Saturday 3 March 2018

The need to be inspired

I'm really getting slow and blur these days.

Didn't even realise this blog turned five years old two days ago.

So, no yearly review this time.

Last month also, I did only 10 postings, which is the lowest ever.

Guess I'm just not so interested with what's going on around me at the moment.

Too much bullshit, actually, that it's not worth my attention.

Better to watch Korean drama.

Funny isn't it....I'm saying that with GE14 just around the corner.

But really, all the political nonsense have been repeated over and over the past two three years.

What else new to write every day?

Seriously, if you all read the newspapers, do tell me what's so exciting about their political coverage these days.

Most of the stories were planted by the editors' political masters, anyway.

Who wants to read those?

Some are even outright that BH's supposedly Felda exclusive two months ago.

Nowadays, they even tried to peddle us all kind of bullshit such as the three-in-one newspaper idea, whatever that is.

Okay, maybe the PMO people swallowed that, but those people don't care about journalism in this country.

They just want to take care of their interests.

Fuck journalists, they said.

For them, journalists are just slaves to be used to achieve their personal agendas.

The news portals are not much different too, okay.

They are simply boring.

More or less the same shit over and over again.

The other day a young lady who was applying for a college placement asked me whether it's a good idea for her to do a journalism course.

She wasn't sure what to do with her future.

I told her to do something else.

Maybe she should study English and Mandarin instead.

I think those would be of better use to her later on in life than a degree in journalism.

We can do with more people with good English and Mandarin.

Bahasa Malaysia?

Bahasa Malaysia tak pa, orang tak komplain kita hentam apa pun kalau guna bahasa kebangsaan ni.

Kalau bahasa Inggeris grammer semua kena sempurna betul, kalau tak orang kutuk kata engko bodoh lah apa lah.

Biasa lah tu.

Anyway, I told her it's tough to be a good journalist in this country.

The environment is just not right and the industry is controlled by stupid pricks.

That's why the social media is thriving as the main source of news these days....fake or not doesn't seems to matter. People trust them better than newspapers or TV stations.

I hope the young lady took my advice and be better than just being a journalist.

Her father is a former journalist, by the way.  I think he would agree with me.

And hopefully her English and Mandarin will be better than mine.

Well, it's raining outside at this moment.

Hujan panas.

I'm not planning to go out today but tomorrow I have a long ride north visiting my uncle.

So, I'm conserving my energy now.

Just lying down in my room.

Missing my mother. Missing my beloved.

Ma, beloved, this is for you,


  1. Patutlah lama tak update blog. Marathon layan Korean series rupanya. Everyone was worried la Annie. Please don’t that again.

    We thought the fate of Pastor Koh and Amri Che Mat had befallen upon you but glad you’re still around. Safe and sound. We‘re afraid we were not going to hear anything from you again. Like ever.

    A lot of people had gone missing nowadays. Some had been found but no longer alive. The way they were found almost always tragic and gruesome. Some are still missing. Don’t know where about. Like MH370.

    Some of those who had gone missing were known having a checkered life. Having some kind of subversive element. No matter how serious, people shouldn’t take matters into their own hands such as resorting to kidnapping. We have laws in this country to deal with such thing. Dealing with those dangerous lunatics and mavericks.

    That’s why I think ISA actually is one damn good law. If the law is still around, at lease we don’t have cases people gone missing without a trace which happened way too often nowadays. Back then at least we have the asylum for the crazies and the weirdos.

    Congrats for turning 5 years and 2 days by the way. Terrific sopo blog I have to say. One of the best around. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your future writing. ; )

  2. Chinese had been in this country for more than 200 years, the fact that no Melayu can speak Mandarin is a disgrace. Go to LA where there's a large Latino community, plenty of my friends speak Spanish.

    Why? Because Ketuanan hates Chinese and everything else in between..

    1. Please try not to write stupid comments like this. Next time I'll just spike it off. Thank you.


    2. Anon 16:09

      Bulayu tatak tau cekap Cina mesti malu kaa aa ?, Cina tatak tau cekap Bulayu tatak malu , hai yaa !, lu manyak lupa liri .

    3. I am learning Mandarin.


      Nie chen mei....!!

    4. anon 1609....translate this fr me...

  3. Wahhhh u have new bf now ke Annie?

    1. My UMNO government robbed me gst everyday Annie

      What else there is to be inspired?

