Tuesday 6 April 2021

Umno will not die of loneliness

The DAP Youth chief the other day said he got info that MCA and MIC will both defect from BN to Perikatan.

He also predicted that would be the end of Umno, which is DAP's long cherished dream.

Yeah right, Umno will die without MCA and MIC. Fine.

Okay lah, let's say Pas also joins Perikatan.

That means Umno will be going all alone into GE15.

But do you know that Peninsular Malays made up the majority in 128 of the 222 parliamentary constituencies in this country.

That's more than half.

Chinese on the other hand are the majority in 37 constituencies.

Indians have none.

Sarawak have 31 constituencies with the Malays there being the majority in 10 of them, the same as the Ibans while the Chinese have six, Orang Ulu have two and Bidayuh have three.

Sabah have 25 constituencies with Chinese being the majority in three of them while  non-Muslims Bumiputera in nine and Muslims in 13.

Do you all also know that if just 11 per cent of Malay votes that swung against Umno in 2018 go back to them, the situation will revert back to pre-GE14?

Well, the last series of by-elections won by BN indicated such a swing back.

Malays were angry with the then Pakatan government.

Why? They said it's because Umno played racial politics.

But isn't that the same that they accused Umno of doing before they won GE14?

So, what's the difference? I leave you all to ponder on that, okay.

Oh by the way, look back at how DAP conducted themselves to galvanise the Chinese to rally around it during GE13 while you all are at it. The Chinese tsunami, remember? The effect is still here today.

Okay, back to that 128 constituencies with Peninsular Malays majority, how many are really out right so?

If I'm not mistaken, 101 of them have above 60 per cent Malay majority.

These are where the big fight between Umno and Perikatan will be. Pakatan may field their own Malay candidates there but they have no chance of winning.

Let's say Pas really decides to join Perikatan and Umno is all alone, would their votes really be split 50-50?

Personally, I don't think so.

I don't believe Umno will be so stupid as to repeat their mistakes in 2018. Okay, some of their leaders are indeed stupid and selfish, but the majority are not.

As I wrote previously, if the Umno leadership make the right moves and show themselves as ready to change for the better, they will get most of the Malay votes.

I don't think the overwhelming majority of Malays want to do anything that will bring back the Pakatan government after what they went through those 22 months.

I believe most of them don't want their votes to be split again which would allow that to happen.

Bear also in mind that there will be more Umno versus Pribumi Bersatu fights than Umno versus Pas fights.

And Umno will only face real challenges from Pas in Kedah, Terengganu and Kelantan.

I believe Umno will prevail in Kedah and Terengganu.

In the other outright Malay majority constituencies elsewhere, Umno will steamroll over Pribumi Bersatu and others.

Do note that Pribumi Bersatu and Pas have snowball chance in hell to win in constituencies other than these. I think the same goes with the Perikatan mosquitoes parties.

How about MCA and MIC if they join Perikatan?

What kind of "winnable" constituencies will they be given in this era of Chinese and Indian perpaduan ummah under DAP?

Will Pas machinery (Pribumi Bersatu doesn't really have one) be campaigning like crazy for them the way Umno people did?

Think about that ya MCA and MIC people.

Oh, and I think Umno will continue using the BN logo even if MCA and MIC don't want to be with it anymore.

Umno could also get independent non-Malay candidates to contest selected seats under the BN banner. 

Remember ya, that Orang Asli BN candidate who won the Cameron Highlands by-election was not an Umno member.

Also, other non-Malay-based parties may join BN as there will be no objection against them from MCA and MIC..

Really, I don't think Umno will die of loneliness as predicted by the DAP Youth chief.

MCA and MIC will also not die alone.

If they defect to Perikatan, they will die with Pribumi Bersatu. So definitely not dying alone.


  1. its a royal rumble next elections. pacts will be made after.

    umno 60
    dap 42
    pkr 40
    amanah 10

    bersatu will be wiped out by umno & pkr. pas 18, the east malaysians will fall in line with federal

    1. I think the only Pakatan safe seats are those of the Chinese majority constituencies. By the way, Amanah will be wiped out too.

    2. theres method in umnos madness. you can see how bersatu/mic/mca trying to box zahid in on PH ( read DaP ) now. voth sets of supporters will leave umno & dap respectively if pact is declared now. it will be done after elections as one columnist alluded.

      the 64k question is again, who will be PM. I can live with anwar/hassan vice versa.

  2. Annie , Pas will loose Kelantan to UMNO/PKR/Amanah combined .

    1. Anonymous5 April 2021 at 13:33

      You think losing MCA and MIC will kill UMNO?
      Stupid Cinabeng.

      jangan lupa tiket kapal ke LONDON untuk merdeka sumbangan dari MCA tan chen look. gadai jam OMEGA.
      tun sambathan pula sumbang

    2. cinabeng here, cinabeng there, dont have to use derogatory to get your point across. be civilised

      can take them out of the kampungs but cant take the kampung out of them


  3. Everything you say is correct, but here's the problem:

    Right now, Moo is outflanking Umno.

