Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Much noise over really nothing

Don't you ever think that politics can be so boring?

I do.

Well, quite frequently actually.

Does it really makes any difference?

Honestly, these days, I am not so sure anymore.

Okay, here is a normal boring political question.

Najib and Anwar, who is better as PM?

Errr....why don't you all ask that question to those Umno people who nowadays have been whacking Najib upside down.

Frankly, I don't understand that type of Umno people.

They are the ones who decided to let Najib continues as their party president during the party elections less than a year ago and now they wanted him out.

Hey funny Umno people, why didn't you all voted Najib out back then?

Why only now you all are making all kind of noises?

As if there is a party election this year, where you all can get rid of Najib.

You know the time there is a party elections again, the same Umno people will likely change their mind again.

By that time they will say,

Najib is so handsome and smart.

We love PM.

Bla bla bla...

Remember....they were chanting that just last year....before GE13.

They are all such tiresome people, don't you think?

For instance, about that Sedition Act. Najib had wanted to get rid of it a long time ago. As if nobody ever knew that.

Why then all the hero-hero Melayu semua only making noises now?

Well, most of them are only making noises now, aren't they?

Then there are those who blame the failure to implement the Sedition Act as being the problem....well, if the Act is truly implemented, most of them would be in jail by now for breaking that very law, I think.

I would probably be in jail too because of this blog's contents.

Those who like to write nasty words in the comments section would be in jail too.

They include those who call the Chinese as Cinabeng, pendatang  and such.

Yup, Sedition Act is not really pleasant actually.

By right, it applies to both sides of the political divides.

That is if the authorities really want to properly implement it, as demanded by some people.

Sedition Act is not a weapon to be used against those who disagree with us.

That's not how it work.

Many are missing the point.

Think about it, okay.

I think Najib got the concept right and that's why he feels that the Act is no longer the best for its purpose.

That's why he wanted it to be replaced or at least amended.

Personally, I don't really care as long as it's for the better.

If Najib thinks he can make it better, then why not let him do it.

Isn't that why the Umno people elected him unopposed as their president? To affect such changes.

Otherwise, when later proven that he is just making a mess of it, then go after him la.

Kick him out by all means.

Now, all that are rather stressful, isn't it?

I think Umno people need to learn the following,

You simply cannot win everything every time in the current political climate.

Instead, you must accept that you can win sometime, but have to also accept defeat from time to time.

That's the way it is.

The truth is, sometimes, whenever I thought about it, I felt like just switching off and ignore the whole thing.

Ya, just forget about the whole bloody thing.

There are more to life than that.

Enjoy a good book, hug and kiss someone I love, listen or watch something wonderful.

That is what really nice about life.

Try to relax and enjoy the ride sometimes.

Really, there's more to life than thinking about what people like Najib, Anwar, Guan Eng, Hadi etc can do to, and for you.

We are after all what we make of ourselves.


  1. When God created Adam and Eve, it was peaceful. When the third bloke came along, politics started. So did corruption, prostitution and what have you. Peace started to crumble. Damn.

    And I'm not even a member of any political party. Yet maybe the loudest or at least among the loudest in here. I just want to see fair play, protection of the weak from the strong and the unscrupulous, preservation of good values for future generations. Unscrupulous politicians tend to destroy all those.

    So, noisy I shall continue to be. Basic human right, they say. Within the bounds of decency and the law. Though those bounds became blurred the moment there was talk of discarding the Sedition Act. That's why I'm very vocal about it. Retain the Sedition Act. Replace the person who wants to remove it.

    1. Mesti ulang kata kata itu.

      Setuju, setuju, setuju.

      Gantikan orang yang nak buang Akta Hasutan tuh.

    2. Agree, agree, agree

    3. Ya, gantikan DS Najib dengan TS Muhyiddin. Muhyiddin berjiwa dan bersemangat Melayu. Boleh di percayai akan mempertahankan dan memajukan hak dan kepentingan Melayu yang UMNO bersumpah mahu lakukan di masa penubuhan nya lebih 60 tahun lalu.