  4. Refrain to Sheila's Tibetan strain

  5. BN is Bullshit Nasional right...

    1. Equanimity is not my ship

      Jho Low

    2. Death to UMNO
      I don’t need you
      Malay doesn’t need you

  6. Annie,

    //I'm really getting slow and blur these days.//

    Ppl say that it because you are getting older :) *Ducks for cover*

    //Didn't even realise this blog turned five years old two days ago.//


    Happy birthday, Annie's blog.

    Time flies when you have a good time. :)

    //Better to watch Korean drama//


    K drama rules, eh? :)

    //What else new to write every day?//

    You could try to find similarities between the current political scene and selected episodes of K drama :)

    On the other hand, maybe you shouldn't becos I may fall asleep and I do snore quite loudly.

    I know I snore quite loudly cos I once woke up mid-snore and the first thought thru my mind was "Geez, that was loud" :)

    //Who wants to read those?//

    Well, perhaps readership may have fallen but I suspect there are still many pakciks ans makciks in the kampung2 who supplement their TV3 & RTM with Utusan or BH.

    These rural readers are a crucial voter block.

    //whether it's a good idea for her to do a journalism course.//

    Personally for me, journalism is an honourable profession.

    In a dictatorial regime, journalists are amongst the very first to be persecuted.

    In a progressive open society, journalists can and have changed social mores for the better.

    //Anyway, I told her it's tough to be a good journalist in this country.//

    Well, if that young lady wants to be a good journalist in Malaysia, under our present regime, she needs to be prepared to go to jail. :)

    At least, we are not as bad as Russia where investigative journalists have been murdered, like Anna Politkovskaya was.

    But give Malaysia a bit more time under our current regime and I have no doubt good journalists will be targeted for elimination.

    I mean, look, we prosecute, not protect, whistleblowers, ok? 'Nuff said.

    //And hopefully her English and Mandarin will be better than mine.//

    You speak Mandarin?? Damn, girl!!!

    I feel very inadequate :(

    I think I have previously mentioned that my Mandarin skills have been demonstrably surpassed by a 4y.o. child.

    //tomorrow I have a long ride north visiting my uncle.//

    Ride safely :)

    And congratulations on the five-year mark for the blog :)


  7. harap2 tiada wahyu dari atas yg dah sound Annie sebab blog awak memberi peluang kepada kebanyakan kami mengutarakan apa yg rakyat tidak puas hati terhadap kerajaan sekarang. Yg pekak telinga tersumbat Hidayah-Nya mungkin sorang dua sahaja.(we know who).TQ


  8. Anonymous @ 3 March 2018 at 16:09,

    //Chinese had been in this country for more than 200 years, the fact that no Melayu can speak Mandarin is a disgrace.//


    Firstly, the Chinese have been in Malaya and Borneo for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

    Not merely 200.

    Secondly, I am not sure why the Malays need to speak Mandarin anyway.

    Going by the long ancient connections of the Chinese in Malaya and Borneo, the Malays should be speaking anything BUT Mandarin :)

    The language of the court in China has, apparently at various times, been Hokkien, Fuzhou, Cantonese(?), and other bastardised forms of different Chinese dialects - just not Mandarin.

    Mandarin was widely spoken by the eunuchs and this was prevalent during the Manchu rule - the last 600+ years or so.

    Also, Mandarin was really a Beijing dialect.

    According to my friend, when Sun Yat Sun was deciding on a national language for China, he had offered two choices to the people - Cantonese and Mandarin.

    Beijing ppl were much better in politicking and I guess that is why Mandarin became the national language of China.

    Now, I am quite happy to be corrected on any of my above statements, OK?

    Note that in China, the further one goes from Beijing, the less Mandarin is spoken.

    Thirdly, in my kampung there are many Malays and Indians who read and write in Chinese.

    They went thru the local Chinese primary schools, you see.

    Recently, I met a young Indian boy whose command of Mandarin left me embarrased.

    When I gave a talk at one of the local Chinese schools, I noticed quite a number of tundung clad Malay children in the audience.

    So, as you can see, you seem quite wrong on several counts there.


    1. "Secondly, I am not sure why the Malays need to speak Mandarin anyway."

      I worked at a Bursa listed company; for a long time there was no need for anyone to speak Mandarin. Everything was in English, including dealing with foreigners.

      that is, until recently (about a decade ago) when it became necessary to purchase things from China, and to award projects to China companies (due to economic reasons).

