Saturday 2 February 2019

Best ways to handle Najib

I think this is silly.

Cops urged to monitor Najib's 

events in Langkawi

Langkawi police chief Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said five reports were lodged by the local Bersatu division members at the Kuah police station at 4.30pm yesterday.
"The reports were on the former prime minister’s programme in Pantai Cenang today.
“Police have noted their concerns, and have already advised the organisers on it and they have reverted to us that it will only be a breakfast function at a restaurant and that no speeches will be made,” he told Bernama.
They should just let Najib be.

He was just jalan-jalan and meeting his fans for breakfast.

Even if he is campaigning like what he did in Cameron Highlands, I don't think they should try to stop him.

Lodging police reports like that was just being over the top.

Makes them looked petty, actually.

In case we forget, this is still a free and democratic country.

Najib is free for now and he still has his democratic rights.

Well, the courts are yet to find him guilty of anything.

If he's found guilty of all those charges, then that's another story lah.

What ever it is, the guy will not be the PM again, okay.

So, don't worry,

In fact, I also don't want him to be PM again.

And we shouldn't blame people for being his fans too.

I have to admit that his Facebook postings were quite sharp and witty these days.

That's probably why he's quite popular of late.

Also bear in mind that Najib's administration was not all that bad.

Some of his initiatives were even praised till this days.

Like this one;

PM impressed with Southern Integrated Terminal

If Pakatan people can't stand that, then I suggest for them to get their leaders to do their job properly.

Fulfil the election promises, don't make conflicting or U-turn statements, stop talking like idiots, come up with good ideas instead of nonsense like black school shoes,  stop spinning and lying etc etc.

Really, if Pakatan leaders can do those things, it would stop Najib and his growing fan club.

No need to be silly by lodging police reports just to stop Najib from having breakfast with people who like him.

Also, Pakatan people should get AG Tommy Thomas to speed up the legal process against Najib.

That way, Najib could be jailed quickly and stop causing discomfort to them.

For one thing, they should get him a Bahasa Malaysia tutor so that he can understand the national language better as I think that's holding him back a little in handling Najib's cases.

While they are at it, I think they should also get some of the ministers and their deputies Bahasa Malaysia tutors too to make them more effective.

Can avoid these sort of things;

Deputy minister’s national language

 proficiency questioned

Really. I believe things will be better for Pakatan people if they can fix these problems.


  1. HAHAHA....U are all making toooo much out of Najib.
    Don't know if Malaysian want the PEROMPAK LANUN to be our PM again. Unless Malaysian are all stupid and psiko yang suka mendera diri sendiri. As for me, SELISIH MALIKAT 44......eee gerunnya.

    1. cikminah 19:44 are the type that can suck your yours when no one is watching, the stupid that are incapable of thinking

    2. Unfortunately you are the sick type that keep on supporting a world renowned kleptocrat no matter what.Isnt that what we call stupid.

    3. Cikminah you are right. We definately dont want perompak to be our PM again. How PH perform has nothing to do with Najib has to pay the price if he lose in the corruption trial. Well if we vote for BN-PAS then instead of giving the country to the dog, we might as well become dog.

  2. How low can they go while facing ex PM. Jangan la perbodohkan diri sendiri. PH takut dengan bayang bayang sendiri ka?? Be gentleman la.

  3. belada nusantara
    bugis wira
    silat sendiwara
    samun tak terkira
    jadi kau kera
    dunia sementara

  4. PH has to do better.
    I'm impressed the way Najib fights back.
    Mahathir will ultimately lose the next election with his version of Ketuanan Melayu BS.
    The next few years will be messy like hell.
    I've moved my funds overseas, so wait and see la.

    1. No need to wait la sohai. Just leave lor. Follow your funds. We all try to show the malays we can be patriotic and deserve to be treated equal, but some dicks like you just had to show your ugly truth.

    2. Another reason not to trust the non malays, first sign of trouble and they already plan to cabut and be a pendatang somewhere else. Good riddance 2033, the pendatang wannabe and always will be.

  5. From what Najib has posted on his social media lately, especially on his twitter and facebook, I have to say they’re very crisp, witty with a terrific sense of humour...I wonder where he gets those...he never showed that side of him when he was prime minister...

    1. I think his bini now gives him more space kkikiki

      Najib would have done alright had he been like this instead of many many crap like "i luv pm" etc. But 1mdb, felda mess, tabung haji twist remain NO NO.

