Friday 6 November 2020

Supporting Celcom to fix its problems

I have been with Celcom since I got my first handphone many many years ago.

It was a birthday gift - a secondhand Ericsson - which I registered at a Celcom branch in PJ.

I'm still using the same number.

I have no problem with Celcom until several years ago when their services suddenly turned bad and I complained about it in this blog.

I wrote these,

Celcom, please fix the line

Celcom, you really suck

and even this,

Finally giving up on Celcom

Then Celcom actually got in touch with me,

Celcom and me

Well, things seemed to get better with Celcom after that.

Really, their services were actually quite good after that.

I even bought my last smartphone - a Samsung Note - from their Blue Cube outlet in TTDI. 

Everything seemed okay until its recent network problems.

There were lots of complaint which were picked up by the mainstream media.

Celcom did whatever it could to contain the damage but I think they need to do something about their technical team.

It was obviously a technical problem. From what I understand, it's because of the transition to 5G. 

They simply need to work faster to stabilise the system.

Yesterday, there was another system disruption which again was quickly picked up by some media outlets.

Sometimes, I wonder why those media were very enthusiastic about it. I mean, other telcos have their problems too but I don't see them as being so enthusiastically reported.

Maybe Celcom should buy more advertisement space from them.

Anyway, a friend in Celcom told me that yesterday's problem was just an isolated case in the morning.

Maybe, it's true as I didn't experience it.

Whatever it is Celcom really need to fix its technical team. 

They simply need to do better.

I feel that its other teams have been doing good but the technical problems are dragging them down.

Hopefully Celcom could pull itself out of this.

It would be a shame if the company is to suffer an image problem because of something that I believe could be fixed.

So many jobs at stake here, okay.

Ever since Covid-19, that's my priority when it comes to issues such as this.

I support any organisation which creates, provides or sustains jobs. The people need them in this time of crisis.

Yup, I'm still giving Celcom a chance on this and will stay with it....unless it really fails to fix its problems and closes shop.


  1. To be Honest, it meant to be for Big 4 especially Celcom.

    2. Just to KONGSI mine... when It balik kampung bini at Sakong besar, Semporna, Sabah our U-mobile langsung tak ada but really EXCELLENT for other 3

    3. Be in my sibling's cottage at Ceneh, Kemaman, Trg DiGi really sucks but MAGNIFICIENT for other 3

    4. At my mother's paradise in Bukit Besi, Dungun, Trg not even one bar for Maxis but the other 3 are always PERFECT

    5. When we went back to father's home at Kubang Kerian, Kelate there is FUxxING SHxT for Celcom but really SUPERB for the other 3

    KESIMPULAN: tipu lah kalau diaorang tak boleh selesaikan... I berani kerat lar.... PERMAINAN jer semua tu🙃🙄😉

  2. Digi is the worst telco ive used. but u dont here many people complaint abt it..

  3. Sejak akhir2 ni bnyak problemlah celcom....sejak mula pkai fon guna celcom...rasa x nak tukar telco lain lagi...bagi peluang celcom perbetulkan apa silapnya...

  4. I share your feelings as I'm aslo a long time subscriber, pre-2000. I noticed Celcom's internet service deteriorated in the last 2 years, specifically since 2018. Unsure if its the transition to 5G, but I feel it's more to do with the surge in users on their network. This has something to do with the government's call to lower prices and make Internet available to all. Unfortunately the telcos have not invested enough on the infrastructure to cater for the unexpected surge in users. This is not specific to Celcom, but other telcos r experiencing the same...

  5. Yeap... Celcom you need to upgrade your existing system...
    This is opportunity for your competitors is Celcom still same path problems ..

  6. 4g? 5g? . the difference is, alotttt more signal tower, which mean, alot of work to be done. they just cant keep up. our area here in sabah is alot worse. u r blessed if u got 3g, let alone 4g. 😔😔😔

  7. Aisay a smart pompuan before u invest in a product u wld have checked/ compared with other similar products. Ok u made a bad move on la. Y r u bitching here. Small issue la... don't sweat it. More important things how Moo is screwing d cunt-tree n the pendatangs big time.

  8. i dont have this kind of problem...i dont have handfon