Tuesday 23 May 2017

BN will win if the opposition parties remain the same

Someone asked me yesterday whether the opposition parties will be able to defeat BN in the next general election.

I said no.

Well, not if the opposition parties remain the way they are now.

Honestly, the way I see it, the opposition parties are simply in even worse shape than BN.

That's the truth. Even the opposition supporters, if they are honest with themselves, will have to agree.

There's that Pas factor to begin with, which will break the opposition's vote bank among the Malays.

The opposition parties were hoping for a Malay tsunami against BN, but without Pas in the same camp as the others, I don't think that's going to happen.

This Pas matter has been discussed quite a lot, so I don't think I need to elaborate on it.

Let's go to the other opposition parties and see what's wrong with them,

Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia

It is basically a Dr Mahathir's party consisting disgruntled Umno people who quit or forced to quit the party after the latest failed Umno rebellion.

Their way of thinking is however still as if they are in Umno. Lately they were even squabbling for positions the same way when they were in Umno.

This latest blog post by Dr Mahathir confirmed talks that the infighting has been serious,


They are also finding it hard to play second fiddle to the more senior opposition parties such as PKR, DAP and even Amanah.

It would be hard for many of them to swallow the fact that even if they win, they will have to submit to the other parties' wishes.

On top of that, they may even have to accept that Anwar Ibrahim is to be made PM if they win the next general election. That's going to be very hard for them as they have been whacking the guy for a very long time when they were in Umno.


PKR is still stuck with the ideology of making Anwar the PM, plain and simple.

Yes, they do talk about justice and a better Malaysia, but their end game is still all about Anwar.

As of now, they seem even willing to sacrifice everything else including the goal of winning the next general election, to achieve that objective.

For them,  beating BN would be meaningless if Anwar is not to be PM.

Thus the other day at their convention, they sort of forced everyone, including their guests from the other opposition parties to hold up the Anwar to be PM placard.

Dr Mahathir, who was there actually avoided doing that.

PKR's Anwar as PM dream is actually off putting for many people who hates BN as they equally can't stand the idea of the former DPM running the country.


The Chinese-based party is currently stuck at third gear.

It can't improve from it's Chinese tsunami mode of GE13.

It's for all intent and purpose is still actually a Chinese party.

All its effort to appear multi-racial have not been making much progress.

Any attempt to dilute it's Chinese flavour only causes it to lose chunks of its Chinese vote bank.

That's exactly what happened when they fielded a Malay girl at the Teluk Intan by-election in 2015.

For many Malays, DAP is still a Chinese political bogeyman that scares them.

It doesn't help that some of the DAP personalities openly displayed their lack of sensitivities towards the Malays.

For example, by openly promoting evangelicalism, some DAP leaders do not seem to care what the Malay Muslims feel about such activities.

They even contemptuously dismiss the Malays unhappiness over the matter.

They probably feel that they can get away with such behaviour because their constituents are mostly Chinese and that they may even actually win more Chinese votes that way.

However, the effect would actually be damaging for the opposition parties as a whole because Malays, who are the majority in this country tend not to take such nonsense too kindly.

Its a case of "Menang sorak Cina, kampung Melayu tergadai".


Consisting mostly Pas rejects, it's the only opposition party which in my opinion is without too much baggage.

Okay, party president Mat Sabu may be a baggage because of his not so handsome face as well as crazy antics and background, but the other leaders seem not so bad.

These guys are after all mostly professionals who joined Pas believing that they can do good in the Islamist party.

When they were still in Pas, the party seems less Taliban-like.

Well, too bad that they got kicked out by the Pas Ulama gang and have to set-up their own new party.

However, they don't have the Pas' Islamic fanaticism which attracts a lot of Malays, especially those from the rural areas.

Unlike Pas leaders who can claim that supporting their party is akin to buying a ticket to paradise, the Amanah guys, who are not ulama could only project a moderate Islamic image which may not be attractive enough for the more religiously-inclined Muslims.

