Thursday, 13 November 2014

Najib in full control of Umno's apparatus

Nothing is really cooking on the political front for now except the Umno general assembly which starts on Nov 25.

That's how dry things are at the moment.

Almost everything were constant.

All those stuff they said about a rebellion brewing against Najib from within his own party, well...the truth is that it was not true.

Whether you like it or not, Najib actually has full control over the party's supreme council, the vice-presidents, party wings and even his own deputy.

That's good enough for him to stay in power for quite a while more.

The majority of those who are supportive of the establishment but now said they want Najib to be ousted are actually mostly non-Umno members or party members but those who have not much influence in deciding the direction of the Malay party.

What will actually happen at the Umno general assembly?

Well, the resolutions (usul-usul) by the party divisions will indeed be heard at the PWTC.

But that will be as far as they will ever get.

The party leadership had actually already made up their mind on those issues.

No joke, okay.

They will let the delegates vent their anger and frustrations but in the end persuade everyone that what they are doing are good for agama, bangsa and tanahair.

Yup, that is what going to happen at PWTC.

The delegates can talk all they want about issues such as absorbing the Chinese education system into the national school system, but that will be all there is to it...just talks.

The truth is, Chinese schools are here to stay "selagi ada bulan dan bintang" and their safe existence "has been put under lock and key" by the government.

The first part about moon and stars was promised by DPM and Education minister TS Muhyiddin Yassin during the Sungai Limau by-election last year while the part about the right for the schools' existence being put under lock and key was uttered by PM DS Najib Razak during the recent MCA's AGM.

You all remember those, right?

As for all those protests over Sedition Act, well, the speakers at the Umno general assembly can whack the issue till its skin and bones but I believe the Act will in the end still be phased out.

It's all already decided, okay.

The same goes with other issues.

Nonetheless, the pressure on Najib will continue.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and others will continue to criticize the Najib's administration, but it was not because they want to topple the PM but rather want him to be a better PM.

I myself will be criticizing Najib and his people if I detect them doing something wrong.

It's actually good that there are pressure as it will keep Najib and his people on their toes and not think that they can do whatever they want because they are in power.

But still, honestly, I don't really fancy Najib's job.

It's too stressful.

It is actually better to be his critique rather than to be the man himself.


  1. Yes, he put his cousin Hishammuddin as chairman of the general assembly's motions committee. Smart move, never mind if it is nepotism - 2 other Vice Presidents are senior to him in terms of votes, hence ranking, in the party. Not seditious to say this, innit.

    But we do not know yet what will actually happen between now and the PAU, during and after the PAU.

    Hishamuddin said UMNO does not want any issues arising from the party polls last year to dominate this year's PAU. Of course, sweep problems under the carpet. Like the Chinese tsunami. The motions allowed will be those that won't embarass cousin Najib. Not difficult to read, innit.

    But he did say focus should be given on the motions, suggestions and issues from the grassroots members to ensure the party's survival in the new political landscape. Of course he didn't say or meant it but delegates should look at that statement as meaning they can focus on the Sedition Act, now very much a grassroots serious concern as at least 170 out of 191 Divisions, as well as the Pemuda and Wanita wings, want it retained. No motion on that? Well, can raise under "Matters Arising", innit? They won't rise? Or can't rise?

    "This year's general assembly is vital in determining the party's direction .. cannot survive forever without going through the assessment process according to the change of time and the people's aspiration," he said. Yes, indeed. The people's aspiration is for the Sedition Act to be retained.

    Clever also in planning for special general assembly to be held next year or in 2016.
    where he said Umno delegates can have a better platform to raise party polls-related issues.

    And of course, "The next party polls will only be held after the 14th general election" - too late for changes to be effected 1-2 years before GE14. So, the only time for UMNO to replace Najib is at the coming PAU - still 3 plus years before GE14.

    1. re: "Yes, he put his cousin Hishammuddin as chairman of the general assembly's motions committee. Smart move, never mind if it is nepotism - 2 other Vice Presidents are senior to him in terms of votes, hence ranking, in the party. Not seditious to say this, innit."

