Tuesday 6 March 2018

Jazlan, you all in Pulai don't need Chinese votes is it?

I have to admit that I'm a bit lost on whether BN is serious in getting back a certain percentage of the Chinese votes for GE14.

This follows the recent whacking of elderly tycoon Robert Kuok.

First, there were all sorts of accusations of the guy financing the opposition parties.

A minister even joined the fray by openly attacking him.

Then suddenly there was a statement from PMO defending Kuok.

That's strange because  earlier, a prominent blogger known to be controlled by someone at PMO had churned up series of articles whacking Kuok.

I thought probably the eunuchs at PMO are having another round of fight again. One gang wanted to whack Kuok, while another gang wanted to defend him.

But I'm not sure.

However, just yesterday the MCMC ordered the blogger to take down those articles from his website.

MCMC is now the big brother editor of everyone, I think. It decides what people can publish or not.

Meanwhile, Kuok himself had denied the accusations.

It's all quite confusing.

Can't they make up their mind?

And of course MCA which represents the Chinese side of BN got into the act and kena whacked also.

Here's Kempas assemblyman Tengku Putra whacking the MCA over the Kuok issue in his blog post,



In Johor, MCA was the only party that didn’t submit their numbers from their groundwork to the State BN for analysis. Instead they keep on giving positive percentages plucked from the sky without justification.

It was also reported by a newsportal that Ong Ka Chuan “urged DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang to train his guns on Umno leaders, Raja Petra and not MCA, if he was unhappy with the attacks against Kuok”

This shows their readiness to be subservient to the chauvinist opposition party while breaking ranks with the ruling coalition.

I Hope The Good Prime Minister Will Take Cognisance Of This And Ensure That No Cabinet Seats Are Again Wasted On Them If They Further Fail To Win Their Seats Which By The Way, Was Won On The Backs Of Malay Voters!

Hmmm....it's as if BN, or to be more exact Umno doesn't need Chinese votes after all.

But I doubt that's the case.

Seriously, is Kempas secured enough for BN just with Malay votes?

Maybe Jazlan, as Tengku Putra's division chief of Pulai can clarify this.

Jazlan, why is it that your anak buah simply simply whacked MCA like that with GE14 just around the corner?

On this one, I'm actually asking as a voter of Pulai.

Whatever it is, I think the whole stupidity was so unnecessary.

These people should just do their work instead of talking too much.

Buta-buta lost votes like that for what?

Really, just when the Chinese have cool off a bit, these people simply poured oil on the fire.

Kes terlebih pandai la ni.

Don't they realised that they need all the votes that they can get?

The Malay votes are already further split, therefore I don't think they should hope too much for a solid Malays support in Kempas, Pulai, Johor or any other part of the country.


  1. Annie
    Mudoh kiro senae baso..
    Johor bagi pada PH je
    Selesai Selamat

    Indonesia tukar parti tukar Presiden berkali kali, tak mati pun..

  2. Perhaps there are still some people of the melayu stock who refused to be squeezed of their you know what, instead of to ambik and jaga hati,bersopan santun and to revere a sacred cow who should not be touched nor criticised!

  3. no 1999 chinese tsunami to save BN this GE14 but gladly 30 million people will be saved hidup Harapan...

  4. If your account of the PMO eunuchs is correct, why would the PM allow this to happen, which recently turned the whole episode into a farce, involving 2 ministers making fools of themselves?

  5. Quote by Noam Chomsky
    ' it is important to bear in mind that the political campaigns are designed by the same people who sell toothpaste and cars '
    Sometimes we have to lower our expections


    1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9PTSOKDa0NI

      You gotta fight against the dimming
      You gotta run into the winds
      You gotta rage against the dying of the light
      Live for the moment that's left

      Cause there is no such thing as a dying man
      We are alive till the moment we're dead
      And a drowning man is just a living man
      Who hasn't run out of his last bit of breath

      I went down to the river
      Flowing out onto the sea
      On my way to the ocean
      Let the spirit swallow me

  6. Annie,

    The way I see it, GE14 will heavily involve religion and race.

