Tuesday 6 May 2014

A symptom of Johor's illness

The JDT football team is an embarrassment for me as a Johorean.

Last night, its fans caused trouble again at the Larkin Stadium.

It was the FA Cup semifinals against Pahang.

About 2,000 JDT fans blocked the visiting fans from leaving the stadium until 1am after the match.

They behaved like bullies and demanded the Pahang fans to apologize over something.

It doesn't matter to me what were their grouses, but such behavior is just not the JOHOR WAY.

We don't treat our guests that way.

That is not the way our parents thought us.

The behavior of JDT fans last night as it were on several previous occasions were what we Johorean Malays call "kurang ajar". I believe Malays from other parts of the country called it by the same words too.

Or maybe they have become "terlebih ajar" with bad samseng behavior that they became like that.

Don't ask me who thought them to behave that way.

They refused to disperse despite police orders.

It took a lot of coaxing by the police before the stand off was defused and the Pahang fans managed to leave the stadium.

The JDT fans did not seem to fear the police or the laws. They seem to think that they are invincible and above the laws.

"Luaskan kuasa mu!! Luaskan kuasa mu!! Luaskan kuasa mu!!" they cheered.

Don't ask me from where they got such an attitude.

It's definitely not the way Johoreans have always been.

I believe that it's a symptom of worse things to come for my beloved home state.

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  1. The Prince of Johor has an encouraging vision for the state of soccer in Malaysia, but unfortunately not everyone in the FAM sees the possibilities of Malaysian soccer going places. The Prince has invested heavily in this JDT team but financial rewards alone can't get the team to gel together or put spirit into their game. Chivalry calls for something else!

    1. Hello Tuan, duit JDT dari mana? Siasat dan faham dulu! Johor Corporation being bled. Trade offs with Chinese developers, making the Malays look stupid on simple transactions. Allah peliharakanlah Melayu Johor! Kepimpinan Melayu bodoh! Kesemuanya!

    2. ANON 21:25

      Re. Siasat dan faham dulu! Johor Corporation being bled

      Do you have proof that JDT sucks money out of Johor Corp.? Fyi, the Johor Royalty has been in business for generations long before Johor Corp. was established. Shipping and Trading are their main businesses. They even have a very strong tie with the British monarch.

      I remember when I was very young kid, my cousin who is very much older than I am used to work as Captain in their shipping company, and he was based in Italy during the Almarhum Sultan Ismail time until Almarhum Sultan Iskandar. That was the time when being an expat in Europe or any western countries is far and few.

      Re. Trade offs with Chinese developers

      How very sure of you that is a trade off? The Sultan of Johor is a very shrewd businessman. Those who remember a case where he personally cancelled a contract wrt a project in Danga Bay, because the developer failed to come up with RM200 million ( can't remember the exact amount) for initial capital, and sternly remind the rest not to play fool with him.

      I personally have the opportunity to talk to one of the key people in Johor Corp. and was told that the Sultan will personally review the proposal, make notes and suggestions for improvement where necessary. DIA BUKAN SIGN BUTA AJE....

      Re. Kepimpinan Melayu bodoh! Kesemuanya!

      You think so? How do you explain these then:

      1. KFC Malaysia being the most successful franchise in the world;

      2. KPJ Healthcare is the third largest healthcare provider in THE WORLD, behind Hospital Chain owned by Khazanah Malaysia. Mind you, KPJ Healthcare was initiated and developed by 'SEORANG PEREMPUAN MELAYU i.e. Datuk Paduka Siti Saadiah since late 70's or early 80's, while she was still very young.

      3. We manage to overcome 1997-98 Asia economy crisis and sailed through 2007-2008 World economy crisis without foreign help, while the rest of the world including Singapore is falling at that time;

      4. During the 2007-08 World economy crisis none of the Malaysian banks reported losses.

      5. Why do you think the government let Singaporeans bought property at RM500K like nobody business, than capped the selling price above RM1 million? Bluntly said they let them bring the money here, than make sure to keep it here for a long time and to avoid speculation;

      There are many examples that I can give you.


      Please don't TALK COCK here. Unless you have any concrete proof to substantiate your points, you are nothing but a SAD, SAD, SAD person.

      Oh! btw, JEALOUSY is a very ugly thing my dear. given the same opportunity e.g. your father is one of the Royalties, you could have taken the same opportunity/route and probably done even worst.

      Somehow you sounded like sour grape Cinabeng or Dalit Dude who are forever not happy with the Malay in general.

    3. Sultan batal projek Laguna Mersing

      MERSING - Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar semalam menitahkan bahawa projek pusat peranginan mega Laguna Mersing yang bernilai RM22 bilion telah terbatal dengan sendirinya berikutan kegagalan pihak pemaju memenuhi syarat asas perjanjian.

      Dalam titahnya, baginda menegaskan, projek terbabit terbatal selepas pihak pemaju induk, Radiant Starfish Development Bhd. gagal meningkatkan modal berbayar sebanyak RM200 juta dalam masa enam bulan.