      He also got up the political ladder with so many helping hands innit? He never had to study hard nor work hard for his high appointments. So now he doesn't know how to pick the qualified people for the country. Except to pay and pay Consultants to think for him

    2. Interesting that Annie said that "they said about a rebellion brewing against Najib from within his own party .."

      I never thought of it as a rebellion. Merely as the vast majority of UMNO members opposing the removal of the Sedition Act. As represented by the 170 Divisions. And by Pemuda UMNO and Wanita UMNO.

      "Opposed" was the word Shahrizat used. Even to the extent of wanting to go around getting 1 million signatures. That serious.

      But even if there are people terming all those as a "rebellion", I don't mind. I just want Najib announcing the Sedition Act will be retained. Like most of the UMNO people said above.

    3. Would all the delegates fully respect and follow what Hishamuddin says?

      He almost did not get a VP seat last UMNO Election.

    4. Mana banyak orang respek dia. Masa Menteri Dalam Negeri, bukan main banyak ngata dia, "Menteri Amaran" lah, apa lah, macam macam.

    5. Kalau itu macam maa aa , apa itu Annie cakap, UMNO habit loo rr . Hilup ! Lee Aa Pee .

      Lee Aa Pee tatak payah kasi UBAH , UMNO sendili kasi ubah ikut Lee Aa Pee punya selera maa aa .

  2. I'm not sure "how dry things are at the moment", Annie. However well oiled a piece of machinery may be, there's bound to be some creaking here and there especially when the machine is wobbly.

    Not wobbly, you say? Well, even UMNO members themselves have been writing yards on it. Including Pak Kadir Jasin. Remember, Tun Dr Mahathir has said Najib is worse than Pak Lah. And he is a well revered member, isn't he?

    To me, removing ISA, the planned removal of SA, the rushing to developed nation status at the expense of the rights and interests of the Malays are among those that make the creakings louder. Nobody really knows how loud the noises are at the 170 Bahagian, innit.

    1. Watch out when dry. Menopause? Hehe

  3. Thanks to liberalism that Najib has been promoting - at times not in the right context - my comments, which may be deemed boring, will hopefully continue to be printed. Especially after experiencing rejection at Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Kini, etc.

    And now I wanna say: if you say it's not true there's rebellion brewing against Najib from within his own party, how come 170 Divisions defy his wish to discard the Sedition Act? And the Pemuda as well as the Wanita wings as well.

    Well, if Najib "has full control over the party's supreme council, the vice-presidents, party wings and even his own deputy", how come the defiance? Is that part of a strategy to make the non-Malays love him for their votes at PRU14?

    1. Because people in Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Insider and others seditious, Sedition Act must stay.

  4. I'll be extremely disappointed if Najib continues with throwing away the Sedition Act and not announce changing his mind on it at the coming PAU.

    I can't and won't say I'd migrate because I love this country and I no like to live in any other country. I'm loyal to King and Country and to the Constitution of the country. In fact, I'm against the removal of the Sedition Act because I want it respected by all citizens, amendments allowed only to the non-sensitive clauses, not the sensitive ones that are protected by the Sedition Act.

    And, as repeatedly said in comments to the previous posts, even the most advanced and liberal country in the world, the US, has their Sedition laws which their Courts have, over the years, refused to declare them unconstitutional.

    And we have a Constitution quite different from the US. We have a historical background totally different from the US. Everybody must respect those.

    1. Those not respecting Constitution and sensitive clauses and not liking this country can migrate. Even well known people said that.

    2. Orang Malaysia mau jadi lebih liberal dari orang Amerika ke? Mengarut. Camtu pun Najib nak layan ke? Mengarut.

  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah, "They will let the delegates vent their anger and frustrations but in the end persuade everyone that what they are doing are good for agama, bangsa and tanahair."

    The Chinese tsunami happened at PRU13. Some Malays already talking about a Malay tsunami. Though I don't think that will happen, UMNO will lose many Malay votes and even a few "Malay seats" at PRU14. Silap silap, telungkup. I don't wish that to happen but nobody expected the Chinese tsunami at PRU13, did they?

    1. With so much hoo haa all over the world, including in Malaysia with Sedition Act and all, bloody Israel announced building another 200 homes in Jerusalem, not much noise by the world at large.

