Thursday 7 March 2019

Religious break

Someone asked me why I'm not writing these past few days.

BN won in Semenyih the other day what, she said.

Well, actually I'm for now spending my free time watching this guy's videos.

Interesting, right?

I'll write again when I finished watching all of this guy's videos.

Maybe tomorrow or the next day.

Peace be upon you.


  1. Alhamdullilah . May Allah guides you always.

  2. Ahmat Deedad....
    ... May ALlah showers his blessings.

    Always a favrouite speaker at FOSIS UK Summer Camp in the early 80s

  3. Ahmad Deedat...self learned guru in comparative religion.Have met him while I was a student in Manchester.Because of him I dare to invite christian evangelists and debate about religion.

  4. Cik Annie

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