      Syarat itu terkandung dalam perjanjian antara syarikat terbabit dengan Kerajaan Negeri Johor pada 25 Februari lalu.

      "Namun sehingga hari ini, setelah tamat tempoh enam bulan, pihak pemaju masih gagal untuk memenuhi syarat asas tersebut. Ekoran kegagalan tersebut, maka projek ini dengan sendirinya adalah terbatal," titah baginda pada majlis Ulang Tahun Rejimen Gerak Khas Ke-47 di Kem Iskandar Mersing di sini semalam.

      Majlis pecah tanah projek Laguna Mersing itu yang berlangsung pada 14 April lalu dirasmikan sendiri oleh baginda.

      Serentak dengan itu juga, Sultan Johor menasihatkan kerajaan agar sentiasa berhati-hati apabila menerima cadangan pembangunan dan menilainya dengan teliti agar pemaju yang benar-benar komited dan berkemampuan sahaja diberi kelulusan melaksanakan projek.

      "Sekiranya ada mana-mana pihak yang cuba menangguk di air keruh dengan mencari jalan mudah untuk mengaut keuntungan, maka pergilah ke tempat lain kerana tiada tempat untuk orang seperti ini di negeri Johor," titahnya.

      Laguna Mersing yang dijadual siap pada tahun 2019 meliputi kawasan seluas 809 hektar yang dipecahkan kepada 22 lot dan dijual kepada pemaju dari luar negara untuk dibangunkan dengan hotel atau taman tema.

      Artikel Penuh: http://www.kosmo.com.my/kosmo/content.asp?y=2012&dt=0909&pub=Kosmo&sec=Negara&pg=ne_01.htm#ixzz3140wlWRi
      Hakcipta terpelihara

      For a woman who is small in size, Datin Paduka Siti Sa'diah Sheikh Bakir brings mega achievements to her position as managing director of KPJ Healthcare Berhad, one of the leading private healthcare p

      From, MC (Madam Chair) magazine, volume 18, 2009.
      In the flesh, 55-year-old Datin Paduka Siti Sa'diah Sheikh Bakir is surprisingly small and soft-spoken for a woman who last year steered KPJ Healthcare to earn its first billion ringgit. Surely one would need rather large shoulders to bear the accountability of KPJ Healthcare's core activity — managing 24 specialist hospitals in Malaysia and abroad.
      But that is not all. Aside from its principal business, KPJ Healthcare Bhd also provides management services; project management and engineering maintenance services for specialist hospitals; marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical, medical and consumer healthcare products; and operates a private nursing college, to name a few of its ventures.
      That's a lot of responsibility for one woman, but this pint-sized woman takes it all and more in her stride.
      She sits as chairman of various hospitals in the KPJ Group and of Willis (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. She is director of Kulim Malaysia
      Berhad, Puteri Hotels Sdn Bhd and Damansara REIT Managers Sdn Bhd. These are just the companies within the Johor Corporation JCorp) Group — the holding company for KPJ Healthcare Bhd — that she is involved in.
      Outside JCorp, she is a director of Kumpulan Waqaf An-Nur, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the provision of healthcare services to the less fortunate.
      She has been the president of the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) since its inception in 1997 and a board member of MATRADE since 1999.
      She is also a member of the Malaysian Productivity Council's (MFC) Consultative Panel on Healthcare — a position she has held since 2001; and a member of the National Patient Safety Council, Ministry of Health since 2003.
      One of the positions she is most proud of is being elected Independent Director of Bursa Malaysia. She has served on the board since 2004.
      "The other positions I hold outside KPJ are due to recognition — people have seen my potential and my track record and they invite me to contribute to their organisation," says Siti Sa'diah, explaining how she ended up wearing so many different hats.
      She has built a good support team in KPJ, so that she can delegate work and concentrate on consultation and sharing her experience with those who want to learn from her.
      "Over the years I have built a solid team. Building the team is crucial. Once you have the right people in the right places it makes your work a lot easier because you can delegate and trust your team to deliver. I can, in turn, focus on sharing my experience with my followers. Your followers must believe in you and trust in you before you can see the results."
      Siti Sa'diah joined Johor Corporation in 1974, as soon as she graduated from the University of Malaya with an economics degree. She has stayed with the company ever since.


    5. She build. Someone else with power and influence will break it, just to satisfy his lust.

    6. Anon 14:40

      I hear you. The said has happened Tan Sri Ali Hashim much earlier. It is dog eats dog world out there.....

    7. Lol, see bums are like cinabeng, money, miney. So why just cinabeng now. So no difference. Anyone the same.

  2. tebing tinggi6 May 2014 at 11:06

    In the past we heard of Kelantanese are behaving in such manner ,but couldn't understand why Johorean behaving as such, recently . Johorean Malay are knowns to be well behave and polite all these while, are becoming arrogant these days .
    For what ever reason that cause the changes in attitude and behavior ,they showing it at the wrong circumstances .