    Hadi Awang will be handling the religious front whilst UMNO will be whacking the Cina where they can.

    If BN wins GE14, it will be plundering .. ooppsss, sorry I meant ... business as usual.

    If BN loses GE14, well .... you noticed that the police have been in training for any eventualities?

    //Jazlan, why is it that your anak buah simply simply whacked MCA like that with GE14 just around the corner?//

    MC who?

    Is that some kind of ketum-laced drink found in Kelantan?

    Like that, must whack lah.

    On a more serious note, MCA, and for that matter MIC, are dead men walking, OK?

    We all know what is in store for MCA in GE14.

    As for MIC, Hindraf is going all out to ensure that MIC is going to be buried alongside MCA.

    //Don't they realised that they need all the votes that they can get?//

    No, they don't need the Cina vote nor the India vote.

    The Electoral Commission has ensured that the Cina and India votes have been effectively quarantined.

    The EC is tabling some re-delineation report in this Parliamentary session which will probably mean that it is even easier for BN to win.

    If I was a BN supporter, I would not be too worried about GE14.


  7. Salaam Dear ,
    1. It's all symptoms of a dying regime.....


  8. The accusation of Kuok behavior could be true ,or could be false .
    Fake news didn't smell bad ,good news didn't smell good either.

  9. annies blog grassroots understanding not appreciated instead BN or dumbos get a fugitive RPK hiding thousand of miles away to blog fake kuok news angering the grassroots thus condemning BN to lose GE14 adoi

  10. Annie,

    Fatty has been carrying himself well amongst the Chinese in JB. He spoke mandarin with them, often dressed and behaved like them and have been friendly with them. When some UMNO malays asked why Fatty visited the Chinese more as compared to the fellow party members, his assistant explained that more focus were needed with the Chinese community.

    And reportedly the UMNO Malays were very happy to hear that.

    After all, few of his trusted men were always surrounding him like Kaspersky Anti Virus firewall whenever Fatty was visiting JB. The UMNO Malays sometimes didn't wash hand so must be full of viruses.

    Now, who doesn't love a healthy looking fat and hygienic leader?

    So, I don't know what's your problem to ask those kind of question. That shows that you don't understand the habit of JB voters. Don't you be surprise then when Fatty becomes your new MB.

  11. Annie,

    Re: MCA

    Although Tengku Mana might not be absolutely correct about Robert Kuok, but the passage that you have quoted from him was absolutely right.

    Today MCA is led by Liow Tiong Lai & Wee Ka Siong, both colourless and dull men and even the all powerful China Government don't deal with them. So how much respect do they get from the Malaysian Chinese?

    Today the Malaysian Chinese are entrusting their political future with the Chinese NGOs leaders who enjoy close friendship with China Government. Above all these, there is Robert Kuok.

    These towkehs' voices could reach Beijing faster because they use Huawei AI phones. Liow Tiong Lai uses Atur 450.

    Wee Ka Siong uses Jabatan Talikom's public phone, and he doesn't have the correct coins.

    So when Liow Tiong Lai & Wee Ka Siong made Jason cried because they did not attend Jason's Gelang Patah MCA CNY Party for reason that they need to see the Chinese Towkehs at HuaZhong's CNY Gala Night in Kajang, there was no regret nor apology from them to the Gelang Patah members.... too bad, dude.

    From that you could see where MCA stands.

    So there you have it. The Chinese NGOs leaders, who are usually themselves the big towkehs, are the ones holding the trust of the Malaysian Chinese for their political future.

    UMNO leaders saw this, but they have sunken too deeply into the Chinese kaolin and that's too bad also.... dude.

    But to Tengku Mana and to those yang sewaktu dengannya, what for you all whack MCA?

    The problem is Najib and you know why.


    1. Cina manyak tau siapa mau undi maa aa ,tatak kila siapa menang ,lua-lua bolih kasi kawtim punya maa aa .

      Manyak kesian tengok Bulayu sikalang ,manyak pechah maa aa ,Cina tetap satu maa aa .

