Monday, 24 November 2014

Dr Mahathir's absence and a message from Perkasa to Umno

The much anticipated speech by former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the Perkasa's function yesterday did not materialize.

Tun was not well enough to attend the National Unity Convention at Pusat Islam, KL.

(Note: Let's pray for Allah to grant Tun good health and long life. We need his wisdom more than ever now)

His speech was instead read by his former political secretary TS Aziz Shamsuddin.

This is a short report on his speech,

Dr M: Conflicts between races to go on without power, wealth sharing concept

Nothing on urging the removal of Umno president DS Najib Razak, as some people were hoping.

It was instead an advice on how to manage the racial complexity of the country.

I want to believe that it was meant for Najib.

Despite the disappointment over Dr Mahathir's absence, Perkasa, along with over 300 Malay NGOs represented at the convention finalized their memorandum to be submitted to Yang DiPertuan Agung, the Conference of Rulers and PM DS Najib Razak.

The memorandum basically calls for the defense of the country's pribumi's (sons of soil) rights, sanctity of Islam, and the royal Malay institution.

These are basically the core struggles of Umno.

The way I see it, it's a message to Umno - if you can't deliver what you say are your core struggles, then we are ready to take over from you.

Umno, which will have their general assembly two days from now should not just brush off the memorandum by Perkasa and the Malay NGOs.

They should study that memorandum and activate an action plan on how Umno could satisfy those demands by it.

Umno needs such wake up calls now.

Yes, Perkasa and its gang are rather funny people sometimes, with that Ibrahim Ali at its helm and all, but their arguments on those issues raised in the memorandum were no laughing matter.

They represent mostly Malays who want to support Umno but were unhappy with the party leadership and the direction of the party.

These members of Perkasa and other Malay NGOs may not be as refined or politically as polished as the usual members of Umno, Pas, PKR or other parties, but they appear as determined or even more so in their quest for their goals.

At least, that's the way I understand them after observing the way they carry themselves at Pusat Islam yesterday.


  1. Yes, Tun Dr Mahathir did not attend for health reasons and his speech was read by his former Political Secretary. Yes, we pray for his good health and long life.

    Yes, there was no call for Najib's downfall but nobody really expected such call, only strong statements pointing to that. Yes, his speech did not even point to that.

    But the message(s) he put out were certainly meant for Najib. We now wait for his appearance and/or speech read by others at the PAU.

  2. Tun Dr Mahathir spoke about power and wealth sharing between races. It means the BN concept and that NEP must go on.

    He said conflicts between races will continue to happen without the power and wealth sharing concept. Very correct.

    He also spoke about the eradication of the identification of Malaysians by wealth and occupation. That's also NEP. Najib has muted NEP, may even have put it aside.

    Dr Mahathir said to achieve national unity, a more realistic way is to dilute the identity of races with the type of occupation among members of respective community. This is also NEP. Let's hope the delegates at the PAU will speak alot and loudly about this.

    1. How to get all races agree to those? Not by giving all or even most of their demands at the expense of the rights and interests of the majority of the population.

      Whatever you do must be based on the Constitution. The correct interpretation, that is.

  3. It's great that Perkasa remained a conservative malay group. With UMNO leadership moving briskly into a liberal malaysia by 2020, PAS erdogans, well on their way to join PKR in liberal stratosphere, the malays will have someone to fight for their cause.

    1. Not just fight for their cause, Sir. Also frustrate their liberalism where it conflicts with the Constitution.

    2. My earlier comment maybe not go in. Here again -

      They think they clever, think what we say here no efek. They should realize this blog got 1.5 miiilion klicks in just 1 1/2 years.

    3. Millions of clicks won't make much difference if they all come from a handful of people. How many URLs makes more sense.

      Generally government relies less on blogs than other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    4. You think 1.5 million of clicks come from jut a handful of people? I'll believe it hen Annie says so. She knows if pts the mechanism that tells IPs etc all these while.

      And who says government relies less on blogs? Who is "government" that you refer to? Until you produce concrete proof, your opinion is as good as mine.

