Sunday 13 June 2021

Pushing for a new government now may lead to an election amidst the pandemic

The Agong has met with Muhyiddin and leaders of political parties ahead of the Rulers Council meeting on Wednesday, supposedly to decide on the state of Emergency which will end on Aug 1.

So, what will happen?

From what I read, most wanted the Emergency to end and parliament to reconvene.

Fine, but why does the parliament needs to be reconvened?

Is it because we need to ensure the present government does its job properly, especially in managing the Covid-19 crisis, or is it to replace the government altogether?

I have been against the Emergency from the start, but doesn't like the idea of changing the government while the pandemic is still raging across the country.

After all, there is no evidence that a new government would handle the crisis any better.

Yes, they all said they are better than the current government, but that's just them saying.

The same when Pakatan said they were better than BN and when given the power they proved that they are no better or probably even worse.

Furthermore, we are now in a middle of a real war with the pandemic and things can get messy if we try to change the country's leadership now.

Let's say the parliament reconvenes and a no confidence motion be tabled against Muhyiddin, do those who initiate it have enough votes?

And are we certain Muhyiddin will wait and does nothing till that point?

I have a feeling that he may dissolves the parliament even before that happened.

Then we will have a most intense general election amidst the pandemic.

This terrible scenario really shouldn't be discounted.

I believe Muhyiddin has learnt from the Sabah state election fiasco which kickstarted the current Covid-19 wave - the blame is not on the one who dissolved the state assembly, but on those who pushed for a new state government.

Yup, people blamed Umno for that one (even though Pribumi Bersatu is the real winner) and not Shafie Apdal who dissolved the assembly to trigger the state election instead of handing over power after a count of chairs in the hall.

Well, Muhyiddin may do it as he has nothing much to lose, I guess.

Anyway, even if Muhyiddin is willing to hand over power after a vote of no confidence against him, others in his camp are not likely going to give up without a fight.

People like Azmin and the other PKR turncoats know they are dead meat if Anwar, for instance takes over the government.

They would rather go down fighting.

Others who have problem with Anwar may also side with the Muhyiddin's camp.

I don't think Dr Mahathir for one, wants to wait and see whether Anwar will let him be after all those years spending time in prison because of him and then being cheated out of the PM seat when Pakatan collapsed last year.

There's no way Dr Mahathir really think Anwar is better than Muhyiddin as PM, at least not as far as his personal interests are concerned.

Then there's Umno, which has not really committed anything other than saying that parliament should reconvene to provide check and balance to what the government is doing, especially in handling the pandemic.

Nothing bombastic has come out of them so far, which is good.

Unlike Pakatan people who have started talking about a new government, Umno seems to be muted in that department.

They probably want to maintain their previous stance which was they will not try to push for a change of  government as long as the pandemic is still raging.

That's unless of course if the government haven't done anything extraordinarily horrible.

For that, I feel that the current government may not be as efficient as many wish it to be, but it has not been too horrible either.

Well, at least I can't say that they are much worse than the previous Pakatan government. Really.

So, as far as I'm concerned, I don't want a change of government until the Covid-19 war has been won or at least until the situation has reached a manageable level.

Elections, for me, need to be avoided at all cost till then.

And yes, if there is going to be a change of government, I rather it to be done via a proper election instead of other means, including a count of chairs in the parliament.

Only a government, properly chosen by the people via an election, could put this country back on its track.

Otherwise we will be stuck with one bad government after another.

But again, election must only be held after the pandemic is over.

For now, I rather bear with the current government rather than changing it with another one, which may even be worse.

Whatever it is, I just hope that it will not lead to an election amidst the pandemic, which is the worst case scenario.

May Allah protect Malaysia.


  1. NOC is the only way out of this perturbing political mess for at least the time being. It is by no means should PN continue to allow those rascals to act and react at will, let alone amid this critically dire situation we are now grappling with. Enough is enough to the core.

