Monday 19 March 2018

DAP's image, Ong Kian Ming and a bit of Sajat

A friend read this post by my guest blogger Simon,

On Ong Kian Ming's possible move to Kepong

and concluded in this note to me that;

1. DAP should proclaim itself as a Chinese based party and indeed the party representing a vast majority of Chinese

2. It must behave as a big, prominent party and discard the clique-ish image, also a party deemed anti Malays.

3. Tan Seng Giaw is the sort of personality DAP should promote not discard. He is seen as moderate and sensible.

4. Ong Kian Ming, on the contrary, is Kit Siang's protege. Promoting him to the No 1 DAP seat in the country - Kepong, at the expense of Seng Giaw, will deepen its image as a party significantly more radical than MCA.

My friend also asked;

1. Is Kit Siang prepared to loosen his grip on the DAP?.

2. Is there a sort of succession plan? Son to be the sole strongman? What is the image of DAP in 2020 and beyond?

Well, as for asking DAP to proclaim itself as a Chinese-based party instead of its current claim of being multi-racial, it's as good as asking Nur Sajat to proclaim that she/he is a man.

Everyone knows what Nur Sajat is, but since the person claimed to be a lady, there's nothing that can really be done about it, okay. Terima saja lah seadanya.

On the matter of DAP discarding its clique-ish and anti-Malay image, I think these are equally difficult to achieve.

Being clique-ish is actually part and parcel of a political party like DAP. That's why people like Ong Kian Ming, who is part of the Guan Eng's team can move to "better constituency" where the risk of losing or reduced majority is lesser.

Being seen as anti-Malay is also actually not the biggest of DAP's concerns. It has always only contested in non-Malay majority constituencies. So, people want to say DAP is anti-Malay doesn't really matter to them. In fact, they had benefited from it as more Chinese, who are angry with the supposedly Malay establishment will vote for them.

Tan Seng Giaw? Ya, he's one of the better DAP leaders and MPs. But the guy is old. And he is no Lim Kit Siang, okay.

If Ong Kian Ming wants his seat, I think DAP will give it to him. Kepong is a DAP stronghold anyway, so, the party wouldn't see any problem with that. They probably want to save Ong Kian Ming's ass too in case it's true that Serdang will have more Malay voters this time due to the delineation of the electoral boundaries.

And my friend is right about Ong Kian Ming being a Kit Siang's protege. That makes him more important than Tan Seng Giaw.

So what if people see DAP being more radical than MCA in term of being a Chinese party. As I wrote above, that's better for DAP in securing the Chinese-majority seats.

Kit Siang loosen his grip on DAP? Cannot be. It's business as usual for the old man. He seems still all very powerful along with his son Guan Eng. I think he will continue the way he is for a few more general elections. If Dr Mahathir can, Kit Siang also can. No problem one.

As for DAP's succession plan, I think that's very clear. Now Lim Kit Siang, after that Lim Guan Eng, after that Lim....something....and that will go on indefinitely.

Image of DAP after 2020? It's going to be the same la. They tried to be less Chinese but not very successful what. For instance, their attempt to include more Malays turned up like this,

Zairil's third time

 So, that's that.

Oh, here's a bit more of Sajat,

Funny eh.


  1. Annie, you masih cuba cucuk jarum cara lain, tak akan berjaya sebab you tak pandai cucuk.

    You hanya boleh menganjing tapi you pun tau bukit takkan runtuh.

    Apapun simpati pada annie, sama seperti speaker pendekar, kena tekan, kena tekan sampai tak keluar air, kena cakap walaupun tak mau cakap.

    Makan cincau maa, kasi sejuk.

    1. Engko ni apahal sebenarnya? Jarum amendenya? Tak paham aku. Tang mana yang aku tulis tak betul, cuba cakap.

    2. Baling batu sembunyi tangan

      Beating around the bush

    3. Rileksla. Annie cucuk sama Uncle Lim Kit Siang sahaja. Kalau dia nak buang Tan Seng Giaw lebih baik dia sendiri bersara. Lama2 nanti dia jadi mcm Tun M, ada silap sikit dalam parti tubuh parti baru. Lepas itu repeat.

  2. Frankly I am saddened by the mind set of voters. For some, if Malay majority area then candidate must be Melayu. Also candidate must be local etc cannot parachute others. Heck I want an MP who does his job well and by this I mean he must articulate the wishes of the rakyat in parliament. I do not want an MP who jaga longkang, jalan, buat gotong royong etc. All this is the work of the local town council. Was it Mao or Chao EL who said...I don't give a shit about the colour of the cat, as long as it catches mice.


