Thursday 25 May 2017

Chinese are never to lose

When I wrote this post

on the Bandar Malaysia issue, a commentator replied,

tebing tinggi4 May 2017 at 20:15

The Chinese are just playing games ,jut to see that they could gain more .

The Chinese are never to lose ,jut wait and see .

Well, the comment turned out to be true as far as the Proton strategic partnership plan is concerned.

This is the story yesterday,

Geely Holding buys 49.9% of Proton

It certainly make this observation of mine kinda stupid,

I was so sure the French going to get the deal when reports said Geely had pulled out of it.

Turned out, the Chinese were just being smart business people.

They were just bidding their time to make the right offer, it seemed.

I think they are really smarter than the French.

They must have known that DRB-Hicom would prefer not to let go of the controlling stake, at least for now. That's probably why they only take 49.9 per cent.

The general election is coming after all and Proton being taken over by foreigners may upset too many people.

After election, different story lah.

Personally, I don't really care as long as it will do good for Proton in the long run.

I argued on that point here,

Maybe Dr Mahathir wouldn't mind the Japanese too much

Anyway, in a related story, the Chinese are getting 51 per cent controlling stake of Proton's Lotus as part of the deal, and it was said that the

Lotus sale gives DRB-Hicom 100 million pounds

Perhaps Lotus is what the Chinese really want in the first place.

Lotus is a good brand name with excellent track record. Probably the best thing that Proton have.

Well, doesn't really matter to me.

If DRB-Hicom think it's a good deal they are having with the Chinese, then who am I to complain.

I got no prejudices against the Chinese anyway.

If they are smart enough to make a good offer, then they deserve what they are getting.

Anyway, I have never seen a Geely car.

When I was in China, I saw lots of Volkswagen and Japanese cars.

Can't remember seeing a Geely.

Maybe they were there in front of me, just that I didn't notice their badge.

So, this is a video about one of their cars,

I still prefer the Japanese, but this is also not too bad.


  1. Annie. Dear Tun said: "I am a sissy. I cry even if Malaysians are dry-eyed. My child is lost. And soon my country."

    A tear dropped on my phone screen. For his pain.

    Read more at Chedet.

    1. Sikalang sutak tatak bolih pangil 'Proton' lagi maa aa , sikalang mau pangil "Ploton" lea aa .

      Sebut betut-betut "Ploton" tatak Proton lagi maa aa .

      Wa manyak kali sutak cekap Bulayu bolih menang solak saja maa aa .

    2. Annie. Lufang. It is not that Melayu tak pandai niaga. Cuma China or India tu lebih fokus pada untung rugi nya. Semua strategi perniagaan mereka mesti towards untung. And untung mesti besar bah. That's how India now owns Orang Putih Jaguar and Land Rover. And China owns Orang Putih Volvo. Melayu can't even compare and compete. Kita banyak non-business considerations probably. And bila tak bersatu how to thrive. Sad no doubt. Thank you Annie, Lufang.

  2. Annie,

    I suspect that when Geely said they were pulling out, DRB-Hicom shat themselves.

    DRB-Hicom was running out of gomen bailout money and they had a dateline to meet before they tutup kedai on Proton. Geely would have known this for sure.

    So, I have a feeling that while anybody else would have bent over backwards to accommodate Geely, DRB-Hicom bent over forwards, applied more engine grease to you-know-where, smiled and thought of Tanah Melayu.

    Ibrahm Ali would probably have had been proud of the sacrifice DRB-Hicom was making.

    I guess, in a way, the deal may save Proton for a while as Geely tries to incorporate Proton into its own business model.

    Hopefully, for Proton, Geely can weave the same magic as they did over at Volvo.

    Looking around at blogs elsewhere, the main thing on everybody' minds seems to be whether Proton cars will now be cheaper.

    My guess?

    Probably not in the short-term but if things turn out right with Geely's management, prices for Proton vehicles could drop in the next two or three years.

