Sunday, 9 November 2014

The beautiful Sonmi 451

Feeling nauseous and had been vomiting since yesterday.

Nope, I'm not pregnant.


I'm just feeling sickly.

Too weak even to go to a clinic.

Just been drinking a bit of ginger tea.

I'm writing this with one finger....just in case I conk out tonight....haha...

Really, I'm feeling that bad.

By the way, things are bad at my workplace too.

The bosses are telling us that they need some of us to volunteer to quit our job.

If not they are going to retrench some of us.

Never happened before in the long history of the company.

Ya, I guess things are really bad and all those talks that the economy are doing well are all lies.

Anyway, I also learned another thing from this episode.

Loyalty is an overrated virtue.

The company I work for made it clear to me that my loyalty is not appreciated.

They don't even understand what good values are all about.

Nobody seems to appreciate good values anymore these days.

It's all about who have more money...more power...

I am beginning to lose hope for this country....

Okay, maybe I'm just sick.

Need to rest.


Good night.


  1. Annie, never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

    Media Prima to reduce headcount via MSS

    KUALA LUMPUR: A day after announcing a weaker financial performance for the first nine months of the year, the country’s largest media group, Media Prima Bhd, announced it would reduce the number of employees by offering them a one-off payment.

    In a statement, Media Prima said the mutual separation scheme (MSS) would be implemented from yesterday and be completed on Dec 15.

    While details of the number of employees who will be affected by MSS exercise was not divulged, sources said there may be a reduction of between 15% and 20% of the total headcount.

  2. Constitutional Ignoramus:

    Really arr? Thank God, Malaysia surviving without those. And doing well too - 6% GDP and LKSI at 1800 recently. Signs of good economic performance.

    1. Constitutional Genius:

      passionate fighter for a better Malaysia:


  3. A song to uplift the spirit of the weary but passionate fighter for a better Malaysia:


    1. Really? passionate fighter for a better Malaysia? In Chinese language? When everybody here writes in English or BM? Dong Zonggi r u? Read the latest quarreling among Dong Zong people -

      Eight members walk out of Dong Zong meeting in protest
      The Star Online - ‎2 hours ago‎

      JOHOR BARU: Less than 40 minutes into a meeting of the United Chinese School Committees Association (Dong Zong) here, eight central members walked out in protest after their president failed to address an issue raised by them.


      Shen Yee Aun [MCA Youth], who bills himself as an educator, national debater, coach, politician, columnist/writer, and strategist, among other things, published a post in his blog today criticising supporters of Chinese educationist NGO, the Dong Zong and calling them racists.

      Shen said his family had sent him to a national school instead of one of the many local Chinese schools because “Chinese who restrict the opportunity to mix around with other races in our country will sooner or later be living in their own world and separated from the society”.

      He emphasised his positive experiences as one of few Chinese among mostly Malays during his school years, and claimed that if some Malays were racist towards Chinese, it was the latter’s fault.

      “They are racist because you all are racist. It is a normal human norm to react in such a manner the way you all reacted towards them. If you open up your heart, mind and soul to treat them like how you treated your own races then I am very sure they will also treat you as part of their community even though you are a born Chinese,” he said.

      * * * * *
      Bravo! to a young Malaysian stalwart with Confucian values!

    3. Hear, hear, hear!

      To what Shen Yee Aun [MCA Youth] says.

  4. "'''They don't even understand what good values are all about.
    Nobody seems to appreciate good values anymore these days.
    It's all about who have more money...more power..."'''

    Polish a lot of apples in the office or join so imbecil political party and polish more apples

    You got yourself set up for life.!

    1. Yeah, you join DAP and you'll get the title "Ungrateful Ingrate Cina Bukit Pendatang DAP" for life.

      More than imbicile, that one. Futile, crocodile, exile, what have you.

    2. I like crocodiles. Think its quite good in the country.

      Nothing wrong in what 0027 is saying. As the great Dato Kadir Jasin has said the essence of UMNO is "memuji, memuja, mengampu dan berlawak jenaka".

      But not easy for pretty girls to come up in UMNO. You need to be built like a bik mama to have a chance to win against those Wanita UMNO types.