    1. Agreed. Noc is the answers and ydpa should appoint whoever he think is fit to governs. Country should run by experts with no political ambitions. We had enough of this politicians. They are just good for nothings. When thing calm down only the we can have elections. These guys does not know how to handle crisis

    2. Anon 14:25

      Re: "Country should be run by experts with no political ambitions"

      For many years Barisan Nasional's political beliefs were centered upon racial stabilisation through social and economical reorganisation.

      It was a tragedy to Malaysia, when the majority of the Nation's people identified themselves through race and religion and decided that they were victimised by their own supposed kindness to other people of different race and religion.

      They believed that they were being too kind to allow for equality of opportunity to all people. In fact, equality of opportunity was regarded as the primary evil, the cause of racial instability.

      They told their own people, that they were slaves in their own country, that opportunities to live with better lives were kept away from them by the evil taukehs. All kinds of propaganda were launched, not on the evil minority, but on their own people. Along the way, a people brainwashed and very conscious of their own race and religion was born.

      For this people, every government policy, or plans, or direction, will be scrutinised along the race and religion perspectives.

      It must be more beneficial to their race and religion to be acceptable to them.

      It does not matter that the Country lagged behind, that the Nation's wealth has gone to the dogs, that their own descendants might be the future PATI and GRO in other countries. For them, it matters more that in every thing that the Country do, the superiority of their race and religion against other minority must be reflected.

      So, an 'Expert with no political ambitions' will not go very far in Malaysia. The reason is too obvious.

      Right now, there is another worry. You see, the long term propaganda perpetrated against their own people have been so successful, and these people now have evolved along the narrower notion of their very race and religion. In other words, they split into smaller groups, and will become more splits in future.

      This is their dilemma. A curse brought forth by a nanogenarian and those who were in the same time zone as he.

      Hopelessness is an understatement, not because the Country is so lagging behind, but because these people truly believe that in the next world they will be staying with God in a place underneath river flows.

  2. Annie, isu nya sangat simple
    2. Secara tersurat, jelas terkandung dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan bahawasanya Agong tak boleh pecat PM
    3. Secara tersirat pula, Agong adalah Ketua Negara yang mengetuai Monarchy berperlembagaan
    Legislatif Branch adalah Parlimen sementara PM adalah Ketua Kerajaan yang mengetuai Executive Branch
    3. Lagi satu Cabang Kehakiman yang jarang-jarang ada isu yang terlalu genting; jika ada pun yang suam-suam kuku
    4. Ramai yang tak perasan actually YDPA telah menjadikan Parlimen bersidang bila start panggil jumpa ketua-ketua parti politik last week
    5. Betul, Perlembagaan tidak benarkan Agong pecat PM secara tersurat.
    6. Namun secara tersirat, PM akan resign on his own bila mana dia sebagai Ketua Kerajaan Persekutuan tidak lagi berjaya 'mengawal' gerak kerja Ketua Negara Malaysia and his 8 Brother Rulers...


  3. i hope they make an election....i want to vote out ph and and umno

  4. Annie,

    It's a good subject that you brought here for discussion.

    In Parliament, the MPs are called and referred to by their respective constituency. Rembau, Pekan, Bagan Dato, etc.. They are called as such, because they are the wakil kepada rakyat of that particular place, so whatever they say in Parliament reflects the voice of the people they represented.

    Parliament is supposed to be the proper channel and avenue for discussion on Rakyat's concerns.

    This is a democracy, and the mandate given via the last election is still valid, sah. And more importantly, the MPs are not dead yet, at least the majority of them.

    So the Parliament can still function.

    This is not a country belongs to God, his wakil on earth, or anyone taking a tauliah from God. If it is, abolish democratic system, the Parliament, and let God rule by Himself or through His wakil di dunia.

    But, until then, the Rakyat have a say. Like you, you talk through Life of Annie blog, yet majority of Rakyat do not even know how to properly make a sentence. So they have their wakil rakyat.