    BTW, that was an excellent point about Geely's 51% in Lotus.

    Maybe Lotus was what Geely was really after.

    I note that Lotus has a special division dedicated to hybrids and electric cars.

    Well, no need to worry about that division any more, it belongs to Geely now and I am sure they will know what to do with it.


    1. Geely's move in acquiring 49.9% stake in proton may agitate mat over. Geely you better take cover.

  3. Annie. If indeed Lotus is the gem in this deal then Proton is just a 'vehicle'. And what a punitive pun.

  4. Annie,

    In your last posting someone mentioned that the Malays would be bloody fools if they don't vote for UMNO. Taking himself as an example, the commentator admitted that being sub-standard academically he would not have gotten a scholarship but for the policy of UMNO government.

    That a sub-standard professor would produce unemployable graduates was not discussed, but that's besides the point.

    The point here, about what you wrote here, is about seeking payments for the bills.

    There is this book called 'Najibonomics' (or something like that)on sale at 20% discount at MPH now. This book is definitely not one for seeking popularity but a key milestone in economics theory, and a potential winner for Nobel Prize. With such economics guru at the helm of UMNO BN, for the next thousand years the only thing a Malaysian should be worried about is his/her blood sugar, as the life of a Malaysian would be so good hereafter under the government of UMNO BN.

    And Tun M doesn't understand that a fatty is truly a prosperous being.

    And Najibonomics is so successful that, having fed seven millions with BRIM and more with other kinds of financial aid in Malaysia, and scholarship to the sub-standard, there are so much left thus must 'prosper thy neighbours'.

    So Annie, please find out what happen to Tanjung Pagar and Bukit Timah railway stations, and the lands upon which a beautiful railroad once ran through? What happen to the 'lands' that were given as an exchange?

    What is the value of a minority share equity in Proton as compared to Tanjung Pagar land? The generosity of Malaysia knows no bound so don't be a bitch when come to China's turn, OK?

  5. Yes. Lotus is the real jewel that Geely one. Just imaging a sports car with Lotus Platform, Volvo Safety, Proton Price. Wouldnt everybody want one?

    Anyway, Syed Mokhtar is not that stupid. He still own 49% of Lotus.

  6. Soon Proton/Lotus car will be manufactured in China just like Volvo
    If you are unable to beat the competition,buy it
    Disadvantages to both Malaysia and Great Britain

    A distressed property/business is handicapped in price negotiation

    Locals do not see Proton as a cash cow but Mainland Chinese sees it differently
    Was local born Chinese given an opportunity?

    Geely's love affair with Proton has endorsed TUN M as a visionary leader, a spark that sparked thirty years ago

    Geely's love affair with Proton prove that RPk is wrong again when he said that GE14 is about Malay VS Chinese


    1. RPK is a dicko... talks kok all the tym maaaaahn...

  7. Annie,

    Re: "Chinese are never to lose"

    For about one hundred fifty years prior to Deng Xiao Ping's opening up of China's economy, China and the Chinese were the world's biggest losers.

    In the Seventies, they have to eat tree bark to survive.

    The western countries and the Nihonjin sub-divided China and took whatever they wanted. The Chinese men indulged in opium so much so that the Chinese were generally called 'The Sick Man of East Asia' by the Nihonjin.

    Therefore, if you ask the Chinese whether they dare to proclaim 'takkan cina hilang di dunia' while waving their Taichi sword, not a single one would dare to be so kurang ajar, where the lesser punishment would be slapping by anyone who has more 'ajar'.

    To them, the Nanjing Massacre is the price to pay if they lose. Everywhere other races treat them with 'kehinaan' if they don't succeed, and it is a requirement that they be born to recognise other people's higher status as if a covenant had been made before God the Almighty.

    He would be so hina, that a quoting of the Almighty's word would land him in jail.

