kredibiliti bila kroni dinaikkan."

      Nanti aku kata hang bengong, hang marah pulak.

      Mana ada Party atau Pemimpin Politik Pemerintah di Dunia ini yang tidak ada kroni-kaya demi meraih dana demi melicinkan urusan pentadbiran Party mereka?

      UMNO-Najib saja yan punyai kroni-kroni pelik... Rakyat & Negara langsung tak dapat apa-apa manafaat. Yang paling pelik, dana-politik masuk dalam akaun-peribadi, bukan akaun-Party. Isteri President pun, pernah dikhabarkan, masuk RM2 Juta.

      OK... meh kita bandingkan antara kroni-kroni Dr.M & Najib.

      Kroni-kroni Dr.M, seperti Ananda Krishnan, Mokhtar Bukhary, YTL, Robert Kuok, Vincent Tan dan lain-lain... semuanya memiliki empire perniagaan terkenal... membuka peluang perkerjaan kepada berjuta-juta Rakyat untuk bagi makan anak-bini.
      Pada masa sama, kerajaan dapat kutip cukai-pengajian pekerja, cukai-koporat, cukai-keuntungan syarikat, cukai dari pembelian asset-jentera/kenderaan perdagangan, duty import-eksport dan lain-lain hasil... di masa lalu dan akan datang... selagi business empire mereka semakin berkembang.

      Sebaliknya... apa manafaat yang Kerajaan & Rakyat dapat dari kroni-kroni Najib seperti, Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet & Jho Low?
      Jilat kote mereka, boleh la kot... 1MDB pun dikecualikan bayar cukai kepada Kerajaan.

      "Meh sama sama bantu ranapkan PH dan naikan Ummah!"

      Aiit... hang nak buat 'Negara-Islam' style Daesh/IS atau Taliban ka?
      Tak cukup Islam lagi ka... YDPA sebagai Ketua Agama Persekutuan, 9 Raja di Negeri-Negeri dan Yang DiPertuan bagi Negeri-Negeri lain yang tidak berRaja... sebagai *lambang Islam?

      UMNO & PAS tidak perlukan undi Cina, India, Siam (Rakyat berketurun Thai di Utara Semenanjug) dan bumiputera bukan-Islam Sabah & Sarawak ka?

      *lambang yang boleh mengharum atau mencemarkan nama-baik dan rasa-hormat(respect) terhadap Islam.


  13. annie forget SG changi airport, you shud talk more abt dumbo own wolves of 1mdb which is world infamous :(

  14. Aduh cik Annie.. nape nak terikut2 Singapore, BN pun mampu buat macam2, ECRL, TRX and PH pun kan tak lama lagi FLYING CARS!!

    Haiyaa. Minister2 bhgn ekonomi Malaysia awat la koman2 sgt. Setakat cerdik dok layan belalai gajah atas katil aje ni?

    Sekok lagi kerja melalak memanjang buat muka cenghei (taraf jelutung). Pandai dok jual harta2 negara dan menjilat dana2 Melayu Bumi ...klo bole mau kasi sampai licin.. boloh punya otak.

    Baru satu tahun Petronas saja dh kena kebas RM80b.. ceh! performance sendiri yelek.. kasi yelek memanjang.
    .....Haiyaa generasi muda sikalang taknak Apek2 macam ni, menyemak aje. Tak malu sama Justin Sun dan Charlie Lee ke?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  15. As for Aney Jelutung and Aci Ambiga.. muka cenghei2 konon nak tunjuk pandai, melalak2 memanjang macam anjing gila babi..

    Tak malu sama cousins2 kat India ke, dey oredi going to the moon???

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  16. Said to say Klia is just a regional airport and not a major airlines hub. Why spent so much money on some we cannot recoup