Monday 9 November 2020

2021 Budget is okay, forget about no-confidence vote

 I think the 2021 Budget tabled that day was okay.

Well, except for that huge allocation for the revived Jasa, I don't have much complaint about it.

Maybe that Jasa thing is because they need to rehire people and such. If so, good lah that more people get to have jobs. 

Just don't turn it into a stupid propaganda tool like it used to be. And please don't put useless people to run it. There's one such guy who has been making so much noise the past few days, probably lobbying for the job.

Other than that, everyone seemed to be getting something.

I think, overall,  Tengku Zafrul did okay.

Of course some people bitched about the budget, but that's normal. People bitch, that's just how they are.

Some even claimed that the budget only care for the Malays and bumiputra while ignoring the needs of other races.


I don't know how they came to such a conclusion, but I doubt that the government have that in mind when they drafted the budget.

Never mind. Racists always think that others are racists like themselves.

Yeah, I hope the parliament will pass this budget without much hassle.

We need to continue the Covid-19 war, after all.

Forget about the no-confidence vote against Muhyiddin using the budget.

It's pointless now.

Especially for Umno, which has clearly demonstrated that it has yet the ability to fix itself, let alone lead a new government.

Like this,

Latest suicide attempt by Umno

Maybe they can fix things after the party election next year.

Otherwise, forget about it for now and just bear with being bullied by Pribumi Bersatu for the time being.

Whether Umno people want to fix their party or not, that's up to them.

If they want to retain stupid people as their leaders, then they deserve what they are going to get under the present circumstances.

It's as simple as that.


  1. SELAMAT MAJU JAYA MALAYSIA 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾



    "Datuk Puad Zarkashi, the last director-general (D-G) for the Special Affairs Department (Jasa) before it was disbanded, has rejected the government’s allocation to reconstitute the unit as an extravagance at a time the country was battling Covid-19.

    While he agreed with the idea of re-establishing the Barisan Nasional-era propaganda unit, he said spending so much to do so now would be tone-deaf on the government’s part.

    “An allocation of RM85.5 million to Jasa proves that Budget 2021 is insensitive to ‘priorities’ when the country is being hit by a third wave of Covid-19 infections.

    “Reviving Jasa is appropriate but providing a fourfold allocation at the time of Covid-19 is highly inappropriate,” he told Malay Mail when contacted.

    The allocation would open up the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government to allegations of ignoring Yang diPertuan Agong’s advice to prioritise public welfare and interest, he added.

    While he said he still believed in the idea of Jasa, the Umno supreme council member also alleged that it could become a tool for Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia to bolster its grassroots network that lagged behind allies.

    Commenting on rumours that Seberang Jaya assemblyman Dr Afif Bahardin would be made the D-G of the reconstituted Jasa, Puad noted that the former was linked to the so-called PKR “Kartel” of Senior Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.

    Puad also observed that the communications and multimedia minister was Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, another former PKR leader aligned with Azmin.

    Returning to the RM85 million allocation, Puad insisted that Jasa never needed so much money to be effective previously."

    Nothing is justified about this.


    "Maybe that Jasa thing is because they need to rehire people and such. If so, good lah that more people get to have jobs."

    Rehiring is one thing, but the much larger question:

    Why not put the money into supporting medical frontliners?

    Why not send it to Sabah?

    The Larut / Pagoh / Semburit COVID cluster caused by their power grab has led to much misery (plus caused the 3rd wave across Malaysia.)

    This close to 90 million is merely the Kartel Kitol Kunyit helping itself to public funds to save themselves.

    The minister and new head of JASA are both AssMain's geng. It's so blatant.

    DO NOT pass the budget until that money has been diverted to a better cause.

    Best of all - to fighting COVID.

    1. People should read Tun Dr M's take:

      The current PM is desperate.

      Whether that money is stolen from EPF or who knows where, who cares?

      His Backdoor Gang are hanging by their fingernails.

    2. "Dalam satu kenyataan media yang dikeluarkan oleh Perikatan Nasional telah menyusun dan melantik Azmin Ali sebagai Pengarah Pilihanraya untuk mengahadapi PRU 15.

      Manakala Ketua Pemuda PAS, Khiril Nizam Khiruddin telah dipilih untuk mengetuai Pemuda Perikatan Nasional bagi menghadapi PRU 15.

      Mudah kita fahami, Hamzah dan Azmin hanya mahu memperkudakan jentera pilihanraya PAS untuk survivor politik mereka dalam PRU 15 nanti.

      Kita tahu, kekuatan PPBM diperingkat akar umbi adalah sangat rapuh, malah PPBM belum lagi menyusun jawatankuasa pilihanraya di peringkat negeri sekali pun.

      Pilihan yang PPBM ada ialah menggunakan kekuatan jentera pilihanraya PAS di peringkat akar umbi.

