Sunday 17 February 2019

Shafie can't have a kingdom, Guan Eng can't have a macai

So, Shafie Apdal is not going to have his own little kingdom.

I think Dr Mahathir saw the guy is trying to set up one and decided not to let him.

Dr M: PPBM to enter Sabah

I also think that the move was because  Dr Mahathir wants to strengthen Pribumi Bersatu in face of the growing Umno-Pas alliance threat.

Whatever it is, Shafie and others, particularly DAP were obviously upset.

Shafie avoids media, Sabah DAP Youth hits out at PPBM’s entry into state

Of course, Shafie was upset because with Dr Mahathir's party there, he can't have Sabah the way past leaders such as Tun Datu Mustapha had it.

On this I'm happy.

Shafie is not known to be an incorruptible leader when he was with Umno. Dr Mahathr knows this and he has to make sure Sabah will not be the guy's private property.

I think many Sabahans agree with that as they don't want Shafie to be a Sabah king.

As for the Sabah DAP guy getting upset, that's probably because what ever lucrative thing he had kowtimed with Shafie will not work out now.

With Dr Mahathir's people there they can't do as they please. Ya, that's why they were unhappy.

Meanwhile, DAP leaders in the Peninsular seemed upset too.

PH should discuss PPBM’s move, says Guan Eng


Lim said just like the admission of former Umno members into PPBM, the decision to venture into Sabah should be discussed by the Council as agreed by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad himself.

Hmmmm....Guan Eng telling Dr Mahathir what the handsome old man should and should't do.

And he sounds upset.

I think he is begining to realise that Dr Mahathir is not exactly going to let DAP control him.

Guan Eng and gang must have thought that Pribumi Bersatu having so few seats in parliament will be easy to manipulate, especially in breaking up the Malay/bumiputera majority power.

They must have want it to remain that way.

Pribumi Bersatu with Dr Mahathir at its helm is more effective as a stooge for that purpose than Amanah or even Pas during the Pakatan Rakyat days.

I believe that's why Guan Eng doesn't want Pribumi Bersatu to be stronger by way of absorbing the Umno turncoats or expanding to Sabah.

Well, I don't think Dr Mahathir really care about all that.

After almost a year in power now, he too probably realised that DAP, PKR, Amanah and Warisan are actually quite useless as a government.

The signs are all there to see now with all sort of councils being set up every now and then to manage the country where the Cabinet can't.

Dr Mahathir knows that he needs to strengthen Pribumi Bersatu to survive at least the coming four years before the next general election.

Otherwise, he and his party will diminish to nothing.

They said a person will be most remembered by what he/she is at the end.

I don't think Dr Mahathir wants to be remembered in Malaysian history as a leader of a small Malay party which abides by the wishes of someone like Guan Eng.


  1. “Shafie avoids media, Sabah DAP Youth hits out at PPBM’s entry into state”

    After GE, winning the elections, becoming CM, so sombong with the media huh??

    Next 4 years, when GE is around the corner, this shameless guy will put up a smiling face searching and looking for the media to give him exposure and air time. This time around, it is the media turn to avoid him like a plague!..

  2. It would be so stupid for Bersatu to turn down willing Independent MPs (5 Sabah MP) and willing Independent Adun (9 Sabah Adun) to join the party. Mahathir is not that stupid not to accept them. He knows very well the inclusion of them will strengthen his position further and strengthen his party in the coalition.

    It is an offer way too good to turn down. If all goes well, Bersatu is on the track to have 27 MPs. The third biggest in the coalition.

    After Semenyih by-election, probably more MPs will declare themselves independent. And they don’t want to join any party but Bersatu. Bersatu being a good sport have no choice but to accept them. Less they realize, after some time, Bersatu become the biggest party in the coalition! That is Mahathir. A slithery snake..

  3. Well..if all the PH component party members appointed to govern show a little talent to start bringing the goddamn change they have talked about for decades for the good of the Malaysian people, then the Grand Old Statesman does not need to do what he is doing. The Grand Old Man advantages is that he could read all of them but non of them could read him accurately. I say he is doing this for Malaysians. I believe at the back of his mind he wants nothing more but not having Malaysia go back to the way it was. So the unbolting, unriveting, unwelding etc that are going on now may very well be necessary before the man the rakyat want takes over (if he is still wanted by the rakyat). The man in waiting is no saint either but he couldn't put away the only devil he has fought and lost many times. So the little devil now understands and stays quiet and wait.

