Wednesday 26 November 2014

Something may be brewing in Umno

I suspect that Umno deputy president TS Muhyiddin Yassin is very likely up to something.

Those who carefully listened to his speech at the opening of the Umno's party wings last night which was televised live may agree with me.

Here is the story of part of his speech which is most telling....

Don't postpone UMNO 2016 election, says Muhyiddin

The next few days of Umno general assembly will be very interesting.


  1. is he challenging Ah Gib Gor?

  2. Muhiyuddin!!!!" You r d Man with teloq!!

    1. I agree. I support him.

      Wahai Perwakilan / Majlis Tertinggi UMNO, gantikan Najib. Jahanam hak dan kepentigan Melayu jika dia berterusan.

  3. Heh, heh....egged on by the likes of Tun Dr M, Isma, Perkasa etc, could he lining up backroom support to challenge Najib for the Umno presidency?

    Certainly, Muhyiddin is taking every opportunity to burnish his hawkish credentials and agenda.

    But, at the end of day, if Umno doesn't deliver on the economic front, the quest to uphold the "dignity of the Malays" will be for naught.

    It's easy to talk the talk. Let's see if he is equally good in walking the talk.

    1. A clear example Muhyiddin didn't even talk much but simply walked was making History compulsory in schools.

      That's a landmark decision for the development of the country, man.

      Who says that isn't so. If I have the time, I'll give a counter argument to every argument you might put out.

      Without knowing history, we end up having even gila fellows in the Opposition - and elected to Parliament even. The bloke got thrashed in the face in Parliament by Ahmad Shabery for not knowing what is Merdeka Day and what is Malaysia Day.

      Thanks to Muhyiddin making History compulsory - no SPM if not passed - coming generations will have more respect for the Constitution and the laws that emanate from it.

      That's how important and useful Muhyiddin's decision was. Very constructive towards nation building.

      Not like Najib, rushing to developed nation status, no matter what. Until NEP is placed at the back burner, said Tun Dr Mahathir. And so many other pincang decisions Najib made in the rush to that.

    2. Now, will Muhyiddin have the guts to do what is right and bring back English-medium schools?

      After all, Tun Dr M did admit that all his grandchildren attend international schools.

      What about the kids of the royalty, VVIPs, the glitterati and the other Onepercenters?

      Populism versus economic realities?

      And tell me - the compulsory study of history is benefitting the economy how?

    3. Stupid is as stupid does, right?

      Want to have that translated into Bahasa?

    4. He was the former MB of Johor. I had the opportunity to meet him as one of the FMM Johor Branch delegates. I think he is knowledgeable and capable of running Malaysia successfuly for us as he could have been for Johor if not for his Sultan. He lasted for one term only.

    5. Ooh, Encik Kamarudin....that is seditious talk!

      Some folks in JB remember Muhyiddin, rightly or wrongly, for the abandoned Floating City project and the resulting eyesore in the Straits.

    6. Tebing Tinggi,

      Lu eaa aa ,satu contoh babut punya ,tatak tau sejalah lea aa .tatak kenal lili maa aa ,kasi kacau lain olang punya nama lor rr.

    7. Tebing Tinggi,

      Why must Muhyiddin bring back English medium schools? Of course Tun Dr. M said that, as everybody knew that already. However, Tun's remarks should be seen as the need to improve our education system. No need to bring back English medium schools. I'm sure if Tun Dr. M really believe in such schools, he could have bring it back when he was the Minister of Education in the past. And yet he didn't. And yet this country did not crumbled overnight when generations after generations of students learned in BM and help to develop this country. How many decades are we talking about here? If learning in BM is so bad, Malaysia could've been even worse than Zimbabwe years after we abolished English-medium schools. And yet, look at us today. Not perfect but not that bad either.

      The big mistake was experimenting with PPSMI. Clearly, our public school system was incapable of switching to that mode. Plague with lots of problems such as insufficient teachers etc. Furthermore, decades of work was turned upside down because it was believed that we can learn Science and Maths better in English. Seriously? How about those kids in rural areas? Are their needs been taken care of? They need education as their own ladder to move up socio-economically and why must we put another hurdle for them to learn S&T in English, subjects which they are already struggling at and have many misconceptions about? And yet, we still cannot sell Proton in huge numbers to overseas markets. Now compared that to South Korea and Japan. Well, forget Japan as it is in a class of its own. South Korea's GDP was lower than that of Malaysia decades ago but today it is a rising juggernaut. Look at the quality of Korean-made cars unlike Proton's Inspira, which is hardly inspiring. Look at the attractiveness of Korean culture ranging from their drama to K-Pop. Do you think that was primarily due to learning S&T in English? In fact, learning everything in English? You think they entirely abandon their rich history? Obviously NOT. In fact, why would our young generation got fixated with things Korean like the Running Man show when none of their cast can converse in English? Simple, because behind every language is a culture.