    That is hard to believe, because he's far from a genius.

    But Zahid seems even more clueless.

    SNN (Sandakan News Network, i.e. MalaysiaNow, the portal dedicated to propaganda for Min Isapkote) claims only 2 MTU members are with Zahid.

    Well, no.

    The grassroots are 100% with Zahid as far as hatred of Parti Bunga is concerned - FOR NOW.

    FOR NOW.

    Bersapu are launching an all-out psywar to isolate Zahid.

    Najib has just been made bankrupt.

    Moo and Bersapu are working to have them both "gone" by August.

    Otherwise Emergency continues.

    But Umno's greatest enemy is...Umno.

    The Dedak Cluster sees this as a chance to leapfrog to fulfil their ambitions.

    The "dream" of Pencucuk Tahi @Sandakan @Gombak is to be PM, and there's a reason Anwar sarcastically greeted H2O at Parliament as "Mr Deputy Prime Minister".

    Do they care what Umno grassroots think or want?


    Their allegiance is to Moo and their own ambitions.

    Ditto, the Dedak Cluster.

    Why resign, and never reach the cabinet again?

    Their allegiance is to Moo and their own ambitions.

    This is Divide and Rule.

    Moo wants them to fight.

    Is Zahid too dumb to outsmart Moo, when he has 3.3 million members and Moo has only 300,000???



      Jika tidak bermotif politik dan undang-undang didaulatkan, mengapa kes Azmin Ali berkaitan video Haziq masih didiamkan sehingga sekarang?

      Daripada era Tun Mahathir hinggalah kepada Mahiaddin Md Yasin jadi Perdana Menteri sekarang, Azmin bukan saja masih bebas lepas, malah terus jadi anak emas kepada kedua-dua pemimpin berkenaan.

      Kalau bukan bermotif politik, apakah alasan lain tidak mengenakan tindakan terhadap Azmin di mana semua orang yang menonton video tersebut percaya itu adalah beliau.

      Tidak mustahil jika Azmin sendiri pun menonton video Haziq itu, beliau turut tidak terkecuali percaya itu adalah dirinya.

      Dengan perbandingan mudah antara kes Najib dengan kes Azmin, tidak dapat tidak, sukar untuk menafikan kedua-duanya tidak bermotif politik.

      Kalau Najib dibawa ke pengadilan dan diberi ruang membela diri, Azmin juga sepatutnya tidak dikecualikan daripada proses yang sama.

      Oleh kerana rata-rata percaya ia bermotif politik, malah Najib sendiri percaya 100 peratus motif politik mengapa beliau diperlakukan sedemikian rupa, melawannya mestilah juga dengan politik.

      Sekaranglah masa terbaik untuk UMNO secara en bloc, atau setidak-tidaknya Ahli Parlimen yang bersama Najib dan Zahid Hamidi untuk menarik sokongan terhadap Mahiaddin dan menjatuhkan kerajaan PN.

      Lagi lama kerajaan PN ini dibiarkan berkuasa, selain masa depan Najib akan terus gelap, UMNO juga turut gelap masa depannya.

      (Shahbudindotcom 07/04/2021)

      Moo is riding on the efforts of PH voters who overthrew the BN gomen.

      There is no way Moo (until he became Atok's inside man) was "anti-corruption".

      Talk to Johor folks,

      Now he "tumpang glamer" to get rid of political enemies.


  4. aiyo!!!
    sayur, buah di kameroon, musang king raub
    now getah

    KUANTAN: The construction of the rubber gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE) hub by the World Gloves International Group City and Hub Development Sdn Bhd (WGC) is set to begin this June.

    To be located in the Gebeng industrial area, the hub will be constructed on a piece of land spanning 128.2 hectares, involving an investment of RM100 million, said Pahang State Development Corporation (PKNP) chief executive officer (CEO) .

  5. Non Malays would even swing their votes for Umno as long as najib is the PM

  6. Kepala2 hotak yg galak nak haramkan UMNO tu majoriti asal usul meleka nih dari keturunan pendatang. Toknek sedara mara pun masih ada yg tinggal dNegala2 asal meleka.

    Bab2 matapelajaran Sejarah dsklh pun kalut nak tukaq2. Agaknya klo bole dlm mata pelajaran sejarah nak selit nama2 Emperor mereka dulu. Cuba buat sosial experimen and tuju soalan spontan "nama YDP Agong pertama Malaysia?". Jgn terkejut sulap2 nama Moa dan Gandhi pun ade yg trsebut nanti!