    Be they from the innocent UMNO, mighty Bersatu, Holy PAS or even evil DAP, or joker PAN, like you said, they have a place in the Parliament.

    1. Yr last paragraph shd read..corrupt UMNO, back stabbing Bersatu, hypocritical PAS, misunderstood DAP n inconsequential PAN. Why no PKR?

  5. Whatever the outcome of Rulers meeting this week, there shouldn't be another round of horse-trading like of changing/forming government. We rakyat have had enough. We’re sick or politicians. Politicking non stop. 24/7. They don’t give a hoot whatever happen to the country as long as they get to be in position of power and get hold to it come what may.

    Elections in Sabah? Was it necessary? Who caused it? who else politician! Now the case has snowballed to 4 digits and doesn’t look like abating. A prime minister abruptly, out of nowhere resigned from his post. Whose work was it? politician! After resigning it seemed he had a second thought and wanted it back. 22 years + 22 months seems not enough. Lust for power knows no boundary.

    WW1 and WW2? who caused them? politicians! Tens of millions of young men died a lost cause for an expansionist ambition of European politicians. The murder of a royal family of Russian Czar Nicholas II. Even the Czar’s children didn’t spare. All ruthlessly shot. Who did it? politician! The invasion of Iraq? who caused it? politician! Now Iraq has turned into warzone rife with sectarian violence.

    A passenger plane laden with women and school kids merciless shot down above Ukraine? whose fault was it? politician! Without a shred of evidence, the West quickly blame Russia and managed to get the EU to impose sanction of them.

    Healthcare workers are dying of overwork. Doing the impossible every single day. Please show respect of what they have gone through. If there is another round of change at the top, the vaccination rollout which currently got underway rather smoothly under steady stewardship of Khairy would have gone into disarray.

    KJ and his KSU is doing a terrific job at the moment. Imagine is someone else were to take over from him? All his efforts and hardworks would have been gone to waste. And the one who takes over from him will trying to discredit him in future session of parliament by saying "Kerajaan PN telah MEROMPAK vaksin” complete with an angry face.

    1. Sorry mate, these bunch of peoples in charge does not understand situation awareness just doing band-aid solution.

    2. KJ and his KSU doing a terrific fren did you take your meds? High on weed? KJ is doing a real shitty transparency in the procurement of vaccines, poor roll out (even Sultan of S'gor commented) screwed up portal for registration and the list goes on. I am a senior citizen and yet have not even got my first jab when I know of many others younger than I who used back door to get their shots. This backdoor gomen needs to be shown the door out.

    3. When you can’t laid out your proper argument, you accuse people high on drug lol…

      200,000 inoculation a day with limited and staggered supply of vaccines for a small country such as Malaysia is no small feat. That’s far from your accusation of doing shitty job. You have no idea how daunting and monumental the task is. More than 70% Malaysians have to be vaccinated before year end. That’s stressful enough. Not to mention all those detailed planning and preparation such as procurement of vaccines, suppliers, logistics, venues, rollout phases, etc.

      It’s easy to accuse if one’s is already bias with partisan politics. Posting shitty comments is even a lot more easier. By the way your ‘shitty job’ minister has hit another milestone. Malaysia now ranked among Southeast Asia fastest rollout.

  6. Dewan bersidang atau GE15 I suppose will make no difference to many.. ramai struggling nak kais pagi makan pagi pun payah sekarang mana ada masa nak pikiaq semua ni?

    Hmmm BPR isit true (or fake) BUJANGs will get RM100?????


    Pemuda/i adalah waris harapan masa depan negara, bantu RM100 mmg cukup la utk mrk makan maggie mee siang malam kan?.. Bayangkan yg dok dapat gaji elaun RM50K-RM100K. Agaknya hari2 depa2 ni darurat/MCO dok rumah pelehap makan ape?

    Hmmm taktau apa lagi nak komen dah.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  7. Phase 2 belum habis dan nak mula phase 4. Phase 3 di mana. What a joke those in charge. Just know how to do band aid. You just got an F. Rakyaat are fed up. Peoples are dying set your priorities right.