  3. Quote, also a party deemed to be anti Malay.

    DAP is deem to be anti Malay ,but claimed to be multiracial ,MCA is race base party but claimed to be Malay friendly but in practice it's look more raciest then DAP.

    1. Annie,

      Re: "DAP is deem to be anti Malay"

      Is 'Anti Malay' a crime? If it is, report to the polis, and get the culprit arrested.

      Can also report to ROS to get DAP dissolved.

      What action / omission committed by DAP was deemed as Anti Melayu? Name one.

      While you are at it, define 'Anti'. You were legally trained, weren't you? Define what action / omission constitutes 'Anti' as far as against any race / religion is concerned.


      From the definition of theft, we now know that 1MDB falls into such category of CRIME, and the culprits are called THIEVES.

    2. " Is 'anti malay ' a crime ? "

      A very good question ... so you are implying that it is OK for the Ultrakiasu DAPiss to be anti melayu.
      So .. all this while Superman Hew was correct in instigating the chinaman to ' Sokong Melayu Screw Melayu '

      The father and son of Lim dynasty together with Ultrakiasu DAPiss gang are so proud of their "capture" of the mamak kerala that they forgive this mamak kerala past sin just for the sake to screw melayus ...

      Well ... thanks for the clarification .


  4. playing the race card now ? after failing with last entry ? :D

  5. Dear Annie.

    Since you brought up Sajat, I wonder when Jakim is going to come-up with a report on his or her ultimate gender.
    Anyway, there were lots of jokes in FB, about the methodology those religious people would use to explore and scrutinize her body-parts, to finalize the report.

    About Seng Giaw, the Rakyat, especially Chinese, have lost trust in him. He had lost whatever integrity that's left in him when he decided to keep his eyes and mouth shut towards Kleptocracy. He had somehow become just like UMNO-Najib members, too afraid even to mention Jho Low's name of his Yacht.
    Most surprisingly, as DAP member of Parliament, he's also being used by BN cyber-troopers to exonerate Najib from any wrong-doing. What an extraordinary feat by an opposition MP.

    Of-course Seng Giaw is much better than Jelapang assemblywoman Hee Yit Foong, who made PAS lose Perak Government in 2009.

  6. Kangkung itu prof sahabat saya
    Beliau juga part time menjilat bontot saya

    Islamic sungguh

    Jho Low

  7. Najib merompak duit rakyat sudah terbukti

  8. DAP tried to change its image but I don't believe they will be able to change it.Blame it on the handsome old man,Tun M.For so many years we Malays were told by Tun M that DAP is a racist party.In fact there are many videos of his speech circulating around in the cyber space in case the old man has forgotten what he said.Melayu tidak mudah lupa.
    Prof Kangkung


    1. DAP is a racist party ,everybody knows that and Malay are never being good through the Chinese eyes including MCA too.

      Its more hart broken to see the Malays being neglected by their own race ,which they have chose to lead them .
      Harapkan pagar pagar makan padi , harapkan sokong ,sokong membawa rebah .
      Many Malays still remember ,they are being in a good hand during the colonise period.

    2. jilat dalam lagi rasa sungguh enak

      jho low

  9. it's all about winning, i prob would have done the same thing. moving a candidate to an area that is considered safe. nevertheless, with the election that is just around the corner, it seems that the water is too calm to read the voters' mind. anyway, on sajat's issue, i d say just leave him alone. he's just one of the billion's of god's creation, and in a way he is unique being a she or shemale. good luck to her

  10. All I can say here is, SAY NO TO UMNOBN and PAS.
    Cakap banyak pun tak guna, wasting time if u have
    made up your mind.

    1. Betul cik Minah
      My family will be voting for UMNO/BN.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. It really puzzle me, our very GOP aka UMNO that has been playing such a distinguished and admirable role in building up this country from a no one know where is Malaysia, into a Malaysia which is well known all over the world, can allowed it to be destroyed and dump into the dustbin of history just because they won't dare remove one of its party member who is destroying this party from the inside.

      When there is an elephant in the room no matter what you do it can never be hidden from view, eventually it will be revealed.

      I wonder who are those who still can sleep well with the direction this country is heading and the countless problems and daily woes many of the the rakyat is facing just to get by.Denial will definitely bring us to much hardship in the not too distant future.

    3. ramai ke ahli family you yang layak mengundi? nak menipu pun, agak-agak le.

