Saturday, 1 November 2014

The wonderful Book of Life

(Caution: This is strictly a non-political posting)

I had intended to drive very far today.

But the car was not feeling very well.

The steering was vibrating whenever I pushed the speed beyond 100km per hour.

Exited the highway and found a tyre shop.

As I expected, the balancing of the tyres was all wrong. I must had hit a few too many potholes.

It was fixed and to my pleasant surprise the old Chinese lady who is the boss of the workshop charged me only RM20. I was expecting to pay much more than that.

"Ini sikit saja. Tak ada hal la moi," said the old lady.

Well, who said all Chinese are cheaters.

However, my mood for the long drive had been dampened.

It also started to rain.

I ended driving a bit more till the Citta Mall in Subang.

Since I got nothing better to do, I decided to watch a movie there.

The Book of Life.

It's a cartoon movie, but my, it turned out to be such a wonderful one.

Easily the best movie I watched this year.

It's beautifully crafted.

The songs were also delightful.

This is one of them,

This movie is definitely not just for kids.

It's as good as any of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies.

I am not going to spoil it for you by telling you what the story is all about.

If you have the time, do go and watch it in cinema.

I trust you all will enjoy it too.

What could had been a lousy day for me today was turned around by this movie.

Okay, that's all.


  1. No suprise there annie. Chinese charges fellow Chinese less .. Fact!!
    Am I racist? Or chinese natural born racist? Btw I am not bumi .. but my Bumi friends say the same thing.

    1. actually it's the good Chinese vs the bad Chinese like in every race . . . then we ourselves sometimes good some times evil, hopefully more more good eh?

    2. There are actually 3 sets of prices charged by the for fellow Chinese, one for non-Chinese Malaysians and one for the Mat Sallehs. The Mat Salleh pays the highest followed by the Non-Chinese. How do i know this? It happened to me when buying from a roadside vendor at Petaling Street. I was charged RM20 for a t-shirt but another Chinese buyer was told (in Chinese...I understand a bit) to wait for a while because the vendor did not want me to see how much he is charged. I pretended to move away but observed from a distance. A Mat Salleh came along and he paid RM25...but before attending to the Mat Salleh, I saw the Chinese paying RM15. Racist? Nah....they are just helping their own kind..

    3. one cina selling fish in the market TIPU me....

      he thinks i dont know how to count....

      1kg = rm must 100gram = rm1.65

      and the fish turns out to weight at 800gram = ( 8 x 1.65 ) = rm13.20

      but his price were rm15.50

    4. Yeah, 3 different prices for the same items.

      I have often wondered about the mental make up of the Chinese. Especially those in Malaysia. Particularly the DAP and their kind.

      Have read quite a bit about them, their origins, their history, their culture. The term ultra kiasu is quite fitting for the DAP kind, the Tsunami followers and many others.

      Not sure if I should write more now as Annie might soon put up a new post and this one becomes basi, not read any more. She been talking about one post per day kind.

      I looked back and noticed that in the past she had written quite controversial posts and let readers post as many comments and for as many days as ending up with nearly 200 comments.

      Look forward to such a situation and will write what academics and others say of the Chinese, the kind of thinking that make them have 3 different prices for the same items of merchandise, refusing to accept the term pendatang, being ungrateful ingrate, unwilling to integrate, not respecting the Constitution, etc.

      In the hope that they will integrate - sure they will not assimilate the Thai, Indonesian and Filippino Chinese way, but just integrate into the Malaysian society on the basis of the Constitution of the country.

  2. annie - life is not just HIM. Try to appreciate things like family friends and nice movies as such. Dont let one single individual rules ur mood/life.

    1. Sori annie for saying this - but if you menunggu buah yang tak akan gugur, banyak hati sakit nanti bila nasi sudah jadi bubur.

      Grab saja buah dia tu, make him declare point blank (and his buah might even be blank!) what his intention on you is.

      If it is the case of bola kosong, tell us here. You'll get many shoulders to cry on and voices to encourage you on new contacts. Perhaps even arrange new contacts for you, though as a media person, you'll have a lot of contacts and many to choose from already.

  3. Kesian lah lu, Annie. Ada banyak offers to be your nofreng, don't want. End up driving alone, cinema alone. Wat for wait for that useless always stood-ing up bloke.

