Sunday 7 May 2017

Be cool as ours is a tolerant multi-racial society

I was in JB on Friday when the commotion outside the mosque in Austin Perdana happened.

A Chinese man got himself beaten and his car smashed up for repeatedly honking outside the mosque during Friday prayers.

His car was apparently blocked by those parked by the roadsides outside the mosque.

This is The Star's report of the incident;

Group attacks motorist outside Johor mosque 

and the warning by police;

Cops warn against further unrest following mosque incident 

and this is RPK's commentary today;

Don’t build mosques in towns and where there are humans

Actually, I'm not really sure what RPK was getting at but maybe he was being sarcastic.

I was shown the video of the incident just moments after it went viral on Friday by my friend who is a Chinese.

We were lepaking at his shop near Taman Nong Cik.

"Susah la macam ni. Lagi la polarised negara kita," he said.

"That is just people being stupid" I replied.

Earlier in the day, my friend and me were at a church attending the wake of a friend who died a few days earlier.

Everything was okay there as my deceased friend lay in rest before his funeral the next day.

There were Chinese, Malays and Indians among his friends who attended the wake.

I think the best way to avoid such an incident at Austin Perdana was to stop all racial and religious incitements.

Under normal circumstances, I don't think the Chinese guy could be so stupid to incessantly honk away like that as he knew that the owners of the cars blocking his path were praying in the mosque.

In all probabilities, he could be like one of those whose comments in this blog using words such as "Fucking Melayu....bla bla bla" I had to spike off for being overly racist.

That, I blame on politicians who went around telling Chinese that they are second, third, fourth,  or fifth class citizens because the Melayu people are oppressing them.

As for the people who beat up the guy and smashed his car, I don't think they would react like that under normal circumstances.

They would likely be more patient, having just finished their prayers.

However, in this case, maybe just the other day some politicians had told them that the Chinese are kurang ajar power grabbing bastards out to get them.

So, I think it's a combination of all that which caused the fracas.

I don't think it's really about cars being blocked or anything.

By the way, cars parked by the roadsides during prayers causing congestion were not only at mosques, okay.
Cars parked along the roadside of Jalan Maarof, Kuala Lumpur during prayers at the Arulmigu Sri Ramalinga Eeswarar Temple
This reminds me of a conversation I had with two Christian friends when I was in college.

Both are members of the Francis Xavier Church at Jalan Gasing in Petaling Jaya.

One of them (let me named him as Leslie) was complaining to me about the Christians being discriminated by the Muslim-led BN government.

The other guy (let me named him as Shawn), however told Leslie to cool off.

'Where do you park your car when you go to church on Sunday?" he asked Leslie.

'By the roadside la,' said Leslie.

'Why you didn't park inside the church compound?" Shawn asked again.

"Not enough space. Hey, you also parked by the roadside what," said Leslie, a bit irritated.

'Ya, I parked by the roadside too every time. You ever kena saman?" said Shawn.

"No," said Leslie.

"See, the police didn't saman us because they knew we were in the church praying. If they really want to oppress us they would just saman everyone who parked by the roadside. After all, the law is the law what. But they didn't. It's because ours is a tolerant multi-racial society. That's the way it is in this country la," said Shawn.

I remember this conversation with my friends very clearly despite it being years ago.

I think we Malaysians need to have more conversations like that rather than getting hooked up too much on politics of hate.


  1. Annie. Optimistik saya dengar balasan Shawn terhadap sungutan Leslie. But that as you've noted was years ago. Today is a different thing altogether. Sebangsa seugama sedarah sedaging pun tak memahami. Bagaimana tu. Yet I hold on to the principle jangan menyusahkan orang. Menghalang laluan itu memang tak bagus. Ugama pun melarang. Park jauh sikit. Jalan jauh sikit. Sure boleh. Setiap langkah itu pun ada ganjaran dan kebaikan. Niatlah baik-baik. Kalau kita dah buat elok-elok masih ada yang mensamsingkan cara untuk cari masalah, then I will reserve my comments. Memang saja nak cari susahlah tu.

  2. "Actually, I'm not really sure what RPK was getting at but maybe he was being sarcastic."