    2. Anon 19:13

    3. Anon 23.01....are U sure all the postings are written by Najib himself..? Sounds too good for someone like Najib. I bet, the entry in his facebuk will continue even after Najib is in Sg.Buluh.

    4. Anon 02:31 ,
      ABITW,RB,BD,AA,LSS,RD,TF,SK and many more...not too long ago they were all saying that everything is fine at 1MDB....LOL!!
      And anon 23:01 Now you know how Najib can come out with all those troll postings. So many expert minds working for the cash king turned troll king...wakakakakakaka !!!

    5. Cikminah
      Even if Najib himself does not write his own posts it doesn't diminish the value of his posts.
      Even Lim Guan Eng has someone to write his speeches.That explains why he got his 'titik perpuluhan' (decimal points) wrong.
      Prof Kangkung

  6. I don’t get this. This is worst than police state, as if we’re living in Communist government. What’s wrong with this PH government? Trying to muzzle people grom speaking his mind?

    Najib has every right to speak up as guaranteed in the constitution. PH government has no right to stop him from speaking up. If you don’t agree to what he says you can always rebutt him. No need to intimidate him. Trying to prevent him from speaking is absolute mockery to free speeach championed by PH when they were in the opposition.

    1. You realise something, PPBM is afraid of DSN shadows and they make police reports, DAP pula sue anybody and everybody who criticise far Kok and some other chicos of DAP but of course the grandmaster of all Ah Beng of MOF...never ending sueing when he was Penang cm...his then lawyer muralli din take any other case besides his.....all these assholes have no balls, if u takut people critise u don't go into politicslah, just be a nun or a for the PPBM people kalu takut DSN, pi balik kampung tanam ketum!

    2. Reason is they are all the same. During bn time, bn supporters will file police reports at any perceived slights. Now ph doing the same. 2x5, semua hipokrit, except a few.

  7. 5 police reports already for the crime which has yet to be committed. How on earth the police is going to investigate that? using their imagination? Which law books these people read? This is worst than police state. PH government is getting ridicilous day by day!

    1. Ahli PPBM bodek bos. Perangai satu cop dengan umno & dap & anwar & ramai lagi la.

      Bos tak suspen pun Najib masuk padang dia. Ahli yang lebih?
      Biar le Najib buat dan cakap apa dia nak. Yang nyata semua component PH ni pergi buat kerja betul2 dan berhenti berdengung macam langau.


    Please define what can be considered as racist. Malay leaders can not mention the word Melayu and Islam in their speech isn’ it? But LKS can go around campaigning in CH with lion dance troupe following him around. Another leader can even give speeches championing UEC and vernacular school.

    1. The Apek had been poisoining the mind of the non Malays that they were third class citizen and Malaysia was practising apartheid since 1957.Look around you.Only in this country the so called marginalised race can controlled the economy and owned 80% of the assets.

  9. Damn. Fullfil your promise first.

  10. what is silly annie is when mahathir visit langkawi. i guess the special branch everywhere " this altantuya ex is now like a "peng-khianiat. when ringgit drop he happy

  11. Stupid to think that Najib is getting more popular based merely on selfie. This morning i went to Muar for breakfast at a popular eatery. I saw people scrambeling to selfie with a guy looking like a PAS Taliban. I tanya:Siapa tu...? A guy replied: He is IWAN OF DANGDUT DAUN PISANG with Amalina. Very famous in the 80ies. See...orang Malaysia particularly MELAYU memang suka bersalfie with famous faces.My bro-in-law who hates Tun M pun berselfie dgn beliau when he met him while jogging kat Putrajaya. No big deal.

  12. oh! my god! annine
    please do your homwork lah!!!!

    "Also bear in mind that Najib's administration was not all that bad.

    Some of his initiatives were even praised till this days.

    Like this one;

    PM impressed with Southern Integrated Terminal"?????????????????

    1. Errr....I read that it started operations in Jan 2011 and officially opened by Najib in Apr 2013. Wrong ka?


      Meanwhile, Kumpulan Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd chairman Tan Sri Abu Sahid Mohamed said the idea of building the terminal was brought up by Dr Mahathir in the year 2000.