      Itu Robet Kuok kasi saund satu kali saja ,MMC kasi order itu RPK kasi talik lia punya article ,hai yaa! manyak kuat loo oo.

      Atak wang mesti atak kuasa maa aa.

    2. lufang,

      Robert Kuok has the trust (and respect) of the Chinese because he is a trustworthy person.

      Pemimpin Melayu now could not earn the trust of the Bulayu because they are not trustworthy. They are not trustworthy because they lied, they earn money through corruption and abuse of public trust and power, they are immoral, they do not have academic achievement yet do not have wisdom even though they have the Al Quran, and often they are really kurang ajar in their action and / or words.

      Some Bulayu like them because they thought that this is how the Chinese could be contained, other decent Malays despise them. This is the reason why the Bulayu manyak pechah.

      The problem is the pemimpin Bulayu.


    3. Anon 9:32,

      Wa manyak setuju lea aa ,itu macam cekap ,memang manyak betut lor rr,itu pemimpin Bulayu manyak problem maa aa, selupa itu olang cekap itu "halap pagar ,pagar makan padi" maa aa.

      Cina punya undi sutak manyak tetap maa aa,itu selupa tembok sutak dili punya ,tatak ubah lagi lea aa.

      Bulayu punya pimpin manyak selalu lupa maa aa ,Bulayu tengok pon tatak syok maa aa ,Wa tak tau lea aa ,apa Bulayu mau pilih lor rr.

  12. Annie,

    The dynamic of the politics in Malaysia is Racism + Corruption + High cost of living.

    These three things will dominate this election and will further dominate elections in years to come until the population become more educated and wise up.

    Racism will play a very big percentage and big part of that variables.

    Therefore, you cannot really expect politicians especially the incumbent from pursuing that directions.

    It is just unrealistic.

    The politician, just like you are in need of inspiration.

    Do you think our current bunch of leaders are inspiring?

  13. I think they have given up on Chinese votes already. They’re gone case. The Chinese atvthe moment are fiercely anti-eastablishment. Everyone knows this. The MCA know this. There’s not much they can do about it. There’s no use watering a dead flower.

    That’s the reason Ka Chuan reacted like that. BN real focus in the next GE is on Malay voters. Their lifeline. These segment of voters they need to win big BY HOOK OR BY CROOK. Hence the redrawing of boundaries.

  14. Robert Quok can deny but are we willing to accept his denial without question?
    If you read Tun M's biography he wrote that the chinese tycoons finance both sides to hedge their bets.I believ Robert Quok is no exception.
    It does not matter whether the Chinese support BN or not.It is very assuring to know that the Chinese or Malay candidates from Pakatan Harapan have already lost a big chunk of their supporters when Pas was kicked out of Pakatan Rakyat.
    Prof kangkung

    1. Pas is like you Kangkang dan Tonggeng di chow kit banyak untung. Who needs Ular Mak Ular,pukul mak pukul. Jangan anak, Lebai datang cuma nak jual agama pakai timbang kilo.

  15. Ini semua terjadi di sebabkn pemimpin Barisan Najib ke semua nye terencat Akal golongan otak bebal

    1. Bukan tak nak tuntut... jika hak kita apa salahnya.. tuntut le tapi berani tuntut takut terkena jerat yg telah dipasang... lagi susah nanti.. biar kerajaan n rakyat rugi asal mereka tak terkena perangkap..

  16. Dedah ke tak ke ramai yg merana kerna harga minyak barang..sampai beli barang pun ada GST..yg tak tahan tu ada pekedai ckp xpa la tu gst kami tanggung la sakit ati aje..

    1. The people who you took the cash from must the happiest their prayers are being answered.

  17. And that dumbo komedi defended 1 cid cop naivety thus winning 1 vote for BN but losing thousands of disgruntled votes terbaik

    1. The country's debt is mounting to few hundred billion but our own money due to us but ignorance to claim.

  18. Dear Annie

    So what if BN kalah| With all d rubbish going on in our beloved country, we need a change, And it MUST happen in PRU14. Lets make Malaysia Great Again.

