Monday 21 March 2022

DAP Malays need to work harder

 This is the full list of DAP's new CEC members:

National chairman: Lim Guan Eng

Deputy national chairman: Gobind Singh Deo

Vice-national chairman: Nga Kor Ming; Chow Kon Yeow; Chong Chieng Jen, M. Kula Segaran, Teresa Kok

Secretary-general: Anthony Loke Siew Fook

Deputy secretary-general: Liew Chin Tong; V. Sivakumar (co-opted); Tengku Zulpuri (co-opted)

National treasurer: Fong Kui Lun

Assistant national treasurer: Ng Sze Han

National organising secretary: Sim Chee Keong

Assistant national organising secretary: Ng Suee Lim; Khoo Poay Tiong

National publicity secretary: Teo Nie Ching

Assistant national publicity secretary: Yeoh Tseow Suan; V. Ganabatirau (co-opted)

International secretary: Jannie Lasimbang

Assistant international secretary: Kasthuri Patto

Political education director: Wong Kah Woh

Assistant political education director: Wong Shu Qi

Committee members: Tan Kok Wai; Lim Lip Eng; Lim Hui Ying; Alice Lau Kiong Yieng, Chan Foong Hin, Ronnie Liu, Tan Hong Pin, Young Syefura Othman, Teo Kok Seong, Su Keong Siong, Wu Him Ven, and Syahredzan Johan (co-opted)

The only Malay DAP leader who was elected was new Dapsy number two Young Syefura Othman.

The other Malays in the list were appointed to their posts. Probably to balance the line-up a bit so that it doesn't look like the party is excluding the Malays too much.

My favourite DAP personality Bandar Utama assemblywoman Jamaliah Jamaluddin didn't make the cut and was not appointed.

She had contested for Dapsy's number one post but lost.

I'm not sure why the DAP delegates didn't choose her because she's smart, hardworking and beautiful.

I suspect that it got something to do with her looks,

She looks too Chinese despite being officially a Malay.

Well, she's a Sino Malay, okay.

Unlike Young Syefura, she doesn't wear a tudung, behave like an artiste and live a Malay celebrity lifestyle.

So, I think the DAP delegates found Jamaliah to be lacking in term of attracting more Malays to the party.

After all, her Bandar Utama constituency is a Chinese-majority area.

No added value, I guess.

Okay, I know some of you DAP supporters would jump and say I'm being a racist for saying all that because your party does everything based on meritocracy.

Fine, but I can't help to think that way when I looked at the CEC list.

Seriously, only one Malay elected? And she looks just like a prop to make the party more appealing to young Malays.

Even the Indians, who made up just about seven per cent of the population were better represented in the list. 

They even appointed that V. Ganabatirau, who accused "muslim groups" of attacking the Hindu temple where fireman Adib was fatally beaten, into the CEC.

Ya, ya, ya....I know, I know, this is all about meritocracy.


Well, DAP Malays, work harder, okay.


By the way, Cik Jamaliah, I think you should just remain elegant the way you are. No need to copy Young Syefura and her getik ways. 


  1. There is no necessity to drive a wedge between the two young aspiring politicians...
    If you are so concern about DAP's attraction of Malays, maybe you should join DAP to further their quest in this matter...

  2. malay no need to work hard in dap, which adhering strictly to our consti that set forth privilege and quota for bumiputra wakaka

    dap is betui multiracial like msia govt wakakax2

  3. Aisay Annie...a naughty nonsensical post. Abt Jamaliah n her Malay-ness, anybody can be a Malay even a blue eyed Mat Salleh...look ard u Annie. Look at yr BN....n look at their token Indian n Cina friend in their pact. At least DAP is attempting to b multi racial unlike the other race n religious based parties, wh r truly undermining the country.

    1. Aiyoo ... 11.05 ni another komunis inspired DAPig lover .

      " DAP attempting to b multi racial " ???

      Correction ...
      DAP nak jadi negaro ni kominis ( bertopeng demokrasi ) .. struktur parti pun samo dgn PKM n CCP .
      Konsep multi racial pun samo dgn PKM regimen ke 10 .

      Itu sobab DAPig ni masih rancak cari Melayu Baru ... yg boleh dikawal jiwo n rago .


  4. "No need to copy her GETIK way"

    That sounds quite harsh with a bitchy style of stinky taste. Come on la, why not congrats her instead. At least she had tried hard to sqeeze into the list democratically. Is she going to pull her hair out after getting this carping criticism??

  5. breaking news! just in.

    dap pulling putin's strings = high oil prices, more subsidy, malaysia to lose 28b. dap playbook to dominate the malays.

    there annie, your next post sorted

    1. Annie's next post:

      dap pulling putin's strings = high oil prices, more subsidy, malaysia to lose 28b. dap playbook to dominate the malays, dap killed adib, please vote for Umgnok.

      Annie is sadly predictable : )

    2. Hey guys, I criticised Umno cybertroopers in my last posting for being stupid, why la you all become like them. Instead of attacking me, try la to explain why only one Malay gedik girl elected into yr party's CEC. Show la DAP cybertroopers got more class than Umno cybertroopers, okay.

  6. Syefura...memang gedik sangat...apa yang dia contribute pun tak tau...harap ada rupa...atapi akai putus...hahahaha...jangan marah ...nanti cepat more young...

  7. Aduh.. Tak payah penat2 nak analyse wakil mereka dari golongan Melayu, Cina, India, Bai or whatever.

    Penyokong tegar DAP.. letak eskimo, negro, lembu, babi, roket, pokok nyioq atau monyet sbg wakil2 mereka sure they will vote for them wan.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. 2x5 je dgn penyokong tegar umnoputra zaman sebelum 1mdb. Skrg ni pun masih ada lagi saki baki

  8. DAP is making changes to their line up to prepare for GE. Next would be PKR. With LKS retiring, hopefully the other golden years like dr M and AI would get the message. For UMNO seems like time stop as if no other people can lead and the current leaders forever young. Still in the cloud after the recent wins. Well let see GE coming…

  9. I am not too sure why syefura was elected to the party and not Jamilaih. Jamilah is great daughter of Samsiah fakeh. Samsiah fakeh was well known PKM member. Maybe dap members thought it will be a liability on the long run. But again the sin or virtue of parent or grandparent should not be a liability or dignity of a person. but again look the recent meteoric accession of current johor mb. That is a malayian mentality.

    1. I think the reason is simpler.. Syefura is more well known coz media gives her more coverage since she looks like the 'typical' malay girl whereas jamilah doesn't get as much coverage.