      Then the language divide became glaring:

      1) older employees (Malays, Chinese & Indians) who were mainly English educated were unable to communicate with the China nationals,

      2) younger employees (mainly Chinese and a few Malays) who went through SRJK (C) had no problem.

    2. @ Gladiator
      You may be correct in fact such as Mandarin being a Beijing dialect. But you missed the point in context by a mile.
      For someone who pretend to be smart and constant squatting in Annie's asshole, you are actually quite stupid.
      Can't be bothered to educate you an arrogant prick like you.
      So go fuck your mother.

      I'm sure Annie will delete this reply because she just loves having your head in her asshole.

  9. 1MDB berniaga apa? Brpa org staf? ..takkan Arul Kanda sorang jer..Mana annual financial report..dah beroperasi bertahun..Laporan Kewangan mana dia?..Laporan Odit awat simpan dlm OSA..nak sembunyi apa?..Rasa2 1MDB ditubuh utk songkap duit rakyat secara sistematik & nampak halalistik.

  10. Seorang driver lorry bernama 1MDB telah di tahan polis krn muatan balak lebih dari hak.
    Bila polis nak siasat lori, lory driver cakap tak bolih.
    Kalau tak de ape kesalahan , kenape di sembuyi sini sembunyi sana?

    Kenape hutang 1MDB di masuk dlm akaun MOF iatu rakyat yg jadi si piutang dan tanggung segala hutang

  11. Sedarlah wahai rakyat sekalian gst hanya untok bayar wang yg di samun oleh lanun2 tu

  12. Keep on writing Annie

    Prof kangkung

  13. Jibby having a PR nightmare week, first ask us to jimat, sendiri eat luxury quinoa, then when and wack Robert Kwok, backed fired, then MCA now kena grilled by Nazri. Now just when all Malaysian has their full attention in politics, *BOOM* Jho Low infamous Superyatch kena siezed. Everyone reminded of 1MDB. 😂😂

    Wanna declare election now? LOL

  14. Hey Annie,

    About the need to be inspired and journalism and that kind of shit...

    There is a new movie about this, it is called the Post.

    I think it is about the guts to tell the truth. I read a bit about the synopsis.

    The plot is about the corruption in America and the WSJ journalist who were brave enough to tell the truth.

    I think there is somewhat relevant about the journalism in our land.

    Maybe you should watch this Annie....

    Why is that the journalist in US and Europe are more gutsy than us?

    Perhaps, it is because of the weather..... They have winter, automn and here in Malaysia there is only summer all year round.


    Let’s be inspired

  16. People who voted najib monster PM into office deserves to pay high cost of living

    Like neutral UMNO and teacher price of shit

  17. Annie, Robert Kuok bukan saja ikon bg masyarakat cina tetapi juga org org melayu. Apabila Nazri Aziz menteri 3 suku masak menghentam robert ia telah membangkitkan kemarahan rakyat. Siapa Nazri ni nak gelar org pondan? Terutama kepada robert. Dia lupa kah anak lelaki dia bernama ferhat tu lebih kurang perangai sama mcm apa yg dia dok kata kat org. Ini lah akibat bila kaya tanpa modal, hidup pun mcm kadok naik junjung, riak tak bertempat. Rakyat dah naik muak la dgn style samseng kampung ni. Org melayu malu lah ada menteri bangsat keturunan melayu perangai mcm tu. Saya amat amat berharap agar umno barisan nasional kalah teruk pada pilihanraya nanti. Cukup cukup negara diperintah oleh manusia manusia bangang yg perasan negara ini milik parti umno. Kebodohan puak puak ini merupakan malapetaka kepada org melayu khasnya dan rakyat malaysia am nya. Selamatkan lah negara ini dari bangsat bangsat BN.

    1. Itu permainan politik lah anon 2130.
      It gives MCA the chance to be the hero among the Chinese.Malay votes are safe in the bag.It is about time to give a friendly support to MCA.
      Prof kangkung

    2. MCA nak jadi hero to the chinese ?
      Tunggu lah pokok nangka berbuah rambutan.

      MCA patut tukar jadi NGO chinese, give up politik once and for all, ia akan hidup lebih lama.

    3. Anon 21:30 4/3/18

      Dalam ini hat Wa manyak sokong itu Nazri Aziz maa aa. Sikalang itu gambar manyak telang itu 1Malaysia tatak jadi punya lagi lea aa.