      Muhyiddin mulakan Sejarah di mestikan di sekolah sekolah. Tak boleh lulus SPM jika tak lulus Sejarah. Maka generasi akan datang mesti tahu sejarah dengan memuaskan. Boleh di harapkan lebih rakyat yang menghormati dan mempatuhi Perlembagaan negara. Tidak saperti sekarang ini. Nama sahaja rakyat, BM pun tak reti cakap.

      Kata kata nya berkaitan Akta Hasutan juga menunjukkan dia tidak mempertahankan cadangan nak membuangkan nya. Dia pun Timbalan Presiden UMNO dan TPM. Amat sesuai jika dia mengganti Najib sebagai PM.

    4. Everyone are hoping a stronger opposition ,will lead to better government ,but it's otherwise . A stronger opposition only lead to, too much politic clouding the minds .

  2. Politics is never boring. But it can be damn frustrating. Even dangerous. Read about one Deputy Minister murdering one opponent many years ago? Now so many politicians walk about with bodyguards.

    Politics is dirty. Politicians make it dirty. All the bad motives among mankind that you can think of are there in politics. Lying, bad mouthing, jostling for positions, empty promises, ampu, tenyeh, cakap tak serupa bikin, jump off sinking ships, you name it most politicians have it. At its worst, there's the Machiavellian type. The no principles blokes like Anwarul Al Juburi.

    Yes, one antidote to bad and frustrating politics is to switch off. If one can switch off, that is. When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, my doctor told me to stop blogging. Here I am still on the keyboard on political issues. And taking hbp medication for life. And exercising on the treadmill machine most days of the week.

    But never the mind. I want to be heard. Even if by just a few. Tun Dr Mahathir also blogs. He popularized blogging. Comments to his posts often run to many hundreds. And he is going to speak at the PERKASA event this coming 23 November. Much awaited by many as it's 2 days before the PAU.

    1. Dirty in poliics include juburing. Then got charged, blamed those in power. Got jailed for nearly 6 years, final appeal allowed on technical grounds but the Judges had it recorded that he did sodomize. So, who says he didn't.

      Hope Final Appeal Sodomy II Anwarul will be found guilty. Then as repeat offence, he should be imprisoned 10-15 years. No more politics for him if so.

    2. Berdegap degup hati sekarang ni. Nak dengor apa TDM kata di acara PERKASA, apa akan berlaku di PAU, dan apa keputusan Mahkamah Persekutuan di atas Anwarul Al Juburi.

      Berdo'a lah kita supaya semua nya baik untuk Bangsa Melayu. Jugak untuk kaum Bumiputera. Najib dan Anwarul di jangka tak akan perjuangkan nasib Melayu dan Bumiputera. Kaum yang ketinggalan di belakang dalam ekonomi negara tak ada tempat tinggi peranan nya di negara maju yang di kejar nya.

  3. This Sedition Act is not something you can substitute by trial and error, madam, as you propose to let Mr. Najib do so. It's like you said not meant to clamp down on civic discoure. It's a necessary measure when you are dealing with people like Tian Chua in the Sulu affair when he accused the government of rigging up the whole invasion by the rebels, as a political manouvre to gain electoral points.

    1. Yes, not by trial and error. This is a matter of jailing people.

      And he let non-experts (Opposition party blokes?) draft the Harmony Bills. And they behaved as if they have the final say on the drafts.

      Even announced and put on their website before letting the Gomen have a copy. Mana boleh? Marah lah rakyat. Lagi keras tak mau hapuskan Akta Hasutan. Sekarang pun hampir semua Bahagian UMNO tak mau AH di hapuskan. Pemuda dan Wanita UMNO pun.

    2. The bugger Tian Chua should be slapped with 6 sedition charges, even more. Very loose tongue, forked, too, caustic and completely bastardly when he belittled the Police and the Armed Forces defending the country and 10 of them lost their lives.