    Now, all of these kera dapat bunga type long time opposition turned government are idealists. These morons buta history. 60 years old democracy cannot equal 200 years democracy just like the moronic idealists believe. We ain't seen enough shit yet. As long as there are still some Majority Melayus & Bumiputeras having their minds still buried in the bushes, we ain't gonna see true democracy like you read in philoshophy books. Unlikely. Period. We are still a democracy in the making. But the good thing is the 2nd waves have begun.

    Not only democracy demands the Malays & Bumis un-bury their heads from the bushes, the nons must get their heads out of the clouds too. Many sacrifices must happen. We don't have to look very far. Look at Singapore which Tunku dismissed.

    Sabah & Sarawak are demographically huge and remote. Should all the states' hasil over the decades be spent in the interest of their people, non of their citizen would be complaining today. Shafie is another Pairin. And Abang Johari is another Sarawak elite protege of the Governor.

    Guan Eng jangan sombong. Talk to Daim.

    Dan bukan semua MP Umno ni celungap. Berhenti kan tebiat pukul rata ni. Sahabudin ada hal, kena saman. Kalau Latip, Hamzah, Rosol, dll ada hal jugak, saman. Kita nampak SPRM freer to act now. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. MO1 too. This is the way to go. Jangan cakap tak pandai bikin.

    1. I read your posting several times Anon 14.48. I agree with u completely. Ideolistic people are every where. The nonMalays think, everything will be fine once we apply democracy and equality for all. The Malays think, the nonmalays should respect and accept their KETUANAN MELAYU RIGHT without questiin. With this kind of ideolestic peoplr around, Malaysia will never change, no matter who the Prime Minister is and what party control the goverbment. As for the Sabahan & Sarawakian, they will forever blame the Federal Govement for their woes. Their so call leaders will enrich themselves and they will still respect them. Same thing with the umnos. BOSSKU can steal billions as long as they are given a bit of BRIM. To them, this shows the KETUANAN MELAYU is intact.

    2. cikminah

      You kena byk tulun padang buka mata luas2 sikit sblum celita pasai BLIM.

      Kawasan macam Gerang Patah.. mmg tak pelu BLIM. Senang cali makan asalkn siang malam lajin kangkang.

      Buka container, isteri mak anak cucu pompuan kamu kasi kelja situ, satu hali bole lapat belibu2 linggit.

      Eh eh.. celita Gelang Patah mirik kisah zaman2 Tuan2 zaman British, bawa masuk pelacur bertongkang2 utk menghibur pekerja2 buluh mereka.

      Sapa pemimpin (Tuan baru) yg mewakili rakyat Gelang Patah? Trump? Putin? May? Jinping atau Lia Kelentong Semua?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  4. annie if there "rubbishes" right in front of your house, are you going to just left it to breed flies, bugs, maggots and rot into "stinky strench"
    especially if the "rubbishes" is worthy for "re-cycles" and "contained".

  5. Anon 21:36
    ...the "rubbishes" is worthy for "re-cycles" and "contained"...

    Aiyoo voters hardly 1m, pi mai pi mai muka sama. Sejak USNO Berjaya lagi tema utama drama politik Sabah adalah KATAK . Katak2 sana suka lompat celah kayu2 balak. Drama ni best juga;

    1986 PBS jatuh cinta dgn BN
    1990 malam nikah lompat keluaq tingkap
    1994 tadpoles pakat2 lompat masuk balik BN
    2002 dah lapaq semua lompat masuk BN
    2018 lompat masuk kolam baru

    Ni dah ade gabungan2 baru.. PH nak
    mula series baru "lompat siKATAK lompat".

    Professor Nasi Lemak


    Where is fuziah & wong tack? High tech lynas not ok but no tech bauxite ok? I wonder who are the real beneficiaries of bauxite industry...

    1. Anon 2118, you are out of topic, dumbass.

    2. Anon 18:50, why u so butt hurt? U wong tack's macai ke? If annie thinks it is inappropriate, annie won't publish. Admit it la, your beloved ph politicians are hipocrites!

    3. Wow 752...another dumbass. Annie is just bring cynical. Admit it la, your a douchebag.

    4. Kak Ani kecut perut ke tak publish comment aku.

    5. Anon 21:18,
      'I wonder who are the real beneficiaries of bauxite industry...' You reveal here laa..why ask..
      See if you are better than Datuk AKJ.

    6. Anon 23:16, don't be lazy - use your brain la. Trace the supply chain, land owner is only 1 component out of many.

  7. Annie, I just read that Dr. Boo Cheng Hau ofthe Dap has demand Tun M resignation and to hand over the post to Anwar. This make me wonder whether what Pas said is true about a plot by Dap & Pkr to topple Tun M. I think the reason why they make such a move is because theyare unable to make him their stool. Anwar with all his weaknesses can be easily exploited by Dap. In other Anwar can easily be their puppet.