      “He wanted me to conduct a study as there were complaints by the people on the congestion and presence of touts at the station in Pudu. I took about three years to research on the matter,” he said.

      According to Abu Sahid, the terminal began operation on Jan 1, 2011 and was managed by Maju Terminal Management and Services Sdn Bhd (Maju TMAS), a subsidiary of Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd.

      It was built on a 1.026 million sq ft site and the terminal building has six floors including ticket counters, restaurants, surau and toilets.

      lombu punya susu, SAPI DAPAT NAMA......HAHAHA

    3. I see. Thanks for the info. Well, at least Najib didn't stop or cancel the project when he was PM.

    4. Anon 19:35

      Masa I dalam tabika dulu dah dok pikiaq pasai flying cars.

      Tak tau berapa lama Boeing researched tengok2 dah pun buat.. ni mesti curi my idea.

      ...issh lombu punya susu, sapi dapat nama.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Why should he cancel it...? Not his money or Imdb's money. Ini baru investmen.

    6. Che minah, all those bus operators will not move from pudu lah if not kena paksa. Tbs wouldn't happen w/out political will. Give credit where credit is due.

    7. Keep somebody rightly pointed out above...this cik minah is good at sucking your yours....

      So don't give too much attention here...but don't forget to pay pls

  13. Anom 17.06 baru bangun tido ker? Dah kene kencing masih ego. Pigi dah.

  14. Di negara lain rakyat akan baling telur busuk atau ludah ke muka Najib....

    Tapi di negara ni, kau dah samun duit billion2 pun boleh selfie...

    1. Yakah? Negara mana? Negara Dalam seluak hang dekat 2 biji Telok hang kah?

    2. Hmmm 20:48

      Negara hang lain klo orang fitnah hang berzina dgn mak hang bapa hang jadi hakim, belum apa2 bole terus potong anu kamu..

      Bila investigate2 baru dapat tau yang sebar fitnah adalah sorang tua yang dah nyanyok otak tak waras.

    3. Caution !
      Keep yours between your legs
      One Malaysian has just lost his to an English lady for safe keeping


    4. Anon @02:17, awat lps kononnya dituduh berzina hg dok selfie tak tau malu ?

      So far there are more than 40 court charges against najib the penyamun....and yet he has a skin of biawak....tak malu !

      Stop doing all these buying rakyat's hearts bullshit...go enjoy yourself while you still can...

    5. Anon 13:35
      Under PH anything may happen.

      Yg dah dok dalam SgBuluh pun bole dapat freedom

      Yg dah tgh bicara dalam court pun kes bole gugur

      What is 40 kes yg baru saja kena charge?? Lagi2 pula bila mula nak bicara panggil saksi, dah pula doktor sahkan saksi nyanyok dan tak siuman.. nganga satu dunia.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  15. Do not blame the PH government on the police reports. It was done by carrot IQ party members. There are always idiots in any party. Najib would lose his freedom soon. Give him some space and let him entertain himself while he can....

    1. Sini pun ramai Lobakman.
      U can identify them by their vulgar lingo here. Otak kosong tak mampu nak debat they divert to vulgerity. Sooner or later your blog will ends up like Shahbuddin.

    2. Aiit marah nampak? Vulgar ? I have yet to see many bad words contrast have a look at malaysiakini and fmt comment section...Najib has all the adjectives u can ever imagined being spewed out there more so since
      10 months ago..not only English they even use the lousiest least romantic in fact vulgar language in principle, mandarin and hokkien!

      DSN has now captured the rintihan marhaen Malaysia...yet Pakatan Harapan is still talking nonsense abt 1mdb which is already in court.

      In fact Atok granddaughter is producing a so called documentary about Atok and 9 may....sudahlah Tu ..I'm sure it's gonna be a boring show...just like that show they did about ubah and it was a disaster....learn to manage a country not to badmouth people...useless slime most of these PH ministers! Buat rosak negara saja...

    3. YESLA.....................




      -blog tukar tiub.

  16. That bugger Hishamuddin Rais needs to have his front teeth kicked in with a Doctor Marten Boots, who squealed like a pig when people make report that he was bad mouthing the king and like pondan having his bollocks pushed into his arse cried out his blog was hacked!

    An arsehole who make fun of Islam religious rituals should be bastinadoed and have his jaws re arranged...that should then teach him a lesson for good

    1. So now you are bad mouthing him (HR) too.