      Without the Sedition Act he and Malaysia Chronicle will go to town and all nooks and corners of this country uttering seditious words and making seditious statements.

  4. This thing called human beings. Having a mental faculty. Always having differences of opinion.

    And I disagree with Annie saying Najib got the concept right .. he feels that the Act is no longer the best for its purpose. I think almost the opposite. Najib wants to discard the Act in the rush to developed nation status. He doesn't not need to rush. Especially when in the process he's removing the very tool that protects the sensitive clauses of the Constitution.

    When that happens, all doors will be thrown asunder. For those who dislike the sensitive clauses to rush in and do all kinds of damage. The majority of the people hold dear the concept of Constitutional Monarchy about which the Constitution devotes 10% of its contents. About Islam as the religion of the country, about citizenship right and its pro quo, the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

    Those are likely to be freely attacked when the Sedition Act is no more. The reaction can be furious. And not good for everybody. So why risk that situation?

    After all, some one in the previous post's comment has diligently and excellently researched and reproduced a legal write up stating that even the US, the most liberal country in the world, still has sedition laws. A very important quote -

    "(The US Government) has refused to declare unconstitutional all sedition statutes and prosecutions."

    SEDITION and its pragmatics in the USA.

    1. What's the point of having numerous consultants around you but you're not knowing how to evaluate their viewpoints and weighing your own judgements?

    2. Is it possible the British Consultant advised him to abolish the Sedition Act? So that the non-Malays will vote him at PRU14? Assuming no matter what UMNO will bring the 88 seats again?

      If so, I think it's very hamsat and hambug consultant. UMNO might be down the drain if Najib continues with discarding the Sedition Act. Especially after UMNO mostly defied him against it.

  5. Bernama reported the following as Tun Dr Mahathir "commenting on his criticism of the Selangor Umno leadership", but could he also have some other in mind?

    He said if a matter cannot be resolved properly, a leader should be responsible and hand the task to others who are more qualified.

    "I believe that if we have been at it a long time and we don't succeed, give it to others. I myself stopped because I wanted to give the place to others.

    "If we cannot succeed in our task, we hand over to others and we support others. That is how we can become a leader," he said at a press conference held after officiating the Kuala Lumpur Summit Conference 2014, here Tuesday.

  6. the song is in vietnam subtitle...erkk hahha

  7. Noises become really nothing if they are infrequent and sporadic. But if incessant and persistent, they produce some effect. At least Police will investigate. People know they are being protected.

    Noises against the removal of the Sedition Act do get listened to. Especially when made by at least 170 out of 191 UMNO Divisions. And Pemuda UMNO. And Wanita UMNO. Najib may ignore at his own peril. The least effect is he'll be seen as dictatorial, ignoring the wishes of the majority in his own party.

  8. Maybe the issue now is not who is better as PM between Najib and Anwar, The issue is replacing Najib. Saying that is surely not seditious. By any standard in a praticing democracy.

  9. Najib won uncontested in the last party elections due to the influence of Pemuda UMNO and Wanita UMNO. Now that both those wings are defying his wish to remove the Sedition Act, looks like his support in the party is no longer there.

    1. Najib can say thet not that he did not follow the UMNO Divisions and the two wings' wishes. Me may say he didn't hear them expressing those wishes. Nobody formally tell them about it. Only hoo haa in the mass media.

      Anybody knows whether he has been informed formally by the Divisions, Pemuda and Wanita?

  10. They wanted Najib as their party president during the party elections less than a year ago largely by inference, not by voting - he won uncontested. But they wanted him out by voices in the vast majority of the Divisions now - each one of those Divisions speaking up. Sensitive politicians would resign on that. But any politician is sensitive these days?

  11. "there's more to life than thinking about what people like Najib, Anwar, Guan Eng, Hadi etc can do to, and for you."