Amanah may do some good in non-Malay heartland states such as Johor and Malacca but that's about all that they can do.

It may not likely stand much chance in three cornered fights with Pas and Umno such as what happened at the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections last year.

Mat Sabu may not be handsome in my eyes but some girls do love him though.
Well, that's my honest opinion about the opposition parties' chances for the coming general election if they remain as they are now.

Unless they do something drastic to overcome their problems as laid down above, they will lose again.

A lot of people that I know are fed up with the opposition parties despite their hatred towards BN. Some of them don't even want to talk about politics anymore and may likely not bothered to vote later on.

This, however, doesn't mean Umno and the other BN parties will have it easy in the months ahead leading to the general election.

If they get over confident and cocky, which they tend to do all the time, they may get the people to be so angry that they don't really care whether the opposition is any better or worse to replace BN in Putrajaya.

They would just vote for the opposition out of spite because they are pissed off by the arrogant and stupid remarks as well as failures to do the right things coming from the BN side.

Actually, I believe the opposition parties' only chance to win the next general election is if the people become so angry with BN that they couldn't care less whether those to replace the ruling coalition are any better.


  1. Sorry......I will never vote for UMNO. Not me, not my
    siblings, not my friends and relatives, not my neighbour.
    Only U Annie will vote Umno!.......tak kisahlah Pakatan
    Harapan bercelaru kerana ada TROJAN HORSE di dalamnya
    yang kata begitu, orang tetap takkan undi UMNO/BN.
    Mimpilah lu di siang hari nak UMNO menang PRU14, Annie.

    1. My small family of 4 voters will vote for BN.Both my children will be first time voters.Sapa kata org muda tak sokong BN

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Saya pun.

      Me and my wife use to be avid supporters of UMNO & BN. But not anymore after 1MDB-Najib & Jho Low's debauchery.
      Early this year, I forced both my eldest sons to register as first time voters. Therefore, now my family of 4 voters will not be voting for whatever Party which is being chummy with Najib's klepetocracy.

    3. I will vote for opposition, why? because Najib and his trillion ringgit debt can go to hell

      why the f**** me and my grandchildren have to pay taxes for his bullshit?!

    4. Najib is not exceptional. He's standing there because of nepotism. He's a university dropout, a poor economic manager and someone who has presided over numerous scandals.

  2. Banditry Nasional (BN) cant last forever right...

  3. Ini politik, lari berganti ganti 4 x 100 meter..menang secara team.

    Kemudian masing kemudiannya cuba menjuarai perseorangan 100 meter.

    Suasana mesti dilihat dalam sudut yang berbeza dalam ketika pu.

  4. Annie. You said. "If they get over confident and cocky, which they tend to do all the time, they may get the people to be so angry that they don't really care whether the opposition is any better or worse to replace BN in Putrajaya."

    Maybe so. But more so I consider the voices of the elderly Tun and the younger Rafizi. For now the opposition has much chance. Despite our preconceived distaste towards some among them.

    1. Anyone can take Najib on provided 1MDB's case is already cracked wide open

  5. The Ringling Circus has just closed shop.
    I am looking forward for the opposition to win and form the government.
    What a spectacle it would be if the preshow of Anwar for PM placards at the recent PKR congress is the indication of a bangsawan, opera whatever is in store for the rakyat to enjoy!!

  6. DAP for Chinese for what i care. UMNO gain and PAS king maker. Malay tsunami. PKR and PAN go for harakiri. Rubbish party. So far they spewed rubbish and DAP help to screwed them.

  7. PRU 13 Anwar sudah berdedang sayang dgn lagu 'tanya sama Najib',beliau sungguh confidence akan menang ,namun akhirnya ternyata gagal juga.Sekarang Anwar sedang terpenjara,Pas pula sudah tidak bersama ,sedangkan pengaruh PPBM tidak mampu mengantikan kehilangan tersebut,malah PPBM sendiri sedang bergolak.Logiknya memang sukar PH menguasai Putrajaya.