    Call me, k? Look up at the skies you'll see my numbers. hehe

    Have a good Sunday, my dear.

  4. Take it from me, babe, I've tons of experience - you can get anything in life. Just dream it and you'll get it.

    And dreaming doesn't cost anything - it's the cheapest form of entertainment.

    Can be done daytime, too - called day-dreaming. Wanna do it with me, go to Lake Gardens, sing a bit, dance a bit, like in Bollywood movies?

    Beats the movies, shaky steering, Pakatoon potholes damaging you wheel alignment, etc, etc.

  5. Who says can let go of annie? No. Never. Must continue and bang on the keyboard until she says yes.

    Going out also useless and angryfying these days. Yesterday went to Seremban, came back got caught in a bloody traffic jam, the Johore and Pahang football fans heading to the stadium. Jam in KL town, too, what the heck.

    So, annie, prepare yourself with endless on-the-internet wooing. You think only ISIS terrorists know how to do that? And the poor 25 year old stupid girl got charged in Court, caught on the way to marrying a bloody terrorist in Syria. Story ended before it's begun. An expensive love affair. Love responded by 2 parties - the girl and the Police. Well done, Police. Musn't allow innocent though stupid girls to lose their lives bombed at the front (whichever way you want to interpret that) with the man she has never met.

    I know, you are not answering, annie, but one day you'll swoon and come to me like a gorgeous princess love struck by the likes of ... aaargh, can't think of worthwhile heroes, handsome and debonaire film stars any more these days, Hollywood full of dug addicts and tatoo-ed blokes and bitches - yukkkk ...

    No wonder annie went to see cartoons film .. oops, the polite word these days are "animation". Ok lah, whatver word you people want used but as far as I'm concerned, I'd like to be animated in other ways, ok?

  6. Happiness is very subjective. Some get it with money. Others with giving freedom to the husbands, like the Sisters in Islam bitxxxs. Nurul Izzah will get it with a talak.

    Poor husband saying in court he still loves Nurul and the children. Still, the Judge says call the .... whatever the word for the man who will pronounce the talak when a husband doesn't want to.

    Frankly, I'd like to talak Nurul 1-2 times myself. Because she - and the reconciliation team endorsed by the Syariah court - don't want to tell why she wants to divorce the husband. Join me, anyone?

    1. Join you in talakking Nurul? I would if it's tarukking.

      Anybody thinking I have bad intentions, do remember that sometimes the fault lies not in the words but in the interpretation.

  7. KUANTAN: The Pahang government has declared Monday a public holiday in appreciation of the state's football team victory in the Malaysia Cup final.

    "This announcement takes into consideration that football is a people's game and becoming champion is not a thing that can be achieved every year," Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob said in a statement, Sunday.

    However, Adnan said all officers and teachers involved in the SPM examination would still have to carry out their duties as usual.

    "All students involved must sit for the SPM exams," he added.

    Pahang defended their Malaysia Cup title after the team defeated Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) 5-3 in a penalty shootout in Sunday’s final at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil. Both teams were tied 2-2 after extra time.

    ps. Good to see that none of the JDT entourage went to kick any flagpost or anything at all after the losses. After all the hefty investment in imported players, they still couldn't unseat the mainly home grown kampung boys outfit.

    1. Would they go kick the sand?

      Especially the multitude of tons used to build islands in the so-called Forest City in Johor?

      That'll bring in hundreds of thousands if not millions of Chinese from Singapore and mainland China to settle down there upsetting the racial composition and wealth distribution among the rakyat.

      Mixing sports and politics? Whatever that injures the interests of the majority of the population.

    2. It is not mixing sports and politics. It is more case of bangsawan mixing is sports of the rakyat and using politics. Who benefited? Those who surround the bangsawan are the main beneficiaries.

    3. Bangsawan? Sorry, I don't like anything to do with 1. 1Malaysia, 1MDB, 1Tsunami, 1Rosmah ...

    4. Well, you'll probably wouldn't mind 'buy 1nget another1 free"?

    5. 14:31, if you r referring to Rosy, I'll have to think very hard about it. Smelling rosy is ok but breathing down my neck all the time, as I imagine she does on hubby, is a no, thank you.

    6. The only Bangsawan I honour from the recesses of my heart is Muhammad the Messenger of Allah. The rest of the aristocrats are only too human . . .