    No not really.

    RPK is being a good little prostitute in the service of Umno, so he has to cause racial unrest on behalf of his paymasters.

    He also is a sudden pious hypocrite, like when Hippo and Pinklips go for umrah.

    Pathetic losers.

    1. RPK is acting like the inbred cunt that he is. Annie - tell your handlers to ask that bitch to come back and face justice locally. Oh if only he can read this.

    2. the funniest rpk moment was when he changed all his blog entry to a fake Chinese name "Julian Khoo" because SR gonna sue him... teloq.

      Whole life lying and cheating people, now want to give advice on islam plak...

      biggest munafik ever.

  3. The Chinese guy who drove the car probably was in a hurry at that time after receiving an emergency call such as somebody he loves dearly was in some kind in trouble.
    If I was in his place I too got mad as hell when my car got stucked in the middle of the road due when people double park. Out of frustration, he blew the honk like a mad clown. Can't really blame him.
    Maybe he overreacted as well. Honking one time or two times was suffice but keep pushing the honking button in front of holy place such as the mosque really inviting trouble. It's like awaking a sleeping bear. We're living together like for the past 70 years, where is the sensitivity?
    As for the guy in white robe seen in the clip repeatedly beating defenseless guy with a cone, he probably thought he's defending Islam.
    The truth is he's act only made the non-believers seeing Islam and Muslims in bad light. It will further make them misconstrued about Islam. He's act gave Islam a bad name.

  4. IMHO it happend due to our ignorance of each other's culture and believes.That Chinese guy probably didn't know that it takes less than five minutes for the prayer to finish.I read in the newspapers that they were in their second rakaat.
    They Chinese guy probably didn't know that we Muslims are not supposed to break our prayers for whatever reasons.
    A better understanding of each other's culture will probably can avoid this kind of incident.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. There you go. Defending violence. True to your fucked up nature la Prof.

    2. You are reading my writing with your fuxxxxup mind

      Prof Kangkung

  5. tebing tinggi7 May 2017 at 19:09

    Is that the only way to the destination , I am sure there is not and I am sure there is other roads to use . Austin Perdana is not in the Kampong where there is only one way to your destination .

    I would agreed with RPK that ,mosques should not be build in town's ,where there is humans .

  6. There is no excuse for violence even if though the guy is a dick or he has a good excuse for being a dick. We are not in Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan where you see religious intolerance with similar actions.

  7. islam is not to be blamed.

    here id probably blame the muslim there.

    im a muslim. im not pro dap, mca, rarely on this side (commenting biasing to the cauvinis, cauvinis because her remark afterwards in her facebook) whts right is right, whts wrong is wrong.

    ive been complaining myself about people just go and parking like its their father's road just because the nawaitu is good (= to pray). this is certainly not islamic

    especially during isyak, u can observe the same thing at masjid setiawangsa. the road is narrow enough but during ceramah for example its crowded like hell.

    i kept saying this is not right. itll give bad impression to islam.

    i dont think islam preaches people to cause problem for others. even though to pray.

    it may have been so for the last 50 years (tht people can park anywhere nearby masjid). but surely things changes, for example dulu parking x menyusahkan org lain. but now we have too many vehicles in malaysia.

    in example above, the parking issue can be solve easily if only they park a bit further.

    but biasa la, nk senang punya pasal. apa salahnya nk sembahyang punya mentaliti so there u go with the problem.

    simple solution next time nk sembahyang dtg awal jgn last minute, surely xde parking so emergency parking kt tepi jalan.

    the act of violence especially is not of islam, if we are following the prophet's (s.a.w) example, then we would have been patient instead of acting in such a way. again give bad name to islam.

    just remember guys, part of our task is to berdakwah to others, but if this is our behaviour then how do we attract people to islam ?

    and its not just about praying, sometimes we do the same to send and fetch our kids from tuition by simply parking by side of the road when you could just park somewhere a bit further (just a bit). but to hell with others right, as long as its easy for me. kids observe this and follow our example. then the same cycle of problem again, how to improve ?

    it is not a problem of religion or race, its just that our kesedaran civic is extemely low. (malaysian) that being said, us who believe that we are on the righteous path should have had better morale conduct.

    also when building masjid, why not make a large parking space as well? multistorey parking ke, knowing full well its gonna be crowded.

    come on la.

