Wednesday 17 May 2017

About Malays versus Chinese

A friend who is a Sabahan Chinese called to complain about this article by RPK,

GE14 is about Malays versus Chinese

He said such an article is not helping Barisan Nasional to win back Chinese votes, and may cause difficulties for the coalition in Sabah and Sarawak.

My friend, who is a staunch BN supporter had sounded very distressed.

"Can you help counter this RPK's article?" he asked.

Seriously, I wish I could help him, but in this case I don't believe I can.

I explained to him that he needs someone with a bigger and more influential platform to do that.

Mine is after all merely an insignificant anonymous blog - just a little anchovy compared to RPK's hugely popular Malaysia Today.

I do understand though why my friend was so worried about such racially provocative articles.

I was also guilty of writing such articles in the aftermath of GE13's Chinese tsunami. And my post of those sorts were relatively well read.

I was mostly venting out my frustration at that time because I was so disappointed with the Chinese for choosing to abandon the moderate Malays of the establishment during that general election.

But, as I previously wrote, things cooled off after that as things slowly went back to normal.

I believe the Chinese political tidal wave of 2013 had also receded to a certain extent over time. The signs were there during last year's Sarawak elections and twin by-elections of Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar.

BN actual managed to get a decent percentage of Chinese votes during those elections.

I never expect BN to get overwhelming percentage of Chinese votes in future elections but it would be good enough if the percentage could be increased to 20 or 30 percent. Maybe it could help stop our society from becoming more racially polarised.

More importantly, it may even shut up those who are advocating racism as a political tool.

Actually, I never believe that we Malaysians, despite all those racial rhetorics, are really racists at heart.

Those ugly racist feelings, for me, were the faults of politicians who exploit communal sentiments to win support.

These bad people and their minions always tried very hard to deny that we Malaysians could live together and that there are those among us who could be the best of friends or even love and accept each other the way we were.

In my last post

Annie's favourite Ang

I highlighted this (excerpts),

Later on I have a Chinese friend who is like Hillary. He doesn't play a guitar but can mix around with Malays very well. He is so well liked that even the local Pekida and Tiga Line guys hang out with him. I think it's something to do with his sincere heart.

A commentator then accused me of lying about having such a friend as he can't believe that such a Chinese exist. Pekida and Tiga Line are after all known to be extreme Malay organisations.

In my reply, I provided this link to a previous article of mine where I mentioned about my friend,

Annie and Najib's advisers

Yes, that Chinese friend of mine really exist and if the commentator who accused me of lying bothered to check on him, he will discover that my friend is exactly as I described him.

The guy even looks a bit like a young Hillary Ang of the Search fame.

A young Hillary Ang
Let me add a bit more about him here.

When his father died a few years ago, I spent several days with him and his family at the funeral parlour during the wake. A group of Pekida guys turned up there to pay their last respect and convey their sympathy to my friend and his family.

It turned out that the Abang Long of the group is sorts of his "abang angkat".

No kidding.

The Pekida and Tiga Line people are not exactly the same as the people of Ku Klux Klan, okay. If we take out the politics, these guys are as normal as anyone else. They also like good people irregardless of race and religion such as in the case of my friend.

For me, all that matter is for us to regard each other with sincerity and honesty.

As for my Sabahan Chinese friend's request, all I can say is - let us all try not to be influenced by people who want us to hate and fight each other so that they can benefit from the chaos that comes out of it.

Give it a try, okay.


  1. Racist distraction for a Thieving Coward

    1. Yup! it always takes a bigger lie to cover up the last deception. These days, his blood vessels are flowing with the shit that simmers from his heart.

  2. Dennis Ignatius atak tulit lalam lia punya blok , MCA kasi hantar lia punya olang pegi Cina kasi krusus sama itu CCP n Perkasa mau police buat siasatan.

    Ini hat lagi kasi Bulayu lagi manyak prasangka maa aa ,itu DAP pon tatak buat itu macam maa aa .

    Wa tatak tau lea itu MCA apa tujuan maa aa ?.

    1. DAP talak suka sama China komunis ma. Lulu.. itu DAP Superman Hew Kuan Yau, ala pegi Hong Kong, join itu 'Umbrella' Demo, represent Malaysian lo... suruh China jangan kacau Hong Kong pun gomen.

      Guan Eng pun, ala bikin Patong Chiang ka-Shek di Pulau Pinang. Komunis sangat marah sama Chiang ka-Shek, Taiwan pun
      Itu pasat, CCP talak suka sama DAP. CCP talak pecaya sama Evangelist... born-again punya olang ma. DAP, manyak ini macam punya olang.

