Saturday 30 July 2022

The reason why they enjoy insulting Muslims

 This is what the Agong said yesterday in conjunction with the Islamic new year,

Don’t ridicule religions in the name of free speech


“Religion is not something to be joked about. I am afraid that such an act will fuel the flames of racism and destroy the bond of unity between all races that has been built for a long time,” he said in conjunction with the Maal Hijrah celebration and commemoration of Warriors’ Day.

Apparently the king, not unlike me, was concerned over the current trend of people insulting other people's religions.

The king was careful not to be too direct about it, but I believe what he actually meant was the trend of insulting Islam by some people who get a kick out of rubbing dirt on Muslims' faces.

The obvious example was the comedy club couple case.

The less obvious example was the Loh Siew Hong case.

I have highlighted both cases in my previous postings.

I'm perfectly alright with people discussing religions but not if it was done with malicious intent.

For instance, if you want to explain why you prefer to worship multiple gods instead of just one, that should be alright.

Explain all you want, but you don't have to insult the people who worship only one God.

And if you want to explain why your religion prohibits you from eating pork or beef, then by all means please do so.

I'm alright with that as long as you don't resort to insulting the religion of those who eat those types of meat.

Personally, I find eating pork repulsive because as a Muslim, I was thought that way since I was a little kid.

But I don't go around calling people who eat pork as swines.

The most I ever did was say, "Urgh...I don't know how you can eat that."

Pigs are not exactly nice looking animals, okay. At least not to me.

Anyway, I did accidentally eat pork once.

It was when I was having breakfast at Corus Hotel near Hyde Park in London in early spring of 2009.

It was the sausages that I ate that morning. I forgot to check first and was only told later that they were pork. 

Pork is so repulsive to me, that I remember the incident in detail till this day. I even remember that it was a rather cold morning.

By the way, the pork sausages actually tasted so good.


Back to the issue at hand, why did some people get a kick out of insulting Muslims by smearing their religion?

I think it's primarily because these people feel they are superior compared to the Muslims and resent them for being the majority in this democratic country and thus have the power to influence its direction.

How could a group of people whom for them were inferior have more say in this country?

These Muslims are after all less wealthy and educated than them.

They are mostly backward kampung people, while we are sophisticated urbanites who speak English (mostly the broken version though) and part of the woke culture.

So, let's insult the Muslims to vent our frustration over the whole arrangement in this country, and the best way to do it should be by hitting where it hurts them the most - their religion.

Hey, it was just a comedy. Why are you Muslims so unsophisticated and can't appreciate a joke?

Hey, we are handling this case as according to the laws. We are after all smart lawyers and you are just a bunch of uneducated fools. What? You all feel insulted? Fuck you and your religious sensitivities.

Well, at least that's how I see the attitude of those people.

You know, when the majority of Malay Muslims started to return their support to BN, not long after Pakatan's 2018 victory, many people blamed Umno for playing up racial and religious sentiments.

They also blamed the Malay Muslims for being so stupid for wanting to go back supporting a bunch of people whom according to them were corrupted to the core.

What they didn't even bother to consider was that so many things were said and done by Pakatan leaders and supporters after the 2018 election that hurt the feelings of Malay Muslims.

Pakatan people felt that the victory gave them the rights to do what ever they please, including disregarding the feelings of Malay Muslims.

I could give many examples, but the one that really hurt me was the way they handled the death of fireman Adib. I don't think I could ever forgive the irresponsible comments of Pakatan politicians and insulting behaviour of their supporters in the social media.

Well, they don't even seemed to learn even after the Pakatan government imploded following a series of BN's by-election victories.

I believe they know now that the 2018 Pakatan's victory won't happen again, at least not for a very long time, and all they could do now is to throw tantrums.

That's why now we see more and more incidents of these people lashing out by insulting Muslims and their religion.

They knew that most Muslims in this country now don't want to support their cause and therefore they don't feel the need to be nice anymore.

Upsetting the Muslims is the least they could do to express their sense of superiority.

Yeah, go ahead guys.

I'll just wait until the Muslims form a super majority in parliament and change all the laws.

Let's see what will happen then.


  1. bon odori was a hit in kl & penang.

    i apologise if i have offended annie & any muslims.