    1. Is only on Friday with maximum 2 hours for parking. In fact there's sign board at the road mentioning one way on Friday. Oh by the way mount Austin are Chinese majority residents. DAP can pitch with MCA. Only one Chinese make honking. The rest understand what's going on.

  8. Annie. Ada yang berpendapat yang kejadian ini berpunca dari ketidakfahaman budaya.

    No. This is not about budaya. It is plain wrong to block laluan orang ramai. Whatever was his reason for the driver to tersangkut di jalan tersebut that's secondary.

    Actually a Friday before this incidence something similar happened in Tg Malim. I called my regular taximan (an Indian) to pick me up at 2:00pm. I told him on time please. I couldn't afford a delay. He came at 2:30pm. "Tersangkut kakak", he said. He sambung, "Ada bas depan saya tak boleh lalu. Kereta blocked, hari ni Juma'at. Last-last bas tu langgar dua kereta. Dua-dua pecah cermin tepi."

    It was fortunate that there was no rusuhan. Probably the bus had just moved on.

    But again my point is. Menghalang laluan itu salah. Islam kata salah. If budaya kita yang suka park sampai menghalang laluan, kita kena ubah. Budaya itu kita. Boleh diperbaiki. On the other han Islam itu betul dan benar. Sudah beri kita panduan. Jangan susahkan orang. Lagikan duri di atas jalan pun kita di galakkan mengalihkannya. Apatah lagi kereta.

    1. Satu lagi budaya kita ialah... tutup jalan depan rumah, pasang kemah, buat kenduri. Kalau jalan depan rumah tu 'jalan-mati'... ok la juga. Sekurang-kurang, boleh minta izin jiran-jiran saja... yang sudah tentu, tidak ramai.

      Cuba bayangkan kalau kita dah 'termasuk' jalan-sempit yang ditutup? Kena buat u-turn atau reverse. Mesti kita menyumpah, lebih-lebih lagi kita nak cepat kerana ada janji atau kecemasan. Kalau melibatkan kegiatan 'Agama' orang lain, sudah tentu 'Agama' itu bahan sumpah-seranah.

      Mesti kita tak mahu Agama kita di maki-hamun kan?

      Pada saya Kerajaan, PBT, Jakim, Pihak Kuil dan Gereja mesti buat panduan mengenai perkara 'tutup-jalan' sesuka-hati ini.

    2. RD,

      Tutup jalan.

      Depan lumah/kedai
      Bulayu buat keleja kawin
      Cina, sembayang kalau atak mati
      India, buat birthday party selalu hujong minggu tatak permit punya.

      Tutup jalan raya.

      Cina kasi belalak chingay
      India kasi belalak itu taipusam

      Kasi sesak jalan ,

      Bulayuu juma'at sembayang
      Cina / India kalau atak sembayang
      Christian, Ahad sembayang
      Cina mati punya kasi arak pegi kubor
      Jualan mulah pasang kemah depan kedai.

      Semua olang mesti atak hat punya maa aa ,itu Camary punya budak mesti Cina sekolah punya lea aa, lia tatak tau punya maa aa .

  9. Lawlessness fester when low yat rioters were NOT indicted...

  10. Kok ya pun, tak payah la sampai betumbuk.

    Aku memang tak boleh faham tebiat ada drebar yang tak boleh parking betul-betul walaupun apa sebab. Menghalang lalulintaa ni memang kesalahan trafik. Trafik tak akan saman ni lain perkara. Menghalang lalulintas ni tetap kesalahan trafik yang boleh dihukum. Jadi jangan halang trafik la. Ini basic logic.

    Kalau aku tak boleh dapat parking, Jumaat ni kena miss la. Pergi sembahyang Zohor aje la. Lain kali datang cepat sikit atau lain kali naik basikal aje. Kita pergi sembahyang tapi at the same time menyusahkan orang lain. Betul ke ?
    Sembahyang pun sia-sia.

