Saturday 13 May 2017

Annie's favourite Ang


This Ang is nice and the best, okay.

I'm talking about Hillary Ang.

In case you don't know him, the guy is a lead guitarist and founding member of Search, the greatest Malaysian rock band ever.

And Hillary is not a girl like Hillary Clinton. He's a real macho rocker guy.

That's him on the right,

That's in the mid-80s when the JB boys of Search ruled the Malaysian music scene.

I was just a kid at that time, but when I first heard his guitar riffs, I knew that Hillary was exceptionally good. Perhaps even the best among local rock guitarists.

Back then I always wondered how the quiet Chinese boy could be part of the Malay rock band. The Chinese are after all not known to be so into hard rock music. That's what I think made him extra special.

Later on I have a Chinese friend who is like Hillary. He doesn't play a guitar but can mix around with Malays very well. He is so well liked that even the local Pekida and Tiga Line guys hang out with him. I think it's something to do with his sincere heart.

Guys like Hillary and my friend are among the main reasons why I can't hate the Chinese even if I try. Believe me, I tried after the Chinese tsunami of 2013. Cuma boleh marah sekejap je. You can't hate the entire race when you know and like the good ones among them.

Well, at least I can't.

Anyway, here's Hillary and his Search gang playing at Planet Hollywood in 2007,

And this is him and the gang when they were much younger and at the height of their power,

Nowadays Hillary looks very uncle uncle....

....but he's still as cool as ever, especially when he is with a guitar.


  1. Annie...annie
    I just hate DAP chinese mentality...their secret agenda. Just look deep into LKS eyes...and he can't simply hide it...yes his secret agenda...!

  2. My gosh.....hate the whole Chinese race and a band from the 80s change your mind.

    I assume you are being allegorical and not factual.

    If factual -- how narrow the mind and how quickly the nation will perish with such!

    1. Read slowwwly and try to undestand. Very simple. It's not in Latin, okay 😁 Thank you

    2. Annie,

      "Eriksson: sounds very Scandinavian.

      Maybe you should have written the article in Swedish/Danish?


  3. I've seen Search with Hillary performing in the Red Rooster in Medan Tuanku (Off Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman), Kuala Lumpur back in the early 1980s and later that decade at what was called the Hard Rock Cafe in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.

    Yes he's the quiet one but plays well, though left after Din's brother Kid joined.

    That was the heyday of Malay hard rock bands, though I have not seen Search for about 20 years now.

    I used to often watch another Din (a.k.a. Lolen) perform in the band Bonfire at the Colors pub in Damansara Utama in the 1990s and then Din with his son Muzza perform at the Online pub in Damansara Kim from 2011 and later Muzza with his band Muzza's Mayhem at Online.

    Muzza's Mayhem wre former champions of Malaysia’s Global Battle of the Bands and Malaysia’s representative at the Global Battle of the Bands finals in Oslo, Norway in April 2015,

    Here are them performing The Pinks Have Flown, a tribute to the British progressive rock band Pink Floyd, at the Global Battle of the bands in Oslo in 2015. Muzza is a good guitarist and sings well in English.

    This is before they left for Oslo

    Jahabar Sadiq caught them performing at The Pound in September 2016.

    I've had a rather idealistic idea that if all Malaysian played hard rock or were hard rock fans there would be ethnic harmony.


  4. Wa tatak pikir itu Bulayu manyak benci sama Cina maa aa , tapi Cina tunjuk pelangai manyak benchi sama Bulayu lea aa ,itu sebab Bulayu manyak benchi maa aa .

    Busuk punya bau apa macam punya solok maa aa ,mulut tatak kata tapi pelbuatan manyak nampak lea aa.

    Atak satu lua Cina manyak iklas punya pon sama kena maa aa .Baik punya Cina tatak masuk itu MCA atau Gelakan maa aa atau DAP .

    1. Baik punya Cina... masuk PAS ka... apa itu, lia olang kasi nama... Dewan Himpunan Penyokong PAS?

      Tak masuk apa-apa Party pun, tidak apa... tapi PRU punya jam... mesti kasi undi sama DAP. Luluk Ostolia, Hong Kong pun balik undi DAP guna WANG sendili lo.

      Lufang jangan ingat, itu DAP masih sama macam baru bikin Party... 1966 ~ 1969 punya jam. Gerakan, kawan DAP time 13 Mei 69, masuk Pelikatan/BN ma.

      Lepas kawan sama PAS, sulah kuat, DAP jadi moderate ma. MCA sulah lemah, Cina cakap... jali sida UMNO... selikit lemi selikit, jali extreme ma. Sikalang, MCA ala Party-to-Party relation dengan Party Komunis China loo... kasi promote itu OBOR & Forest City ala HSR... esok-esok, lali Kunming boleh mali naik HSR lo.

      DAP talak mintak jadi PM atau DPM, tapi MCA ala mintak lo.
      Tapi lua-lua pun ala minta mahu hapuskan istimewa olang Bulayu sama Bumiputra Sabah & Sarawak ma. Lee Kim Sai punya Lato, kena talik itu jam... itu pasal lo.

  5. Well.I myself have a number of Chinese friends but it does not mean you don't hate their herd mentality.Looking down at other races because I believe every Chinese have a sense of pride of his Chineseness.
    Just like a Kelantanese.As individuals many Kelantanese are very nice people.As a group sometimes they are not so nice to outsiders

    Prof kangkung

    1. Betul juga. Sesama Melayu dari lain negeri pun, mereka tidak benarkan miliki tanah di Kelantan. Tapi... masa PAS sedang 'berpelok dengan DAP dulu, sepupu Ngah & Ngeh, boleh pula miliki tanah-balak.
      Orang asli yang beragama Kristian pun terpaksa 'memberontak' untuk mendapat tanah yang menjadi 'hak' mereka turun-kemurun.

