Monday 19 April 2021

iChang and Jimmy - appreciating Malaysia

 I'm a bit tired of writing about politics or the other depressing issues for now.

They are all making me feel as if Malaysia is dying and that there is no hope for it anymore.

Really. Before GE14, PH said the country is going down the drain if Malaysians don't give them a chance to rule, but after Malaysians kicked out BN and gave them the chance to rule, they just make things even worse.

And now with Covid-19 and PN doing don't know what, it's really seems we are going down the longkang faster than before GE14.

But, does it has to be that way?

Do we always have to complain from start to finish?

Hey, those politicians have been complaining way before GE14 and after all the shit that happened, they are still complaining.

I seriously think we don't need to listen to them, or even worse, become complaining bitches like them.

At least not all the time, okay. 

So, for this posting, I want to write about something positive.

Okay, do you realise that the people who complained the most about Malaysia are Malaysians.

We bitched against our own country on about everything.

We don't seemed to realise how lucky we are for being Malaysians.

And that brings me to my favourite YouTubers - the young husband and wife couple of iChang and Jimmy.

I believe that many of you may already know them, especially iChang, but this is my take on them.

They are Japanese living in Hong Kong.  That's because Jimmy is a former cabin crew of Cathay Pacific, currently laid off due to Covid-19.

They are very much in love with Malaysia and even fly a Jalur Gemilang flag in their small Hong Kong home.

And they are such a fun couple. iChang is really cute funny while Jimmy is super crazy funny.

I just love the way they expressed their love for Malaysia in their videos.

Especially their attempts to cook Malaysian dishes and expression of happiness when they ate what they cooked.

Despite not being professional cooks, they went to great length to cook the most difficult of authentic Malaysian cuisine and I really believe them when they said what they cooked was "SEDAP!!!"

Yup, they are even learning to speak Bahasa Malaysia. And they are soooo funnnyyyy while doing so.

This Japanese husband and wife team suffered withdrawal symptoms for not being able to come to Malaysia due to Covid-19. Really.

You all can watch their love affair with Malaysia at iChang's YouTube channel at,

Watching them actually makes me appreciate Malaysia more.

Maybe, we are too used to what we have that we find it hard to appreciate them.

I know, some of you all would say that they were only here as tourists and they don't live the life of Malaysians, but still, the fact that they could see the beauty of our country and appreciate what we took for granted should mean our country is not too bad at all.

I hope things will soon get better for this couple and Jimmy will get back his job when Covid-19 is over.

I would love for them to come to Malaysia again and continue making good videos about our country.

Also, hopefully we have not messed up this country too much with our politics and complaints when they come here again.

I don't think they would want to cook a delicious dish from a messed up country.


Anyway, I'm actually a new fan of iChang, as I discovered her channel only recently.

I have however been following Jimmy's channel, which was about darts for much longer.

I enjoy his videos about darts because I play darts, obviously.

And I think his was among the best YouTube channesl about darts, despite it being mostly in Japanese.

You can go to Jimmy's channel at this link,

He actually hung out and played with current top dart players like Micheal Van Gerwen and legendary ones such as John Lowe.

Okay. that's all for this time.


(Note: If you want to watch the videos that I choose from channels of iChang  and Jimmy for this post, please go to the web version of this blog. Somehow, YouTube videos can't appear in the mobile version)


  1. i subscribe ichang youtube last year...they are so funny...watching them makes me realize that there are nice malaysian living among us...before that i view everyone as a racist pigshit

    >james bond

  2. Rakyat Malaysia ni, selain daripada pentaksub parti, memang dah muak dan mual dengan perangai beruk-beruk bergelar YB ni dan balaci-balaci mereka. Kita masih belum nampak lagi what actually do they give back to Malaysia and Rakyat Malaysia. They continue to give perkara-perkara yang menyemakkan otak dan menyusahkan rakyat every goddamn opportunity they have.

    Jadi memang betul tengok youtube ichang is a better thing to do.

  3. Blog Che Det citer pasal 'Rulez Of Law'... rulez of law palo otak dia...alahai..kikikiki..

    Najib ketawakan Rules Of Law Mahathir tak campuri badan kehakiman...

    Najib Razak mengetawakan dakwaan Dr Mahathir Mohamad tidak mencampuri badan kehakiman, lalu berkongsi apa yang beliau tahu sekitar pembatalan pendaftaran Umno pada 1988.

    “Ha ha ha! Mahathir kata pembatalan pendaftaran Umno bukti dia tidak campuri badan kehakiman adalah pembohongan terbesar dalam sejarah kehakiman,” kata Najib. Mahathir mengingatkan beberapa keputusan mahkamah ketika itu tidak memihak kepadanya, khususnya apabila Umno yang dipimpin beliau diisytiharkan tidak sah oleh Mahkamah Tinggi pada 4 Feb 1988.

    Keputusan itu dibuat selepas 11 ahli Umno menyaman parti itu pada 1987, menuntut pemilihan parti pada awal tahun sama diisytiharkan tidak mematuhi perlembagaan dan tidak sah.
    Hakim Harun Hashim memutuskan Umno tidak sah berdasarkan apa yang didakwa oleh Mahathir sebagai “salah laku kecil oleh segelintir cawangan kecil Umno”.

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    “Inilah permulaan kepada kehancuran sistem kehakiman".