    Kalau aku drebar yang tak boleh dapat lalu, aku dah gostan dan cari jalan lain. Mesti ada jalan lain. Ini pun basic logic jugak. Tak payah la tunjuk keras kepala honk orang tengah sembahyang. Ini pun basic logic jugak. Pakai la akal.

    Kalau aku tengah sembahyang dan dengau honk tak berhenti, aku pun hot. Lepas sembahyang ini drebar mesti kena sound kaw-kaw. Sound aje la. Tak payah kelahi. Apa perlu nya kasar kasar. Monyet yang buat kasar dengan drebar honk ni pun otak tak center jugak.

    Dan I have to agree with rpk about town planning.

    See all of these could have been avoided had the driver who parked indiscriminately, the driver whose way was blocked and the monyet-monyet who beated the blocked driver use a little wisdom and exercise a little restraint.

    Aman Malaysia ni jugak kalau berok-berok dan kera-kera politik ni berhenti melaga-lagakan rakyat Malaysia ni.

  11. Annie,

    In Mount Austin area there's a group or two Chinese kongsi gelap taking charge of the area.

    Like in a Donnie Yen movie, the taikos there claimed that when night falls, they are in charge.

    Although it is not clear to what extent these kongsi gelap rule this area but one need to be really careful when walking cross or along the roads there as the ahli2 kongsi gelap there would drive their cars extra fast along busy roads.

    That, too, assimilates Hong Kong movie.

    Anyone blocking their way there is really looking for trouble.

    1. Anon 00:45,

      That you have to blame the Twitter King Ketua UMNO cawagan Bukit Aman and his kaum kerabat for not enforcing the writ of the state, hence the kongsi gelap naik tocang

  12. Meanwhile....

    Malaysia’s annual inflation hit an eight-year high of 5.1 percent in March, among the quickest in Southeast Asia and far outpacing Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.
    Private sector wage growth is expected to average 5.7 percent between 2013 and 2017, based on data compiled by the Malaysian Employers’ Federation.

    But public sector wage growth was between 2 and 3 percent over the same period, according to the Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Service (Ceupacs).
    Ceupacs President Azih Muda said civil servants have ended up heavily indebted to manage rising living costs, to the point that more than 60,000 of them risk bankruptcy.

    “This is a direct effect of the hike in cost of living. Civil servants end up taking up a lot of loans and this is unsustainable and they are unable to manage their finances,” Azih told Reuters.

  13. Che Annie jangan risau sangatlah ... some creatures just need to release all that angst in their inner core kan?

  14. Annie, is just me or you may have noticed that the Chinese yang belajar di Sekolah Kebangsaan are better mannered and groomed. Yang suka bikin sial ini dari jenis yang belajar di SRJK or SMJK.

    With the Chinese, it is very simple. I only deal with chinese who could speak fluent English. Yang cina bukit jenis Egg Flied Lice, I have no time for them.

    1. My mother is a Chinese who studied in a Chinese school and graduated from a Taiwanese university. She's a good person and I love her very much. Thank you.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Sorry Anon 17:54. If I let your comment through, I believe there will be a reply from the other side and the whole discussion will degenerate into a racial quarrel. Thank you.

  15. That fella was asking for trouble, by honking incessantly. Most of us know never park near a mosque during Friday noon prayer. I even detour from roads if possible.

    Those who whacked him after prayers shouldn't have. I read lots of comments criticising them and mocking Islam, saying what for pray if come out and wallop people.

    But if you're praying in whereever and there's an annoying disturbance and noise going unabated, I don't blame worshippers for going amuck.

    After all, even Jesus Christ lost his temper, grabbed ropes to make a whip and wallopped and chased out hawkers and traders noisily selling in the temple during prayer times.

    If the Son of God can lose his temper when being disturbed during prayers, what more mere humans especially that cone-wielding pak lebai?

    Where I live is a hindu temple. Occasionally, there's a procession and the roads are suddenly blocked while idols are taken out by the worshippers. I just wait in the car until the road clears about 10 to 15 minutes.

    Churches also people on sundays park everywhere.