      Sama macam... Mainland China talak suka Taiwan...lo. Satu dunia aar... Najib ka, Trump ka... mau sebut Taiwan, mesti talok R.O.C di belakang lo. Semua olang takut sama China. Kolea Utala pun, Trump talak belani kacau maa aa... China punya pasat.

  3. So when there is a malay tsunami this GE14, annie will angrily blast the malays 'apa lagi melayu mau'...

  4. I don't believe GE14 is about Chinese vs Malay.

    GE14 is about Rakyat vs Najib.... nowaday even Malay hate UMNO because of protecting the wrongdoing by Najib and crew. So, the GE14 will see BN will be punished due to overprotecting the wrongdoing of the PM.

  5. Annie. Malaysians of all races want peace. If anyone disagrees then I can safely propose that he or she is not a member of this nation. Kalau kita menyampah atau marah pun pada seseorang, hadnya mesti hanya individu tersebut. Do not include emak bapa keluarga bangsa ugama individu berkenaan. Itu tidak adil. And will not contribute to peace. Fear arises from injustice. Bila kita tidak adil kita akan dihantui oleh rasa takut. Bila takut kita cari sebab luaran. If we are one true nation we should be able to rise above this fear of others among us. Let us not facilitate the instigators among us to triumph.

  6. Annie,

    Let's get this very clear.

    RPK feels insulted and abandoned by Pakatan.

    He believes he is a very important and very intelligent person and all his talents are going to waste because nobody wants to consult him except for PAS.

    It is not very often that someone like Hadi Awang has a member of royalty who would kowtow to him.

    RPK is also getting old and, like almost all old folks I have met, RPK is turning to religion in the hope that there is really something there at the end of the tunnel.

    Thus, he is doing all he can to help PAS to win at PRU14.

    PAS has bought into his turd ... oooppsss... I meant third force philosophy and it is now up to RPK to deliver.

    And how will RPK deliver?


    Drive a wedge between the Malays and Chinese.

    Even a political dummy like me know that by themselves, the Chinese are, politically speaking, dead ducks.

    Note that the Indians have had no say in politics for god-knows-how-many years, so RPK can safely ignore them for PRU14.

    So, with the Chinese and the Indians out of the equation, there will only be the Malays to deal with.

    Now, up to this point, everything is as per "ketuanan Melayu", except for a twist.

    As we know, most Malays are easily influenced by their religion.

    What a Malay believes privately in his/her heart and mind, in terms of religion, can be very very different to what a Malay exhibits publicly.

    Outwardly, most Malays want to show that they are good Muslims.

    And my guess is that peer pressure will be applied to force Malays to vote for PAS ... oooopppss ... my fingers slipped on the keyboard again .. I meant, Islam.

    Come on, admit it, every Muslim wants to get into Paradise, right? That is the whole point of ANY religion.

    Guess what?

    PAS will show you how to get to Paradise, and PAS will help you get to Paradise.

    Just vote for PAS and you will have a golden pass to Paradise, courtesy of Hadi Awang.

    So, with this Malay v Chinese strategy PLUS an Islamist campaign PLUS a few deals on PAS v UMNO seats, RPK has convinced PAS that they could win 80 seats in PRU14.

    Yes, 80 MP seats.

    80 PAS seats and the 80+ UMNO seats, will ensure that Malay supremacy is assured and every Malay is guaranteed a place in Paradise, courtesy of Hadi Awang... and RPK.

    Now, isn't that a fantastic deal for Malays?

    If only those pesky Chinese can be eliminated.


    P.S. Note that if Malay supremacy is assured, that means that the power of the sultans is assured.

    Raja Petra Kamarudin is no dummy - he knows which side of his bread is buttered :)

    1. Tebing Tinggi XVII18 May 2017 at 12:42

      Yup, yup and yup.

      And here's US Veep Mike Pence sounding off about "standing with (beleaguered" Christians".

      Can't wait to see how this plays out.

    2. BN doesn't need Chinese votes to control Putrajaya as proven in GE13. Now that PAS is out of the opposition coalition, it will be a death kneel for PH. Mahathir can't bring Malay votes as he is a spent force and has made many u-turns including colluding with his arch enemy Lim Kit Siang, the most hated person by the Malays and Muslims.

    3. Anon 5:54

      The most hated person as it is now must be LGE, the son of LKS. But Mat Sabu is his good friend. Before anyone calling Mat Sabu names for that, he should bear in mind that Nazri Aziz is also a good friend of LGE.

      But then, for some people (you know who) the ability to self-distinguish between two identical beings has developed into a fine art.

      There were also comments about how DAP being dangerous to the country, being a threat to Islam and the ketuanan of certain race, and gross disregard to constitution etc.. But DAP is still a legally registered political party and its members are free to move around and to recruit more members including the so-called endangered race without any problem with the law.