    So it is not quite accurate to say that the Chinese are never to lose. They just dare not lose.

    To them, there is no paradise beneath which river flows to be inherited. Live and die in this world.

    1. Anonymous @ 25 May 2017 at 18:59,

      //They just dare not lose//

      You could easily say that about anybody if you put together a bunch of facts and slant them to favour your line of thought.


  8. Trump in Saudi, Najib in Switzerland

  9. Macam ni la...

    Proton ni sakit tenat. Macam mana boleh sakit tenat sampai tahap ni kita pun heran. Sakit nya terminal.
    Jadi kena salin kepala.

    Sama juga macam kerajaan BN. Cuai, lalai, kelepet, lebih berpoltik, lebih berpolemik daripada bekerja, lebih bermesyuarat yang tak bawak hasil. Kalau tak salin kepala, macam mana nak tukar tebiat yang dah sebati zaman berzaman ni, betul tak ?

    Ini business decision. Peduli kan la Proton ni. Maybe it is for best. Be positive. Kalau ada sebab lain selain dari pure business decision, itu tak baik la.

    Now we see that over protecting don't always work to our favor. This is no fight or a game so nobody wins and nobody loses.


  10. when we discussing ways how to help rakyat, those from UMNO only talk about ways to collect money from rakyat


    vote opposition

  12. I hope opposition will win because I`ve had enough of the Razak`s family

    1. In your dream.opposition will have a realistic chance of winning if they manage to persuade PAS to join them.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Najib UMNO has a realistic chance to win by giving handouts to orang kampung tak sedar diri and illegally pay million ringgit to lobby trump

    3. Menang undi dengan menjual tanah malaysia dan jual proton prof?

    4. Tak payah bagi dedak pun, the opposition is in such a disarray that they don't really stand a chance. Your best choice for PM is Wan Azizah, the seat warmer??? What a disgrace. Wan Azizah wouldn't even make a good mid level manager let alone a Prime Minister.

    5. Illegal money managed by najib is the strongest force here

      Lots of orang kampung yang bersemangat kemelayuan tinggi tapi berperangai macam anjing apabila dihidangkan dedak

      Cash is king remember
      I don't remember somebody said teamwork is king


    6. Really tak malu family of penyamum, so obvious evidence of robbing the Rakyat monies for personal gains and coverup corruptions so that he seems untouchable. This family of Najis must be outcast from here. And soon it shall be the US Kleptocracy saga shall reveal more stolen money evidence and indict this piece of Najis right before PRU14.

    7. Najib son Nor fucking Ashmen gets rm200,000. Macai rm50.

  13. When chinese come and do business here i had the feeling it is our chinese that are so worried. Because now they will have a very strong competitor and can easily break their monopoly and you know that those chinese are not in good terms with our chinese.I simply had the feeling again that those hate the chinese "kempen" are all our chinese doing.How can we sell this country to the chinese is puzzling me!!

    1. Anon 7:13

      1949 was the watershed year. The Communists took China and the Kuomintang left for Taiwan.

      During the Merdeka period, the Chinese in Semenanjung were generally aligned to Kuomintang,most taukehs in Semenanjung were pro-Kuomintang. But those in Shonan-to were different, there were many Komunis supporters there.

      Today, there is no such difference anymore. The Chinese in Semenanjung are as much a relative to the Mainland as those in Guangdong.

      So your comment was just a conjecture at best.

      The funny thing, though, is how RTM used to air the short film on Bukit Kepong every half hour to raise patriotism of the viewers and to create awareness of ancaman from people with support from PRC Communists. Tears still flow from people who used to experience the tragedy, and old folks still praise the legends such as Kiai Salleh etc..

      Perhaps there's no better time to air this short film than now, all the way to election time, along with another short film describing how much projects have been given to PRC companies and individuals. And, if that's not enough, another film interviewing the descendants of mangsa Bukit Kepong and Kiai Salleh, let them commend the PRC participation of development projects in Malaysia.