    1. so virus pandemic got fase sequence, like ass-krim eating
      fase 1 lick the top, second fase lick the shaft, final lick the ice cream stick, climax.

  8. Nothing more can be said ...
    Ditolan mati omak .. diluah mati abah .
    Duduk ontok2 je lah .. for now .

    Varian Bega yg nak dihobing dulu... sablum buek apo2.

  9. Kusufian Write@blogspot
    Abah to call GE15 East Malaysia Zone Ada Masalah Krrrr...

  10. The question should be why you cant opened the the parliament.All the parliamentarians had been vaccinated but most workers in the factories havent.While you can open factories,you cant open parliament.Someting doesnt make sense there but it seems some of us cant see it.

  11. Semua orang lain tak pandai, hanya Tun sahaja yang pandai. Mahathir kalau dia buat sesuatu pasti akan ada kepentingan untuk diri sendiri. Contoh tahun lepas Tun sanggup terhegeh hegeh datang HQ PKR untuk dilantik sekali lagi jadi PM. Seleoas berkuasa semula semua orang dalam PH lokos dikencingnya.

    Siap serah memo kepada YPDA untuk buka Parlimen, Macam mana PejWang boleh bersetuju dengan cadangan 'dick'tator gila kuasa ini? Ini sebelum berkuasa pun PejWang tak berani bantah, bayangkan kalau Mahathir jadi Pengerusi Mageran, ada tak mereka berani bersuara atau jadi pak turut?

    Kalau yang mencadangkan MAGERAN ini Khairy, Hishamuddin, Hadi Awang atau Anwar Ibrahim sekalipun, Tun akan lawan sebab ia salah dan bertentangan dengan prinsip demokrasi dan segala macam lidah bercabangnya.

    Pejuang boleh senyap dan redha dengan apa saja tindakan Mahathir yang tak pasti jawatan apa yg disandang dalam PejWang belum pun didaftarkan untuk membelakangkan Parlimen.

    Sebelum berjuang supaya Mageran ini dikemukakan oleh Agong, lebih elok Tun berjuang tubuhkan Parti PejWang yg dikemukakan pada ROS dolu.








  13. Whatever rules to apply, please spare the rakyat from having backdoor a backside govt.

  14. Mahathir choice of PM
    1. Pick Pak lah. Pak lah feel asleep on his job
    2. Push out Pak Lah and promote Najib. Najib become a thief.
    3. Push out Najib and place himself as PM
    4. Push himself out and gave it to Mahiandin. Again Mahathir man.

    Anybody think highly of mahathir selection.? Who's not in Mahathir selection? Maybe we need to give to someone not in Mahathir selection

    1. 18:13's a no brainer choice...

  15. Annie dear,
    Jika DARURAT ditamatkan after 1 Ogos 2021, Perlembagaan Persekutuan mengkehendaki PRN Sarawak wajib diadakan.
    2. Ada lah amat mendukacitakan bilamana kita ambil teladan natijah PRN Sabah.
    3. Boris Johnson pun tangguhkan untuk easing the UK's lockdown
    4. Jiran nusantara, Indonesia pun pada tahap kesiapsiagaan tertinggi untuk Variant of Concern (VOC) esp. varian Delta.
    5. Proklamasi Darurat wajar dilanjutkan bagi mengelakkan PRN Sarawak!


  16. Dewan bersidang at last.

    Harap2 perbahasan not out of topic, merepet2 mmbuang masa. Mohon ampun badut2 klo bole Tuan Speaker haramkn mrk jgn bg masuk Dewan. Yang tak patah brbahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia jgn bg masuk. Silap sebut ayat atau perkataan akan bangunlah badut2 nak buang masa olang.. nyah mrk keluaq serta merta.