      "There has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. Grievous to him is your suffering; he is most concerned over you and kind and merciful to the faithful. But if they turn away, [O Muhammad], say, "Sufficient for me is Allah. There is no deity other than Him. On Him do I rely, and He is the Lord of the Majestic Throne."

      - Quran, surah 9:128

    7. Selagi Bangsawan Bebas Beraksi & Tidak Boleh Disentuh Ketuanan Islam Tidak Akan Kembali

  8. During my college days in United Kingdom, I went travelling around that country alone. I just could not find friend(s) who shared by passion and my budget. It was quite lonely but manage to make a few friends here and there. It am free to go where and when I feel free to do.The only problem was to get someone to shoot your picture, those days selfie was not invented yet.

    1. Should have brought stick along and place the camera on it.

      Or some kayu tiga. Like the scouts and military do.

      But kayu tiga some people say mengampu. To Anwar. it's for something else. Ooops, no politics on a Sunday, haha

    2. College days? In UK, they call them University days, innit. Unless they were pre-university stage.

      Funny the English language. Yet there are many few brilliant expressions. Here's one:

      “True friends stab you in the front.”

      That was said by Oscar Wilde, the famous writer and known as a homosexual long before Anwar Al Juburi was known as one. Stab the front, stab the back, what have you.

      So now you know why Anwar said sodomy laws are archaic? The Brits been doing sodom many decades ago.

      Damn Al Juburi not respecting Article 3 of the Constitution on Islam being the religion of this country. And the laws enacted pursuant to that Article 3.

      Hope he'll be damned prim and proper by the Federal Court next week.

      No politics on Sunday somebody said? Mana boleh, they even do politics on the bed. One said not me, not me, my stomach smaller. Another said I want talak, I want talak. Kasi dia satu macam talak baru dia tau.

    3. Some went to UK and never get past A-Level. They were too busy enjoying the cultural shock.

    4. Rais what'sthename and the likes of him became known as "the professional student". Kept applying for extensions of stay in the name of being a student. But spent a lot of time joining demos at Hyde Park etc.

      Came back with nothing. Kesian emak bapak di kampong ngarap bebenor anak balik boleh numpang rezeki makan. Anybody knows dia ada keroje ke sekarang? Ada gaji ke?

      Tukang bawak bas angkut 40,000 Banglas for Anwar Al Juburi ke dia?

    5. Some say najib did not finish his degree too! walahualam

    6. Talk about Anwarul Al Juburi, here's a piece of news that will make him not visit Kyrgyzstan even if he becomes PM -

      Gays fear new law will drive them out of Kyrgyzstan

      BISHKEK (Reuters) - A draft law banning "homosexual propaganda" in Kyrgyzstan could be the last straw for the Central Asian country's frightened gay community.

      How Al Juburi would wish some of them would run away and join him in Sg Buluh or Kajang.

    7. No, the Brit U would have given Najib a degree however dudsy his exam answers had been.

      But his father Tun A Razak would not. A son utterly shaming the beloved old man who fervently protected and promoted Malay rights and interests that UMNO was sworn to do upon formation.

    8. Ah Jib went to an almost unknown university despite being schooled many years in Englaaaaaaaaand. And his father was PM.

      His O and A level passes must have been so lousy that no one dared to approach Cambridge or Oxford University officially or privately to get him a place there.

      Not for the lack of Jongos(es) wanting to do that, too. I was told that one Officer at the Malaysian Students' Department was running around to please every whim and fancy of Najib and his brother when they were studying there.

      And who says Oxford or Cambridge won't give any special consideration to "diplomatic approaches". Look at KJ, his father an Ambassador. And who says he is that smart?

    9. Those were the days when chasing and f*****g white women was a favorite pastime for malay students in UK.

    10. * Luck, bad or good, will always be with us. But luck has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid.

      * One lives with so many bad deeds on one's conscience and only some good intentions in one's heart. But the good man is the man who, no matter how morally unworthy he has been, is moving to become better.

      -- John Dewey, philosopher and educationist.

    11. is moving to become better?

      Not Al Juburi.

      Not Ah Jib Gori when he is obsess with develop nation.

      Me? Yes, always hantamming to get people become better.

    12. 19:13,

      Is that why Zainah Anwar founder of Sisters in Islam said Putrajaya to blame for fatwa against them? That even PKR Azmin Ali has agreed to.

