Saturday 3 May 2014

Should the BN government resigns over MH370?

Just now, someone forwarded me a Bloomberg article comparing between the MH370 tragedy and the recent Korean ferry tragedy.

As usual, the Malaysian authorities were condemned for its handling of the missing airliner.

The author of the article praised the South Koreans for the way they handled the ferry disaster, citing the resignation of their prime minister as a mark of guilt, remorse etc.

The Malaysian authorities had on the other hand been labeled as arrogant, secretive, defensive and refused to accept responsibilities.

My response was,

"The most obvious difference between MH370 and the Korean ferry disaster was that the Koreans immediately know what went wrong with the ferry while in the MH370 tragedy, we are yet to find the plane, let alone know what happened which lead to the tragedy. Let's say a parent lose a child who went missing, is it not right for the parents to try find the child first and find out what happened instead of went berserk with guilt and killing themselves over a tragedy which they are not yet sure of its causes? Did anyone condemn France and demand for its president to resign when the country lost its plane over the Atlantic Ocean? Did anyone demand Barak Obama to resign every time a plane crashed in the US?"

Well, the Pakatan supporters had been comparing the two tragedies too, just like what Bloomberg did.

They demand resignations like what the South Korean PM did.

So, you want PM DS Najib Razak to resign over the MH370 tragedy or you want the entire government to resign?

Come on, don't be shy, just say it, you want the whole government to resign isn't it? So that your people can take over, right?

Eh, you got no shame ka? Using the tragedy to take over power.

Wait for the next general election la. This is a democratic country, okay. We decide who is in charge through elections, not through back doors like shaming the government of the day or conducting street protests.

Anyway, you think Anwar Ibrahim will resign ka if he is the PM today when the MH370 happened?

What? It would not happened if Anwar is in charge, you said? You think just because he is God-send as claimed by his wife and children, tragedies wouldn't happened if he is PM? Are you insane?

What? You think Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng will resign if a ferry sunk off Penang?

Fat chance la.

With a face like that, you think he will let go off power simply simply ka?

You crazy or what?


  1. Resign? what resign? Malaysians more likely to re-sign for an other term.

    1. Anon,
      Guan Eng HAD the chance to resign and be responsible over the DAP election fiasco - something which is directly under his area of, well, responsibility.
      Instead, it's all blamed over Excel error, logic right? Then he topped it all off by claiming the moral high ground, saying how "honest, brave & responsible" he was to "admit" that error.
      How some people practice double standards is beyond me.
      (p/s: the issue here is, if you CLAIM to be righteous and blast everyone you think isn't, then you better reflect that in your actions)

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  2. good thinking annie. everyone in Bloomberg should aa resign instead

  3. Spot on response, Annie. The Pessek idiot who wrote that garbage should drink his momma's cuntwater to get his shit jammed brains working again.

    The sonofabitch hardly raises a whimper against Australia or the JACC. Haven't they "messed up" the search as well with their so called pings and zings. Haven't their premier made a right old fool of himself twice over by claiming to have "located" the plane not once but TWICE and once in parliament at that!!

    On that count, do you find them Chingkpigs in Beijing criticising him or Australia? Or do you have pathetic cuntwater guzzliing wannabes like Pessek or our very own Jahabbar raising a ruckus? Nope, they dont for they simply can't for they know as well as anyone sane out there that this is an unprecedented event which even has the technologically advanced, Americans, flummoxed. Fact is when you disable all communication, you are virtually flying incognito especially when you have also trained yourself via simulation to evade radar. And for those blithering idiots in Malaysia blabbering about RMAF's lack of interception etc, go get a grasp on speed, distance etc.

    The total distance between turnbackpoint and Penang was roughly 262 nautical miles (turnback to KB= 131nM and KB to Penang= 131). That approximates 486km and with a Boeing 777-300er cruise speed of 0.84 Mach (roughly 1027km/h) at 35K feet, any baby can work out how long it took MH370 to cross that sliver of land in Northern Malaysia and how much reaction time those in Butterworth would had have if they had been alerted after the necessary verifications.

    And I am basing my assumption on pilot maintaining to cruise speed at 35K. What if he/she had gone faster, flown lower etc? How long would that have shortened the journey and shortened reaction time for RMAF to scramble after the necessary verifications? Plus, remember 17 minutes of the plane was lost on civilian radar.

    In fact, even the superfast Yanks had trouble pursuing Payne Stewart's ill-fated flight here:

    "Pentagon officials said the military began its pursuit of the ghostly civilian aircraft at 10:08 a.m., when two Air Force F-16 fighters from Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida that were on a routine training mission were asked by the FAA to intercept it. The F-16s did not reach the Learjet, but an Air Force F-15 fighter from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida that also was asked to locate it got within sight of the aircraft and stayed with it from 11:09 a.m. to 11:44 a.m., when the military fighter was diverted to St. Louis for fuel.

    Fifteen minutes later, four Air National Guard F-16s and a KC-135 tanker from Tulsa were ordered to try to catch up with the Learjet but got only within 100 miles....."

    You can see how difficult for a plane to be intercepted in full flight as even 6 American F 16s can miss one. And remember, the Eglin Airbase F16 that did catch up was airborne already!!