      So Najib rushing to developed nation status, throwing out Sedition Act until he might get thrown out, are all these a part of Zionist grand design, like thru the many consultants' advice(s) Najib employs, to weaken Muslim-led governments in the world?

      Is that far-fetched thinking? Remember, Tun Dr Mahathir said the Jews rule the world by proxy. There's a lot to what he said. Especially when one Harvard Professor and a Chicago University Professor jointly wrote an essay on the "Israeli Lobby .. with unmatched power in the US ..", influencing the stupid George W Bush to bomb Iraq etc 10 years ago.

      Now the Arabs in the Middle Eat are in the wilderness. The Egyptians still cannot get a new Constitution out after 3 years in turmoil. Cilaka George. And the Zionists. And Najib? And less talk about the pendatang now. How?

    2. If Malay tsunami, habis lah. Anwar in jail, Hadi sakit, Kit Siang jadi PM? Mana boleh?

    3. Apasat Kit Siang tak boleh jadi PM? Subab lia siutak kena ISA. Lanti lia mau put back ISA. Kasi lain olang masuk.

      Kit Siang jadi PM lanti dia bikin big statue of Chin Peng. Dia punya hero. Dulu dia bilang kasi Chin Peng masuk Malaysia lorr.

      Waaa, Agung and Rulers Council very difficulty to allow him become PM meh.

  6. "It's all already decided, okay." -

    Obama decided and implemented the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, completed only very recently.

    But decided to change that stand and sent a few thousand troops to Iraq only a few days ago.

  7. Fact is after UMNO Assemble semu balik asal. Wak asal balik kampung itu pasal tak jadi.. Semua goes back to zzzz...

  8. ".. think that they can do whatever they want because they are in power.

    If Najib does not announce retaining the Sedition Act at the coming PAU and does not place the NEP at the front burner, it means he's thinking and behaving just that.

    Ignoring the wishes of the vast majority of the UMNO Bahagian, the Pemuda UMNO and Wanita UMNO, as well as the silent majority in this country.

    1. Kalau tak pedulikan kehendak majoriti, ada 2 Tokong lah dalam negara ini. Satu Tokong Lim Dear Leader. Satu Tolong Jib, wa sayang lu manyiak manyiak ler.

  9. Will 1MDB be Najib's Achilles' heel, asked Malaysiakini - ‎26 minutes ago.

    Ferdtan: For once, we are happy that former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is on the same page as the opposition with regard to the ailing state-owned investment arm 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

    But my question is: Will throwing out the Sedition Act and sidelining the NEP in the rush to developed nation status be Najib's wrecked heel and BN debacle at PRU14?

    1. Debacle or no debacle, more and more jittery from now on. Exploited by the Oppos. Even if the Juburi fella gets 10-15 years in jail.

  10. It doesn't matter whether you are Malay leader or Chinese leader - as long as you have tunnel vision and keep on promoting full Chinese vernacular school then you are not the right candidates for the unification of the nation.

    1. Well said, mate. Worse than tunnel vision, that kinda fella has no vision at all. Not seeing the need for unity based on Single Stream Education.

      Gawwwd, even China enforces the law on the use of Mandarin, their official language, to unite the country. But buggers in south China demonstrated against it - in Canton, Hong Kong, etc.

      Like said by History Professors, south China was originally occupied by hill tribes, not Chinese. Those in present day south China were descended from the hill tribes. Some migrated and found themselves on our shores. And the funny thing is that here, in this country, they want Mandarin be used in schools.

      And Ah Jib Gor layan-ed them. Wat talk unity like dat? Then want to throw away Sedition Act. Layan-ed them again. Teruk lah kita.

    2. Channel news footage of APEC leaders in Beijing showed the Chinese President tight and serious face when shaking hands with the Japanese PM, and not looking into the latter's face.

      Wonder how his facial expression will be if shaking the hands of Cina Bukit of the South. Maybe he wont - just stare at them appearing before him.

      Tokong Lim will melt in the behind if got chance to shake the Chinese President. Did I miss any words there?

  11. Nothing may be cooking and things may be dry at the moment. On the surface? Or so said by 1-2 "deep sources" like a Vice-President and a Supreme Council Member.