      Dan jentera yang bergerak aktif di peringkat akar umbi adalah golongan muda, sebab itulah Ketua Pemuda PAS dilantik untuk mengetuai Pemuda Perikatan Nasional bagi menghadapi PRU 15."


      This PPBM "bravery" is not fooling anybody.

      They are SCARED fof an election.

      If they think they can ride PAS to victory, go ahead lah.

      UMNO will destroy you.

      The Betina Assmin is already backing away from PRU15.

      We all know why.

  3. Ya la, release the budget! Make sure WHOEVER SIGN out the money must take full responsibilities or be answerable.

    WHOEVER's name and signature gonna be on the black and white, please sign nicely and don't say not your signature.

    1. Mak Lampir also stealing money for personal use...

      "The Perikatan Nasional government has allocated a total of RM2.66mil to the controversial local community activist group Penggerak Komuniti Tempatan (PeKT) for the September to December period this year.

      According to the Housing and Local Government Ministry, PeKT’s operations would involve three states – Selangor, Penang and Negri Sembilan – covering 46 local authorities.

      It said a total of 261 community activists were appointed to PeKT in the three states.

      Selangor, Penang and Negri Sembilan are also the only states led by Pakatan Harapan.

      The ministry said the local community activists appointed to PeKT were not civil servants.

      It said the functions of the local community activists was to disseminate government information, uniting the local community, monitoring local community issues and gathering feedback for government programmes.

      “For 2020, programmes were slated to be held for four months beginning September till December which involves a RM2.66mil allocation, ” said the ministry in a written reply dated Nov 10, that was read to the Dewan Rakyat on Wednesday (Nov 11).

      The ministry was responding to Wong Kah Woh (PH-Ipoh Timur), who asked the number of local community activists appointed to PeKT and how much it cost.

      PeKT was set up by Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin in July. It recently came under fire after it was revealed that RM8.6mil was allocated in Budget 2021."

      What with these Kitol Kartel fellas who think they can simply walk in and help themselves to our money???


  4. Why not spend on PDRM?

  5. "That RM85 million (not RM81 million?) for JASA still does not sit well with the people.

    Now the talk is JASA only has 52 staff? So 52 people are going to play around with RM85 million?

    52, 520 or whatever that is RM85 million that is going to be quite wasted.

    UMNO cyber troopers are low IQ.

    That is the problem.

    They lost the plot before 2008.

    Then in 2013 (the General Elections) they went further into the swamp. In 2018 their incompetence lost them the pole position.

    Now the UMNO cyber troopers are surviving on scraps and fighting for funds. So it is time to stoop even lower."


    But he's wrong.

    The new JASA is 100% a PPBM ops, or to be more specific, a PKR cartel ops.

    The Sandakan Semburit via his Mak Lampir had to deny that his "people" were told to demonise Umno as being power-crazy.

    You can be sure that Umno will not be the focus of the expensive new propaganda.

    It will be 100% to prop up Min Aiskrim, Mak Lampir, PKR frogs first, Moo & PPBM second, and Umno last.


  6. "If they want to retain stupid people as their leaders, then they deserve what they are going to get under the present circumstances"

    By retaining someone with cases against him as presiden and by appointing najib a convicted felon as the chairman of bn backbenchers do u think umno is going to change

  7. Think about it, which group of people mostly affected by the pandemic and the ensuing MCO??

    SMEs? Nope. This group still able to cari makan ever since the gomen changed from PKP to PKPB in June. Tourism? Nope. Yes they are badly hit but not totally collapsed. They still able to make a living with domestic tourism ever since gomen changed from PKP to PKPB in June. They could still eke out a living from domestic tourists.

    The group of people which is extremely and badly hit throughout pandemic and the subsequent movement control order (MCO) is none other than the people involved with the AIRLINE INDUSTRY. Pilots, flight attendants, cabin crew, engineers, technicians, air traffic staff, support staff, luggage people, anybody who relies on airline industry to cari makan is extremely badly hit right now. Our aviation sector is totally crippled and capitulated with the international borders still remain closed.

    Lots of airplanes sitting idle on the tarmac for almost a year now. Billions of revenue lost. Airline companies forced to cut down operation but trimming staff to survive. Planes lease still need to be paid. Until now there’s no solution in sight. Thousands of them had lose their jobs. Malindo recently laid off around 2,000 people.

    But strangely this group of people receive little attention from the government. Nothing of substantial from the government yet to be announced to these group of people. After half a year our movement restricted due to pandemic, the government still clueless where their top priority lies. Of course these group of people will not cry for help. They are proud people. They lived quite a lifestyle before this so asking for assistance will drop their face. Even their union only make a little noise.