    Kan baruni sorang menteli pi China pun trsasul nak bermanja2 gelaq mrk as "big blother" pulak tu!.

    MIC dan MCA katakalooo decide to abandon BN? UMNO tanding semua kerusi... PH safe areas katakaloo kalah takpe.. at least kaw situ ade juga olang2 UMNO yg akan menjaga pengikut2 setia UMNO.

    Selangoq sejak 2008 under Pakatan TAPI kawasan sya tetap 95% UMNO. Wlaupun segala kemudahan awam Pakatan sekat.. semangat dan jiwa UMNO tetap berterusan.

    Pemimpin2 UMNO w/pun yg kalah tetap teruskan khidmat bakti sumbangan ikhlas mereka 24/7. Ini adalah salah satu keistimewaan perjuang2 UMNO. DEMI BANGSA, AGAMA dan NEGARA. Tu pasai RAKYAT sayang UMNO tau..

    Kpd makluk2 durjana yg cuba memecahkan UMNO, moga Tuhan mereka hantar petir kasi panah terbakaq hidup2 olang2 yg jahat nih semua. Hehehehe

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Broken record mantra. Cukuplah.qTak semua melayu skg umno.62 tahun agenda sama. Face the reality this is 2021 not 1946. Learn from uganda zimbabwe bila semua cabut lari. We all like the law of least resistence. If we dont get it we keep blaming others. Bangsa.ummah are old mantras it is like rocking chair keeps on moving but going nowhere

  7. Bosku kena bayar cokai pendapatan 1.7 billion hengget... kikiki

    Cokai pendapatan cuma 10% dari jumlah pendapatan sebenar...

    Stratrgi kalau nak buruk fitnah ni strategi lapok Zaman Tun Mahathir ajer.. cara bodoh bangang rakyat dah faham tak laku lagi dah.... dah tak boleh cara mahkamah guna cara cokai pendapatan...

    Rakyat tak bodoh bangang menilai cara mengena fitnah persepsi zaman Tun dah tak laku dahhhh..

    peergghhh kayoooo bossku...!!

    udah udah lah tu... dah tua sgt dahhh


    1. Bossku tampar Peliwat Kanan:

      At the time of writing, the post had received around 4,000 comments and had some 550 shares.

      Najib followed up with a hilarious jab in the comment section at International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali and his younger brother Azwan Ali.

      “Luckily for me, the slander implied that I had relations with Ziana Zain and did not imply that I had a relationship with Haziq or with someone’s younger sibling who is a Diva,” he said, referring to Azwan who calls himself Diva AA.

      This comment alone received around 13,000 reactions with more than 1,330 replies at the time of writing.

      Kih kih kih...

  8. Akhirnya PAS Memuktamadkan Untuk Meletakkan Muafakat Nasional Dalam Muzium

    Kenyataan bersama yang dikeluarkan oleh Setiausaha Agung PAS, Takiyuddin Hassan dan Setiausaha Agung PPBM, Hamzah Zainudin, akhirnya menamatkan tandatanya sama ada PAS akan bersama Barisan Nasional atau PPBM dalam Pilihanraya Umum 15 nanti.

    Sudah jelas lagi bersuluh, PAS akhirnya memuktamadkan keputusan untuk bersama PPBM dan walau pun tidak dinyatakan secara jelas, PAS telah meletakkan kerjasama politik antara UMNO dan PAS melalui Muafakat Nasional ke dalam muzium.

    Tidak mungkin dapat diterima oleh UMNO dan akar umbi UMNO, ditakdirkan seandainya Barisan Nasional memenangi PRU 15 nanti, PAS mengubah keputusan untuk kembali menjalinkan kerjasama dengan UMNO.

    UMNO bukanlah barang mainan yang boleh diambil dan dibuang sesuka hati.

    UMNO adalah wadah perjuangan dan maruah bangsa Melayu di bumi bertuah ini.

    Seguris luka ditusuk ke kalbu UMNO, 3.4 juta ahli akar umbi UMNO merasakan bisanya.

    Adakah akar UMNO kecewa dengan keputusan yang dibuat oleh PAS?

    Secara jujur memang kita akui ianya mengguris serta melukai hati dan perasaan akar umbi UMNO.

    UMNO now needs a war general.

    The PAS leeches, flick them off.

    Crush Bersatay without mercy.

    Let MIC and MCA go play with Moo's marbles.

    The right time to pull out is now.

    There's not time to lose.


    Take back control of the gomen.

    Put in an interim PM.

    Don't wait for the PPBM parasites to insult you further.

    If really desperate, they wull deregister Umno before PRU15.