  2. Amerika is Great Again.

    Khas pada mat karat dan minah kicap di Malaysia

    Mana mana walaun walaun's yang admired kebebasan suara ala ala Amerikana sila berambos dari Malaysia.

    Mana mana kumpulan yg konon freedom og speech sampai buat lawak bodoh sambil hina maki hamun Islam dan Bahasa Melayu.

    Mana mana pure mat salleh, minah karan, minah kicap dan mat karat yang perasan putih berkilat nak jadi mat salleh yg jogging cycling pagi petang di KLCC dan sekitar Jalan Ampang, Jln P Ramlee, Jln Sultan Ismail, Jln Tasik Perdana ke Tasik Perdana di Malaysia tiada skid row.

    Jangan nak berlagak pandai dan memandai di bomi bertuah Tanah Melayu. Follow rules of Laws Malaysia. Hokeyy..!!

    Biden halusination kah kah kah

    Semua kumpulan G25, COMANGO, SIS, BERSIH, PejWang PKR Tukar Tiub Tun Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim Siti Kasim Marina Gereja Ambiga Marina Chin Dr Farida mana yang favour media USA dan pejuang kebebasan konon ( kahak ptuui..!!) seperti WSJ, CNN, CIA, Ruters, Street Times CNBC dlk elok perhatikan video video di bawah ini.

    hollywood homeless wat a shame USA

    Don't talk and condemn others country. USA is worse country. USA don't talk shit out there. Your people is worse then ours..!!

    who ever walauns walauns yang admired USA so please leave this country and make USA great again

    Link atas tak menipu hokey..!!


  3. Remember how opposition parties marched through Kg. Baru in Kuala Lumpur and told the Malays there to "balik kampung", shortly before the 13th May 1969 riots broke out.

    Pakatan Harapan parties such as the DAP advovate a "Malaysian Malaysia" but I know many of their supporters who pay lip service to that in public but come out with the most anti-Malaya, anti-Muslim statements and posting on social media in private.

    If these people really believe in a Malaysian Malaysia, then practice it in actuality by calling upon the Malays and Muslims who may be wary of them to join them in building a more fair, just and inclusive Malaysia for all in practice, whilst ensuring that the concerns of fellow citizens over matters of their economic survival, welfare and economic advancement are addressed.

    However, instead of trying to unite Malaysians of different ethnicities and religions, these people instead play a part in furthering the division - complementing what they accuse UMNO/BN politicians of doing.

    Dr. Martin Luther King did not win concessions for Afro-Americans by urging them to hate the whites but instead demanded equality for Afro-Americans and won the support of many anti-racist whites. This is an example of political maturity.

    If these non-Malay, non-Muslim Malaysians carry on with their political immaturity, they will drive away reasonable and moderate Malay, Muslims who support greater fairness and inclusiveness for their fellow non-Malay, non-Muslim Malaysians,and this is the height of stupidity.

    1. You meant the non-Malay and non-Muslims are the majority?? My opinion of political maturity is No race and religion talk in politics. But impossible kan? Cuz development, social welfare, science, economics, education, etc.... sudah nak bahas!

    2. "You meant the non-Malay and non-Muslims are the majority??"
      Where in my post did I say that non-Malays, non-Muslims are the majority?

      Matters of contradictions between different ethnic and religious communities can be discussed in a constructive manner in a bid to try to resolve them amicably but insults of others' ethnicity and religion are destructive and counterproductive.
      BTW. I'm neither Malay nor Muslim

  4. Good job, Annie!

    You are getting very good at cutting and pasting your own shit into slightly different formations : )

    Sure, it's lazy and quite boring for us readers, but it really saves time.

    I think you could have fit one mention of Adib in, but hey - you still get paid, kan?

    I would call that, "win win"!

  5. Terdapat begitu banyak perkahwinan antara kaum, perkahwinan berbeza agama sudah beberapa dekad, mengapa masih bercakap tentang bangsa dan agama. Saya sudah bosan dengar subjek ini. Kerajaan dan pembangkang pun sama... Tiada baru kah? Lebih bagus tukar kepada pemimpin pemuda yang ada idea baru dan kemajuan. Semua dinasour masih terperangkap dalam zaman ais, tiada teknologi baru.