    Road closures for weddings, funerals, kenduris, only a day or two. As Malaysians, we all grew up with this habit. Only now some people getting nasty about it.


  16. Why angry for melayu doing friday prayers which only for 2 hours.. Mamak restaurants fill up their tables on the road like no fucking business as if bapak dia punya.

  17. Annie,

    Most comments are veering off into lunacy.....kongsi gelap lah, kedai mamak lah, kahwin lah, kenduri lah.

    None seems to provide solutions to avoid a repetition of such mob mentality and behaviour.

    Try sitting in a stationary car with engine, air con and light music turned can hardly hear anything from the outside.

    During a visit to Odense (Denmark) the cab driver slowed down the car as he approached a mosque.When I queried him, he said quite a number of cars would be parked along the shoulder of the two way road because it was Friday noon and many Muslims attend the congregation.As we passed the mosque...he pointed out 2 cops sitting atop their high powered bikes directing the mosque attendees of parking their cars in an orderly fashion so as not to inconvenience other road users.The cab driver said if other road users are found to be speeding or driving in a menacing manner alongside the mosque[especially on hari Jumaat waktu sembahyang] would be immediately given a ticket.No compromise. This rule also applies to those mosque goers who arrive late and park their vehicles haphazardly. And traffic fines are very steep in Denmark.

    We can do the same at mosques situated in urban and busy areas.Just 2 cops astride their shiny bikes on Fridays between 12 noon to 2 pm.All they need to do is to direct the mosque goers to park their kereta/motor/van/bas sekolah/lorry in an orderly manner so not to inconvenience others.Allocating such minimum resources for a worthy cause is not going to put a dent to their other duties.Moreover there are lots of cops in the traffic division (just observe their numbers during routine roadblock operations)
    But our cops prefer to sit and laze around the office indulging in good for nothing activities (most are always hooked with their mobiles)

    There is no need to build mosques in the middle of a jungle to avoid jams.

    No , you don't kill your chickens just to scare the wolf.

    By the way, I stay just a few kilometres away from Austin Perdana (AP) and teach in Sunway College...I travel at odd hours and whoever says that there are kongsi gelaps in AP is really living in a totally gelap world.Please crawl out of your darkness and smell the coffee (in fact there are many coffee outlets in AP )

    Rasta Rules

    1. Annie,

      This anon said that our traffic police "sit and laze around the office" and "indulge in good for nothing activities". He also claimed that our traffic police "always hooked with their mobiles".

      His comments surely are slanderous with respect to the traffic police. This is offensive to say the least.

  18. "That, I blame on politicians who went around telling Chinese that they are second, third, fourth, or fifth class citizens because the Melayu people are oppressing them."

    Well what about the umno warlord going around campaigning that if the malay doesnt vote for umno/bn they are doomed to lose their malay privileges n the chinese dap will rule the country,when everyone knows it is impossible for the non malay to rule, what ur opinion on this annie dont u see it the politician are sowing seeds of hatred among the races


    1. Apa pasat mau kasi salah itu politicians maa aa ,sendili atak akal bolih pikir lor rr.

      Semua olang atak pegi sekolah maa aa ,pon atak belajar ,tapi eaa aa ,Cina pegi sekolah Cina ,India pegi sekolah Tamil ,Bulayu pegi sekolah kebangsaan apa macam mau paham maa aa.

      "Melayu people are oppressing them" .
      Sikalang Wa ingat Bulayu people yang manyak kena oppress maaa ,apa-apa pon tak bolih untung punya maa aa.

      Cina tatak tolong ,India lagi tatak tolong ,Bulayu kasi tipu sama Bulayu itu pasat Bulayu sikalang manyak cepat mau malah maa aa ,itu untung sabut tinbul ,untung batu tengelam maa aa .

      Apa atak masa lepan itu macam maa aa .

    2. "Cina tatak tolong ,India lagi tatak tolong ,Bulayu kasi tipu sama Bulayu itu pasat Bulayu sikalang manyak cepat mau malah maa aa ,itu untung sabut tinbul ,untung batu tengelam maa aa ."