    5. Don't confuse the clicks and the comments. Very many of those who click don't leave comments.

      Of course, no substance blogs people don't frequent. Those with substance posts and comments people do. Like Tun Dr Mahathir's blog. And Annie's, don't you think?

      If you don't, wonder why you visit. And leave a comment.

    6. If we analyse from the posting there can't be more than tens of contributors. To make up the number of hits each contributor would have contributed thousands of postings. Or many more visitors are just watching bystanders.

    7. Generally, well frequented website have the following:

      1. Current topic concerning many people and often controversial.
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      4. Visitors do not have to register or have an ID to leave comments
      5. Open policy with minimum censorship
      6. Simple and easy to read/follow postings.

    8. Anonymous24 November 2014 14:38,

      We must not count only those submitting comments. They are often already decided on their stand. The "innocent bystanders" are in fact what we are after. To re-affirm their stand or persuade them to change it on issues brought up.

      So, the clicks count as well, not just those making comments.

    9. Anonymous24 November 2014 13:03,

      If true Government relying more on FB, tweets and Instagrams, they get only short messages there, don't they? Whereas comments in blogs are often very explanatory - except the Pakatoons who always make wild and unsubstantiated allegations.

      The Government people should read blogs more to really understand voters thinking, likes and dislikes.

      And as far as tipu helah, using so many names, masquerading others etc, you'd find the same in blogs as well as in FB, tweets and insta. I know one fella who said he has 20 FB accounts under different names.

    10. Anonymous24 November 2014 16:50,

      You analysed it well. I like especially No 3 to 6.

  4. Perkasa, with over 300 Malay NGOs, submitting a memorandum to YDP Agung, the Conference of Rulers and Najib.

    Yes, they contain the basic UMNO core struggle. But the fact that they demand (demanding is not the prerogative of only the blardy DAP and their likes) action be taken on those points shows that UMNO under Najib has not paid attention on those issues.

    Yes, it's a moot point as to whether the YDP Agong, the Rulers' Council or any other have any power or influence to rectify the situation. But they are the "tempat mengadu" in such a situation as we are now facing.

    Sending the memo to them again shows the dire situation we are in and drives home the point to the rakyat on what need to be done. Yes, it's the rakyat who has the ultimate power. By voting those responsible for promoting UMNO interests in or out.

    I hope the rakyat will vote them in. But UMNO delegates "vote" their leader out at the PAU. Yes no voting or party elections during this PAU. Maybe it'll happen in some other way.

    1. Najib talks about getting back Chinese votes. Defends Chinese schools, gave scholarships, etc. He promised the Chinese school in Rasa funds for renovation cost before PRK Hulu Selangor. But the ballot box of Rasa town voters showed they voted DAP, yet later they asked him for what he promised and he wrote them a huge cheque.

      He bent backwards to please the Chinese at PRU13. Yet they gave him the Chinese tsunami.

      He really must realize that getting back the Chinese votes is primarily the job of MCA and Gerakan. He should get them to do it. With other forms of assistance that do not compromise any aspect of the Constitution. If he cannot, and the Chinese merely endearingly call him Ah Jib Gor, he should resign and let another leader do it.

    2. Afraid if leave to MCA and Gerakan will have another Chinese tsunami? Manage lah, manage the politics among your component parties. Persuade, plead, threat, use big stick, anything, try it lorr. If let them happy happy, MCA-owned theStar also got pro-DAP fellas, wat dat, man.


    4. Masalah nya dia sekolah di London le, beb. Tak fahamkan keloh kesah orang kampong, tak pernah diam dalam suasana kampong, tak macam bapak di Tun Razak dulu.

  5. "if you can't deliver what you say are your core struggles, then we are ready to take over from you."

    I don't even want PERKASA to take over from UMNO. UMNO should just replace their leader. I may sound boring to some people for saying this here. But this is a free country. Others can say otherwise, defend Najib in a thousand comments in here, I'm ready to counter-argue.

    I agree fully with Annie's statement that "They should study that memorandum and activate an action plan on how Umno could satisfy those demands by it." I hope they touch on the PERKASA Memorandum at the PAU speeches and discussions.

