Friday 8 March 2019

Preparing for Guan Eng's war

Things are rather chaotic at the moment. At least that's how I feel.

BN won two by-elections and some people apparently got paranoid attacks.

Guess you all know by now about Guan Eng's "declaration of war" remark.

Umno and Pas cooperate, non-Malays must get ready for war, is it?

Hello Guan Eng, the non-Malays have been at war against BN since before the GE13 because of your instigations la.

Remember the DAP's extreme racialist tactics?

You told Chinese that they are second, third, forth, fifth class citizens. Remember that one?

DAP even used religious tactics such as the kalimah "Allah" issue and telling Christians that they were being prosecuted.

Go la play up those issues again now.

Now Chinese are more than 90 per cent with DAP, make it 100 per cent la.

Indians also.

Now Umno and Pas just want to cooperate, they were already condemned as declaring war against non-Malays.

But one thing I'm glad about this was that MCA and MIC were against Guan Eng too.

BN, PAS youths demand Guan Eng’s apology 

for "declaration of war' remark 

Let's wait and see whether Guan Eng will apologise.

My bet is that he would not do so because of his colossal ego.

I think this is one of DAP's moves to prepare for Guan Eng's impending war,

Government mulls authorising MCMC to remove fake news, racist posts from social media

Last time they made so much noise about the anti-fake news law, and now they are coming out with their own version.

Of course DAP with Gobind as communication minister will decide what are fake news and racist posts.

I'm quite sure Guan Eng's war declaration remark was not racist, according to them.

On the other hand, next time you write "Orang Melayu dan Islam perlulah menguatkan ukhwah dan perpaduan demi masa depan anak cucu kita", they will deem it as racist and have MCMC to remove it.

Well, just brace yourself for it.

Bear in mind that others were already hit and became casualties of Guan Eng's war,

That's the evicted Taman Manggis residents at Komtar yesterday.

Guan Eng's cronies in Penang said they were just doing things according to the law. Must be firm like in Singapore.

Hei, those are PPR residents la.

I do wonder whether the DAP state government would be so firm if the evicted residents are mostly poor Chinese.

But of course Guan Eng said it's a war what.

Us versus them.

No mercy.

Right, Guan Eng?

But somehow I do wonder a bit whether this is just his diversionary tactic to make people forget about his fake accountant status.

Never mind.

Have a good day.


  1. D4P has been waging war against Malay Muslim long before this official declaration. Remember the so called remarks and the likes like "Save Malaysia", "Take this and that for Jesus", "army of God" and the list continues. Just that now they have expose their true colour in broad daylight. Cannot hide anymore, cannot tahan the Malay penyatuan ummah as this will spoil their agenda.

  2. Jumlah kerusi Parlimen 222.
    Jumlah kawasan / kerusi majoriti Melayu 144.
    Dia dah tahu bala kepada DAP jika undi Melayu TIDAK pecah .Matematik macam ni Fake Accountant macam Guan Eng tahu kira kira.

  3. Diversion from Penang tunnel

  4. Your posting is good Annie except the last part.Why for heaven sake you have to put the "certified accountant" photo.Spoilt my mood oredi.

  5. "That's the evicted Taman Manggis residents at Komtar yesterday." Don't be lazy Annie. Go read up. These residents are not eligible under B40 and some of them are married to foreigners. Because of these residents there are many other very poor residents who could not get homes and most of them are Malays. Go ahead and banthai DAP, but not for everything lah.

  6. 1.Dulu Hisham hunus keris, kene kutuk giler babi.
    2.Degree Timbalan Menteri Melayu tu dibesar2 kan giler babi.
    3.PhD Cap Ayam dari Kengsington Uni ex President Kolej Era dulu senyap mcm tu jer.

  7. Dia tak mintak maaf pun.
    Pakai blank, buat Correction jer.


  9. Qualification tarak cukup, jadi Finance Minister no wonder memekek melalak memanjang... performance yelekkk boh liaow


    tarak malu sama Wan Nur Mafudah Wan Yusof ke?

    Belajar hidup humble2 sikit sepadan dengan kelulusan kamu bole tak?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. Biaq dia melalut...sat lagi dia tau la langit tinggi ka rendah...mulut busuk punya orang...bau taik..

  11. Nothing wrong what. Apologize to the monkeys for what??

    1. Dont go begging to the Rantau monkeys okay..

      Nanti repeat 7/501 votes mana nak sorok muka??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. So strange.. The defeated still talking arrogantly. These monkeys are evolving... into shitheads.
      Quite interesting to watch.

    3. I live in Rantau. Except I fook the monkeys every day.

      And which jungle do you squat in?

  12. Sensing the change in ur followers comment... Lol

  13. poor malaysians with poor grasp of inglis. hmmmm real haram to mention like "mesia top d-x-g" or "gone to the "d-x-g"

    1. Anon 00:38
      Haiyaa.. Humble2 la sikit hidup tu.. Apa nak malu bossku?

      Hang mai dok SKorea..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  14. I thot your blog got rid of the obnoxious swine,...looks like the pig is back...