      Lu butut la lufang.
      Halga balang naik, Bulayu paling banyak susah maa. Sikalang lagi manyak olang juai kueh tepi jalan oooh.

    3. Juat kueh tepi jalan.

      Belapa hali bolih tahan maa aa ,tatak manyak bolih kasi lea aa ,lepan lumah pon tatak bolih lor rr nanti majlit kasi kacau pasat,lia olang cekap halang lalu lintas maa aa .

      Itu lumah jadi kedai juat keleta & alat ganti atau car wash tatak apa punya ,jadi lestolen pon atak maa aa . Sebelah punya olang kena redha saja maa aa.

  19. We are a multiracial country not a zombie country
    Not a zombie that pardon jho low

  20. Inflasi, SALAH GUNA kuasa dlm kalangan leader, RASUAH profil tinggi, pakai duit kertas FIAT, RAKYAT KURANG MAHIR ilmu urus duit/gaji, belanja lebih dari gaji, belanja ikut nafsu, hutang negara bertambah sbb leader dahulu buat loan ngan Bank Dunia, belanja ikut kehendak, beli kereta mahal padahal gaji ciput, suka buat personal loan, suka berhutang tapi LIAT bayar, langgan astro tapi jarang tgk tv, belanja sakan utk show off depan kawan-kawan antara PUNCA KITA TERBEBANNN...

    Ayuh buat perubahan.

  21. BN government is very desperate to seek fresh international fund from overseas. It is not difficult to guess why? The era of cheap money is over. China remains one of the very few with plenty of cash, and they have huge international reserves but the Chinese government has commitments everywhere. Many havent done well especially in commodity related projects. The size of the project is not small, and should it not succeed it will drag the entire financial system down, with adverse consequences on the economy. The Carey Island project will not likely to take place, so it wouldnt surprise if the Melaka port will suffer the same fate. There are hidden agenda on the proposed projects, and one wonders where this will end up. BN government shows once again in its desperate attempt to pursue its own interest, national implications take second place. The lack of responsibility in these billion dollar projects is simpy unbelievable but not surprising.

    1. They have a big crook at the top of the party pyramid so everything else down the structure will suffer systemic faults.

    2. The najib corrupt regime is here standing very near to us, Malaysia

      Many choose to do nothing? Sad!

  22. Kat Jalan Syed Putra tu dah berpuluh tahun setiap hari jem teruk sebab kereta double or triple park tunggu budak keluar sekolah cina.. di jln phg pun mcm tu. Jln Sentul.. everywhere.Kalau taipusam lagilah.. berapa hari park sesuka hati. Tu jalan turun drp mid Valley ke Bangsar ada kuil baru. Selamba je park tepi jln.. itu semua kalau kita hon tak henti2 mcm mana. Dia org senyum ke?
    Semua yg halang jalan adalah salah. Tapi mengapa kat tempat Melayu sembahyang di hon mcm tu sekali.

    1. Mungkin mereka dah hilang 'respect' pada Melayu. Maklumlah... PM kita, Melayu-Islam. Di RTM & Rangkaian TV Media-Prima banyak rancangan agama dan ramai Ustaz yang seru dan berceramah suruh kita banyak beribadat, buat baik, tidak rasuah, mencuri & merompak.

      Tiba-tiba scandal 1MDB-Jho Low meletop dan dilihat... seluruh dunia sebagai Klepetocracy... curi WANG Rakyat 1Malaysia. Kalau setakat duit TH, Yapiem atau Zakat yang dikelepet, kecuali Ahli-Politik, rakyat marhean bukan-Melayu sudah tentu tidak akan terasa apa-apa kerugian.

      Lepas tu... demi mencari popularity dikalangan Melayu, 1MDB guna pula duit yang dihutang untuk taja Pak-Pak Imam pergi Haji. Sudah tentu mereka marah... lebih-lebih lagi mereka yang banyak bayar cukai... tapi mereka tidak berani 'buka-mulut. Setakat pendam dalam hati saja lah. Maklumlah... isu Agama... Melayu malah di Indonesia pun... amat sensitif.