    Kos sara hidup sangat membimbangkan. Semua barang semakin mahal. Ramai orang kehilangan pekerjaan. Lebih menarik jikalau bolih mendengar cara menangani delima dan mengatasi masalah rakyat.

    1. Setuju

    2. Orang tua dan muda sama saja. Yang penting hati masing2. Yang banyak buat kacau lately ni pun orang muda juga.

  6. Politics is not the gateway to riches. Do not sacrifice the people in the guise of race and religion to hide incompetence in policy making and development of the country. Don't think that you can get away with ill-gotten tax payers' money meant for upgrading the overall livelihood of people.

    How does it feel to have to watch your back all the time, worrying you are going to be caught any time? You can lie to cover up but a lie leads to more lies until it explode to expose everything. When caught, not only you but the whole family and generations to come will be shamed and condemned to proverty.

    The success of the country depends on good governance to benefit its people to minimize proverty and bring in foreign investment. The people happy, the country prosper. Country prosper everyone lives in harmony. Think about that!

    Politik bukan pintu masuk kepada kekayaan. Jangan korbankan rakyat bertopengkan bangsa dan agama untuk menyembunyikan ketidakcekapan dalam penggubalan dasar dan pembangunan negara. Jangan fikir boleh lari dengan wang pembayar cukai yang diperoleh secara haram yang bertujuan untuk menaik taraf keseluruhan kehidupan orang ramai.

    Apakah perasaan setiap masa, sepanjang masa, bimbang anda akan ditangkap pada bila-bila masa? Anda boleh berbohong untuk menutup sumbernya tetapi pembohongan membawa kepada lebih banyak pembohongan untuk menutup pembohongan pertama sampai meletup mendedahkan segalanya. Apabila ditangkap, bukan sahaja anda tetapi seluruh keluarga dan generasi akan datang akan dimalukan dan jadi miskin.

    Kejayaan negara bergantung kepada tadbir urus yang baik untuk memberi manfaat kepada rakyatnya bagi meminimumkan kemiskinan dan membawa masuk pelaburan asing. Rakyat gembira negara maju. Negara makmur semua orang hidup dalam harmoni. Fikirkan tentang ini!!

  7. DYMM The Agong meant his advice(of not insulting the religion or faith of others in this country) for everyone.It was not meant for those demeaning Islam only.It applies similarly to those who take pot shots against other religions and faiths as well.

    But seriously, have we been alarmed lately by anyone or any group/s of other faiths or religions insulting Islam or talking down on Muslims here in general?

    I have surpassed 7-decades of living in this country.I have yet to hear of insults being intentionally thrown at Muslims here, by our rakyat of other faiths.And I pray this very high level of tolerance and understanding amongst us is maintained.Malaysians are ,seriously, a fair-minded, tolerant and understanding lot.

  8. Kan WHO dah habaq.. worldwide hazard, skrg ramai facing mental issues.

    Esp those yg suka sgt touch on racial and religous issues, sebenarnya tersembunyi kelemahan diri mereka, hidup mula tak tenteram dan otak mereka dah mula nak sewel..

    ...An inferiority complex encompasses feelings of inadequacy or inferiority. These feelings may result from an actual physical defect, or they may show up in situations where we feel less intelligent than our peers. In other cases, the supposed inferiority may be concocted from purely imagined shortcomings....

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Alamak Annie, your shit stirring is getting nowhere.....mcm lukewarm chickenshit jer. Kih kih kih.

    Please lah, if you are really trying to provoke people via R&R, like the Old School Brain-Dead Umgnok Blogger you are, your KPI should be 50-100 comments with severe rabies. Minimum.

    People might start asking your boss why his downline macai are not making their numbers, you know?

    But I can help!

    Right now, you are spending about 10 minutes on every post, but I can help you cut it to 5 minutes only.

    Yes, I will go through your archive and just pull out past posts (because you say everything 8-9 times - recycling is good for the environment, kan?)

    My charges - FREE.

    That's what fans are for!

  10. I dunno how anyone can say with a straight face that pihak tertentu are NOT stupid. And having super duper majority doesn't make you r kind less stupid. Saying that you are not stupid repeatedly doesn't make you less stupid. That kind of stupidity is self-evident and does not require empirical evidence no matter whose mouth it came out of.