      As for the rest of you lot, just be grateful you can live in Malaysia.

    3. If "the rest of you lot" refers to the ungrateful ingrate pendatang, I agree they ought to be grateful that they can live in Malaysia.

      No problem with the likes of the then MCA leader Tun Tan Siew Sin who said not long before the race riots of 1969 that "the Malays have been generous enough" - agreeing to citizenship right to the pendatang at Merdeka and relaxing the conditions for the issue of citizenship certificates upon and after Merdeka.

      He was echoed by the then MIC leader Tun Sambanthan(?) who said similar gratitude to the Malays.

      We are not seeking for gratitude, but for reasonableness.

      PS: Worse has been happening in the Oppo Hippo and the other political parties than what old man Kadir Jasin been saying. But agree that UMNO has to pull up its socks, otherwise the hairy legs will show scabies, pekong and all.

  5. I lose hope too. Was one proud Malaysian diaspora and came back home thinking of contributing back to my beloved country. But living in hardship now.
    I am the first class citizen.(*smile). How now???

    1. Use your time to read the history of this country, the background to the framing of the Malaysian Constitution, ponder on the quid pro quo for your citizenship right, try at least to say thank you inside your heart, respect the Constitution fully, then maybe the country will improve in all things JUST FOR YOU.

      How about it?

    2. First Class citizen, eh? Only Lim Guan Eng @ Tokong Lim uses the word Class for citizenship, because of the acute pendatang complex he developed, after his paw and DAP gang were involved in the race riots of 1969.

      Now won't even like the word pendatang, yet not suggesting any alternative word.

      Sure you are First Class, mate? Wait for the next flight, will ya - this flight is full and no cushy jobs available yet.

  6. What is it you are feeling? You must get it diagnosed right Annie . . . what is Sonmi 451 by the way? the girl looks funny hehehe

    1. Cheer up woman, and go work out. Even old men can do wonders .... if there is a will there is a way!

  7. If pregnant, please tell us, Annie. Some of us might want to claim joint ownership of the child, haha.

    Pssst, your haha in the post there suggests that it's ok to say something like the above. Trying a joke to make you a bit cheerful, my dear. Hope it doesn't fall flat. I think you are broad minded and can take jokes of all kinds.

    No harm intended, ok?

    1. main main saje ... you the new kid in town?

  8. Loyalty to company, loyalty to King and Country. I feel very sad that so many who claim to be citizens of this country appear not to know what loyalty is. Several comments in the previous post show this.

    Not only not knowing loyalty, also not knowing about patriotism. Some of them blog under the name Malaysian, Cinta Malaysia etc, others shout on top of their voices that they love Malaysia yet hardly appear they know about the Constitution of the country.

    How can one be loyal and patriotic to the country when they don't have adequate knowledge of the Constitution of this country. The highest set of laws from which other laws emanate.

    Now History is compulsory in schools since 2013. I believe they include learning about the Constitution, the historical background to the drafting of the Constitution etc in the History subject taught at schools. We can now hope the next generation to be loyal and patriotic to this country.

  9. What do we do to the present generation who do not know about loyalty and patriotism to this country?

    We try and impart to them knowledge and advice about those from time to time.

    What do we do if they don't seem to care and not respect and abide by the Constitution of the country?

    Having told them repeatedly, and to those who don't bother, we tell them to migrate. Including Anwarul Al Juburi. They can find a country whose Constitution and laws they will like and willing to abide by. They'll be happy and those remaining behind will be happy. Win-win situation.

  10. Retrenching is when company results at the end of the financial year are not good. But it depends on whether companies have integrity, have established management principles or not. Some may just manage according to whims and fancies. Well, the Labour Office or good law firms may be resorted to for unjustified sacking. Asking staff to resign is something that the lawyers can use against the management - premeditation.

    But is the economy really bad? Can companies just use that as grounds for termination of service? I don't think so. Even if so, what are proofs that the economy is bad? What criteria are used to say that? Seems to me that economists are often not agreed on the state of the economy. Some say inflation, others say deflation, they even coined the term stagflation some time back.