  19. Annie,

    Re: UMNO

    You can’t talk about UMNO without telling the story about a man who saw a doctor because of a disease on his penis.

    A man has an unknown disease on his penis so he went to see a doctor. The doctor told him that he needed an operation to cut off the penis otherwise the disease might threaten his life. The man scared and went to see another doctor for second opinion. The second doctor told him the same thing.

    Dissatisfied, the man went to see many other doctors who would told him the same thing, until he met the last one who told him that he wouldn’t need an operation. Happy upon hearing that, the man asked the doctor: so you will prescribe medication to cure my penis? The doctor said: no. Go home and wait and after one month your penis would drop by itself.

    UMNO is no longer relevant to the urban and educated Malays. UMNO knows this is a fact so they focus on the rural and uneducated Malays. So they said FELDA folks are their vote banks.

    But why are the rural and uneducated Malays entrusted UMNO with their political future? They do that because, being ignorant and ill informed as they are, they believed that UMNO must be preserved to contain the Chinese.

    So UMNO has been singing the same warcry ever since their formation in 1946, and by this same political belief UMNO wish to charge themselves into the next century.

    But there has been a paradigm shift in the Malay mindset. This is a progressive and ever changing world, as much as UMNO may wish the Malays to remain ignorant and stupid so that they could be easily manipulated, they found that fewer Malays would believe their story now.

    And there’s been a significant rise in the influence of the monarchy, and participation of The People’s Republic of China which, ironically, was invited by the pemimpin Melayu themselves and notably the PRC are communists who had supported Chin Peng’s PKM. Above all that, after 70 years many UMNO members and supporters are dead, dead and dead, and if they are not dead, dying.

    So for people like Prof Kangkung, remember the sick penis story. UMNO is not in a position to do any changes to themselves. For UMNO, there’s only one future, that’s to face its own demise.

    1. Doakan semuga PRU14 ni BN tersungkur..banyak sgt kes kes yg melibatkan pemimpin tak disiasat dgn terperinci...aamiin

  20. Prof Kangkung,

    //It is very assuring to know that the Chinese or Malay candidates from Pakatan Harapan have already lost a big chunk of their supporters when Pas was kicked out of Pakatan Rakyat.//

    Yup, PH has lost all those millions of PAS voters which helped PAS win 21 seats in GE13.

    You will note that not one single Cina or India voted for PAS in GE13, right?

    Yes, PAS won every single of those 21 seats on its very own.

    Those millions of PAS voters will now help Hadi Awang win 70 or 80 seats in GE14.

    Victory in GE14 for Parti Anak Syaitan is assured.

    And dressing like an Arab will become mandatory.

    Can anybody recommend a place where I can get measured up for a turban like Hadi Awang's?


    1. Gladiator,
      I have the answer. Those who wish to hv a turban Hadi must be like Hadi, take pil kuda,corner kiri coner kanan,U turn even there is no U turn sign,belit macam phyton and anaconda combined, jual agama pakai timbang kilo then Hadi The 90 milionaire will welcome you to his Parti Angkat Sampah and will tell you where to get one of his turban.

    2. Gladiator,
      I am not a Pas supporter.You can say whatever you say about Pas and it doesn't hurt me a bit.
      As long as there are 3-corner fights UMNO/BN is safe.
      Prof kangkung

    3. PAS vs BN vs Harapan, i vote Harapan...


    4. Sikalang nampak sutak tiada halapan , manyak halap dapat halapan balu lea aa.

    5. I support opposition

    6. Semua pemimpin dan yg pegang kuasa mcm ni lahanat haram jaddah.. buat duit negara duit rakyat mcm duit kepala bapak dorang yg punya.. dr mo1 sampai kebawah semua mereput perangai mentekedarah duit haram.. mmg sial semuanya

  21. Whatever it is, I think the whole stupidity was so unnecessary.

    That's what keep them alive and kicking.