    1. Saya pernah mengata bahawa penyokong Kelantan tak "Civilized" dihadapan seorang rakan asal Kelantan dan penyokong tegar Kelantan, tak lama lepas tu kena pada batang hidung saya sendiri.

  3. Bapak borek anak rintik

  4. Don't we see it, Johorean are having the gnome of stress syndrome. They are fed up with their serounddings. Their lifes are in catch 22s situation. They drive their cars and ride their motor bikes like maniacs. Hatred is seeding and growing in their veins. Good behaviors and civic minded attitudes are irrelevant.

    Ditambah pula Atuk kencing berdiri, Bapak kencing berdiri dan Cucu ikut sama. Johoreans don't realize yang mereka kena kencing melalui tauladan.

    1. This is for all the lonely people . . . . .


    2. The Lonely people by American has no bearing on my faith. Dan peek, song writer and singer, is the new-born Christain. Musically, the melody has much feeling to nature but the lyrics are meant, 'to love somebody'. Dan lines of thought is Jesus mingling in a genre of Pop Rock.

    3. Bro. when you're drivin your cars and bikes like MANIACS all Stressed Up, what faith is that? To behave like that must be the soul is cut off from MAKRIFATULLAH, doesn't know his inner self, therefore don't know the Loving Creator. So no sweetness in his life coming from Rasulullah, the Nur Muhammadiyah in the lubuk hati manusia. Yo man!

    4. I am referring to the song, "The Lonely People" you posted. The lyrics of the song has no bearing on my faith. I am aware that Dan Peek is a Pop Evangelist. I rather listen to 'teach our children....wise men' as posted.

    5. ok bro. sorry you were affected by Dan Peek, this one's especially for you

      HASBI RABBI (ie.My Lord suffices me):


  5. Johor ( top brass ) need a revamp, annie. This is a must for PM Najib. Otherwise things will be upside down

    1. Remember the changing rooms with th ' 4 kubah ' on it ? We know,purposely to insult Islam. Why dont they built 'cross or buddha / hindu symbols? ) Majlis bandaran / tempatan buat apa ?

    2. Development in Johor - land and properties - uncontrollable ? 'Badan Pemantau Pusat ' must be formed. Its Federal Gomen project. As promised made by PM Najib - the launching of massive development in Mersing.

    3. Now you mentioned JDT - something wrong with this Johore football association. Of lately, samseng style ! Are most of the fans PR supporters ? They look alike... he..he..

    Total revamp, that what Johor needs !

  6. Ni menghina Sultan dan Raja-raja Melayu, suatu kesalahan di bawah Akta Hasutan , tau tak?

  7. Kena dengan pepatah-Menang Sorak Kampong Tergadai.Jadilah PakKaduk

  8. Ini gara2 "Ajarnya Kurang...jadi la Kurang Ajar" ha..ha..

  9. Important things we should teach our children that they may become gentle and wise men:


  10. re: "The JDT fans did not seem to fear the police or the laws. They seem to think that they are invincible and above the laws. "Luaskan kuasa mu!! Luaskan kuasa mu!! Luaskan kuasa mu!!" they cheered. Don't ask me from where they got such an attitude.
    It's definitely not the way Johoreans have always been."

    Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

    Nasihat Gurindam VII oleh Raja Ali Haji

    Apabila banyak berkata-kata,
    di situlah jalan masuk dusta.
    Apabila banyak berlebih-lebihan suka,
    itulah tanda hampir duka.
    Apabila kita kurang siasat,
    itulah tanda pekerjaan hendak sesat.
    Apabila anak tidak dilatih,
    jika besar bapanya letih.
    Apabila banyak mencela orang,
    itulah tanda dirinya kurang.
    Apabila orang yang banyak tidur,
    sia-sia sahajalah umur.
    Apabila mendengar akan khabar,
    menerimanya itu hendaklah sabar.
    Apabila mendengar akan aduan,
    membicarakannya itu hendaklah cemburuan.
    Apabila perkataan yang lemah-lembut,
    lekaslah segala orang mengikut.
    Apabila perkataan yang amat kasar,
    lekaslah orang sekalian gusar (marah).
    Apabila pekerjaan yang amat benar,
    tidak boleh orang berbuat onar (gaduh).

  11. This showed how kurang ajar JDT are:

    The clash between Singapore's Lions XII and Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) scheduled to take place at the Jalan Besar Stadium in Singapore tonight had to be postponed to May 20 because several JDT players are involved in a charity match against Indonesia's national squad in Jakarta tomorrow.

  12. This news showed how samseng is JDT. It will never happened in a civilized league that a friendly take precedent over a competititive match.

    The clash between Singapore's Lions XII and Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) scheduled to take place at the Jalan Besar Stadium in Singapore tonight had to be postponed to May 20 because several JDT players are involved in a charity match against Indonesia's national squad in Jakarta tomorrow.