Tuesday 26 July 2022

Muslims shouldn't get angry, they should just remember

 This is the Malay Mail's headline this morning;

Abuse survivor’s ordeal sheds light on Malaysia unilateral conversions

It's actually a story by AFP.


Malaysian woman Loh Siew Hong says her husband brutally abused her, battering her over the head and breaking her ankle, before running off with their children and converting them to Islam.

That opening paragraph set the tone of the whole story.

No attempt was made by the writer to get the ex-husband's version of the story or those directly involved in the conversion of the children.

Bear in mind that the ex-husband had never been found guilty or charged with using violence against Loh.

By right, Loh's ex-husband could sue her for making the accusation, AFP for writing a defamatory story and Malay Mail for publishing it.

Same as what Lim Guan Eng did to the Chinese newspapers the other day for publishing his accuser's story without getting his comment.  

Oh, and this is the picture used for the story along with the caption.

This picture taken on May 30, 2022 shows Loh Siew Hong (right) hugging her son next to her other children by a river in Gombak. — AFP pic

Compare it with this picture when Loh won the custody over the children;

Yup, it's a victory for them.

The whole thing was after all about annulling the children's conversion to Islam.

Loh being reunited with the children is now secondary, despite her initial insistence that religion was not the issue.

It's actually a trend now.

They actually love rubbing it in the face of Muslims when these things happened.

For instance, this is the picture released to the media by the legal team of the woman who was charged with insulting Islam at a comedy club the other day after they supposedly managed to raise the bail money for her and her boyfriend through "crowd funding".

It's supposed to be a picture of a Muslim woman in baju kurung and tudung hugging her non-Muslim boyfriend to celebrate their victory of some sort.

I believe that their intention of wanting the media to use the picture was to make the Muslims flipped some more over their antics.

It's the same as when she pulled off that distasteful stunt at the comedy club.

Well, this is the real picture of these ugly people;

My opinion is that Muslims shouldn't get angry over the whole thing.

Let the authorities handle them. There are laws against what they are doing and sooner of later they will get punished.

For now, just remember who these people really are and let them wallow in their own shit.

Oh, and if there are people who support them contesting in the next general election, vote against them.

Ya, remember what happened after the 2018 general election.

Remember Adib, and the insults they threw at us in the social media after the fireman died.


  1. The law is not about justice it is about who bends the the most. Ability to bends the law win the case.

  2. Ahhhhhh, Cik Annie!

    My ratings, ya:



    TIMELY DELIVERY: 0/10. All your fellow ahem ahem Chow Kit back lane "bloggers" already milked this dry last week.

    Keep up laaaaaa, sweetie!

    1. Haiyaaa Mangkok Hayunnnn...17.00
      Masih sokong islamophobia yo ...
      No wonder kekawan dah mulo tengok video Zakir Naik ... sumo give Thumbs Up . Sobab ehh Kafirun takkan ghonti balun islam / muslim sampai hayat mereko .
      So .. anon 17.00 ... mengapo bonci kek agamo islam ..?


  3. Only stupid people would toy around hornets' nest.

  4. Part of the problem is that there a lot of people who like to use "we" and "us"as if they represent and know the thoughts of others, millions of others

    Use "I" instead, it provides clarity

    and who is this conspriratical "them" you keep referring to?

  5. Aikkkks! Lima komen saje Annie?

    Siannnnnn you.

    There's nothing worse than writing a "trying so, so, hard to stir shit" post, and yet the shit remains quite calm on the surface. Completely unstirred, actually.


    As your Number 1 fan, I hereby sedekah this comment to you, to make the total six.

    This way, you can show your bosses that you are an Influential Blogger, so they will give you bonus and you can travel to Japan to find a handsome boyfriend.

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    1. You made my day...had a gd luff

  6. all my muslim friends wont be insulted if i have a glass of wine during dinner with them. Likewise, i live within 500m of a mosque - no offence with the loud prayers or traffic. All part of living in a normal multicultural world.

    the 2% that spew hate & stir shit are politicians & bloggers like you annie.