    I don't remember how they removed Tun Dol, how they "eased" Pak Lah out last time. Any one does? Please tell.

    I don't remember any news reports on the UMNO Supreme Council meeting or they taking a stand as a group. But I remember the huge amount of criticisms against Tun Dol, especially by Tun Dr Mahathir. Now, so much criticisms already against Ah Jib Gor. Wonder how big a bang will be produced by Tun Dr Mahathir at the much awaited 23 November speech during a PERKASA event.

    1. Tak payah kisah sangat lah camna Pak Lah keluar. Kita pusatkan perhatian camna nak keluarkan Najib, gantikan dia sekarang. Oooi, perwakilan UMNO, tolong lah ...

  12. Yeah, Najib has a really stressful job jumping in and out of a luxury A319 private jet, living it up in a palace 3x the size of the White House (Obama can only envy....)

    1. "a palace 3x the size of the White House"? Waaaaaaaaaa never knew that. No wander want to try stay 20 years maybe more. No wander who cares NEP or wat so long can get votes.

    2. 'Let him enjoy it whilst it last!' Mungkin tidak lama lagi dia dapat kenikmatan ini!

      Nampaknya sekarang Najib asyik terbang di langit biru dari berada dalam Negara untuk menguruskan Negara.

      Mungkin juga Najib adalah Gus Dur The Second, yang asyik melawat luar Negara sahaja semasa berkuasa.

  13. As expected! Biasa laa tu dalam umno,sapa tak kenal umno, dalam PAU macam kapal karam lepas tu semua angguk2 macam ayam berak kapur.

    1. Sapa cakap? Tengok le dulu. Lepas PAU kita cakap banyak banyak le. Kalau angguk saja, kita pelupuh, kasi berak kapur, berak cair, apakebende ...

    2. Penerangan kpd komen di 13:30 -

      Pelupuh cara kata saje le. Tapi kalau angguk saja, depa nak berak cara camna pun bole.

  14. Najib - the iron hand in the velvet glove.

    On another matter, so good to see Annie getting such huge amounts of comments for her postings recently. The interest in this column puts many others to shame. We'll done, Annie.

    1. Not even sure if it's velvet glove.

      If it's white, at last easy to tell hand got kayap or not. Even if she is a doctor. Fanning herself everywhere she goes. Including seeing Al Juburi in prison.

  15. Annie got many comments coz her views opposite others one. Opposites attract. Also she is female, many commenters male. Opposites attract. When her views not opposite, she writes manja manja one. Others garang. Opposites attract. When she manja ... others yearn for her, don't get, lagi banyak comments, Najib distracts ...

    And I have to go look for Male Y. Cannot find. What a life, what kind of luck ......

  16. Not many sokong Najib in here. Maybe takut kena kerumun. Not by thugs and gangsters. But by nice fellows who'll gently tap on the shoulders asking wat u say one, wat u mean one.

    From the sound of the comments, pendatang also no more coming in, takut masuk sebab always come out the words ultra kiasu ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatang DAP.

    Maybe not fair lorr. But how to tell not DAP? And when DAP, sure Cina Bukit one. And lawyer Ambiga has still not offered an acceptable alternative to the word pendatang. And Karpal already dead cannot say "over my dead body" any more.

    You see, harsh words like that, how can expect sweet reactions? And yet Najib wants to throw away Sedition Act. How can?

    1. Space. And matter. Einstein's formula: E = MC2.

      DS Najib wants his space. Rushing to Developed Nation status. RDN.
      For that, out goes Sedition Act. OSA.

      DS Najib's formula: RDN = OSA.

      But if UMNO ousts him, Out Goes Najib. OGN.

      Then it'll become: DSN = OGN

      Suudaaah laa... Einstein and mcm mcm formula pulak ..

      Kit Siang's word was "Never". Now he'll probably say to UMNO, "Never oust Najib". What he does and doesn't do are good for DAP. UMNO is divided big time now.

  17. "Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and others will continue to criticize the Najib's administration, but it was not because they want to topple the PM but rather want him to be a better PM."

    Topple the administration means topple the Government in power. Other than thru general elections, that's a crime, maybe even treason.