    Yes, there's more to life, but thinking about the above is uppermost.

    Already decided that Anwar, Guan Eng, Hadi can do almost nothing good for me. Now looks like Najib, too. The Malays and the Bumiputeras may not get much when he rushes to get developed nation status, putting aside NEP, throwing away Sedition Act, etc.

  12. Each to his or her own. Some enjoy a good book, hug and kiss someone, listen or watch something wonderful. Others enjoy and participate in politics, even just as "armchair critics". It takes all sorts to make this world.

    And problems begin from that. Differences of opinions. Some express them in seditious ways. That's why the Sedition Act must stay. And some are one-track minded. Nothing else but Sedition Act. Must confess to being one. Except if there is some one to hug and kiss, hehe.

  13. annie those who makes noise isnt really the umno people. if they are then I would agree with you that they are stupid.

    dont be mistaking us with them. we are just the malay. we are making noise to protect our bumi rights againts the liberal agenda.

    besides the umno member doesnt really hold any power. the way it works only the perwakilan can vote. and when u get a hold on all those perwakilan no change for better can be done. for example during the era of tingkat empat kj and pak lah even tun lost the contest with rasuah of just 200.

    we may sound like we are fighting for umno. but really only because we rather have umno to continue to be the main party for the malays. if najib can be removed, the liberals can be removed then why not. if not then something need to be done, thus the noise that you complaint about.

    when najib n co still remain during the last pau, we were also mad as hell at the perwakilan. u can trace this back to all hardcore malay blog such as dinturtle.

    why fight for umno still then, since the same perwakilan remain? well the idea of creating an alternative party through isma and perkasa has long been heard. as usual such idea need to gain needs proper and careful consideration before it can be materialized, hence the noise.

    make no mistake umno as they are right now, i wouldnt dream of joining them. but the malay has to voice out no matter wht.

    is the next pm gonna be better? well who knows. we never thought najib would be this bad. the only thing that is certain at the moment is that najib must go. liberal agenda or moderation or wht not proposed by najib need to go as well.

    but thats the struggle for the malay and bumi survival. we definitely hope muhidin can be better. if not then the fight continues. a struggle we are wiling to endure as long as the bumi right and the constituition is protected. we probabbly gonna get fedup and tired. i bet our forefathers who fight againts the japanese, againts the british also had their moments of frustration. but they keep on going because of their future generation. and we shall follow their example.

    1. And who "get a hold on all those perwakilan (such that) no change for better can be done"?

      Those fellows whose names have eee. Like Azeeez. No problem with their names. But problem with their method of "getting the hold".

      And their boss whose name does not have eee. But the mother may have. The same thinking about how to get "the hold".

  14. Better go to sleep and live happily ever after Annie...

  15. Annie asked, Does it really make any difference?

    Yes it does. Without politics - the proper kind - Anwar Al Juburi might have become PM, Kit Siang the DPM, when Anwar goes into prison, Kit Siang becomes Acting PM indefinitely, as consent for him becoming PM will be the problem.

    Hadi will be fuming over the corridors of the PMO, saying although PAS has just 1-2 less seats, he is a Malay and should be PM, especially having given PKR a chance to rule despite PKR having less seats in Selangor, but DAP will not agree to Hadi as PM because of Hudud, and no consensus in Pakatan, till the next PRU where the Chinese tsunami is reversed.

    And Azmin Ali so busy fighting with Rafizi that the replacement to "useless" Noh would be exploiting that vigorously, one calling the other Anwar's "Mat Lembut", the other shouting the "toilet affair".

    Well, that's politics, innit. A lot of difference, my dear. And interesting, too, in some respects.

  16. Annie, mungkin sekarang orang orang UMNO mula tersedar kelemahan Najib! Cuba flashback tahun 2008 bila UMNO menang PRU tanpa dua pertiga majority. Pertama kali prestadsi buruk sejak negara mereka.