      Cina tetap mau defend itu Cina ,olang cekap manyak betut lea aa ," blood is ticker then water".

      Wa sikalang sikit inglish atak belajar lea aa.

    4. I have come across lately quite a few Chinese who were really pissed off by PH joining forces with the new batch of ex Umno like Muhyiddin and Mahathir..the Bersatu gang... and they are especially angry that PH is willing to allow Mahathir be the PM-designate. They have threatened to NOT vote this coming election..big mahjong session coming, hehehe

      However, they now have changed tune...this senseless bashing of Robert Kuok with such unreasonable and crude words to respected and well-regarded elderly, a 94 years old ! basing on fake news instigated by RPK or most likely in co-operation with RPK of MToday...have now rally these piss-off group to such an extend that they vowed to come out in full force to vote for PH.

      Looks like Najib has over extended his hand and the whole thing backfired on him and Umno. And right on the heel of this, the super yacht Equanimity was detected and now in "custody" of the DOJ ! Most MSM has blackout this breaking news but in this age of internet, such startling news cannot be hidden. Some speculated that Jho Low cannot remain at large for long and when he's captured, the fat boy will sing to plea bargain to save his skin and that will spell the end of you-know-who.

      The moral of this lessen : never bite more than you can chew, hehehe. There is a limit the masses can tolerate your nonsense.

  18. What is there in this country that is inspiring today and for the last many many years ?

    You turn on local tv channels, you get bullshit news. You get on the net, even The Star doesn't want to be left out in bringing garbage exchanges among the people we elected to represent us (the Rakyat). They have to sell newspapers.

    The tajuk everyday is PRU14. The PM keeps us guessing. The people of Malaysia want to get this over and done with. We want to again live like in the early 1990, when it was less politics and more effective execution of well thought of beneficial national projects.. seldom international. And these projects kept majority of us busy earning money. And despite these goods old days, Dr.Mahathir never failed to receive nasty bashing from many Malaysians when he was PM.

    The sitting PM is being attacked from many angles. And there is a game of offence and defense going on. This game is not necessary. As long as we practice this, tahun 3000 pun tak boleh jadi negara maju. Di negara maju, MO1 ni dah tak jadi PM lagi. Dah resign. Malaysia ni special sikit. Dah tak ikut norm democracy. Di Thailand, PM dah lari tak boleh balik Thailand.

    Tunku and Tun Razak Malaysia were very different from Malaysia of Najib.

    I recognize your need to be inspired. In fact the whole country is waiting for some form of new inspirations.

  19. MO1, jho low & riza aziz - have dedak, will inspire...

  20. Anonymous @ 4 March 2018 at 17:24,

    //Then the language divide became glaring://

    //1) older employees.. were unable to communicate with the China nationals,

    2) younger employees ... had no problem.//

    The answer seems obvious to me then - let the younger employees act as interpreters.

    BTW, there are many many Chinese nationals who speak excellent English.

    I recall reading somewhere that there are more English-speaking Chinese nationals then the whole population of the UK!!

    I myself have met some youngish Shanghainese who spoke excellent English.

    And several of them have never left China.


    1. Colleagues as interpreters - yes, it was tried; the employees do whatever it takes to carry out their job. In addition, the documents memorandums etc were also
      issued with English translations etc.

      But each employee have their own assignments at the plant where they have to interact with the China nationals daily to solve problems on-the-spot, and the
      interpreter arrangement is not practical. Furthermore how long would the 'adhoc interpreters' tolerate it as they have their own jobs too?

      The management also tried Mandarin classes in the evening for those locals who do not speak Mandarin.

      China is a huge country and the chances of getting English speaking engineers, technicians etc for your project is not that high, unlike the Europeans where all of the staff sent here speak English. China is still in the emergent stage after the revolution nonsense and insular conditions of the Mao era, and those staff sent here are not those with international experience are from tough working environments in various corners of China.

    2. Ave Gladiator,

      I think you are wrong to say that Mandarin is Beijing dialect.

      I went to Kunming, Yunnan Province 2 years ago, most southern part of China. That is like, the furthers away province from Beijing and they are speaking Mandarin.

      I am a Malay, and I can speak Mandarin. (SRJK(C)) material..

      You should travel some time, you know......

      Yunnan province is the centre for Mandarin studies in China for thousand of years, they say....