  6. Hahaha, "These members of Perkasa and other Malay NGOs may not be as refined or politically as polished as the usual members of Umno, Pas, PKR or other parties .."

    Really, Annie? You forgot the Pakatoon and Bersih demos? The ones where DAP goons, PKR gangs removed the prohibited Dataran Merdeka boundary markers and PAS Amal fellas were seen among those at the sites of overturned cars and damaged Police vehicles?

    "refined or politically polished" did you say? Kamon, Annie, get out of here, as the English (or is it American?) expression goes. Of course you won't, you can't, as you own this blog, hehe

    1. Those who oppose the Establishment - any kind of Establishment - are often not refined and polished. DAP has been a clear and glaring example. Just watch how Tokong Lim speak. And what comes out of his mouth. Always confrontational, always mau gaduh type.

      Then you have PKR. Boy oh boy, even main belakang, lolipop in the toilet type. How to be refined and polished, like that. They main belakang and get married in US. But this is Malaysia, man.

    2. Malaysia Islam the religion. Cannot sex against the course of nature. Out of course you go in jail.

  7. Semoga Tun M di rahmati, kesihatan zahir dan bathin. Semoga Tun M dapat memberi sepatah dua kata(sesi khas) di PAU kelak. Kita mohon kepada Majlis Tertinggi memberi sedikit ruang dan peluang untuk suntikan semangat dan peringatan kepada Melayu Islam dari pengalaman tiada tanding nya dan pemerhatian beliau sehingga kini, menyatukan-padukan semula Ummah.

    Semoga kita mendapat peluang ini, mungkin untuk kesekian kali nya semula dalam usia Tun M yang masih mengizinkan. Harap ahli-ahli dan perwakilan Umno memberi ruang....

    1. Got people now live until 100. Dr Mahathir doctor. Wife also doctor. But cannot say how long more living. So we ask Dr Mahathir to correct wrong things always lah.

  8. advice on how to manage the racial complexity of the country -

    Actually, very simple. Just follow the Constitution then it'll be alright. When they don't then problems. Shout here and shout there. Race riots in 1969. Must avoid another one.

    But Tun Dr Mahathir mentioned racial conflicts in his speech several times. Najib must change course or be changed by UMNO. We must avoid another May 13.

  9. "that's the way I understand them after observing the way they carry themselves at Pusat Islam yesterday."

    Oooooo now we know what it was that you said you had a very important thing to do yesterday. Good that you think of PERKASA as very important, Annie.

    Wonder how "they carry themselves at Pusat Islam yesterday." Jalan senget, cakap senget, maybe, huhuhu.

    Ok, ok, you said not refined and polished, doggedly pursuing their aims and objectives. But not so bad as Cina Bukit DAP blokes, piggily doing so, innit.


    Dr Mahathir who is the patron of Perkasa said any attempt to eradicate racial identity among Malaysians to achieve national unity will not succeed.

    He said a more realistic way is to dilute the identity of races with the type of occupation among members of respective community.

    This means that attempts to make non-Malays more like Malays won't be a successful route to achieving national unity.

    Instead, more Malays should be in the field that non-Malays are in, eg business, and more non-Malays should be in, eg civil service.

    Now it's quite easy to allow non-Malays into the ranks of civil service. But how do we get more Malays into business? In my view, Tun wants the Malays to be prepared to work hard, and to learn from the non-Malays. I believe many young Malays are prepared to go this route.

    Abolishing Chinese vernacular schools now will weaken their community as a whole; so such proposal will likely turn 99% of Chinese against UMNO. Do Chinese votes still matter to BN? In GE13, whilst about 63% of Malays voted BN, 15% Chinese did. Moreover, which is preferable: make the Chinese as weak as the Malays business-wise, or make the Malays as strong as the Chinese business-wise.

    Then one more thing:

    Very recently, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin warned:

    “We only have another three years [to the 14th General Election]. We are at a critical stage because if the party transformation is not felt or seen [by the people], I am worried that we will lose,” he said.

    By now, even the Chinese know that Pakatan would become corrupt when they have the power to dish out business favours. Indeed, I'ld say the Chinese would rather have a corrupt (within limits) government that can manage the country well, rather than a 'clean' one which does know how.