  9. Kartel Melayu vs kartel Cina. Kartel Melayu cepat ditangkapnya Kartel Cina cepat lesapnya

    Datuk ini digelar kartel boleh lah dikategorikan sebagai "Kartel Melayu" mengatur projek sehingga bernilai 3.8 bilion. Kartel Melayu ini cepat ditangkap dan tahniah diucapkan wahai Polis Diraja Malaysia. Kartel Cina seperti Datuk Vickey, Jho Lo semua lesap..

    Kartel Jho Lo (dah lama lesap dikhabar pula dah bertukar jadi beruang) itu pun dikira rangkaian kartel juga seperti Nik Faisal (lesap tah ke mana) Justo(lesap depan mata) Zety(..lu fikir sindri lah silap ari bulan mau lesap juga nih..) dll untuk mengenakan Najib@bossku

    Pihak berkuasa tempatan perlu selongkar 'kartel melayu' dan 'kartel cina'. Semua kartel ini haramjadah semuanya. Kartel Melayu cepat ditangkap cuma kartel Cina cepat lesap tidak dapat dikesan. Alahai..!!

    Sebenarnya bukan Dato muda ni jer buat kerja sebegini. Di Kementerian lain supply, pembekalan tender makanan minum pakaian bermasak,keselamatan dan pembersihan pun sama jer kaedah yang di gunakan.

    Bagi orang lain sebagai seorang perniaga dia ni hebat dan bijak ikut sistem yang di ujudkan oleh Kerajaan Malaysia sejak lebih dari 22 tahun 22 bulan dulu lagi.

    Yang salah ialah semua ini melibatkan pegawai yang turut sama menyusunkan kerja kerja tender tersebut sepakat dan terlibat rasuah.

    Di Putra Jaya Holding dari ujudnya syarikat milik kerajaan ini memang sudah ada unsur monopoli. Dari segi dokuman dan dokumentasi kontrak celah mana yang jadi kesalahanya selain dari kau tim dan sebagainya..!?

    Kisah benar dan kisah macam ni bukan suatu yang hairan dan pelik. Sudah banyak di kementerian mana sekali pun telah ujud sejak 22 tahun 22 bulan dahulu lagi...

    Bayangkan Dato Ayob ketua polis Johor pun berani menyebut ada bekas pegawai polis yang pencen ada duit puluh juta dan ada yang ratus juta tersimpan. Itu Polis dan SPRM belum kita selongkar KSN,KSU dan PBT di kawasan tumpuan lubuk tender dan kontrak sekitar Wilayah Persekutuan dan Selangor.

    Takkan lah nak tangkap kartel pun pilih bulu, kartel melayu cepat tangkap , kartel Cina cepat benar melesapnya. Bukankah semua kartel ini jenis haramjadah kesemuanya.

    Kartel Melayu ini banyak kerja banyak di bawah JKR Putra Jaya dan Di Putra Jaya Holding mengunakan 150 syarikat yang di bawah kawalan beliau. Dari segi legality apa yang jadi kesalahan nya.. ada yang masuk 20 company benda ini jadi kebiasaan sejak 22 tahun 22 bulan sejak dulu sudah jadi amalan saka keturunan.

    Kartel Melayu Cepat benor ditangkapnya. Kartel Cina spt Datuk Vicky kerja gubah wang haram, scam judi online dan kes pukul..berdesup terus lesap. Walau pun semua kartel ini haramjadah semuanya

    Kalau semua kartel Melayu cepat ditangkap dan kartel Cina juga cepat ditangkap dan tidak sekor pun yang lesap maka boleh lah pertimbangkan semua pegawai lantikan Tun dilanjutkan tempoh perkhidmatan masing masing...kikiki amacam..!!


  10. Mohamad Hassan dan Nazri Aziz sounds good to begin to bring change in umno.
    We (members and non members) want to see umno members and its officials move away from the cluster mahkamah officials. We have said this before PRU14 and we are saying it again. Sebab presiden ni ahli kluster mahkamah, perubahan arah payah sikit nak jadi. Jadi ketepikan presiden. Kita dah pernah nampak masa presiden cuti umno mula disenangi.

    Kalau kekal macam sekarang, susah sikit la.

    1. "We (members and non members) want to see umno members and its officials move away from the cluster mahkamah officials."

      The cluster dedak / Cabinet are much more dangerous to Umno, actually.

  11. GE 15 is all about who's PMOM, as GE 14 did. PH is dead meat with Artificial Intelligence being their first choice. RR n Izz popularity more than Ai...
    Atok, Boboiii , Budak Boy SS , as good as MCA MIC... Winning probably one or two seats each or Zero...
    UMNO can win 60, targeted 70-80 ... Uuuhhhhh this is very scarry....
    GE 13 Bosku degil
    GE 14 +++. Degil..
    GE 15 Nak Eksyen lagi krr???
    Belilah insurans!!!
    The best bet's.. Go with UMM-I