      She said the decree is yet another example of a descent into a puritanical, extremist, intolerant brand of Islam in Malaysia. I say she and group trying to be liberal, deviant, mengada ngada, bla bla.

      "For too long this government has given almost a carte blanche to the religious authorities and the belligerent supremacists to take the lead and define what Islam is and is not in Malaysia and who are the good Muslims and bad Muslims," she wrote in her column in Sunday Star today.

      I disagree with her, I dislike a lot the SIS. Dunno what made them think the way they do. One time said husbands can take many wives. Ya lorr, but why broadcast it? Now I'm facing problems with my other three.

    13. Zainah Anwar and Sisters In Islam punya pasal, now there is the Malaysian Rush For Foreign Brides -

      ACCORDING to a report by Bernama recently, Dewan Negara said in a statement that the number of local men who are looking for foreign wives is on the rise each year.

      Damn it, pendatang problem again. Ambiga jumping up and down saying not pendatang but pen.......

      Aiyyo, why don't these people go and settle down on the moon or somefin'.

    14. This is globalisation. All these economics uplifting comes with a hefty dose of foreign thinkings as well. If we want to be a global player, we have got to learn to handle the various cultures and religious practices that comes with it. We proudly said that our brand of Islam is the right one, ie. As-sunnah waljamaah, based on the interpretation by Iman As-Shafie. Are we very sure that it is the right one? Many of our practices are not As-Shafie but based on our own regional ancestral culture.

    15. Dear bro., here in Nusantara we follow Imam As-Shafiie in matters of Fiqh; Imam Abu Hassan Al-Asha'ari in matters of Akidah; and Imam Al-Ghazali in Tasawwuf. The Way of the Faithful ones is to strive for nearness to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala by means of the Syafaat of the blessed Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., and to forge our relationships with all our human fellowmen in mercy and justice. Local customs that assist towards this endeavour are acceptable in the Syariah and are known as "Urf".
      Although our creed of Islam may be on the right track yet our personal understanding and commitment to practice may be off the mark. Rasulullah counselled us always to asssociate with the good people and to refer to the truly learned and saintly in matters of religion and spirituality.

    16. There must be limits to things foreign we take in. We must be guided by the Constitution of the country. It's the highest set of laws from which emanate all other laws that govern our lives, our thinking, our action.

      Of course, the problem has been differences in interpretation. But people like Anwar, Ambiga, Zainah of Sisters in Islam should argue in courts and not make so much noise outside. Worse still the so called news portals should not be allowed to twist, spin and slant information until often sounding seditious.

      And blokes like the Bar Council wanting the Sedition Act removed. And Najib kow tows to such blokes in the rush to developed nation status. Now almost all UMNO Divisions and several of his own Ministers have voiced out that they want the Act retained. What a farce.

    17. No limits to liberalism? Even Singapore licenses the so-called news portals. Najib clearly said not emulating Singapore on those.

      In 2012 Najib said under the Communications and Multimedia Act and MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees, there would be no filtering of the Internet. OK, but do act on the seditious buggers. Never mind if the courts will be so full of sedition cases because there are so many seditious ones.

      Ours is not the average country. Almost homogeneous and the citizens brought up generally respecting the laws, customs and traditions. And who says developed nations shed off their customs and traditions? The Nordic countries people still maintain the tradition of politeness, kindness, mutual respect for one another despite being developed nations. In this country there are so many of the biadap and kurang ajar. The kind that DAP Vice President Tengku Aziz said so as he bolted out of the party some time ago.

    18. Najib said, "Media democracy and the freedom of expression have become a reality. We have witnessed the full use of new and traditional media in the 13th General Election."

      And he almost lost that Election. He actually lost by popular votes though that was not the measure of election win in this country. He got less seats than his predecessor, Tun Dol. He got the Chinese tsunami. Now so many things are shaky. Even his own position in UMNO, now that almost all Divisions have clearly defied him on the Sedition Act issue.

      What is flabbergasting is that there is no need to rush to developed nation status. Can any one convince us that there is? That we die of hunger or malnutrition if we don't achieve that by 2020? That it justifies Najib to rush that, no matter the rights and interests of the 70% of the population in such things as the NEP? Ignoring the need to balance the economic and educational well being among the races?