    4. takan tak tahu kangkung tu senang ja nak membiak, ada sikit air dah cukup, boleh dapat berkilo kilo dalam masa singkat.

      harap soalan hang dah tepat dijawab.

    5. Anon 1512
      Are you asking me.ada 4 orang pengundi dlm keluarga saya.saya dan isteri serta dua org anak.kedua dua anak saya adalah first time voters.
      Prof Kangkung

    6. cukup malang sekali en kangkung

      kamu ialah bapa yang bodoh
      cucu cicit kamu akan membayar hutang kepit najib dan jho low

    7. quinoa tak harvest ke? only peasant eat kangkung

    8. Anon 1003
      Kalau aku bodoh cuba tunjuk hujah cerdik kau tu.
      Prof Kangkung

  11. Remember May 1969 tak..maaatu aku 14 tahun. DAP baru tawan Penang tak silap aku. Bukan main kit Siang dan orang2 dia berarak beramai2 dgn lori dgn banners antara nya Kasi hancur Melayu , Penang kita punya dan byk lagi menghina melayu. Ni aku takkan lupa. Di sebabkan DAP satu msia cina melayu bergaduh. Ramai yg mati tak not reported. Itu baru menang Penang. DAP dari dulu memang anti melayu. Ada gak melayu yg tak sedar diri jilat jubor kit siang. Ada gak melayu tikam bangsa sendiri semata2 berjuang utk DAP. MCA , DAP dan Gerakan tetap bersatu. Cuma melayu bodoh yg tak sedar diri. Melayu yg sebaya waktu DAP mengamuk d Penang yg tau true colours of LIM KIT SIANG.

    1. Gerakan won in Penang in 1969, not DAP.


    2. Yaa lor !, Gelekan won in Peneng in 1969 ,tapi ini Gelekan ,MCA, DAP hati manyak sama maa aa.

      Tan Seng Giow (Dr) hati atak lain sikit maa aa .

    3. Kalau nak jadi penghasut sekurang kurangnya belajarlah sedikit tentang sejarah terutama tentang 13 Mei 1969.Penang tak jatuh dekat DAP pada tahun itu dan pergaduhan hang cakap berlaku diKg Baru KL bukan diPenang.Nampak sangat hang belum lahir waktu itu.

    4. Aku form 2 masa tu yop. Usia sekarang mungkin aku lupa citer 69 tu. Yg confirm DAP memang anti melayu. Setau aku gak DAP pun ads buat kecoh. Salute la korang betulkan aku.

  12. why say no to BN? must say something with facts maa.. i m not a BN trooper but just to set the record straight. to me laa, both side also lua kali lima saja; but between the two, i'd say BN is of lesser devil.. at least they have been proven from our independence day to govern the country. governing the country is not the same as administering a small kampung ok.. not that easy la..

    1. You mean Tun M don't have the experience to govern the country?

    2. Ohhh YESssss ...

      Turn M have all the experiences to SUNGLAP this beloved country of ours .

      This time he will do it with his new buddies from Ultrakiasu DAPiss , the Lim's father n son team together with their sidekick ...

      They will start by kicking out all the penjawat awam head first ... as said by Boboi recently .

      It will be a piece of cake for Turn M since he has done that before .

      He will then go after the judges...

      Next ... your guess is as good as mine .


    3. Why say no to BN?

      I think that is a very good question.

      I think corruption is a good answer.

      Is there corruption? Is it one the rise?

      At what level is the corruption?

      At the very top?

      What happen to the government if the corruption at the very top?

      We can see what happened to Indonesia, the Philippines.

      Corruption was rampant and it took them decades to clean up the mess.

      That is a good answer yes?

      And then the issue of poor governance etc....

      We can put all these perspectives and then decide what is the best for our country and for the future.


    4. Waghih,

      Snould we support Najib then ?, as he in controlled of everything that make him untouchable .

    5. Waghih,

      Lets make a comparison.

      I am not a big fan of Tun M but I think most would aggree that Malaysia under Tun M much better than Najib.

      UMNO is just a party, not a living entity. The people that are running the show now are different.

      If we compare our government with Singapore. I think most would agree that Singapore government better. Their income per capita better, economy better, corruption level is very low based on world standard.

      If we compare our country with middle east country, the Arabs country we are much-much better. They are very much worst and terrible.

      We are not only competing between races, Malay, Chinese, and Indian but we are competing with our neighbouring countries in terms of economy and resources.

      Waghih, you should take a flight to China. It is only a few hours flight. The pace of development in China is crazy. It is very scary.