    3. If you keep your eyes off China even for a short while, you lose track of its progress...indicating the exponential rate this awakening dragon-country is now rapidly transforming into world's biggest economy soon. Excerpt of this article gives an idea the changing scenario :

      " The economic rise of China has been accompanied by a waxing of its scientific prowess. In January, the United States National Science Foundation reported that the number of scientific publications from China in 2016 outnumbered those from the US for the first time: 426,000 versus 409,000. Sceptics might say that it’s about quality, not quantity. But the patronising old idea that China, like the rest of east Asia, can imitate but not innovate is certainly false now. In several scientific fields, China is starting to set the pace for others to follow. On my tour of Chinese labs in 1992, only those I saw at the flagship Peking University looked comparable to what you might find at a good university in the west. Today the resources available to China’s top scientists are enviable to many of their western counterparts. Whereas once the best Chinese scientists would pack their bags for greener pastures abroad, today it’s common for Chinese postdoctoral researchers to get experience in a leading lab in the west and then head home where the Chinese government will help them set up a lab that will eclipse their western competitors.

      Many have been lured back by the Thousand Talents Plan, in which scientists aged under 55 (whether Chinese citizens or not) are given full-time positions at prestigious universities and institutes, with larger than normal salaries and resources. “Deng Xiaoping sent many Chinese students and scholars out of China to developed countries 30 to 40 years ago, and now it is time for them to come back,” says George Fu Gao of the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing – who himself gained a PhD at Oxford before studying at Harvard.

      The Chinese authorities are pursuing scientific dominance with systematic resolve. The annual expenditure on research and development in China increased from 1995 to 2013 by a factor of more than 30, and reached $234bn in 2016."

  21. The pm embezzler of people’s money need to be inspired by korean drama

    Memang sangat sesuai lah tu

  22. Prof Kangkung,

    //It is about time to give a friendly support to MCA.//


    It is easy to see that UMNO is now playing up the MCA role within BN.

    Just recently, we have seen Najib Razak and Musa Aman praise the Chinese for their contributions to Malaysia.

    I have been scratching my head as to why the Chinese have been getting so much recognition.

    Yes, it was Chinese New Year, yes, GE14 is around the corner but this kind of praise is highly unusual.

    Then I realised that such praise may an attempt to make MCA seem relevant - after all, the only way the Chinese can contribute is via MCA, right? :)

    Thus if MCA loses badly in GE14, UMNO can say that they have tried to support MCA's profile within the community and any MCA loss must be due to MCA itself, and not UMNO.

    This will give UMNO the excuse to offer even fewer Cabinet seats to MCA.

    Personally, I feel that MCA and MIC are just dead men walking.

    But their corpses are still useful to UMNO to eke out a few more votes, and more importantly to give the international community the facade of a successful multi-cultural society.


  23. Three articles plus Rpk took friendly fire
    All of them went down together


  24. Akhirnya mereka mengaku kapal ni Jho Low punya. Memang lah bukan 1MDB punya. Takde siapa pun cakap 1MDB punya. Kita cakap duit beli kapal ni dicuri dari 1MDB. Tu pun buat buat tak faham.

  25. Ungkapan-ungkapan anih dari Pengerusi 1MDB. Beliau menyatakan 1MDB akan ditutup setelah hutang dibayar. ' Selepas hutang dibayar, tiada keperluan bagi 1MDB'. Ini menimbulkan persoalan apakah keperluan asal 1MDB ditubuhkan sebelum hutang menggunung? Sudah tentu tujuannya bukan hanya untuk membayar hutang. Dan lagi jika hutang sudah dibayar, adakah aset itu akan 'dikorporatkan' pula bagi menjana keuntungan bagi pihak-pihak tertentu?

  26. Setiap kali nama Jho Low disebut, berderet-deret "broiler chicken" (ayam yang ternak khusus untuk dagingnya) tampil cuba melindungi ahli perniagaan berkenaan. Kata Mustapha dia percaya individu yang mempertahankan Jho Low - atau nama sebenarnya Low Taek Jho - tidak pernah pun berjumpa ahli perniagaan terbabit. Namun kata Mustapha, walau selucu mana pun aksi yang dipamerkan individu berkenaan, yang tetap menerima aib tetaplah Malaysia. Langkah itu lebih bertujuan mahu menjaga periuk nasi masing-masing dan menjadi serta tidak kena.