      Then again, for some people (you know who) whatever that comes out from their mouth are just exaggerations trying to win support or to incite hatred.

      JFK used to say that think not what the country could do for you but what you could do for the country. In Malaysia, this has evolved into something more advanced viz. think not what the pemimpin could do for you but what you could do for the pemimpin.

      Thus in Bandar Selesa Jaya JB there is a first floor low cost bumiputra flat for auction soon, with the harga rizab at RM20K. The bumiputra who stayed there could not serve the monthly instalment of RM 200 less per month. The surrounding area is disappointing and no one in Malaysia should stay in such a condition. The PATI have better living condition. But when come to politics, the issue is whether Malay should unite to fight the Chinese.

      While the pemimpin flies around the globe with sons and wife in government jets.

    4. "the most hated person is now LGE'.

      Its has been highlighted that MCA has been sending it's members to be trained by CCP , is LGE a real treat ?.

    5. Gladiator bos,

      Setuju. Betul betul betul. Kesemua yang awak tulis. But I know I may not make to heaven. Kalau dapat pi paradise pun jadi la. Jadi saya pun tak mau bermimpi. Tok sah percaya pas ni. Dan umno too toksah percaya. Dah terlampau banyak berbohong jadi dah susah nak buang tebiat buruk ni. Dah jadi sifat kekal umno.

      As is appears today, many many more Malays no longer have faith in the governing Malay party anymore. My 85 year old father said this many times, "DAP ni kalau kurang sikit tunjuk sifat perkauman, boleh jadi dapat sokongan politik" He has been saying this since Hussein Onn was PM. And today we see some Malays has begun accepting DAP politics and hence Pakatan Harapan. And the historical element is diminishing too with the younger set of DAP heavyweights. Tapi the evengelism element is no good for DAP.

      PAS ni dah nak mati la, bos.
      To me PAS ni parti orang Islam keliru. Mana masuk akal "undi pas masuk syurga". Orang yang waras fikiran won't buy this crock of shit. And in truth we don't need any element of religion in politics.

      Melayu tsunami ni may be real.
      There is no Malay vs Chinese in PRU14, Annie.

      Mahathir may have been a devil we all know. All that is left now is for us to go with the lesser evil. Umno and BN have not shown us they have ability to repent. We have waited and waited and it has only gotten worse.


    6. "DAP ni kalau kurang sikit tunjuk sifat perkauman ,bolih jadi dapat sokongan"

      Manyak setuju lea aa ,dominasi satu-satu kaum dalam satu pati manyak tatak babut maa aa .

      Apa bolih buat maa aa ,Malaysia sutak itu macam maa aa ,lagi sekolah punya time sutak ajar itu macam ,satu-satu kaum kasi dominasi satu-satu sekolah lor rr ,apa mau buat ?.

      Wa manyak ingat itu UMNO ,itu Kepala punya parti sutak manyak gagal dalam ini hat maa aa.

  7. thats there problem, they wanted change.

  8. Dear Annie, don't underestimate your self,now the ikan bilis is that botak RPK and not you.

    His article written in English has limited audience these days, those BN supporters don't read english, and those oppo readers hated RPK like shit. So you see he is now a desperadoes trying to earn a few $$$ writing controversial articles hoping it attract readers, how wrong,how wrong .

  9. Anonymous @ 19 May 2017 at 22:03,

    //DAP ni kalau kurang sikit tunjuk sifat perkauman//

    //He has been saying this since Hussein Onn was PM//

    //Tapi the evengelism element is no good for DAP//

    This is what I noticed from those three statements you have made.

    From the days of Hussein Onn, DAP was seen as a racist party.

    Then somewhere along the way, the tag of evangelist Christianity was also attached.

    So, today, DAP is seen as a Chinese Christian party by some people.

    To me, the amusing thing is that, in my kampung, DAP has quite a number of Indian members who are predominantly Hindus, and most of the Chinese members are Taoists.

    The only Christian members I know are a husband and wife - both Indians, both from a Methodist church :)

    Perhaps my kampung is rather unique in terms of its DAP membership but then I dunno because I am not a member of DAP nor am I very interested in their membership makeup.

    I tend to look more at the political message of a political party and its commitment to the people they serve.

    In the current political climate, it is quite easy, for me anyway, to see which political parties are simply not doing their job, which political party consist of loonies, and which political parties are trying to make a change.


  10. By RPK do you mean that bitch in Manchester? The lying far fuck who cuddles Rosi daily for scraps? Tell that assholes to come back to Malaysia and talk. Show his fucking face if he's got balls eh..

    1. I mean if you wear two faces on your freaking head it's gonna be a real personal problemo man?