    So these guys at Perkasa: Are they smart fellas who could really replace UMNO if the latter does not heed its bidding?

    Do they have the support of the young Malays who have gone through or are undergoing tertiary education - and know that they face a bleak economic future? What do these young people think these Perkasa people do for a living?

    My suspicion is Perkasa is capable of causing voters' support for BN to erode further, and fulfill Muhyiddin's warning.

    1. No such thing as "make the Chinese as weak as the Malays business-wise, or make the Malays as strong as the Chinese business-wise." Nobody tinks that's possiblr except you. The Malays have no culture of doing business that the Chinese have.

      If you allow them rise in the Civil Service and they remain as they are, mana boleh national unity like that. Enhance the NEP, make the Malays achieve the NEP targets in all aspects of the economy - nit just corporate wealth - then may allow their presence in the Civil Service more than it is now.

      Remember they are only 23% of the population. The Malays are nearly 60% and the NEP target must be reviewed to take into account that factor.

    2. Kepada manusia yang berdagang cari kepentingan dengan main politik ...

      Gurindam Delapan Raja Ali Haji

      Barang siapa khianat akan dirinya,
      apalagi kepada lainnya.
      Kepada dirinya ia aniaya,
      orang itu jangan engkau percaya.

      Lidah yang suka membenarkan dirinya,
      daripada yang lain dapat kesalahannya.
      Daripada memuji diri hendaklah sabar,
      biar pada orang datangnya khabar.

      Orang yang suka menampakkan jasa,
      setengah daripada syirik mengaku kuasa.

      Kejahatan diri sembunyikan,
      kebaikan diri diamkan.
      Keaiban orang jangan dibuka,
      keaiban diri hendaklah sangka.

    3. Anonymous24 November 2014 10:06,

      the young Malays who have gone through or are undergoing tertiary education -

      Remember, we were young at one time. At u, uni, campus whatever you call it, we always want to take break from study hours, sometimes shout out in the field at 10 at night, or look for anything going on to exite us, and if a talk by a controversial bugger is on, we'd sure attend, and if there's a demo, we want to be there, if not do anything, just watch. And get counted as belonging to the oppo group this and that.

      We might even be a Students Union committee member, making firey speeches on this and that. But very often, and in most cases, when we get a good job, a beautiful wife, all those are no more on our heads. The responsibility we take on to the employer, to our family etc leave us little time for anything else.

      I think the same now. Most of the students are like that. Only a few who layan Al Juburi, break laws, get marked or enter the Police records, for breaking the laws, don't get offered jobs, and continue to make noise with Anwar Al Juburi etc. A few. Only a few.

      The rest did not attend university before. Including Hishamuddin Rais, the so-called "professional student" who enrolled in schools or colleges just to be able to stay in UK and work as waiters or dish washers at restaurants or be on the dole for food and accomodation.

  11. I have the same suspicion as you and TS Muhyiddin. But I doubt if PERKSA can be the alternative to UMNO. So, we just go on whacking and wanking, calling for Najib be replaced by Muhyiddin who has not much baggage thus far.

    If despite the all the whacking and wanking, UMNO doesn't replace Najib and UMNO/BN lose at PRU14, we would have tried o do our bit.

    But I don't think everybody will accept DAP leading the country. What they would do in that eventuality? Don't ask. It's seditious to say. And I support the Sedition Act be retained.

    1. Whoopsie, why don't you ask Johoreans what exactly Muhyddin accomplished when he was the Johor MB?

      In fact, older JB denizens are reminded of the abandoned "Floating City" project and it's unsightly unfinished aftermath.

      Of course, Cik Annie may be too young to remember this....

    2. Give more details lah, Mister 16:45 so that readers know the extent of the baggage he caused and weigh him against other things he did.

      For example, whose project, what size, what exactly was his involvement, was it in approving only or more than that, who owned the project, relationship to him, crony, sandy issue, or whatever.