    Bersidang satu sessi agak berapa elaun depa ni dapat? Klo sekadar tunjuk muka lopong, cenghei, lawak, kaki gaduh, kaki kentot atau kaki zzzz memanjang.. mohon tuan Speaker halau keluaq Dewan. Potong gaji dan elaun mereka yg bahalol2 camni semua.

    Peghabih duit negara sja dok bayar. Satu hari elaun mereka mampu beli banyak maggie mee utk membantu golongan2 yang beras kat dapur pun takde.

    Mohon Ampun banyak2 ya. Jgan dok loklaq menghapu dalam Dewan. Rakyat dah loya, meluat nengok perangai.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Apabila Dewan Rakyat bersidang semula,di harap Speaker Dewan dedahkan kepada rakyat Malaysia kehadiran semua Ahli Parlimen setiap kali persidangan.Biar rakyat Malaysia tahu mana Ahli Parlimen yang hadir,mana yang kaki ponteng.Juga kafetaria Parlimen mesti tutup semasa dewan ada perbahasan.
      Pengalaman saya jadi pemerhati,begitu banyak kerusi kosong dikalangan Ahli Parlimen di kedua2 pihak.

  17. ‘Herd immunity’ not relevant if virus is endemic

  18. "Saya bukan gila kuasa, sat lagi saya pun "pi'lah" Tun M Kata.. Tun biar link video bawah sanun yang berbicara...!!

    Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad menegaskan beliau bukanlah seorang yang ‘gila kuasa’, tetapi menyifatkan segala tindakannya yang masih mengambil peduli hal ehwal negara adalah semata-mata untuk terus memberi sumbangan kepada negara.

    Bercakap kepada Utusan Malaysia, Tun menyedari usianya telah lanjut untuk kembali berkuasa dan hanya bertindak atas permintaan banyak pihak supaya saya boleh 'sumbang' tenaga dan fikiran demi menyelesaikan masalah negara.

    'Sumbang' tenaga macam lirik mentera beradu "bangau dah pulang suara 'sumbang'.." atau pun 'sumbang'nya tenaga Tun seperti tikus baiki labu.

    “Saya dah berkuasa banyak kali dah, saya tak nak lagi dah. Tetapi ada orang minta( betul ka.?) supaya saya memberi sumbangan..(baca: sumbang mambang)

    Sebenanya saya sedar umur saya sudah 95 tahun. Tak lama lagi kena ‘pi lah’. Tapi hang pa suma kena tahu kenapa Tun gila kuasa... video kat bawah jawapan nya.

    Pemimpin Melayu ini tak serik serik kena bodoh bangang dengan Bangsa Jho Low... Mme sial punya pemimpin kebanyakan usia dah lanjut otak bodoh bangang dijajah. Kita harap jangan di warisi oleh pemimpin muda..

    Tak boleh terima akal pasal Jho Low masih bebas, kaya raya lesap terus tak dapat dikesan. Jho Low jadi beruang. Aljazeera boleh gentel telo buat sidang media dng Jho Low lagi. Orang Melayu yg bodoh bangang bercakaran.

    Pada hal Jho Low dan 1MDB yang dicanang puak bangau Tun Mahathir(Cap Bunga) Mat Sabu (PAN) PKR hingga berguling guling atas jalan raya digula gulakan oleh Tony Pua, Marina Chin Lim Guan Eng dari DAP himpunan Bersih.

    Dah berkuasa 22 bulan Tun Mahathir buat bodoh bangang macam sial. Jho Low lesap pemimpin Melayu dan orang Melayu kena bodoh dengan Jho Low.. Memang celako sial sungguh..!!

    Kenapa Tun berjuang untuk kroni anak cucu ber mati matian menghalang musuh utama Tun berkuasa...

    Sedikit sebanyak jawapan ada di link ini.

    Keluarga Cendana mirip keluarga Tun

    Jokowi vs Cendana haah layannnn..!!


    1. Anon 21:06,
      Kau tulis tu skrip drama sinetron indon ke. Kau ulang2 je skrip sama tu bertahun2 berdekat2 ada je peminat taksub aljub yang suka.