    Those local and foreign craptalking sonofbitches bastards lambasting the RMAF and by default Malaysia, have got shit in their brains and zilch knowledge about simple Math and Physics. They have achieved nothing in their lives and live to crow on others misery. And the Pessek Bloombergs resident Korean cocksuckler got his perfect comeuppance yesterday:

    And finally, Jahabar and the MI gang quickly swept Tian Chua's Hudud thingy under the carpet real fast. Why?:

    Simply because Tian Chua's big muoth spilled the beans. The chronology of events and today's outburst by Hanipa Maidin simply confirmed the obvious = The DAP sanctioned and approved Hudud implementation in Terengganu and Kelantan as Tian Chua affirmed in the Chingk press.

    And some people in the DAP had been lying big time about it this week. I will show how, inshaallah today if I have the time.

    Warrior 231

    1. You're still around. Haven't heard from you for a while.

    2. Waa you even have Warrior commenting.. a testimony as a top blogger in the same class with RockyBru..

  4. With a face like that, you think he will let go off power simply simply ka?

    hahaha this is so true ....hello hai annie....i just found your blog recently in rocky bru blog....

    i dont really like reading anything in blog other than rocky bru blog but your blog and how you wrote it are just so unbelievably unbelievable ...

    do keep on writing ya because it is so nice reading your blog. :)

    >my name is ali muthu chong dan lain lain

  5. You were absolutely right Annie. It is not right to compare the two as the nature of the tragedy is inherently different. The Korean ferry tragedy is straight forward. The reason why the Korean government apologized and its PM resigned is due to malfeasance of the officials on board of the sunken ferry and response to the tragedy were less than desired at earlier stage. The captain of the ferry together with some officials flee the ship to save themselves as the ferry slowly sank leaving behind hundred of passengers, mostly children. This cowardly act by the captain was immensely embarrassing to the government which made the President declared such act was tantamount to murder. The PM afterward tendered his resignation as a way to assuage the feelings of the parents who had lost their loved ones.
    MH370 is a bizarre event with a lot of loose ends need to tie up. The plane is simply vanished mid-air and no one seems sure where to start. Like Hisham rightly said it was unprecedented and the facts need to be established first before embarking on the right course of action. It is a mystery and still is which can't be solved in one second.

  6. lol @ you crazy or what?


  7. William Pesek berhidung penyek matanya sepet dan otaknya senget.

  8. If any lapses which allowed for the disappearance of MH370 are confirmed, if the aircraft is finally located, then it would be demand the party responsible to resign.

    I'm sick of these western media and their local fanboys who parrot them.

    However, someone in MAS MRO workshop should resign over generator failure, fire in workshop, burst tyre, non-retractable undercarriage, etc.

  9. I think the question we need to be asking is, apart from South Korea and Japan, what other country in this world would the president/ prime minister/ leader resign when there is a tragedy?

  10. This mat saleh thinks what - M'sia really stupid to acknowledge guilt by resigning. Hah! That will bring out every lawyer from the wormhole, filing exorbitant claims lawsuits against the government.

    1. It's the engineering head in MAS who should be answering for aeronautical failures foremost

  11. Grand Marquis4 May 2014 at 01:16

    The only person that should resign is Khalid Ibrahim because his incompetency lead to water problem in Selangor. But dia masih buat muka tebal macam tak de apa apa berlaku.

    1. A thick face skin covers up incompetency like no other thing can do.

    2. Kalau ya pun berlaku perubahan cuaca luar biasa seperti mana alasan yang diberikan olah wakil rakyat mereka baru-baru ini, macamlah ianya berlaku di Selangor sahaja. Habis negeri-negeri lain sekitar tidak mengalaminya? Krisis bekalan air banyak kali berlaku di negara kita tetapi bab mencatu memang tak pernah. Negara-negara 'land-lock' yang dikelilingi gurun dan padang pasir pun tak pernah laksana catuan air, inikan pula negara beriklim khatulitiwa macam kita.
      Nak tutup kelemahan mentadbir macam-macam alasan diberikan. Sebelum ini bukan main lagi tuduh kerajaan BN dulu rasuah, korup, tak peduli susah rakyat tapi tengoklah sekarang macam mana. Korup-korup kerajaan dulu pun, diaorang tak pernah laksanakan catuan air. Catuan air adalah tindakan darurat dan terdesak yang menunjukkan di tahap mana kecekapan sesebuah organisasi mentadbir. Ini menunjukkan tiadanya perancangan dan unjuran jangka panjang di pihak kerajaan negeri. Tiadanya antisipasi untuk jangkaan penggunaan untuk tempoh masa 30 40, 50 tahun yang akan datang dengan proses urbanisasi yang sangat pesat berlaku di negeri Selangor sekarang. Kawasan-kawasan telah banyak dibangunkan untuk projek-projek perumahan dan pusat industri yang tumbuh macam cendawan, Unit perancangan kerajaan negeri sememangnya tidak boleh tidur lena dengan senario sebegini. Kerajaan perlu sedar makin hari makin ramai rakyat Malaysia yang bekerja dan menetap di negeri Selangor berbanding negeri-negeri lain, jadi penggunaan air bertambah berkali-kali ganda banyaknya berbanding negeri-negeri lain. IPTA dan IPTS pun kebanyakannya di Selangor. Ini menunjukkan projek Langat 2 lebih dari wajib. Kalau dari segi Islam, perkara yang wajib kalau tak buat berdosa. Kesemua faktor-faktor tersebut perlu diambil kira dalam usaha kerajaan membuat perancangan dan unjuran kadar penggunaan air bagi tempoh semasa dan tempoh-tempoh yang akan datang.

  12. Or let Anwar take over the job as MB. he can solve the water problem in one second.