      You can take MAS or Air Asia to China. You can book a ticket from Malaysia for a local flight in China (Chinese Air Craft) to travel within China (not a big deal) but you can also book a train ticket in China from Malaysia. At the station, just swipe your passport at the kiosk machine and the boarding pass or a train ticket will come out. They have bullet train from South to North China.

      People are using handphone to purchase food selling at stalls. The motorcycle there (kapcai) are using electricity not petrol. They plugged their motocycle like they are plugging their handphone.

      Where do you think, we are going to be in year 2050 or TN50? , with all these corruption and mismanagement?

      Based on the population growth of 2% per year, our population will be from 30 million to about 60 million in 30 years.

      What do you think our future is going to be, bright or bleak under this current leadership?

      A lot of people do not have the confidence with the current government. It is a damn shame, because Malaysia have the potential to be a great country.

    6. Anon 22:10.

      In China, the penalty for corruption, embezzlement or stealing public money, especially by top government official and ministers, is death by firing squad.

      However they can afford to close one eye about corruption in other countries, as long as the government of that corrupt nation is very friendly, give them opportunities for business, borrow or hutang from them, provide land for logistic & infrastructure and secretly assist in promoting their BRI (Belt & Road Initiative) aka OBOR.
      NB: As a matter of fact, a BRI office will be opened or already opened in Forest City.

      More so when that corrupt country can give them strategic shortcut access to Indian Ocean via land and sea (e.g. ECRL to Part Klang) through Melaka Straits.

      Of-course, you must not host a military or naval-bases of Uncle Sam, or you'll be harassed like South Korea, Japan and Philippine, either directly or indirectly in the form of threats of nuke missile-testing by Kim Jong-un, of-course with China's blessing.
      Surely, Taiwan-R.O.C cannot be allowed to secede, since it will only add-up to the 400 US' fortresses already encircling China.
      NB: Including, Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

      Please see below URL, to know why China does not like US stooges.


      That is why, upon becoming President, Duterte told Barrack Obama, then POTUS to fuck-off, went for an official visit to China... and after that, we no longer read or hear of Filipino fishermen being harassed by PLA (Navy or Coastguard) in the Spratlys.

  13. I'm actually confused with Najib's Foreign Policy, especially with respect to World's Superpower quest for world dominance... with US and the West, against Russia and China.

    Last night, I overheard TV3 Nightline, Najib's very late condemnation of the nerve-agent attack on Russian former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in Salisbury, southwest of London which occurred on March 4.

    I just hope Malaysia would not fall into the collusion of the West to demonize Russia.

    Please hear what Matthias Chang had to say about Malaysia being too close to China and its danger that could befall us as a small nation, in below URL. You'll be surprised to know why Libya's Gadaffi was terminated.

  14. Anon 22:10

    Quote :
    " I am not a big fan of Tun M but i think most would agree that Malaysia under Tun M much better than Nagib "

    Ok ... let's see ...

    1) BMF scandal with billion loses n 1 death.

    2) Pewaja investment after years of operation without making any money and now had to be close.

    3) Maminco scandal with billion in loses .

    4) Memali .. with the deadth of 14 innocent kampong folks n police officer .

    5) MAS proxy scandal.

    6) PKFTZ scandal with billion in loses.

    7) Purchase of 44 US Skyhawk fighter jets that are only operational for 2 years with 5 crashed and 1 death .

    8) The infamous BNM forex gambling that cost Malaysia Rm 31 billion ringgit .

    9) The list goes on ...

    With those legacy of Turn M are right then . Nobody beats Turn M achievement .

    And for that He ALWAYS MAKE BLUNDER ONE AFTER ANOTHER for not lending an ears to those who was suppose to be heard.

    Do take note also ... as a leader where was the successor ??

    Turn M leadership was an absolute contrast to DSN .

    That was a 3S comparison ...


  15. Waghih,

    The memali thing is old history. Not tun M fault. There was some guy who preached evil and hatred at the time.

    BMF scandal etc, the money did not wind up at Tun M account.

    Like I said earlier, I am not a big fan of Tun M those days compared to now.

    Your comment, "as a leader, where was the successor"?

    I agree with that statement, 100%.

    "Tun M leadership was an absolute contrast to DSN". I don't think so.

    The credibility of the government better during Tun M. Police force, the government, education establishment...etc.

    A lot of Malays reap a lot of benefits during Tun M. Many gain scholarship for education. I am one of those many Malays.

    Bottom line is this,

    The trend is downwards for BN.

    Human being need 3 important things, food, clothing and shelter (house)

    The population will increase (2% per year), Malay,Chinese and Indian, and people cannot afford to buy houses.