    Ketika itu orang Melayu seperti kelemasan. Apa juga bentuk tali hayat yang dilemparkan akan mereka sambut. Ketika itu Najib kelihatan seolah olah tali hayat tersebut!

    Semua orang menaruh harapan yang tinggi pada Najib bila melihatkan kelemahan Pak Lah. Saya yang tidak mengundi pada tahun 2008, mengundi pada PRU 2013 dengan harapan Najib anak Tun Razak dapat memimpin ke arah Melayu yang lebih perkasa.

    Tapi harapan tinggal harapan. Bak kata TDM, Najib is worse than Pak Lah. Jadi ahli ahli UMNO yang dulu memberi sokongan yang kuat pada Najib tidak boleh disalahkan kalau mereka mula berubah angin!


    Demi masa, orang orang Melayu, telah melihat Najib bukanlah pemimpin harapan agama, bangsa dan negara. Banyak tindakan Najib yang merugikan Melayu dan dia seolah olah termakan pujukan bukan Melayu!

    Begitu juga projek Najib banyak membazirkan wang negara kalau apa yang digembar gemburkan di alam maya benar. Saya golongan yang telah dewasa dalam pemerintahan TDM, mendapati kebolehan Najib mentadbir Malaysia bak langit dengan bumi jika dibandingkan dengan zaman pentadbiran TDM!

    Kejayaan TDM nun jauh di langit dan Najib nun tersembam di bumi. Lihat wajah Najib yang walaupun handsome kelihatan MOYOK dan tidak bermaya sepanjang masa.

    Kalau Najib sayangkan agama, negara dan bangsanya lakukan perkara yang terbaik, BERUNDUR lah, biarlah Muhyiddin Yassin ambil alih sebelum dikenalpasti pemimpin pelapis gentian. Saya yakin ada pemimpin pelapis UMNO yang berwibawa.

    Cara Najib mentadbir membolehkan UMNO/BN terkubur dalam PRU 2018.

    1. Ya, ya, ya, TDM did say Najib is worse than Pak Lah.

      Waiting for what he'd say on 23 November at PERKASA function.

    2. Sedap dengor yang ni, mesti nak repeat -

      "Kalau Najib sayangkan agama, negara dan bangsanya lakukan perkara yang terbaik, BERUNDUR lah, biarlah Muhyiddin Yassin ambil alih."

  17. UMNO/BN menang dan jadi kerajaan sebab pengundi bersetuju dgn polisi BN.Maka tak perlulah Najib nak buang mana2 polisi sedia ada termasuk Akta Hasutan.Yg Najib patut buat ialah memperbetulkan cara pelaksanaan polisi/program pembangunan etc.

    Pelaksaan program tak patut banyak pembaziran wang.Hentikan lawatan2 pembesar yg tak berfaedah.Hentikan majlis sambutan yg tak berfaedah.Tak payah import peserta dr jauh nak penuhkan majlis.Majlis2 yg banyak sangat memakan peruntukan majlis patut ditiadakan/atau dikurangkan.

    Najib boleh terus pegang kuasa selagi beliau berlaku adil.

    1. Jangan ambik 40,000 Bangla yang Anwaril Ak Juburi bawa masuk ke Malaysia - jangan bawa depa nak penuhkan majlis.

      Jangan kasi depa jenis yang satu lagi bawak tupperware dsb nya untuk tapao makanan bawak balik ke rumah. Sebab lepas tapao bertan, depa undi Pakatoon, kasi tsunami.

    2. "Najib boleh terus pegang kuasa selagi beliau berlaku adil." -

      Mana adil nya bila dia ketepikan DEB, nampak macam tak kisahkan Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak, melulu kejarkan taraf negara maju, bawa masuk beratus ribu juta Ringgit pelaburan asing, Melayu dan Bumiputera belom mampu ambil bahagian dengan saksama tanpa DEB, terus ketinggalan di belakang, mangkin luas jurang perbezaan dengan kaum yang terkaya di negara ini.