  8. "Menang sorak Cina ,Kampung Melayu tergadai".

    Melayu kampong sutak lama kasi gadai maa aa . Siapa kasi gadai ,sendili jawap lea aa .

    Apa-apa pon Cina tetap menang maa aa ,lulu Cina CPM angkat senapang mau angkat Malaya(Malaysia) sikalang cuma angakt "wang" semua bolih lapat maa aa .

    Tatak kisah siapa PM ,apa pati akan menang maa aa ,wang bolih kasi mudah semua keleja maa aa .

    "We loved abang sabu", untung batu tengelam ,untung sabut timbul maa aa ,apa-apa pon Cina tetap atak jalan untung punya maa aa.

    1. Lufang...lu memang ada fang factor! Chinese + money...is a mixture that would cause a lot of problem to this country.Money money money...by hook or by crook! Yes by crook...this is the damaging factor.

  9. Annie,

    Half the voters are women. Most of those women that support UMNO, although living within the South East Asia, are not the same as those in Thailand, Philippine and Myanmar.

    How could they be the same, when they are not even allowed to travel unless accompanied by a muhrim, and if they do business, the religious ones amongst them made it haram for anyone to trade with them if their hands are not covered properly, and thus being labelled as not fearful of god.

    So they are forever depending on the generosity of their husband, and if they have none, their close male relatives.

    So you don't expect a Corazon Aquino, a Yingluck Shinawatra, or an Aung San Suukyi from this country.

    And therefore the notion of 'Government ' for these people are different. While a democratic government is from the people, by the people, and for the people, an independent mind would be critical of her government, and realise that she has the power to change one if she thinks fit to do so. A woman waiting to be fed by the generosity of others would not think that she has such liberty and freedom. She would be fearful to lose the source from which she gets the feeding.

    Even if one day she is forced to go against the government, her idealism would not go beyond proclaiming in public for supporting her husband to be the next PM.

    1. ur talking of which country ni???

  10. It does not take a miracle for BN to win the next GE14.

    BUT I am still hoping a small miracle will come true when Najib loses his Pekan Parliamentary seat.

    1. wishing Najib to lose in Pekan is like wishing for snow to fall on Malaysia. Wishful thinking at best

      Prof Kangkung

    2. kangkung said it like it is

    3. Someone once said the sun would rise from the west if Sammy Velloo lost his Sg Siput Parliamentary seat.

      The sun hasn't risen from west since then, but Sammy Vello did lose hope seat.

  11. People of Pekan must reject cash inducements that najib is likely to give them
    Please give priority to national issues and vote wisely,

    Nama pun `Pekan` maksudnya `City` dalam bahasa Inggeris, orang bertamadun, berilmu dan boleh buat keputusan jangka masa panjang
    Korupsi tu tindakkan jangka masa pendek ya, saya bagitau dulu. “Harap Maklum”
    kang nanti ada lagi orang otak berkarat cakap korupsi itu bagus, bangang dan bangsat tu tolong kurangkan

    Tak kan tak mahu kurangkan bodoh pulak? Islam kan suruh kita rajin membaca? Refer the first Al-Quran relevation to Muhammad

    Jangan pulak hidup macam anjing begging for criminal`s dedak

  12. Rakyat Pekan is very happy because food is more expensive, transport prices have soared, education costs have escalated.

