Thursday 28 March 2019

Even Forest City is trying to help needy journalists

Country Garden, the developer of the much maligned Forest City project is apparently one of the main sponsors of this event,

National Press Club to hold charity dinner

 in aid of needy journalists

I think that's very good of them.

Other main sponsors of the charity dinner are QI Group of Companies, which is the platinum sponsor; Sunway Group Berhad, UEM Group Berhad and F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd.

As mentioned in the report, other organisations which have pledged contributions are BIMB Holdings Bhd; Bank Rakyat; Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd; Sime Darby Plantations; Pos Malaysia Bhd; Bank Simpanan Nasional; Hong Leong Bank; Constance Westwood; Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd; RHB Bank; Sirim Bhd; NIKON Malaysia; Maybank and AirAsia.

Also mentioned in the report was the plight of former NST journalist Jason Gerald. I actually received this about Jason via WhatsApp from a journalist friend a few days ago,

It is good that NPC is making the effort to assist journalists such as Jason in their time of needs.

Also commendable are all those companies such as Country Garden for contributing to the welfare of journalists.

Hopefully more will contribute to the good cause, particularly media companies such as Star Publication, Media Prima, The Edge Group, Astro, Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insight, etc.

After all, the fund collected by NPC is for the welfare of their journalists or those who once worked for them as journalists.

Actually I think it's a bit weird if the media companies are not at the forefront of the effort.

Meanwhile, another journalist friend who was at the NPC's AGM last night forwarded this picture of the club's newly elected committee members,

All the best to the new NPC team and hopefully they can further improve the good work of taking care of journalists' welfare.


  1. no censure fr NPC on dumbo lobakmen attacks on MK journalists???

  2. The Parliament Speaker is the highest authority in the Dewan. This was the first time in the history of parliament, an MP, without provocation, OPENLY call a presiding Speaker a Taliban. Calling the honourable Speaker name. Ridiculing his competency. Undermining his authority.

    It’s the same in the court of law. You don’t call a sitting judge a Taliban out of nowhere while he’s presiding a case. That is utter disrespectful and of the HIGHEST ORDER!

    Not only the Speaker was stunned when he uttered that word, but those whose watching also stunned. It was shocking and jarring. Even those rowdy MPs who used to make nasty remark in parliament didn’t dare utter such word to the Speaker.

    What this MP did was way beyond being rude. It was an open assault of sanctity of the august house. Calling Speaker of the house a degrading name while he’s presiding. Unprovoked. This MP should be barred from the parliamentary seating for a year if he refused to apologize!

    1. And this MP suppose to be promoter of national kindness week by the Star. With this kind of kindness shown who needs hate.This MP is top class hypocrite.

    2. Anon 07:08

      Lucu kan kan???

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. new meaning for T.A.L.I.B.A.N =tali barut anjing najip

  3. Anon 07:08

    YDP Agong ke-15 titak "duduk jangan lari" kamu kalut nak halau pula dah?? Issssh isssh.

    Pepatah olang putih "respect is earned not given"..

    Klo nak jadi pemimpin setinggi mana sekali pun, tak kira dimana anda berada... kenakan pakaian apa sekali pun, adab, sopan dan mulut tu kena jaga elok2..

    Tapi pelakun drama okay.. dia play acting untuk menghibur kita2 saja..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  4. I wonder if beer wld be sold at the function. Frankly one can raise a lot more if alcohol is served. Pls don't say that such money is haram, for if that be the case 3/4 of the taxes collected are haram. End of the day it is amount collected...right, Annie.

  5. ulamak giler says with each rm 10 contribution each can collect donation to rm 10 millions. sadly to say headquaters lift no able to maintain, lif rosak.
    hmmm eight forms sold for rantau PRK. six for dilute Stream indians votes etc, etc