  12. Here's how the Opposition news kontol Malaysia Chronic News slant their news amidst other news concerning the PERKASA Convention headline -

    YES-MEN CULTURE & UMNO-BN: Do not confuse loyalty with blind obedience
    Malaysia Chronicle - ‎1 hour ago‎

    Recently, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad lashed out at Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's policy on Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M), calling it a form of bribery.

    I'm attracted to the slanted news headline. I agree with it. The extremely rare occasion I agree with the news kontol. I agree because it's true. I put it in here to emphasize my feelings against what Najib has done and not done for the Malays who form the majority in the country.

  13. Yawn, just a bunch of Melayu's jerking each other off. The old man is sick? not dead yet??

    1. Sick and old he may be but certainly more alive than you dr. Jerkyll ! Jerk off on your own !

    2. There is one ungrateful ingrate pendatang Cina Bukit DAP Red Bean who visits the popular pro-BN blogs and shits with 1-2 liners, in some cases daily. The usual wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations.

      And the bastak is a hit and run bugger. Just one comment and won't come back. So, we don't spend much time on the bugger, just shit him and go. Like 15:09 above did.

  14. I am not sure what the Perkasa guy is waffling about?

    It's not as if the luminaries in Perkasa (and Isma and the other acronymed groups) have produced any world class thinkers, businessmen and women, SMEs and companies.

    Despite this, they have no qualms about expounding on what needs to be done to keep the status quo going or regressing.

    One despairs if these people are the future of Malaysia.

    The rest of the world will either ignore them as being helplessly ineffectual (track records?) or will chew them up and spit them out.

    1. By right, the Ibrahim Ali and his colleagues should be explaining the Islam they stand for coz the DAP and Pakatan people are going hog wild calling them extremists and findamentalist bigots. At the same time the conniving Islamist party PAS themselves, some of whose wahhabi members have gone to join the Islamic State massacres of civilians in Iraq are playing dumb while the whole damn opposition in Malaysia suspects Malays of being terrorists!

    2. No, the world will chew you and spit you out first, Mr Chew. Blokes like you even the sharks will refuse to swallow because so ultra kiasu, so ungrateful ingrate and Cina Bukit kind, if not a real one.

      Are you claiming you know what "needs to be done to keep the status quo going or regressing"? You never said, did you? You even said "not sure what the Perkasa guy is waffling about." So why the hell you try to put people down without "expounding" any theories on "keeping the status quo going or regressing."

      You have a warped mind and are a demented personality, aren't you?

    3. But you Anon 24 November 18:37, you are no different from Mr Chew. All you know how to do is whack others without giving any postive suggestions on how to go about things. Call me any names you want but I say you are really dumb in your approach.

    4. 19:59,

      You don't know that I have expounded "ingenious theories" about solving this country's problems, do you? Like asking UMNO to replace Najib. Bring in another Tun Dr Mahathir. How more positive can that be.

      And are you Mr Chew himself? If not, why are you suddenly coming in to his defence? Has he said something great up there? Tell me what and where.

      Didn't he out of the blue come out putting Ibrahim and PERKASA down without making any suggestion? Isn't what was said at 18:37 correct?

      I have said my pieces quite a bit on how to improve things in this country. Including telling those who don't respect and abide by the Constitution to migrate. And aren't those the correct things to say? The Constitution being the highest set of laws in the country from which all other laws emanate. Not respecting the Constitution means not respecting and living by the laws of this country. But what have you done in that respect, pray tell.

      Except come in defending in Mr Chew for no rhyme or reason. Unless you are Mr Chew himself but shy to admit it.

      You are not only dumb in your approach, you are simply dumb, period.

    5. Like that, a lot of people wanna migrate, lah.

      Oh, I am remiss - there are already Malaysians who have migrated. How many? What was the World Bank figure? A couple of thousand? A few thousand?

      I am amused by your naivete in wanting the "ingrates" to take the high road out of Malaysia.

      "Respect and abide by the Constitution" you say?

      Does the Constitution guarantee and mandate "fair and equal" treatment for ALL?

      Ah, as they say, the devil is in the details.

      And in the implementation.

      Perhaps you will have a chance to rethink your comments when the country holds out the begging bowl and implores the "outside" to come invest, create jobs, trade and holiday in multiracial "Malaysia truly Asia"!