    Gather psychologist, physiatrist, food scientist, applied science, brain surgeon, sociologist, linguist and political scientist to discern and discover what is wrong with these people

    1. Saya bukan rakyat pekan but I am happy with BN.dari zaman dulu sampai skrg.my late father was a rubber tapper in an estate.I was offerred a scholarship to study overseas with my not so excellent result because of my bumi status.
      Of my 3 children, two are overseas graduate.thanks to the MARA loans.
      Bodohlah kalau orang Melayu tak sokong UMNO/BN

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Dulu lain, sekarang lain, Prof. kangkong.
      Dulu ada subsidi, ada bisiswa dan bajet untuk pendidkan yang paling tinggi. Skrang baget pendidikan paling banyak kena potong.
      Pergilah ke sekolah-sekolah, cikgu mengeluh.
      Nak bagi nota dan kertas ujian kat murid pun,
      kena cari sendiri, mintakkat mak bapak.
      Lain padang, lain belalangnya.
      Lain PM, lain dasarnya.
      Kalu PMnya TUN MAHADIR, dah tentu semua orang
      akan pangkah BN. Zaman dialah saya dan adik
      beradik berpeluang melanjutkan pelajaran sampai
      keluar negara.
      Tapi malangnya, PM sekarang, Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak,
      yang mengaku dirinya pendatang asing BUGIS,
      sama macam pendatang Cina & India,lebih utama
      kan temboloknya.
      Beribu murid yang layak dapat bisiswa,
      jadi tak layak. Apa lagi mereka yang memang
      tak layak, takat lulus paras hidung macam
      anak-anak Profesor Kangkong.
      Sekarang, toksah mimpilah nak buat MARA LOAN.
      Duit dah kering kontang.
      Kalau pangkah BN juga, semakinlah kontang.
      GST for sure akan naik jadi 9% atau 13%.
      Harga barang akan naik melambong sedangkan
      nilai matawang semakin merosot.
      Kalau masih juga pangkah BN, jangan menangis
      kalau kita ends up jadi macam ZIMBABWI di bawah

    3. Dah baya balik ke MARA LOAN ko tu cik minah?

  13. Umno is finished if not this election then the next. Pray that it will be this election, pray for tsunami Mahathir.

    1. Don't worry.
      Our misery will soon be over after PRU14.
      Just count the number of postings here.
      U can see, how many will follow Prof.Kangkong,
      vote for BN merely because they are scared,
      Melayu akan hilang di donia.

    2. This GE14 is a do or die election for Tun M because in GE14 tun M will probably will no longer be around.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Chik Minah...Chik Minahhhhh
      Just count the number of posting here...and pakatan haprak should win come GE 14! Is that a pakatoon analatycal thingking. Wonders the degree of their intelligent.What were wrote in this posting and whom will they choose at the ballot box will put the pakatoons into deeper misery!

    4. KIHKIHKIHKIH.....Yeh,yeh, yeh!
      Hence, that's why U people are half crazy crying
      OK..I have nothing against this.
      Keep on chanting, to make you happy.

    5. Cik Minah, I respect your right to your opinion. I for one cannot accept Wan Azizah as my prime minister no matter how I loath Najib. I cannot accept a proxy PM who will forever be running to her husband for direction nor can I accept Anwar Ibrahim as my PM. I've never liked nor trust Anwar since his days in the gov'n and nothing that I have seen since have made me change my mind about him.

    6. Najib has already abuses his chances to shine lots of times already

  14. Sayang buntu Najib. Buntut Rosmah lagi best. Ciumlah buntut2 mereka agar Melayu terus maju dan dapat biasiswa yang kian kering, MARA kian berjaya, Tabung Haji apa jadi, begitu juga KWSP, KWAP dan lain yang kini sudah bernyawa ikan.

    Ikutlah lagi Najib dan Rosmah. Lama2 tergadai negara kepada China Komunis sedangkan Cina di Malaysia dikatakan akan menyamun dan memansuhkan segala kepentingan Melayu. Cayalah Kau orang Semua. Pak Lebai PAS dan bertukar menjadi pahlawan Melayu, bukan lagi pahlawan Isle.