  15. After winning GE, instead of addressing the fear and concern of the Malays that there is nothing to worry about after the watershed event on May 8 2018, the government is busy pandering and posturing to liberal agenda ostensibly for reform. They get their priorities wrong.

    The Malays in the mean time have became more apprehensive and suspicious of government behaviour. They sense that there is an attempt to undermine their position and the social contract which has been agreed upon at the turn of independent.

    Being sidelined and pushed aside over something more important such as rectifying ICERD, recognizing UEC, abolishing death penalty, the Malays toss away their petty differences, band together and regroup and looking for a saviour, a hero who could give them some kind of protection. Hence Umno and Pas sudden surge of support and popularity among the Malays. Bossku!

    This in turn will push the Malays further and further from PH. The results at Cameron Highlands and Semenyih are the manifestation of the worrying dwindle of Malay support. A win of Rantau by-election will become a complete evidence of near absent of Malay support towards PH government. After this death penalty will be abolished where the majority of the Malays are dead against. The Malays will get even further and further away from PH....

  16. Eh..bimbo..what about Papagomo and the war he is waging against ,bangsa dap, ? That one kosher? Seriously cant believe Jibby uses you lot. Confirm bodoh.

    1. Helloo jerk...papagomo is not a minister. Who cares what an attention seeker like him says?

    2. Who cares about Jibby n Papagomo.We just want to kick PH n DAP out for their arrogance n lies.Enough is enough. I voted for PH for the last two elections.Not anymore as I can see your true colours.

    3. Anon 14.01 - wrong. Hes an umno youth member..hes scum. Pure unadulterated scum

  17. "
    You told Chinese that they are second, third, forth, fifth class citizens. Remember that one?"

    Not only that Annie, they told the world that Malaysia was an apartheid country and yet for 60 years none of them left Malaysia.Life in Malaysia must be good for them.


    2x5 je...
    Msia baru le sangat

  19. so for rantau by election dumbo to promote bangsa & agama or 1Malaysia???

  20. Majoriti Bangsa DAP adalah pengidap penyakit "Victim Mentality" ( DAP sudah basuh minda depa ni baekk punya. But no worries people, pergilah berubat..assimilate lah dengan majoriti, sama2 rasa terkesan bila sebut "tanah tumpahnya darahku" semasa nyanyi lagu Negaraku. Master lah Bahasa Malaysia dengan betul sebab komunikasi tu penting.. lebih 60tahun dah merdeka cakap Melayu pun tak pandai..buanglah rasa apa2 yang Melayu semua tak bagus. Buanglah perasaan hasad dan dengki dengan orang Melayu..Contohilah mamak, sebab mereka pandai assimilate, macam2 depa dapat kat bumi bertuah ni :).. orang Melayu tak kisah pun siapa nak kaya, siapa nak pakai kereta mewah sebagainya..Yang penting beradablah. Dan janganlah korang pertikaikan juga orang Melayu kalau mereka pakai kereta besar ke mewah ( mesti melayu ni mencuri makan rasuah ni hahaha).. tak beradablah tak nak recognise orang lain pun boleh pakai kereta mewah atau berjaya.Takkan bangsa DAP jer yang baik, rajin, tak pernah tipu, tak kan mencuri dan bijak..Man United fans ada satu chant "Always the victim Never your fault"..more like "Always the victim never the perpetrator" because bangsa DAP selalu fikir its OK if we do but others tak boleh..Contoh, Bersih, Penang Tunnel, Bersatu bangsa, fake accountant etc. Akhir kata kepada Victim Mentality sekalian, berubatlah cepat2, sebab Stage 1: Orang akan kasihan dan layan kamu. Stage 2: Orang akan mula get annoyed with you Stage 3: Orang tidak lagi memperdulikan dan layan kamu.

    Lets live our lives fill with love. Remove all your fears, and percayalah pada kebolehan kita sendiri rather than bergantung kepada ahli politik. Politician is someone who transforms his agenda to become a common agenda of the people. Macam bakal PM yang kononnya berjuang menentang kezaliman padahal motif sebenar adalah kerana dia mahu jadi PM.

    Cheers & Peace everybody

  21. Guan Eng DAP ni semua depa ingatkn Muslim tu sekadar bangsa Melayu saja kut? Hmmm kesian bila pikiaq mrk ni.

    OK la BN+PAS. Syabas.. am so excited tak sabar nunggu PRU 15..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Sejak golongan Agamawan UMNO keluar menubuhkan party-baru yang sekarang dikenali PAS, guna Agama sebagai 'alat-politik' dengan izin penjajah-British, mereka sentiasa berebut kerusi sama pada setiap PRU.

      Oleh yang demikian, saya pun 'so excited tak sabar nunggu PRU 15'... samada PAS & UMNO mampu bertolak-ansur dalam pembahagian kerusi supaya tidak bertembung sesama-sendiri dikawasan majority-Melayu.
      Manakala di kawasan yang 'dikuasai' DAP akan diberi pada MCA untuk ditandingi. Malah, untuk memmastikan MCA/MIC menang satu-dua kerusi, kubu-kuat atau kawasan majority-Melayu akan diberi kepada mereka sebagai 'modal/subsidi'.
      Contohnya... DUN Tenggaroh.