      Generalities instead of specifics? Why not?

    6. Hah, ultra kiasu, ungrateful ingrate, Cina Bukit pendatang DAP kind 21:56,

      Clear that you are, innit. Don' respect the Constitution, talk of unfair Constitution, equal-ness, Malaysian Malaysia DAP shit.

      Stupid, too, not knowing the history of this country, of the framing of he Constitution. Worse, knowing but unwilling to accept it. Real ungrateful ingrate.

      Yes, you must migrate. You be happy, those remaining behind happy, win-win situation.

      No point for me to write longer as this pose is superseded by a new one - racism in the internet, started by blokes like you and we have to shit you back.

    7. And so Anon 05:01 "chickened out".

      Because, twist and turn as he may, and no matter how au fait he is verbal semantics, he couldn't ultimately defend the indefensible!

      Now let's go on to racism in the Internet thingy and the proposal to erect the Great Firewall of Malaysia.

    8. 20:52
      You are just paranoid. Typical DUMBNO.

  15. this is where i disagree with tun. its like he has a soft spot for BN tht he cannot see beyond what is reality.

    The fact is I dont think the chinese want to maintain the same sharing principle. to them its sama rata sama rasa then only theyll support. As for the malay seeing how mca playing to the tune of dap, they wouldnt mind if mca berambus. so if I were to agree with tun on sharing concept, how do we go about it? how to attract the chinese back to where we were? giving in more to their demand? tht would mean the malay would have to sacrifice again. its all about being realistic and idealistic. maybe the concept was never meant to last. maybe eventually we will reach the point to where we are now. So maybe sharing principle no longer applies, at least not if the 'they' do not want to respect the constitution

    the much anticipated speech from tun, well wht can i say if it is health issue. lets hope it is really a health issue without risking too much on sounding like a conspiracy theorist. tht aside i think the speech meant for change of leadership if it is no longer affective. by following wht tun and his closest friends have been saying all this while I think we can all deduce what he's trying to say.

    1. Why don't you say what Tun's trying to say? Many of us may not be in a position you are in and are unable to decipher what Tun is saying at this very moment. We'd love to know.

      And pardon me, but I don't even understand your statement "tht aside i think the speech meant for change of leadership if it is no longer affective."

      And if they, not wanting to share power and wealth, 'do not want to respect the constitution ", boy oh boy, nothing else can be said to them but migrate. Not respecting the Constitution means a lack of loyalty to this country, and unwilling to live by the Constitution means they would be better off and happier living elsewhere.

      Do let me know if you think I'm wrong having that humble but firm opinion.

    2. "tht aside i think the speech meant for change of leadership if it is no longer affective." wht i think it means is tht if current leadership not working, leadership in umno should change.

      That is wht I think tun m was trying to say. i dont think im the only one who has the same opinion. it is also a humble opinion

      for the paragraph:

      And if they, not wanting to share power and wealth, 'do not want to respect the constitution ", boy oh boy, nothing else can be said to them but migrate. Not respecting the Constitution means a lack of loyalty to this country, and unwilling to live by the Constitution means they would be better off and happier living elsewhere.

      I couldnt agree more with you on this.

  16. As usual, the news kontol Malaysia Chronic News put out the following with somewhat doubtful intent:

    "Last week, Dr Mahathir cancelled three engagements as he was unwell. He was supposed to give a talk at the International New York Times Energy for Tomorrow conference, attend the annual general meeting of Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan and a national unity convention organised by Perkasa.

    The former prime minister has also cancelled a number of appointments this week.
    They include attendance at a conference in Abu Dhabi as well as three other engagements in London.

    However, Dr Mahathir did turn up at the Formula E electric car race in Putrajaya on Saturday, an event that was also attended by Prime Minister and current Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak."

    A day or so ago they put out an opinion piece saying TDM's absence at PAU might indicate a signal to those concerned in UMNO to take steps to end to the UMNO President's tenure, like it did to Tun Dol's tenure before.

    Well, ....

  17. Is not ez to fulfill every wishes...