      Tak boleh terus pegang kuasa macam itu.

  18. Bernama said an UMNO Task Force will review 755 motions that will be tabled in the upcoming Umno general assembly next month to ensure immediate response by all ministries, government departments and agencies and government-linked companies ...

    Are these all the motions? I think there will be room during the proceedings for a motion on Sedition Act, even on Najib himself. Maybe at least under "Perkara Perkara Berbangkit" and such.

    I hope such motions will be brought up and the desired resolutions passed. For the sake of the largest community who form the majority of the population.

  19. '....well, if the Act is truly implemented, most of them would be in jail by now for breaking that very law, I think.......'

    Ayo, yoo Annie tidak perlulah pergi ke tahap ekstrim yang melampau!

    Selama ini Akta Hasutan pun hanya digunakan kepada hasutan hasutan yang melampau. Hasutan yang boleh membawa kehuru haraan negara, perpecahan rakyat, menghina bangsa, agama golongan lain.

    Malah kata kata melampau mengata Najib pun tidak diambil tindakan. Baca sajalah komen komen di alam maya. Kalau semua hendak ambil tindakan tidak ada kerja lain lah PDRM!

    1. Setuju. News portol yang saperti kontol itu penuh dengan kata kata melampau. Malaysia Chronic News dan Malaysia Kuno, terutama nya.

  20. Kick Najib out, then what?
    Please la dey.

    1. 13:46,

      Lu wallied he might send you to school to study the history of this country? If I were him, I'll make you study it 10 times. Then can expect you to respect people's names.

    2. ^^^ LMAO. I know history. The monkeys were here first. Are you a monkey? Otherwise STFU.

    3. BOLL ** You are a pig. DAPig. How can you know history. STUPIG.

  21. Sinister move by Tun Mamak to revive his dynasty by removing PM and installing Mooheedeen (lame duck) as stopgap PM before the next UMNO General Election?

    PM should get rid of his TPM and Tun Mamak powerbase and install his cousin Hishamuddin before it is too late.

    KJ should be happy. II help you, you help me.

    1. Ada kemampuan ke Najib berbuat demikian? Jangan mimpi di siang hari lah Anon 14:36!

      Najib nasib baik tak ditendang jatuh oleh ahli ahli UMNO. . Hendak gantikan Najib dengan Hishimuddin?

      Janganlah buat lawak menggalahkan Maharaja Lawak! Minta dijauhkan Allah swt perkara yang anda impikan menjadi kenyataan!

    2. Mooheedeen sound like a cow. Not duck. Cannot call him lame duck. Wahahaha.

    3. 14:36 and 17:03 should not be replied in a normal way. They are ultra kiasu ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatang DAP. Bunyi kurang ajor biadap macam Tokong Lim. Saperti yang DAP Vice President Tengku Aziz kata as he stormed out of the party.

  22. Najib is the best Pakatan leader we have got, by a large margin. We should support him.

  23. When Tun Dr Mahathir said Malaysia can do without 1MDB (The Malaysian Reserve - ‎3 hours ago), is it politics? Or just stating the fact as he saw it?

    COST IS TOO HIGH: Dr Mahathir, who has been a vocal critic of the 1MDB, repeated the fact that the sovereign fund has little wealth to use as investment.

    My hopeful thinking is that there's much more dramatic news from TDM when he speaks at the PERKASA function on 23 November.

    Yes, he has said that Najib is worse than Tun Dol.

    1. World Sovereign Wealth Fund Rankings


  25. "Enjoy a good book, hug and kiss someone I love, listen or watch something wonderful. That is what's really nice about life. Try to relax and enjoy the ride sometimes."

    A poem: This We Have Now . . .

    This we have now
    is not imagination.

    This is not
    grief or joy.

    Not a judging state,
    or an elation,
    or sadness.

    Those come and go.
    This is the presence that doesn't.

    --from "Essential Rumi" by Coleman Barks