    1. prof kangkung bangsat, did you read this? mahu cium bontot najib lagi ka

    2. Anon 1801
      Kelakar tgk hujah penyokong pembangkang ni.macam manalah nak menang kalau x pandai memujuk hati rakyat.cuba berkempen pada penyokong tegar UMNO ckp cium bontot najib,cium bontot rosmah.do you think the kampung folks will embrace you with open arms?
      Cik Minah ni pun satu hal juga.mindset dia x jauh beza dgn mindset invoke Rafizi.Posting dalam ni is not a true measure of people support or hate towards our PM.postings boleh aja dibuat oleh org yg sama menggunakan identiti yg berlainan.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. kangkung only protected UMNO from Mahathir era and still mindlessly protecting UMNO`s Najib era.

      he still fails to realize UMNO before and UMNO now is vastly different thing

      Najib`s UMNO is not worth protecting
      Najib`s UMNO is worth destroyed

      Jutawan-jutawan UMNO akan kata UMNO is worth protecting

  15. Annie. On scholarship. Melayu must learn to save for education. Kalau dapat bantuan Alhamdulillah. Jika tidak kita usaha. The road to knowledge to pelbagai. However we can save only if our basic needs are fulfilled. Now this is what the common rakyat are having difficulty with. Mereka yang ada pangkat may not feel the pinch and thus may not understand. Allah Ta'ala created us to care for each other. Bukan Arab untuk Arab. Aryan untuk Aryan. Melayu untuk Melayu. China untuk China. Atau India untuk India. Saja. That is if you believe. If not. I rest my case.

  16. No wonder U all percaya Umno will win the game.
    Lihat apa Tun Det says in his blog about How
    Najib aaims to win pru14!!!

    24 May 2017 | Uncategorized

    1. Najib is fully aware of the dire consequences to him if he loses. He will therefore leave no stone unturned in his effort to get the votes for the 14th General Election. He knows the possibility of losing even in his constituency of Pekan. In 1999 he won only by 241 votes and that also by hijacking votes of soldiers encamped in other constituencies.

    2. For some time now he is striving to starve the opposition of funds.

    3. Elections are costly. Posters, flags and buntings need a lot of money. Literally hundreds of thousands of these have to be produced. They will cost millions. The workers must be paid allowances, fed with nasi lemak and bottled drinks. There will be tens of thousands of them. At 2 bottles a day, 30,000 to 40,000 of bottle will be drunk.

    4. Then the vehicles have to be rented or borrowed. Fuel would have to be paid for.

    5. Rallies and ceramahs cost money. Thousands will attend and some drinking water would be needed. Tents and stages and public address systems will have to be rented.

    6. All these need millions. If you do not have millions you cannot influence the people. Najib has billions. He is ensuring the opposition receive no donations.

    7. How?

    8. By imposing taxes on any money owned by even the relatively rich. And so:

    9. Money more than RM 40,000 taken out from the bank will be asked to give details as to how the money is to be spent. Any hint that the money is to be donated to Opposition parties will meet obstacles to withdrawals, and harassments by income tax people.

    10. Any borrowing for this purpose will not be approved.

    11. The LHDN will demand for payment of back taxes amounting sometimes to hundreds of millions. If disputed the tax payer must pay first or be black listed. He may even be raided, records and passports seized.

    12. If the court finds there is no justification, it would take years before the money is returned.

    13. And now the AMLA (Anti Money Laundering Act) is used. Never mind if there is no evidence. But if LHDN or some government agencies declare that a person with money in a bank is suspected of money laundering then the money would be frozen. The process of proving there was no money laundering would take years. During that time the money cannot be accessed by the owner. No contribution to the opposition would be possible.

    14. Of course money in the account of the Prime Minister and certain Government members would not be frozen in Malaysia. They will not be accused of money laundering. They will be free to give the money to BN parties during election.

    15. You can lodge a police report. You risk being questioned and detained. You may be charged with sabotage of the economy, or of being a terrorist.

    16. The courts may throw out the case. But that would take years. You will suffer all kinds of harassments, made bankrupt, deprived of your passport etc. During appeals to the Appeal Court and then the Federal Court, the harassment of the victim will go on. This is meant to deter others from attempting to support the opposition.