      Wasn't Chin Peng's body denied from being brought back to Malaysia for pengebumian?

  14. Anon 07:13

    "When Chinese come and do business here i had the feeling it is our Chinese that are so worried .Because now they will have strong competitor ".

    In Chinese ethic of getting things as well as doing business among ethnic Chinese there is no such thing as competitor ,as they always work together to get the jobs done . I would like to borrow "lufang" words ,'sama-sama lasa maa aa ' .

    If you herd the local Chinese saying the other way around it's just giving you an impression of thought to believe and hiding the truth ,that is part of Chinese diplomacy .

    Should the Malay be worried ,I guess not ,because they can only see color that surface not beneath it .

  15. When you cant beat the chinese, join them right!!!

  16. from business perspective hurrah for the china. good for them.

    proton's probably ggonna get a boost too.

    but like tun said

    thats not the point.

    cause now proton is not ours. they can be the top selling brand in 10 years time maybe. but its not ours. what are gonna say? proudly say that oh btw proton used to be a msian brand ?

    the traitors sold proton to china. wht else after this ? its no secret we are financially in trouble (sorry i dont listen to politician when they are lying). debts are accumulating. havent u heard ? we have trouble keeping up. so China to the rescue. mof is the guarantor meaning msia is paying.

    so we gonna hav to liquidate all our assets. or strategic assets to others.

    proton may have not been as good as honda or toyota or merce or bmw. but it was ours. and i see them getting better. this stuff takes time.

    to think that traitor is running the country now. after years being merdeka. now just like in the past. we are selling out our assets again.

    i dont know about u, but they are gonna pay for this in pru.

    1. Apa bolih buat maa aa ,sutak itu macam jadi lor rr ,apa atak laku sikalang diluar kawalan maa aa ,tatak kuasa bolih kasi hlang maa aa .

  17. So, duti eksais 300% kereta import tak nak mansuh ke?

    Kata Proton rugi kerajaan tanggung dah jimat, cukai kutip jugak ke?

    Kata meningkatkan daya saing Proton dengan jenama kereta lain.

    Makan keliling nampaknya.

  18. Bakal wujud 10,000 peluang kerja untuk pendatang china...pekerja tempatan dikatakan lembap dan tidak setaraf pekerja tempatan...wait n see

    1. Manyak babut lea aa , Wa mniaga lagi babut maa aa .

    2. Komentar yang bodoh sebab otak lembap kerana ada darah rapiji


    3. 18:25

      Bulayu selalu angap lia olang manyak pandeai lea aa ,itu sebab manyak kena tipu maa aa ,apa-apa pon tatak lapat ,apa yang ala pon lain olang kebas lor rr.

    4. Anon 18:25 bangsat mempertahankan penyamun terbesar

      Cina balik China la woi...but they bring China here instead.

  19. What so big deal of this Corporate business, is just pure business deal. British leyland sold land rover minus jaguar. No qualm and no big deal. India have also something to land rover mahindra but fail. And the land rover yang polis beli made in UK own by indian. So what?

    Car making is not syed mokhtar bread and butter. Arab kan tak mahu rugi. Dah berak cair pegang Proton.

  20. Maybe, next thing that will be sold off to China is Terumbu Layang-Layang, Dr.M's earliest brainchild, 2 month after becoming PM, 1981.

  21. Annie. RD brought up Terumbu Layang-Layang. Indeed it is one of those assets at risk. Just so that more should be aware of this rich beauty here's a good link:

  22. Annie. Continuing from RD intro to Terumbu Layang-Layang, many of the original info can be found in this blog:

    Additionally I am surprised that the Journal mentioned in xnuripilot was acronymed JEBAT. Wondering as to where is TUAH.