      Saya rasa... sebab itu, lama-kelamaan mereka hilang rasa hormat atau respect "kat tempat Melayu sembahyang".
      Makanya... tempat ibadat kita sudah menjadi bahan cemuhan, dipandang serong dan tidak lagi dihormati.

      Oleh itu... lead by example... yang baik seorang Ketua adalah kemestian demi martabat Bangsa, Agama & Negara.

    2. Since when the nonMalays have any respect to Malays?
      The perception is shaped by Malay themselves.Funny when we have Malays with names like Tuan,Raja etc but working as security guards or street sweepers.Furthermore, these guys are so proud of their bloodlines.
      Semua atau hampir semua orang cina memang kata org Melayu bodoh, malas etc.Cuma they don't say it outright in front of our faces.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. You've a point there, Prof Kangkong.

      "Since when the nonMalays have any respect to Malays?"

      The Nons' bad perception of anything associated with the Malays heightened when PAS' Haji Hadi become chummy with UMNO-Najib. More so, when UMNO-Najib gave that 'green-light' for RUU-355.

      PAS is wholly made-up of some sort of religious politicians. Therefore, undeniably it was an Islamist Party since its inception, 1955... like PPBM, PAS was UMNO's earliest off-shoot.
      When Late Nik Aziz was alive and kicking, DAP's Kit Siang & Son knew that UMNO was PAS'sworn enemy, religiously and of-course, on the grounds of integrity, Nik Aziz's humble and prudent lifestyle etc... his image was second to none. That was also when Haji Hadi was photographed, holding-hands with Guan Eng, on a campaign trail to 'jahanamkan' UMNO. PAS-Malays' image then, was somewhat excellent to the Nons... but not UMNO-Malays, whom they considered, crooked or corrupt.

      But now... since 1MDB shit hits the fan, both PAS and UMNO Malays are considered two sides of the same coin... i.e, both are used to control people, and neither works very well.

      Therefore... that '#Respect My PM' thing... is just a waste of time and resources.
      Respect is earn, not given.

  23. orang-orang bodoh suka buat kerja-kerja bodoh dan masalahnya orang-orang bodoh ada dimana-mana sahaja...

  24. Unless this motorist is an expatriate, he should have known that a large number of cars will be parked outside mosques, churches, temples, etc during prayer times or on festival days and if possible, should have taken an alternative route which bypasses the mosque at this time.

    I live in Petaling Jaya and there are plenty of cars parked or even double parked along the roads by the mosque in my area, so I try and avoid driving by the mosque during prayer times.

    Likewise, cars are parked or even double parked on Jalan Gasing, outside St Francis Xavier Church on Saturday evening, Sundays and on obligatory church attendance days, such as Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, etc.

    Similarly many cars are parked on outside the Chetawan Temple on Jalan Pantai, Jalan Gasing and surrounding roads on key Buddhist festive days such as Wesak, recently past.

    Cars picking up or sending school children are also stopped or parked outside schools at starting and ending times of the morning and afternoon sessions.

    Just yesterday afternoon I had left the Taman Paramount LRT station car park and was about turn left into the main road which runs past the Sri Aman school but saw a that part of the main road clogged with cars, I turned right and took a slightly longer route which got me home.

    As you mentioned, the driver of the car could be a closet racist, just like commentors who post "Fucking Melayu....bla bla bla" on this blog.

    The inter-ethnic and inter-religious temperature in Malaysia has been rising and in the western countries as well, and with easy access to articles on the Internet about incidents worldwide, it is inevitable then that reports of such acts of intolerance overseas affects people here and vice versa.

    1. Tebing Tinggi XVII12 May 2017 at 15:30

      Parking or double-parking along the road side is not the same as blocking the entire road!

      Go take a look at how it's done in Singapore. Some of the mosques and churches use traffic wardens to control traffic & roadside parking on Fridays & Sundays. At no time is any road where a mosque or church totally blocked off by parked cars!

      If the little red dot can do it, why can't we?

    2. T T

      Agree. It's all about laws and strict enforcement. Which Singapore does. Doesn't discourage people from attending Friday prayers and Sunday church services.

  25. The master race is always right, according to them anyway.
    So this episode will not be the last.

  26. Najib muka macam parkinson