  11. talks that the economy are doing well are all lies? Here are quotes from MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH -


    BCI records 95.9 points, down 17.0 points from 2Q14
    Sales significantly lower
    Drop in new domestic and exports orders
    Less vibrant manufacturing activities
    Stocks piling up


    CSI falls below 100-point threshold to 98.0
    Current and expected finances tone down
    Employment outlook flat
    Middle-income households increasingly worried over rising prices
    Shopping plans on top gear
    Malaysian Economic Outlook

    The above are the gloom and doom picture. But in the following comment may be a picture of roses next year.

    (To be continued)

  12. Here are the economic outlook for 2015 - see if it's roses coming our way. It's by the same Economic Research organizations, the experts, I suppose:

    "The 2015 Budget, presented in Parliament by the Prime Minister on 10 October 2014 was overwhelmingly welcomed by the rakyat. It was unveiled as budget for the rakyat or society as a whole, catering not only for the needs and aspirations of present generations, but also for future generations. More importantly, Budget 2015 continues to be growth-friendly, especially with increased allocations for development expenditure for 2015, the final year of the Tenth Malaysia Plan (10MP, 2011-2015) and the base year for the upcoming Eleventh Malaysia Plan (11MP, 2016-2020).

    Public infrastructure spending features prominently in the 2015 Budget, together with new regulatory measures to further enhance labour market efficiency and flexibility and,more importantly continued strong commitment for fiscal consolidation process and structural reform programs to enhance nation's competitiveness and improve declining total factor productivity. Of greater significance, macroeconomic policies remain generally supportive of domestic economic activities, though with less accommodative monetary policy to contain near-term financial excesses, and much stronger fiscal consolidation process to ensure that the goal of sustainable growth and balanced development can be achieved in the medium and long-term."

    Do you all honestly understand the above? Do you get a clear picture of the state of the economy next year, a few months from now? Not sure if I do.

    Gloom, doom, roses or what? Maybe nobody is brave enough to predict in clear terms economic trends of any country?

    So, is it fair for companies to retrench on the basis of those? I don't think so.

    1. Understand or not, Ah Jib Gor is rushing to developed nation status, no matter what, sidelining NEP, remove ISA, Sedition Act, etc.

      You guys better keep saying the economy is fantastic, otherwise those producing Developed Nation Status certificate will not issue one to Ah Jib.

      Ah Jib must be sore with Shahrizat, Wanita UMNO Head, who yesterday followed the bandwagon, abandoned him and said retain the Sedition Act, too.

    2. Macro-economic sophistry that pleases the wealthy and powerful as they consolidate themselves for the TPPA lah! with Ah Jib Gor's blessings maah . . .

  13. "Nope, I'm not pregnant.


    Annie, please whenever you're off with your man, please use contraceptive..

  14. Annie,

    Some one said that we should love our jobs, but not love the company we work for.

    Because some day, the company will stop loving you.

    1. Where got companies love anybody? Remember the Japanese sogososhas of which the Japanese Prime Minister said

      the head does not know the tail
      and in between they just squeeze blood out of the employees by the pails.

      Anyone not needed
      the taxis they just hail
      to wherever they wanna sail
      and if, despite all those, the company still fail
      the company heads just lie on the rail
      for the train to simply roll like on the Holy Grail

  15. My friends at NST received the MSS offer!


    1. If offered the MSS, consider taking it, then live a frugal life to last until a great opportunity comes one's way, gets entrenched in a new, secure and solid place, and you'll never know, you might even be in a position to offer a job to the bloke who offered you the MSS.

      The Lord sometimes works in mysterious ways. Remember, Obama has just decided to send American troops to Iraq again now, after pulling all of them out not long ago. Stupid George W Bush's curse is haunting the Americans again.

    2. The first time the marines went into Iraq it was an unjust war. This second time around, both the good muslims and non-muslims are gonna kick some violent ass ISIS killers and rapers of innocent women - wahhabi takfiris who vilify the kalimah syahadah. The muslim kurds and the yazidis have become sheep for the slaughter by the wild monkey militants