    17. With Pakatan Harapan financially paralysed Najib expects to win based on his enormous financial strength and the willingness of the administrative officers to commit wrongdoings if ordered to.

    18. I have been accused of having destroyed democracy during my tenure. Since democracy has been destroyed already, the only thing that is being done by Najib must constitute kleptocracy.

  17. Annie. Rafizi has injected more fresh air for the country. Here goes:


    Those who wish to lift up this country don't be lazy. Look it up. Yang masih berharap status quo lama. Stay put.

  18. Annie. Rafizi in an earlier posting:

    "Lasting change must involve as many ordinary citizens as possible. Therefore, our important decisions and strategic directions cannot marginalize the sentiments of the majority of rakyat who support and participate in the wave of change, even if this leads us down a road that appears to be more difficult as it is still untested."

    I appreciate Rafizi's historical transparency and analysis about why he is in PKR. It makes a big difference to those who are not in it.

    Read more in his posting:


  19. Tok sah gaduh gaduh.
    Siapa menang PRU14 pun nanti cerita dia sama jugak. Nepotism, cronyism dan penyelewangan ni tak akan diberhenti kan.

    Yang belum berkuasa, tunggu nak berkuasa. Bila ada kuasa janji pun lupa. Zaman gemilang Malaysia dah berlalu dan tak akan berulang kegemilangan 1980's & 1990's lagi. Kalau tak boleh hidup tanoa gemilang, pindah la ke negara lain. Dah tak boleh jadi betul Malaysia ni. Dah rosak dan tunggu binasa aje.

    Pakatan pun 2x5 aje dengan Barisan.
    Kan kita dah nampak angan angan didahulukan. Menang belum lagi. Angan angan dah menang dulu.

    Melayu ni memang suka bercakaran. Tebiat buruk Melayu ni kena simpan dalam perigi buta. Cakap pun suka pusing pusing. Tengok parti islam tu tebiat nya tak cakap lain buat lain. Parti islam tu..parti melayu yang dikafirkan parti islam jangan cakap la. Lagi hebat pusing pusing nya. Parti mata lebam ni pun tak pandai mana. Kira kira pun fail. Mana le pulak boleh anwar PM7 ? Parti bunga raya...entah la. Harap Tok Det aje tak ke mana dia de. Tok Det ni dah tua. Dia belum uzur aje.

    Memang parti timbang senget ni ada chance terus menang. Terima la hakikat nya walaupun pahit kalah jadam.


  20. If you want your kids waiting tables at restaurant or just hang around aimlessly for a long time after graduating from universities, then go ahead vote for BN..

    1. I would be a rubber tapper if i didn't get the scholarship to study overseas.read my previous postings anon 640

      Prof kangkung

    2. With Pakatan Harapan financially paralysed Najib expects to win based on his enormous financial strength and the willingness of the administrative officers to commit wrongdoings if ordered to.

    3. Najib selling Malaysia lands to sell his debt and you still think slashing education funds is good

      Try to think of lots of other students besides your own. Millions more!


  21. Apa mau galoh-galoh lor rr , sikalang lunia lalam siapa atak luit lia akan menang maa aa .

    Cina sutak manyak kasi invest lalam ini Malaysia maa aa , lojik nya Lu pikir siapa bolih menang ini G 14 ?.

    Kasi halap lea aa ,itu untung batu tengelam ,untung sabut timbul saja lor rr .

    Bulayu kasi menang solak cukup maa aa ,pasat majoliti mesti banyak kuat solak maa aa .

  22. I hope Amanah can contest more seats and win all.
    They are the one who can save Malaysia with their moderate thinking, pluralism and without baggage Muslim.
    Pity ppl calling them traitor to islam for working with DAP. The fact they form a new party and not join PKR is a wise move.
    AMANAH for me!