      He'd lose GE13 if he ignores all those. I hope UMNO discusses that at their coming General Assembly. If they have not done so individually at each one of their Divisions. And get the UMNO Supreme Council replace him with the No.2 when there are still another 3 years to GE13.

    19. 23:41,

      We ought to be sure that that our brand of Islam ie. As-sunnah waljamaah is the right one. That's why we have Article 153 of the Constitution stating the position of Islam as the religion of the country and other laws enacted in pursuit if that.

      Such laws stipulate the role, functions and responsibilities of the religious authorities in the country and what they decide become rules and regulations that must be followed. For example, they have ruled that Shi'ah is not allowed in his country and those practising that sect have been arrested and prosecuted.

      Yes, there must be laws and they must be respected and no lee ways on certain issues like Sunni and Shi'ah. And the laws also say that in matters of doubt, the Fatwa Council decide. Yes, Sisters in Islam can go and argue in the Courts but SIS founder Zainah Anwar does look ugly and fat when she wrote nastily against the Selangor Religious Council Fatwa.

      Seditious to say ugly and fat? But Najib says "Media democracy and the freedom of expression have become a reality." I'm just giving an example where that can be exploited by people and the Sedition Act must stay. Zainah herself sounds seditious as what she wrote in her column in the Star - not respecting the Selangor Religious Council fatwa - offends the average Muslim.

    20. 03:05,

      Agree with you fully and thanks for pointing out Rasulullah wants us to
      always associate with the good people and to refer to the truly learned and saintly in matters of religion and spirituality. Yes, the State Religious Councils and the National Fatwa Council are the learned people on Islam in this country.

      Certainly not associate with Anwar Al Juburi and Pakatoons and Zainah Anwar and Sisters In Islam.

      But I insist that our creed of Islam IS (not may be) on the right track. And yes, our personal understanding and commitment to practice MUST NOT BE off the mark. Sunni Islam is clear - Al Qur'an and Hadith. Not them Al Juburi and najis.

      The bloody NeoCons, Jews and Zionists of the Israeli Lobby in US and elsewhere, and the Zionists of Israel have been clapping their hands at Muslims fighting one another, even probably have their Intelligence Service Mossad had their hands in the turmoil in the Arab Spring, the IS, ISIS, ISL conflagrations in the Middle East now.

      Let's all Muslims in this country unite, speak and act on the basis of the Constitution and all the laws on Islam in this country.


    21. A man came forward and asked: "Oh Rasulullah! What is Islam?" The Prophet s.a.w. replied: "It is that you preserve your heart for Allah and also you preserve other people from [the evil of] your tongue and your hands!"

    22. 16:23,

      Not sure your intention in putting in that quote, or who you are addressing it to.

      If Hadith, I don't see the Sahih being mentioned. It becomes suspicious when Islam is said to be that.

      But if it's meant for Anwar Al Juburi and Pakatoons, and Zainah Anwar and Sisters In Islam, I can easily understand.

      Though Anwar Al Juburi does not use only his tongue and his hands, hehe.

    23. Hehe, Anonymous3 November 2014 06:57 said ".. Article 153 of the Constitution stating the position of Islam as the religion of the country and other laws enacted in pursuit if that." What was meant was Article 3.

      Anonymous3 November 2014 06:39 said "He'd lose GE13 if he ignores all those .. get the UMNO Supreme Council replace him with the No.2 when there are still another 3 years to GE13." What was meant was GE14.

      A case of what's in the mind not properly translated into the writing. Or the early morning writing fuddled up by the inadequate sleeping. Or the mind so eager to read about the Federal Court lawyers' Al Juburi whacking and deliberating, hehe.

  9. Good to know you like Arab songs, too, Annie.

    Want to say more but fear sounding political. You pointed out this post is strictly non-political.

    But so many things social - even jokes - are political, too, innit. But I'll leave those for another time.

    1. Some political jokes are called satire.

      For Anwar, it's Kajang satay.

  10. Annie, the Chinese lady spoke to you in Malay?

    You take after your father, not your mother arr?

    Frust nya aku, nak nengok gambau pun tak dapek.

  11. Waaa, so easy to please you annie, eh? What could had been a lousy day was turned around by a cartoon movie.

    So stupid that bloke who often stood you up. Chuck him away for any one of us la, annie.