Monday 4 February 2019

A quiet and peaceful new year's eve

With family at this beautiful and peaceful place on new year's eve.

I love this place and I'm happy.

No worries or assholes disturbing me here.

I can just enjoy myself.

Well, I'm wishing a happy new year to the good people who celebrate it.

The bad people, no need.

Special wish for my dear ones in JB, Kluang.....and Singapore.

Since I think you all are already mostly sick of listening to new year songs at the malls and other places these past few weeks, here's a non-new year song instead;

Remembrance of the one I lost.....and miss so much.

The beautiful train ride.

Okay, I'm continuing my relaxing.



  1. Happy holidays all...May this year brings more happiness to all of us readers to Annie's post. Those yang tak suka Annie boleh belah...hihihi

  2. Enjoy your holidays Annie

    When you get back please write about the 90M PAS received from UMNO

  3. Happy CNY to all..

    ...yg tak raya tumpang2 and have a nice holiday (Singapore coy shutdown 4days+weekends+CNY).

    ...panjang dapat cuti tau boleh la terbang macam burung ksana ksini.

    Professor Nasi Lemak