    But asking UMNO to replace the President is ok. Not even seditious. That's democracy in action.

  18. What is the point of retaining the Sedition Act if it is not enforced on those who make seditious remarks, irrespective of race and political affiliation.
    What is important is to ensure that the Act is not only retained but enforced expeditiously without fear or favour.


    1. Agree fully with your 2nd para. Also agree fully with the 2nd part of your 1st para.

      And may I say that whatever the situation is in terms of applying it, there is a huge point in retaining the Sedition Act. It inhibits flagrant and random seditious tendencies.

      Blokes like Tian Chua will not say anything he likes, any way he likes, any time he likes. He has to check his words, context, etc.

    2. Not only blokes like Tian Chua but blokes fr ISMA & Perkasa too need to be reined in

  19. Gurindam V Raja Ali Haji

    Jika hendak mengenal orang berbangsa,
    lihat kepada budi dan bahasa,

    Jika hendak mengenal orang yang berbahagia,
    sangat memeliharakan yang sia-sia.

    Jika hendak mengenal orang mulia,
    lihatlah kepada kelakuan dia.

    Jika hendak mengenal orang yang berilmu,
    bertanya dan belajar tiadalah jemu.

    Jika hendak mengenal orang yang berakal,
    di dalam dunia mengambil bekal (untuk akhirat).

    Jika hendak mengenal orang yang baik perangai,
    lihat pada ketika bercampur dengan orang ramai.

    Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

  20. People die fighting for their way of life. The Americans go to war to preserve their way of life. We Malaysians must protect our way of life.

    But our way of life is not exactly the American way of life. They allow homosexuals, LBGTs, sodomists, heck, they even allow same sex marriages. We don't.

    Their way of life is based on their Constitution and their history. So is ours. But our Constitution differs from theirs. We have Islam as the religion of the country. As Article 3, way above so many other aspects of our life in this country. The Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak have a Special Position. Under Article 153. Which was enshrined in the Constitution as the consideration or as a quid pro quo for the citizenship right agreed to for the pendatang. That Special Position from which was drawn the NEP.

    But why the hell must we be wanting to follow the Americans and others? Unlimited freedom and all. Silencing the NEP so-called not giving equality to everybody. And it's flabbergasting that we threw out ISA when the Americans still have detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay. Now wanting to throw out the Sedition Act when the American courts refused to declare their sedition statutes and enactments unconstitutional. Are we crazy? No. Only a few may be.

    Come on, people, let's whack those who are. Let's protect our way of life. Let's defend our Constitution. Let's fight against those who want to touch the sensitive Articles of the Constitution that are protected by the Sedition Act.

    1. Mengapa kita mesti ikut depa Amerika. kalau depa masih ada tahanan tanpa bicara di Guantanamo Bay, mengapa kita sibuk nak buang ISA? Saya baca terakhir sebualan dua dulu masih ada 160 orang tahanan di sana. Mengada ngada ke kita di Malaysia nih?

      Gitu jugak Amerika masih ada Akta Hasutan depa. Dalam berbagai bentuk perundangan. Awat kita dok heboh nak buang Akata Hasutan kita?

      Wahai perwakilan UMNO, tolong lah buat apa yang perlu di PAU nanti. Tentukan PM umumkan Akta Hasutan tidak akan di buang. Kalau tak, buang dia, gantikan dengan orang lain.

  21. Rushing to developed nation status. Wanting FDI to come in including from China whose people have not known about real freedom for hundreds, nay, even thousands, of years. In the last analysis, it boils down to wanting US, UK and others to place their signatures to the "certificate" of developed nation.

    And to wanting votes from those who gave the Chinese tsunami at PRU13. Those who have been given all sorts before PRU13 but still abandon the givers. Those whose community has been the richest in this country for many decades. Those who have 2, even 3, different prices for the same merchandise, the lowest being to members of their own community. Those who require "knowledge of Mandarin" in their job advertisements. Those who have all sorts of clans, sub-clans associations and business guilds of all kinds that are exclusive and others cannot join.