      Dulu... UMNO dikafirkan. Sekarang... bila UMNO sudah terpalit dengan Kleptocracy dan emej 'busuk' seluruh dunia, boleh pula mereka berbai-baik. Pelik sunggoh... cara mereka 'menyebarkan syiar'.

    2. King of Kleptocracy is your own idol Mahathir bin Mohammed. He is also known as the King oif corruption, cronyism and nepotism. Who can lawan Mahathir who has been bestowed with 2 titles?

  6. Yeah the good old days where songs are exceptionally good and the lyrics have meaningful and heartlfelt. The period between 1980's and 1990's are the golden era of good rock songs and ballads. Just take a look at the songs contesting TV3 'Juara Lagu' at that time as compared to now. There's a massive gap between them. The quality of the songs contesting evervsince have downhilled.
    A lot of songs coming out nowadays if you listen to them mostly are craps. When you listen to a good song, a really good song, even just the music intro alone could give you a goosebump. Even before it hit the bridge, the chorus, the riff, the ending.. Listening to the entire song could give you a complete orgasm.
    A good, quality song takes time to develop. You can't rush the process. Every good composer knows this. They need a lot of time of their own in order to come with good one. When it comes to writing a song, devices are not enough. You have to be creative and imaginative to the point of hallucinating.
    In order to create and to be creative, composers need to be left in their 'own world'. Uninterrupted. Looking and searching. They need to take all the time they need before they come down to 'earth' to write the song. Each composer has their own style and eccentricities on how to be in their 'own world'.
    A good composer knows he always needs to be in his head imagining stuff. It is a lot more easier to do it then than now with the advent of computers and smartphones. Technology have never been of great nuisance then. How on earth you are able to 'fly' in your imaginative world if you always feel an urge to constantly checking your smartphone?
    The creative process then will be disrupted and the quality of the song will be compromised. The end product will be crap and the listeners now too have accustomed listening yo craps coming out from the radio. They can't be bother anymore.
    It's hard to find a good quality song nowadays. That's the reason why you see there's a lot of good stuff, phenomenal stuff coming out from that era as compared to now. It was an era sans gadgets and smartphone.

  7. But Annie, why did you want to hate the Chinese?

    1. Saudagar Mimpi @ 14 May 2017 at 23:01,

      I think Annie was referring to this article she wrote back on 6th May 2013.

      Back then in 2013, you need to remember Annie was still friends with Fat Soh, so Chinese-bashing came naturally.

      Pls do not ask me to explain "Fat Soh" - you'll just need to do a google search for the phrase in Annie's articles.

      IIRC, "Fat Soh" was first coined by one of Annie's more witty commentators, mdzfrs.


  8. Like you Annie, I have a Black friend but can mix around with White guys very well.

    He is so well liked that even the local Klu Klux Klan, Neo Nazi and Combat 18 guys hang out with him. I think it's something to do with his sincere heart.

    You seem to have many friends that fit into different narratives. Kalau nak auta pun, agak agak lah sikit Annie.

    If you were a kid in mid 80s, you should in your early 40s now...he he he.Do your due diligence, jangan pakai bantai aje. People already suspect that you are not what you make out to be.

    1. Well, you can read more about that Chinese friend of mine here - Thank you.

    2. No wonder the buntut kuali guy was the source of rumours about you, Annie.

    3. Anonymous @ 15 May 2017 at 09:09,

      //People already suspect that you are not what you make out to be.//

      Pray tell us what you think Annie is trying to make herself out to be?

      Oh, let me guess - you think Annie is making herself out to be a sweet sexy sixteen-year-old weighing 95 lbs?


    4. Aiyo Gladiator, I never try to be a sweet sexy sixteen-year-old weighing 95 lbs la. Why would I want to do that? I'm writing a political blog what. Serious stuff la. I should instead try to be a very clever stuck up political expert who knows everything under the sun like so many other political bloggers, right? 😊

    5. Errr...95 lbs is how many kg arr? I really don't know leh.

    6. Hey Tinsel. Thanks. You know lah I m really lousy with numbers. 43 kg I know. Nope, I'm not that light 😊

    7. Annie,

      //Nope, I'm not that light 😊//

      Oh, no, I'll bet that you have just destroyed the dreams and desires of quite a few readers here :)


    8. Eh Gladiator, I'm not so fat also, okay 🤗


    9. Annie ,

      Belapa Lu punya belat Wa tatak helan maa aa ,yang penting kalau sutak suka maa aa .

    10. Annie @ 16 May 2017 at 15:34,

      //I'm not so fat also, okay//

      I would not dare to imply otherwise.

      The bruises I got from the last beating have not healed yet :)


  9. During the days of Search, those who av smoked ganja plz put your hand up... Annie..? Ur in or out..?

    miss that guy Metal Zinc (M.Zin), long tym no hear from him erk... hope he is doing well nd fine.. argue argue, marah marah, but still brothers in arm.. Love,regards, salam alwaz if ur reading this..

    1. Errr...I only smoke Marlboro Light these days.

  10. Amy singing Isabella...for me, that's the best ever Melayu rock ballad. Still get goosebumps when I hear it.

    As for Fat Soh (oh we've missed her as she was tending to her chillies, onions, pussies and Ah Kow -- all smelly), well, like the Atacama after a rare rainfall, she has welled up in joy over her favourite punching bag (apart from our dear Annie).

    Chortling and stuffing her face with shruken KFC portions, it's Hannah Yeoh on her brain every second these days.

    What a delightful fairy she is........

    Hell hath no fury like a Fat Soh scorned....