Thursday 4 May 2017

Are the Chinese running out of money?

First there was this story yesterday,

Bandar Malaysia agreement with IWH CREC lapses

Then it was followed by this one,

IWH CREC disputes TRX City claims over lapsed Bandar Malaysia stake sale deal

I was like "Hey, what's going on?"

These are indeed weird developments.

I really thought it was all a done deal.

Well, I still remember the big news back then in Dec 2015,

1MDB sells Bandar Malaysia land to

 Johor, Chinese consortium

It actually sounded quite good at that time - Bangsa Johor and Bangsa Cina building a city for Bangsa Malaysia :)

Now I do wonder what really went wrong.

All that's known so far is that IWH CREC can't pay the needed sum to buy the 60 per cent of the project.

Maybe it got something to do with this,

China's capital controls start biting

Don't know lah.

Maybe it's just that they don't have real money.

All the hype about the Chinese having all the money in the world may not be true after all.

Somehow this whole thing reminds me of this news from back then,

RM22 billion Mersing Laguna project cancelled 

If you bothered to click on the above link, please however not believe in everything written in the story.

There's a story behind that story which only those who were directly involved in the project from start until its cancellation could tell.

I can't. Don't feel like spending nights in a lock-up, okay.

Well, never mind.

I'm actually not so disappointed that the Chinese are out of the Bandar Malaysia project.

Maybe without them I can get this wish of mine for the KL- Singapore High Speed Rail project,

May the Japanese beat the Chinese on the HSR

Back then when it was made known that the Chinese have a foothold in the Bandar Malaysia project, which the HSR will start in KL, I thought the Japanese were out of the race.

Now their Shinkansen bullet train got a better shot for the HSR project.


  1. Chyna don wan to friend with a thief la Annie....bukan depa miskin....oriental values and upbringing is very strong with the Chynese and as such it is better to steer clear from a daylight robber.

    1. Chayneseeeeee


  2. Annie. Yeah! Saw the news in Bangkok Post yesterday.

  3. tebing tinggi4 May 2017 at 20:15

    The Chinese are just playing games ,jut to see that they could gain more .

    The Chinese are never to lose ,jut wait and see .

  4. It makes me wonder if ECRL will really take off.As a Kelantan resident I am really looking forward to the day of high speed train travel from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur

    Prof Kangkung

  5. IPIC vs 1MDB cum IWH CREC vs TRX City. Double whammy to the power of two bro..

  6. Meniaga mesti mau atak untung maa aa ,Cina memang itu macam ,manyak-manyak untung lor rr , kalau kasi lebih, sikit lapat apa macam maa aa ?.

    Cina manyak pandei maa aa ,itu tali kasi talik lulu ,belakang busat punya ikan latang balu kasi ulur balik maa aa.

  7. If I'm not mistaken, the proceeds from IWH CREC would only be realized in year 2022. However... Don't worry.
    Bahrain is going to open an Embassy... of-course not in Putrjaya. They cannot be renting office space, can they?

    This must be good news to 1MDB-Jho Low. Bought primeland at ridiculously low price from the Rakyat, then sell at market-value to willing buyer.

  8. If the Japanese win, the rail project will only connect KL to Spore. That's it. If the Chinese win, the rail would be a China to Spore project.
    If Malaysia and Spore choose the Japanese, they better be content with a small scale project. I hope the economics work out.
    If the Chinese had won the HSR, Malaysia would have gained a regional hub of China companies, rail manufacturing/servicing factory, and easy financing. China might not worry if the HSR made economic sense as it was a part of a prestige project.

  9. MO1 aka Mau Derma desparately seeking donation to save endangered Bankrupt Nasional, if no donation forthcoming then Bankrupt Nasional seriously at risk of extinction this GE14...
    PS too bad Bankrupt Nasional pissed off arabs (ipic) & chinese (crec)...

  10. Go Jibby Go....

    Go to hel*