    1. Senang je terlepas pasal rm 1 juta , tanya soal duit puas hati beres...macc no komen...rm1 billion ,kapal dah jumpa ,terus kata bukan milik jl dan tiada kaitan 1mdb ,lepas...memang cepat ,cekap dan amanah ke 'menanah' ?...tak der komen pun pm kita ..pm yahudi pun kena cekup siasat pasal rasuah , kerajaan siapa lagi jahil dan berpaksikan kejahatan...

  22. More 1MDB related news : Riza to pay US60m to US govt.

    1. Ni aku nak mintak maaf ngan rakyat kita.. sebab yg ada muslihat untuk songlap duit kita semua tu.. rupanya sial yg keturunan cina.. atau adalah yg lain keturunan.. yg aku teramat marah tu dia songlap duit negara kita cam duit moyang dia... kesalahan ini semangnya tidak boleh di maafkan..sumbat dia ngan bapak dia masuk lokap kat AS dulu..pastu kita boleh buat proses undang undang bawak dia orang balik dan sumbat masuk sg buloh..ni bagi si babi anak ngan bapak dia orang nikmat dulu kat US state penentirairy ...pastu baru lah bagi dia orang makan nasi goreng kangkung sikit kat sg buloh ..apa kata kekawan semua?

  23. Prof Kangkung,

    //I am not a Pas supporter.//

    I know that. :)

    You are 1000% UMNO til the day you die or til UMNO dies :)

    //You can say whatever you say about Pas and it doesn't hurt me a bit.//

    What I say about Parti Anak Syaitan is not meant to be hurtful to anybody.

    I am just calling it as I see it.

    If anybody from Parti Anak Syaitan disagrees with me, I encourage them to have open and honest dialogue with me.

    Like the Prophet Mohamad before he discovered Islam, I am a seeker for the truth. :)

    //As long as there are 3-corner fights UMNO/BN is safe.//

    Hmmm, I used to think like that.

    After all, there are the examples of Semenyih, Kota Damansara, Sungai Besar, etc.

    But these were all before the formation of PPBM.

    Now, it is silly of me to think that PPBM is the magical answer for PH as I only have my local area to measure its effectiveness.

    In my local area, the losses from Parti Anak Syaitan will be more than adequately made up by Amanah votes.

    Then there will be additional gains from PPBM votes.

    I don't think BN has a chance to win the seat back, even with Parti Anak Syaitan playing a supporting role.

    But I am talking about a seat which is virtually guaranteed to be PH before the formation of PPBM.

    And I am talking about a seat in Selangor while you are in Kelantan.

    Most of Kelantanese probably believe Hadi Awang when he said that Parti Anak Syaitan can win 70 or 80 seats in GE14.

    Must be very easy to get ketum in Kelantan, I guess.

    Also, I dont really know how strong PAS really is in Perak or Kedah.

    My guess is that some seats will be affected by a 3-cornered fight but some will not be affected very much.

    I do understand the confidence and optimism of BN though.

    With so many wins over some many years, it is hard to feel anything else.

    Will your confidence be rewarded?

    I dont know.

    Ask me again in 6 mths :)


  24. Anonymous @ 7 March 2018 at 11:32,

    //Hadi The 90 milionaire will welcome you to his Parti Angkat Sampah and will tell you where to get one of his turban.//


    I was thinking it might be better to get a turban BEFORE I am forced to get one :)


    1. tiap2 tahun kene bayar billion kat ipic..yg terbayar kat ipic palsu tu pun tak tuntut gak ke..senyap je..kepundekan ape la ni wei..duit billion2 tu da bole upgrade hospital...beli konsesi tol..bnyk lagi benda pekdah bole buat..bukan buang duit lesap cmtu je..elok g jahanam la diorg2 ni..huhu

  25. When UMNO decide to team up with PAS, MCA is already forgotten. NFA needed.

  26. The Whack Kuok Operation was the idea of the PMO's mamak and then executed by his Fat White Prostitute, Raja Pelacur Kangkang (RPK).

    So how can the PMO then try and apologise?

    Not logical.