  23. he political motivations behind the EC’s boundaries

    According to research by Politweet, BN can win an additional 11 seats in the Selangor State Legislative Assembly with the new boundaries proposed in September 2016. These 11 seats would be won with no changes in votes from GE13 but only through the shifting of voters to strategic seats for BN.

    Similarly, in the September 2016 proposals for Melaka, the seat of Bukit Baru, won by Pakatan Rakyat by 48 votes in GE13, would be won by BN with a 1,600-vote majority with the new boundaries. The marginal seat of Telok Mas, won by BN by just 700 votes in GE13, would become a safe seat with a 3,000-vote majority.

    Worse still, based on the September 2016 proposal, the Bukit Katil federal seat, won by Pakatan Rakyat in GE13 by nearly 7,000 votes, would now be won by BN with a 4,800 vote majority. This move is especially suspicious, given that in August 2016, one month before the proposal became public, the Melaka Chief Minister called for the EC to change Bukit Katil boundaries to make it easier for BN to win.

    The same pattern emerges throughout the country. In Perak, the safe Pakatan Rakyat seats in GE13 of Changkat Jering and Sungai Rapat would be won by BN, with no change in votes. In Kuala Lumpur, Nurul Izzah Anwar would lose the seat of Lembah Pantai.

    The legal challenges

    For the first time in our history, the EC is being dragged to court over and over again to stop their flagrant cheating through delineation. The rakyat have shown their outrage, with more than 1,000 objections submitted to the EC between September 2016 and April 2017 over their proposals.

  24. Did the Malayu just got a big tight slap from motherland? Kasi ajar sikit itu kurang ajar punya monyet. Tongsan sudah "m@li". Get used to it.

  25. 28.05.17:14:52: 'Tong San' has always been there. In the cities. In the fringes of kampung. Melayu are definitely used to it. And today The Star celebrates the 'founder' of Kuala Lumpur. Just in case Melayu forget. Kuala Lumpur wasn't there before his arrival. Well right.

    1. As you mention The Star,This paper go overboard and very rude in their 27May front page news.In the paper there are 2 pictures one is muslim perform a prayer and the bottom is picture of half naked woman being massage. Since when the picture of half naked woman can be advertised in frontpage of newspaper??...Not to mention is there any hidden intention to put the title of Malaysian is terrorist leader on top of that?
      Too many térsirat & tersurat which are too much...

    2. Anon @ 09:02

      Kurang ajar Teo is a manifestation of how kurang ajar them all.I think this is intentionally crafted.Perhap bigger hand are behind them.

    3. Bulayu kena kacau,
      Kalau Bulayu olang bising ,macam biasa Cina mintak maa'af sutak cukop maa aa ,n KDN kata OK lama-lama Bulayu akan lupa maa aa . Tun M cekap Bulayu mudah lupa ,manyak betut lea aa.

      Cina/India kena kacau ,
      Kelajaan mesti anbik tindakan maa aa atas pesalah laku ,tatak bolih mintak maaf maa aa ,biasa kelajaan mesti kena ikut maa aa ,busat-busat punya loyar semua mali maa aa ,kasi takut itu kelajaan .

      Sutak biasa itu macam maa aa .

    4. That's what happen when we are still hoisting a weak leader whose image and that of his government, had been severely smeared with multiple scandals... one after another.

      The latest... being acknowledged by Kapir-Countries as the world's biggest money-laundering ever... an as a matter of fact, Malaysian are being implied as a Kleptocracy... i.e, ruled by thieves.

      His penchant for soliciting dubious middlemen too, had brought about disrepute and shame to the Malays and their faith.

      To put wool over Malay-Muslim eyes, he started being passionate with religious NGOs... in Ya Na Na mega concert, wasting more public funds.
      Also chummy with Hadi Awang to the extent of supporting PAS' act-355.

      Hence the mockery and provocation by Non-Muslims who have an axe to grind.

  26. Salam Annie. lama tak de posting. Where are you. Japan may be.

  27. Macai umno red shirt Jamal mama?