    1. Betul...x3. Dap sakit hati they cannot make Tun M their macai.

      Anon 18:50/13:18, jgn butt hurt ya.

    2. Anon 14.15
      This guy lost to Wee Ka Siong / BN in GE4, ironically awarded a deputy minister' s post
      Anwar won in PD
      He should vacate his own post for Anwar if he is really concerned
      Instead, he played taichi for TM to step aside
      It is not two years yet
      There is a Chinese saying ' if you don't like the look of someone respect the chair he sit on '
      Stop destabilsing the coalition and concentrate on spurring the nation's economy


    3. Fadzireen

      ...the coalition and concentrate on spurring the nation's economy..

      Kalut berebut kuasa, tuptup scandal pemimpin solok2 fake setipiket.. scouting for concubines semua tu memakan masa, tenaga dan ongkos byk tau tak? 7 baru masuk harem, 40 more.

      ....1994 dulu nak woo sekok tadpole jenuh kena layan main badminton, mak Fadzireen tak djemput main badminton juga ke?

      Takpe.. TH, GLCs, Felda, Petronas banyak harta2, apa you nak susah2.. godek2 .. eh eh macam TRX kan senang aje dapat untung?

      Professor Nasi Lemak


    nausaeating! one guy is muderous!

  9. Fadzireen 10:00

    You got this Boo man mixed up with Liew Chin Tong. This Boo man wants to do "a Mahathir on Tunku" dan dia ni memang kurang ajar sikit.

    Liew Chin Tong who lost to Wee cakap banyak ka siong was made Senator and a Deputy to Mar Sabu.

    You got to be factually correct, Mister

    1. Take a step back in time
      The root of all evil
      A piece crafted by Liew about the sucession plan
      Booboo borrowed the inertia from this piece
      Which triggerred a chain/ chorus demanding TM resignation
      BN will take this to greater height that PH is a hopeless coalition
      Booboo used a borrowed sword to kill its enemy
      How clever
      If the PH's manifestos is a critical success factor for its survival
      Why pick TM resignation rather than the health of the nations' economy
      Booboo is doing a Et tu, Brute
      A power grab
      Lending strenght to Hadi's prediction


  10. annie no update on adib inquest wink

  11. Harga petrol naik sekupang! Yahooo!!!
    Hidup LGE!!!

  12. What does Najib tagline, "MALU APA, BOSSKU" means.........??????
    Does this means Najib has addmitted that he has robbed us billlions and don't have to feel MALU .....?
    Does the tagline means Najib is proud of his achievement stealing billions from us......????
    Professor Nasik lomak please clarify.

    1. Cik minah, frankly I don't care what najib does. Old news. The only reason he is gaining traction is because ph govn to date is a huge disappointment.

    2. Anon 07:55

      Kan sll nasihat, rajin2 turun padang.. buka mata dan telinga..

      Sabah tak sebut encik cik makcik pakcik puan tuan bro apek aney.. semua olang tatak kila bangsa agama, driver bas, Menteri2 yg ada atau takde setipiket apapun, teguran mesra biasanya "BOSSSSS".

      Hai balu mai luluk Malaysia ke kamu ni? Selalu bercampoq2 la dgn bangsa2 lain..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  13. Mahathir only saw an opportunity to divide and rule.

    1. Exactly . The best opportunity was when #Bossku surrounded by his well fed aides, advisers and elite bloggers caused UMNO-BN not only to be divided but almost totally destroyed.

  14. Kahkahkah....cornered to the last ditch. Tak mampu nak move on or gostan. So, buat merapu.Memang MALU, BOSSKU.

    1. Cik Minah,

      Apa salahnya orang melayu sokong BUASKU.

      Ini kena ikut minat dan selera masing-masing.

      Kalau orang Jepun dan Korea, diaorang minat pemimpin yang jujur dan amanah.

      Ramai juga orang melayu suka dan minat pada pemimpin penyamun dan perompak.

      Macam orang perempuan juga, ada orang lelaki suka pada orang perempuan yang lemah lembut dan baik.

      Jangan heran ada juga orang lelaki yang minat kepada orang perempuan yang ganas-ganas.

      Sekarang ini ramai orang melayu tak puas hati dengan Pakatan.

      Banyak orang melayu boleh sabar kalau ada banyak rasuah, kes curi 1MDB, harga barang naik dan lain-lain.

      YAng banyak orang melayu hilang sabar pasal tak boleh merokok di khalayak ramai.

      Ini yang banyak orang melayu marah sangat ni.....