    1. Takut buat tuntutan... Sebab bola ade tuntutan, kes akan dibicarakan dan kes juga akan dibuka seluas-luasnya bagi mencari hasil kekayaan dan org yg terlibat dengan individu yg didakwa... Kalau berani saman la DOJ sebab sebarkan fitnah...!!!

  27. Annie, saya tidak dapat memahami bagaimana seorang manusia low class dan tidak punya kredibiliti seperti Raja Petra mampu mempengaruhi para pemimpin negara dgn fitnah fitnah yg ditaburnya. Mereka mereka ini (pemimpin2) menjadi seperti manusia tidak berakal dan mempercayai apa yg dikatakan oleh Raja Petra yg diketahui menjaja fitnah utk memberi makan anak dan isteri beliau. Amat mendukacitakan.

    1. umno macai is retarded and suicidal

      If I invade his house and robbed his property he also be happy like a retarded autistic people

      The most malnourished kampung is also the most strong UMNO supporter ironically

    2. Anon 1110
      Do not be so emotional lah.I was thinking of voting Pakatan Harapan in this upcoming GE.after reading comments like this I changed my mind.
      Macam kau nak pinang anak dara orang tapi kau kutuk mak bapak dia.ada akalkah?
      Prof Kangkung

    3. 1 bilion duit rakyat sedekah pada negara luar.. rakyat malaysia semua kan kaya..pendapatan berkapita 30k setiap bulan..lagi pon mantri2 ji semua kata ekonomi kita berada ditahap yang terbaik sepanjang ujudnya malaysia.. setiap hari rakyat sedekah melalui gst dan melalui petrol juga lain2... ini menandakan memang ujud kerajaan berkebajikan spt yang diwar2 kan.. rakyat membuat kebajikan pada menteri2 dan juga negara luar.. hebat rakyat malaysia..tahniah diucapkan.. moga kita semua teruskan usaha murni ini dulu kini dan selamanya bersama2 parti melayu yang paling agung dimuka bumi ini.. tahniah..

  28. Hai yaa Annie ...

    Why susah susah ...?
    GE12..Chinaman become Ultrakiasu DAPis
    GE13..Chinaman become Ultrakiasu DAPis
    GE14..Chinaman still Ultrakiasu DAPis

    So so ...What to worry !!??
    Still keep the Ultrakiasu DAPis what !!!...


    1. Haha, fully agree with you Waghih

      Kita orang Melayu yang bijak janganlah dipermain-mainkan oleh orang Cina. Biarlah orang seperti Tun M, Anwar, Mat Sabu dan yang sewaktu dengannya menjadi mengsa permainan orang-orang cina.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Why did Najib treat 1mdb as his personal bank account in the first place?

      Najib is a Malay that betray malay, he is a scum terbangsat

    3. Dari manakah keKAYAan semua beruk2 and syaitan2 ini dairpada???

      Itu semuanya wang2 & duit2 daripada RAKYAT2 jelata Malaysia, kini semua habis dirampas oleh warga asing semata2nya kerajaan kita tak berani mengaku kesalahan2 individul2 tersendiri.

    4. bukan kayo telur bagi bini pegang mengigil takut jawatan.kuasa semua hilang jika tuntut. bn muflis bn perlu di kuburkan dana najib ambil 40b setengah dari itu DOJ dah rampas. siapa nak kembalikan najib senyum saja sebab bukan duit dia apa dia peduli. rakyat jugak kena tangung.

  29. Prof Kangkung,

    //Biarlah orang seperti Tun M, Anwar, Mat Sabu dan yang sewaktu dengannya menjadi mengsa permainan orang-orang cina.//

    Yup, biarlah Tun M, etc DAN Our Glorious Leader, Najib Razak, and his macais become permainan orang-orang Cina :)

    BN still has lots of assets to sell off to orang-orang Cina, OK?

    So, mali mali lelong lelong semua ala semua mulah :)


  30. Bung moktar dah nak mampus kerana terlebih makan...rakyat yg susah mana dia tahu....org sabah pun susah mcm kami org swak hanya bung moktar yg nak mampus tu terlebih makan

  31. Care to comment on Bagan Datok Annie?” Was Kempas not right at all?