      Boleh ke Prof. Nasi Lemak... PAS atau UMNO 'melepaskan' kerusi-tradisi mereka, lebih-lebih lagi, di 4 Negeri yang dikuasai mereka?

    2. Salam RD

      BN, PAS dan lain2.. demi penyatuan Ummah dan keharmonian rakyat berbilang bangsa dan agama... kita kan Islam, byk dapat rujuk dan belajar dari perjuangan2 Nabi Muhammad saw.

      Kelantan ramai bukan Islam. PAS pun lama dalam Pakatan bergeng dgn DAP?? Byk pengalaman mereka selama ini. Nothing is impossible. Alaa.. tengok sejarah Tun dan DAP udah le.

      PGU 15 nanti mana tau mereka decide to bertanding bawah satu BENDERA???

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Saudara RD,

      Saya rasa, PAS tidak ada masalah untuk melepaskan kerusi-kerusi mereka kepada UMNO demi untuk "Perpaduan Ummah"

      Kalau dilihat daripada dahulu pun, memang ahli-ahli PAS bersifat bertolak ansur dan bertimbang rasa dalam soal pembahagian kerusi.

      Bagi saya, ahli PAS tidak mengikut hawa nafsu untuk mengejar dunia dan kemewahannya dan lebih kepada mengejar akhirat.

      Ini adalah bagi orang yang menghayati agama,hidup di dunia hanya sementara saja.

    4. Poop nasik lembik, gua fikir S.Korea lanyan anjing cina lagi bagus dari PAS PIS PUS layan Dapigs. selalu declare "zihad". ape "langsioh" pun "zihad".
      "That's the evicted Taman Manggis residents at Komtar yesterday."
      tahun tahun naik kapalterbang duk PPR. kasi beli rumah kos rendah tak mau. PPR rm124

    5. prof nasi lema
      PAS jadi pemerintah bagus. no da ma cai, no genting casino, no pakai dedah aurat, no toddy, no bir, no octofest, no main bontot, mau panggang Dapigs pun lesen,jauh jauh.
      hina nabi kasi "pancung". tak payah susah susah duk penjara
      lagi bagus

    6. Anon 02:14
      Hang baru landing dMsia ke? Haiyaaa Selangor under PKR kan dulu pun ade Exco2 PAS??

      Kilang2 Carlsberg, Guiness Stout mereka tatak tutup pun??

      Kuala Langat memiliki lebih daripada 132 ladang ternakan babi bertumbuh lagi besar2an. Muka kamu pun merah gebu montel boleh makan babi hari2.

      Brothel2 banyak di Puchong, PJ, Subang even got in prostitution syndicate offering sex services online with women from seven countries (baru kena tangkap)bla bla.

      Haiyaaa. Semua you sebut, benda2 talak sihat2 so lu kena mula belajar "dont live like a pig";

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    7. Anon 02:14

      Haiyaaa cont..

      Penjajah olang putih sulah lama pulang negala masing2, lia kasi lu olang mabuk2 isap candu. Masih lindu sama lia olang mau mabuk2 lagi ke? ... ooo tu pasai mayak puja sama Crale Lewcastre Blown ke?

      Itu octoberfest ompapah Germany mali.. apasal mau ikut sana budaya, lion dance lagi best.. sihat, exercise lompat2 naik turun tangga lapat angpow lagi.

      Haiyaa tak payah pigi Casino judi la.. hali2 ketagih lu olang main tikam2 saham dana2 Tabung2 rakyat, GLCs bla bla - harta2 negala habis kasi lelong.. Arw Tun Razak bikin Petronas dividend berbillion2 lu olang makan gaji buta sja tau..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  22. zalimnya dumbo2 menentang DAP yg mengusir olang2 berada dari PPR...

  23. can dumbo bossku 42 charges sentences to be meted out consecutively so he can stay 42 years or more at sungai buloh adoi

  24. Cik Annie,

    Memang sudah tiba masa untuk UMNO dan PAS bergabung.

    Saya percaya, sudah tiba masanya Tuan Guru Hadi mengambil tampuk pemerintahan untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebagai negara contoh untuk negara Islam yang lain.

    Kita menolak geng-geng kesamarataan. Termasuk juga kesamarataan antara wanita yang berdemo baru-baru ini. Kita ingin mengekalkan sifat wanita yang taat kepada suami.

    Gejala-gejala kesamarataan banyak membawa mudarat dan gelala sosial dan rumah-tangga.

    Dengan sifat Wala ahli-ahli PAS dan UMNO kepada Tuan Guru Hadi Awang, adalah tidak mustahil jawatan PM ke 9 dapat disandang oleh PAS.

  25. camerons & semenyih were deceived by gabungan pencuri + penipu (aka dumbo + pas) sad

  26. I used to enjoy reading yr articles but now I think u have now become a umno paid writer so i will not waste my time reading yr crap. BYEEEEEEE