      Kalau nak tahu, pasal tulah Malaysia jadi negara maju dalam dunia ini.

    2. Very funny anon 2232. Memang ada kebenaran apa yg sdr tulis tapi why ignore the elephant in the room? Janji bulan & bintang tapi habuk pun tarak.

      Anda & saya mungkin x akan tahu kesusahan yg medorong oku travel 30 km hanya utk dapat bantuan 100 ringgit, warga tua yg sanggup beratur berjam2 nak dapat kupon makanan. Ye lah, anda jadi org senang sebab cerdik & rajin. Yg melayu lain tu semua haprak, bodoh & pemalas.

    3. Cik Minah,

      Saya setuju dengan pandangan ramai.

      Yang orang melayu marah sangat pasal janji-janji manis yang tak ditepati.

      Cuba tengok Bossku dulu, janji Bossku dulu khabor, negara akan jadi pendapatan tinggi.

      Sekarang ini, cuba tengok orang melayu. Susah nak cari orang melayu yang pendapatan rendah. Orang Melayu sekarang sudah bersenang lenang dan mewah. Maknanya Buasku , janji ditepati.

      Tapi Pakatan pulak tak ikut janji, itu yang orang melayu marah.

      Orang Melayu tak kisah sangat penyamun atau perasuah, orang melayu bukan nak jadi sangat macam orang Jepun atau orang Korea. Tun M saja yang beria-ria suruh orang melayu jadi maju.

      Orang melayu lebih minat untuk santai-santai.....

      Cik Minah janganlah risau sangat dengan orang melayu, kalaulah ditakdirkan Tun M tak ada lagi, kalau orang melayu ada masalah, Bossku ada.

      Nanti Bossku dan Memku boleh selamatkan orang melayu.

    4. Orait..I get it.Tq Anon 14.02. Baca posting awak buat saya tenang kembali. Ya...orang Melayu boleh bergantung pd BOSSKU. BOSSKU akan beri BRIM. Melayu tak kisah dari mana BOSSKU dpt duit tu. Jual negara to PRC pun mereka tak kisah, janji ada subsidi & BRIM. MALU APA jadi bangsa yg bergantung pd subsidi, kan.MALU bukan sebahgian IMAN org Melayu.

      Jadi, yg buat saya tertanya-tanya, apa tujuan Melayu nak berdemo, marah kat mamat yg hina NABI (saw)..?? Nabi PEMALU dan anggap MALU sebahagian dpd Iman. Kita Melayu sokong BOSSKU yang TAK TAHU MALU. Islam APA bangsa yg tak tahu MALU ni, sebenarnya....??

    5. Melayu memang sabar dan pemaaf. Selama 60 tahun dari PRU 1 -PRU 13 kena mungkir janji kena bohong kena rompak semua tak apa.Janji,bohong dan rompak semua dibuat kerajaan yang di terajui Melayu Islam. Mungkir janji di maaf kan, bohong sunat, rompakan dijadikan derma dana kekalkan kerajaan Melayu Islam dari golongan pengaruh Yahudi.
      Lepas PRU lain.Rakyat kena janji dimungkiri, ditipu , di bohongi gabungan kerajaan Melayu liberal, munafik dan kafir anti Islam. 10 bulan sudah cukup lama. Ini lah hakikat pemikiran Melayu Malaysia.


    6. Anon 23:32, nak berda'ah pun pakai le otak sikit. Nampak sgt nak putar belitkan fakta. Apa selama 60 thn x de perubahan ke msia ni? Kalau x de camna org macam cik minah berjaya mengubah nasib keluarga? Ooops saya lupa, anon & cik minah super smart, tahap genius gitu.

      Ini fakta, bukan auta: tahun 1970, ~90% dari pendapatan isi rumah kurang dari RM100 adalah melayu. Income disparity betw malay rural household & chinese urban household is almost 300%.

      Dizaman iot ni, x kan masih nak guna penanda aras 60 thn dulu. 10 bulan cukup lama sebab ph dah berangan2 membentuk kera jaan sejak 10 thn dulu.


  15. Warga Semenyih

    Calun PH pelik pula mrk pilih dari kalangan Melayu? Nape tak amik dari DAP?

    Kan Atok berbuih dok habaq Melayu MALAS, KURANG AMANAH??? dan dia kata Melayu suka duit datang tergolek2..

    eh eh.. kalo kayu balak datang tergolek2 saya pun nak bah.

    Ni digolek RM0.27sen sehari aje bah, setakat bole beli sebiji teloq ayam grade BB+ aje.. karut la, takmau undi PH la camni.

    Professor Nasi Lemak