    UMNO cannot absord so many Malays in the government.

    The fall of UMNO is in my opinion, imminent.

    So, we have to put that factor in consideration and reality of what is going to happen.

    I think, it would be better for that transition to happen now, when we have PPBM and Tun M around.

    1. Wow Anon, senang2 cakap kes memali not Tun's fault when clearly he's the topguy that time. You bolehlah cakap senang as not your family yang mati kena tembak.

      When case Altantuya semua org tuduh Najib even though it's a myth.

      I would like to say me myself atas pagar sahaja. Dulu I suka Tun M but after Anwar 1st sodoming and now dia nak sepak Najib, I just rasa he should just duduk diamlah.

      If people nak sepak BN as well I tak kisah especially Najib but kalau u nak suruh DAP kiasu ambil alih our contry, that's really wrong la.

    2. Anon !5:24 ni merapu. Out of touch with the real issues. Baik jangan layan

    3. You're the real issue Anon 0029. Maybe I just left out my real point that I agree everything what Waghih said. I dont't want Tun M back. For me, he's the reason our nation are such a mess now.

  16. sebenarnya Demokrasi sdh basi, yg ada perompak dn yg nak ganti lanun. Biar Military ambik alih, dn lantik seorang civilian PM, dn d endorse oleh Raja2 Melayu.jka tdak Melayu akan pupus spt hilangnya Melayu campa dn hinanya Melayu Sulu, Jka Najib perompak jual tanah dn Maruah Melayu.mnakala Pembangkang yg ada akan jual Melayu pakai kilo dn Raja2 Melayu jdi sejarah dlm ingatan spt Raja2 d Sumatra , spt Nostalgianya istana gelam di singapura pada melayu dn keturunanya yg msh hidup...

  17. Reveal truth of May 13, says Dr Kua
    Nawar Firdaws | May 28, 2016

    Malaysia must follow UK law on time limit for official secrets to allow for the real story behind racial riots of 1969 to be revealed eventually, says writer of May 13 book.

    KUALA LUMPUR: Almost 50 years have come and gone since the May 13, 1969 tragedy struck Malaysia, resulting in the death of hundreds of innocent lives.

    It is about time Malaysians be given the truth as to what actually transpired in the tragic incident, Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) adviser Dr Kua Kia Soong said at a forum entitled, “Fact and Fiction: May 13 revisited” today.

    The author of “May 13: Declassified documents on the Malaysian riots of 1969” and “445 days under Operation Lalang”, among others, told the forum that Malaysia should follow in the footsteps of the British government by placing a time limit on documents classified as official secrets.

    That was how he obtained truth on what happened on May 13.

    “I got it from the public records office in London as the (British’s) 30-year secrecy rule was over. That is what the Malaysian government should do, declassify, especially special branch documents (on the May 13 incident).

    “Unfortunately we don’t have that rule which means the government can keep their secrets forever.”

    According to Kua, his extensive research led him to discover that May 13 was orchestrated, and not a spontaneous eruption of violence as the official narrative states.

    “The bigger trauma was hearing how such an incident could destroy the multiethnic society in this country. The fact is that everything which took place before May 13 seemed to have been destroyed, especially with the policies implemented afterwards.

    “The New Economic Policy (NEP), the quota system. It’s too deliberate, and the policies have divided Malaysian society forever.

    “It is an Umno agenda as the Bumiputera policies then became sort of a populist ideology. Everything is for the Bumiputera, and if you are not (a Bumiputera) then you won’t get it.”

    He reiterated that the May 13 incident had paved the way for a deliberate populist policy aimed at securing the votes of Bumiputeras, explaining how Umno has continued to remain in power all these years.

    Kua also said the “orchestrated” tragedy was a form of coup de tat against the then Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, carried out by a “state capitalist class” who were emerging during the former prime minister’s time although the Tunku, as he was popularly called, was not representative of this group.

    “After May 13, with NEP, the state capitalist class gained more and more power economically and politically. They became a new Umno which represented interests of the state capitalist class.”

    He warned of similar incidents reoccurring, saying it had already happened over the years, including the 2001 incident of Kampung Medan where a four-day long racial clash led to six deaths and more than 40 people being hospitalised, according to official figures.

    It is often compared to the racial riots of May 13, which sparked off after an opposition party’s election victory parade.

    The May 13 riot, said Kua, was also frequently used as a bogeyman during election time by the ruling coalition to urge the public to reject the opposition by claiming that doing otherwise could lead to another occurrence of a bloody riot.