    Those who have a culture of doing business but not keen to share their knowledge and experience with the Malays and the Bumiputeras who have no culture of, not even much experience in doing business, to fend for themselves and struggle on their own and face competition in a developed nation that is being rushed to. Those who have only 20% corporate wealth and much less in other aspects of wealth like commercial buildings and residential property ownership. Those that might slid back to only 2-3% like in 1970 before the NEP. Is that fair? No. It isn't. It's just plain and glaringly unfair.

    1. Kalau kita ada ha nya 20% kekayaan korporat saja, pastu negara maju dok sengapkan DEB, kena bertanding tapi tarak budaya berniaga, tak banyak pengtahuan dan pengalaman berniaga, ha nya belajaq sejak 20-30 tahun lalu, banding dengan depa dah beribu tahun berniaga, macam mana adil? Tak adil.

  22. So, what do we do about our predicament? We speak up endlessly. Especially now until the UMNO General Assembly on 25 November onwards. We ask the UMNO delegates to think hard about all those. Ask them to remember that at least 170 out of 191 UMNO Divisions have said they want the Sedition Act retained. And the Pemuda and Wanita UMNO want it retained, too. Never mind repeating it again and again.

    Protect and defend the Sedition Act. Demand that it be retained. That Act which, if discarded, would remove the protection on the sensitive Articles of the Constitution, especially the system of constitutional monarchy that we have for the past 57 years and before, the position of Islam being "the religion of the Federation", the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak from which the NEP was inspired.

    Removal of the Sedition act would enable the others to freely question and attack the sensitive clauses of the Constitution. The reaction will be adverse. Very serious. Some have even said "All hell will break loose" if and when that happens. Let's prevent those, let's avoid them. Let's just shout out "Retain the Sedition Act". And ask the PM to announce it so at the coming General Assembly. And if he doesn't, talk about replacing him. It's alright to do so. It's everybody's right to do so. It's part of democracy. It's using the right channel doing so at the UMNO General Assembly.

    1. The Sedition Act should be re-defined meticulously so that even the PM would be very cautious to resort to it. At the same time the bad-hearted guys will not get away.

      Case study:

    2. The honest lawyers will tell you that all the "best agreements" and the best legal documents in the world "are only worth the paper they are written on."

      Meaning, there is no such thing as a perfect legal document.

      That's why there are so many lawyers in this world - some 15,000 in Malaysia alone?

      The differences in opinion, interpretation etc enable the lawyers to make money. If you are defending Anwar Al Juburi, you'd make tons of it. Coz he's an incorrigible sodomist and will fight to the highest court of the land, korek any legal loopholes there may exist, delays hell a lot his court cases, and money for the lawyers.

    3. Hell has seen no fury until they receive such a condemnable creature

  23. Annie,

    the last paragraph should answer your questions about najib having full control of umno:

    we know this. we know how it is long time ago too. weve seen the trend. the elitis seldom in line with the malay majority, which is a joke since it call itself a tunjang party for the malay.

    we are getting excited, we are getting anxious because weve had enough of najib liberal policy and we have hopes that tun might do something prior to the pau to set things right again.

    without these two elements itll be the same pau like last year and the year before.

    political scenario might be dry to you, well, probably because u dont share our concerns. its your right and your opinion. to us malay its crazy moment now. its decision time to abandon vote for Umno (BN) or not and should we have a new platform or not. I believe this pau shall be the decisive factor.

    is muhidin the same? true the bulan and bintang did hurt. we wont pretend it didnt happened. in fact that will stay for a while (us malay we have long memory, payah nk lupa, maaf boleh). but like how u are willing to give najib chance, so will us for muhidin. besides, najib must go, its the only thing that we know for certain. play it logically, which one would you opt for? Why didnt we gave chance to najib as well? we did. and like i said weve had enough. The first time he announce 1 msia, i know itll be a floodgate to chavinist's demand, and true enough. we think after pru13 pm will learn his lesson but no.

    he may have full control of umno with his elegant silence or u may also call it bodoh sombong, but right now, umno trully doesnt reflect the malay at all. im not the only one thinking this. its time for a new plattform, if umno want to remain as it is.

    u may want to write about tht next.

    1. I join you in those views. Practically all of them. Well said.

      Yes, wd love Annie writing that next.