      Well, it is good making History a compulsory subject and I think we can also add sub-topics like Economic History where our students will learn about so many good and bad examples. For example, they can learn about the London Dawn Raid when we wrestled control of Guthrie, or they can learn about the Asian Economic Crisis and we handled that, or they can learn why Perwaja Steel and Ekran Bhd went down the drain. Also about Bakun Dam. See? Plenty of things to learn about and these can indirectly benefit the economy.

      If learning History is not that important, kindly name any of the G-8 economies that do not emphasise History in their education system. Can you?


    8. Are you saying that "kids in rural areas" are still struggling 50-something years after Merdeka?

      What happened to the billions of ringgit spent on education since 1957?

      What about the "rural kids" in Sabah and Sarawak? Have their education levels, skills and job prospects improved since the formation of Malaysia?

      Why are the VVIPs and Onepercenters in Malaysia sending their kids to international schools? Why are ordinary parents in Johor scrimping and saving to send their kids to school in Singapore?

      If the government had the guts, it could have put the kibosh on all of the above long ago. It didn't. Why?


    9. Tebing Tinggi26 November 2014 16:13,

      You the fake Tebing Tinggi with the capital TT. Masquerading the small letters tt, eh?

      And why not benefitting the economy?

    10. Anonymous27 November 2014 15:24,

      You are not even saying what was "the abandoned Floating City project", what his role was, etc.

      See, people don't even remember that. It must not have been abig isse.

  4. Replies
    1. That's your opinion. Many others think the opposite. They want Najib replaced for throwing our ISA, now Sedition Act Act that protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution, especially those on the rights and interests of the Malays.

      How can he do that? Simply cannot. Replace him.

    2. He knows he's doing ah jib gor a humongous favour for him to exit with saving grace otherwise the clueless will be responsible for the downfall of UMNO in the near future.

    3. Anon 1014 - do you even know what the sedition act is all about?

    4. Anonymous26 November 2014 20:42,

      And do you know what it is all about?

  5. Yes, next few days of Umno general assembly will be very interesting. Wish I have time to be with you all giving our views.

    Though my views on asking UMNO to replace Najib will not change. There has been hell of a lot of arguments and facts already furnished in the recent past.

    I don't mind at all Muhyiddin as UMNO President and PM.

    Anyone against Muhyiddin should put out all the salient arguments, supported by facts. And quote reliable links and authorities where relevant. Otherwise your opposition to him may not hold water. People may not believe what you say.

    1. Who's setting the houses on fire???

      nothing doing beb!

  6. It's time for Naji Ah Gor to GO..

    Time for Muhyiddin to LEAD UMNO..


  7. Annie,
    No surprise,who was the architect of Mr Sleepy downfall?.Low profile,quite,straightforward and most powerful amongst UMNO Supreme Council Members.Well liked by grassroots members due to his humbleness and I think the most important factor is that he received the backing and support of the Old Grand Man that I think you know who...

  8. Same old story again, just different actors and cute actresses. Deputy not happy with boss, make veiled threat. Boss got wind of their intention and muscled in using all forces at his disposal. At the end of the day, deputy either walk out in a whimper or got booted out, probably ended up in exile somewhere quiet. That's the force of the incumbent.

    Najib may be vulnerable but he's got a powerful lady behind her. Don't underestimate twoemn, hell hath no fury as a woman scorn. She has a lot more to lose, friends in high society, the jetsets, the handbags. Going to Nar is the last thing in her mind. Beside that, majority of the top echelon UMNO will be under threat as well. Khairy will play lalang, just like what Najib did to Tengku R.

    Bet me, Najib will soldier on past 2016 and past GE14. Probably he will be the leader of the opposition by then.

  9. Melayu hanya mampu bawak kapcai-kata Najib.

  10. Mahyudin, for UMNO president ,that will be most welcome news especially by the Malays . Najib has done too much damage to UMNO ,the Malays , Islam and Malaysia as a Nation .
    Malays cant tolerate it any further .

  11. Anon 13.24,
    No doubt Najib will soldiered on till 2016 past GE 14,but the signal had been given that from now on he has to be careful and mindful of his actions.The UMNO Supreme Council Members will be on the look for his administrative trades to whether benefits UMNO and the Malays as a whole.Nothing to do with Rosmah.You mentioned above generally politicians are Lallangs of the first order.I had the feeling that the same thing will happen to Rosmah if her husband is sacked.She will quitely silienced same as other first ladies before her.

    1. Belakang pusing kepada kelangsungan wayang kulitkah? Majapahit liberal dah berserang hang!

  12. What is worse that telling the world that you do not know what's wrong with you, then the world tell you what's wrong with you but you do not believe what's wrong with you because your advisors did not believe what the world is telling and the world is witnessing your downfall because you did not believe what the world is seeing.

    Cukuplah Najib.

    1. This is known as top-level delusion. Impure heart mixed with confused intellect. It's a pity the ummat let him climb so high up the hierarchy to break everything to pieces.

    2. In a hierarchy everyone tends to rise to their level of incompetence.

      Peter's Principle in action.

  13. Muhyiddin is going to take the biggest risk of his life. He's going to go for the president post in the next party election. It is now or never..

  14. Najib ni macam anai anai.

    Istana yang memakan masa begitu lama untuk dibena, kepayahan semau maintain selama ini, pelan2 dia sedang gerit2 bahagian dalam biar robek. Tunggu masa saja nak runtuh.

  15. Now KJ is talking about introducing hiring/employment quotas based on the premise that Malaysian Malays are woefully underrepresented in the private sector.

    Will the government have the "balls" to tell foreign investors who they can hire and who they cannot?

    Or will KJ conveniently dodge walking the talk?

    Because it is Miti and Mida who have to "sell" Malaysia in their investment promo missions overseas.

    Whereas KJ and his ilk have the luxury of having their kueh, eating it and grandstanding without being responsible for the consequences.

    Why didn't KJ, for instance, talk about Malaysians (including, yes, Malays) who commute by motorbike daily across the Causeway to work in Singapore as security guards, bus drivers and fast food deliverymen?

    Nah, that wouldn't have burnished his image!

  16. It's little wonder that they want the Sedition Act to be retained and strengthened.

    Because when the economy tanks, when other countries in the region pull ahead, when the good jobs in the private sector dry up because investors have more attractive locations competing for their money - the government wants to be able to clamp down on protests by the rakyat.

    In these days of the ubiquitous Internet and social media, you can run, but you can't hide.

    And you can't make excuses, blame the perfidious colonialists and the uppity and ungrateful "pendatangs" because individual country performances are out there in the open.

    Nope, this is just about a bunch of wannabes trying to hang to their jobs and save their skins by invoking the bogeymen!

    1. Beautifully put. Pithy and to the point.

      Anybody to rebut or refute?

      Like the poster said, you can run, but you can't hide.

    2. Fine indeed! it's a crafty piece of sophistic rhetoric even the Athenians would be envious of! But substance-wise full of holes? What have all your clauses have to do with the need for judicious laws of sedition to address treasonous behavior towards the well-being of the nation and society?

    3. "when the economy tanks, when other countries in the region pull ahead, when the good jobs in the private sector dry up because investors have more attractive locations competing for their money - the government wants to be able to clamp down on protests by the rakyat."

      Not going to waste too much time on this DAPspig hype. Only yo say this: a highly improbable scenario envisioned by a highly intoxicated persona who does not believe in the spirit of good faith that exists within mankind.

    4. Wow, the eternal optimist, aren't you?

      Do the FDI stats & jobs created support your optimism?

      How long can the government keep domestic demand going by handing out cash before the rating agencies call time?

      "Spirit of good faith", eh?

      It must be why privileges and protection are still needed - which would support the view that there's precious little good faith when countries are competing against each other for investments and the jobs they create.

    5. Yah, lah...why is the gahmen making such a big song and dance about wanting to attract FDI and bring in "global talent" and get big MNCs to put their hubs in Malaysia?

      Malaysia boleh, lah! We can do it on our own! No need for all these pesky FDI, FTAs, opening up the economy etc etc.

      Get the Umno guys (and gals) to walk their talk!

  17. Ya lor 20:55 everyone else is wrong. Let us just live in our tempurung

    1. where did 20.55 said that "everyone else is wrong"

    2. Just read the nuance of what he says and you should 'get it'