    The government should throw a lifeline to the airline companies so they dont need to lay off workers. Give assistance in the form of loans, probably a billion or 2 so they could keep their workers from 1 up to 2 year period. No need to reskilling, upskilling, tali skipping and other type of bull. It won’t work and it is not necessary because these workers will return to their former jobs once the pandemic is over. Their skills and experience are still sought after by their former employers is just that the airline companies don’t have money to keep them on their payrolls throughout the pandemic. They could’t generate enough revenues especially from lucrative international routes due to international borders still closed.

    Pandemic ni sat jer. Dalam masa 2 tahun probably hilang la. Pastu boleh fly semula la macam biasa dan depa-depa ni semua company akan dipanggil semula kerja when things back to normal. Cuma dalam tempoh difficult period ni airline companies tak ada revenue nak bayaq gaji.

    When airlines able to get back on their feets, generating revenues like before, then the airlines companies can pay back the money loaned by the government. This is of utmost important action to be taken by the government. Otherise thousands more from the airline industry will find themselves on the streets doing odd jobs or delivering food on their bikes.

    1. Pandemic ni sat jer...amboii..which dukun told u that?

      No airline would want to berhutang utk bayar gaji buta even for 1 yr. U said so yourself that many in the industry used to be upper M40 if not T20. Tak kan simpanan 6 months for tak de?

    2. “Pandemic ni sat jer...amboii..which dukun told u that?”

      Then it will last forever?? krik krik krik.....

      They already got the vaccine under way with 90% potentiality and currently being tested. Once it’s ready then life will return to normalcy bit by bit.

      If you want to talk about makan gaji buta, what is the rationale of giving the civil servants RM600 while people on streets losing their jobs or found their income slashed by half? Their livelihood not even impacted by the pandemic but the government throw money at them for no reason. That would cost the government like around 2 billion for that overly generous handout. That money better be use to help the airline industry so they don’t need to retrench their workers. Even Canadian and American governments contemplating to bail out their airline idustries to avoid total capitulation.

      *If you don’t have something of value to add just STFU

    3. Daripada rescue airlines baik la kjaan rescue pengusaha bas sekolah & taska/ pusat asuhan kanak2.

      Kat US tu tak ada high speed train - naik kapalterbang macam naik bas je.
      Msia ni sekangkang kera banding dgn US & kanada - tak perlu sampai 3 syarikat penerbangan. Only the most efficient survives.

    4. “Daripada rescue airlines baik la kjaan rescue pengusaha bas sekolah & taska/ pusat asuhan kanak2.”

      Industri penerbangan menyumbang berbilion-berbilion cukai korporat kepada Kerajaan tiap-tiap tahun. Aviation industry menyumbang lingkungan 5% kepada kadar KDNK negara. Menyediakan berpuluh-puluh ribu peluang pekerjaan daripada pilots, technicians, cabin crew, technical support, airport staff sampai janitor yg cuci kapal terbang. Dan individu-individu ni juga bayar cukai yang agak tinggi kepada Kerajaan. Mereka paling berhak dibantu dulu pasal mereka yang paling terkesan sekarang ni pasal kapal terbang masih tak boleh terbang. Negara-negara di dunia masih belum membuka ruang udara mereka. Kau kalau tak tahu apa-apa baik kau diam dari nampak bodoh.

    5. Services sector & O&G contribute over 50% & over 10% of gdp, tak de pun meroyan mintak tongkat.

      Saya ulang, m'sia ni sekangkang kera, tak dapat menampung 3 syarikat penerbangan melainkan mereka dapat berdiri sendiri dgn menjadi regional airline of choice.

      Klia international hub, bukan kapalterbang jenama msia je yg terbang situ, jika permintaan dari luar pulih. Yg pasti, business class seats yg menjadi lifeline MAS akan tetap berkurangan kerana dunia sudah berubah. Hanya manusia yg lebih suka membenamkan kepala dlm tanah saja belum menyedari nya.

    6. You’re talking about school busess, childcare centre, kindergarten before then all of sudden you change the subject and talking about O&G gdp? Please stop moving the goal post..

      By the way why do you find it necessary to combine services sector and O&G in your gdp calculation? To get much bigger percentage than what has been given before? Service sector and O&G are always stand alone and calculated differently. O&G are always a big contributor to government revenue for donkey years. Everyone knows that. It’s a public knowledge. Please come up with school bus operators and kindergarten gdp. I want to see them.

    7. Anon 13:44, u need to brush up on your comprehension.

      The point is, not everything is about gdp. Let me s.p.e.l.l. it for u:

      Services & O&G are just like for like comparisons to aviation sector yg cenonet tu (in comparison). If everything is about dollar & cents, these 2 sectors are more 'worthy' of assistance.

      Access to good education is a basic right of every child & the foundation for the future success of every country. W/out assistance, the children of b40 will not be able to climb out from their parents poverty.

      U obviously don't read much do u or are u still in Uni? O&G sector is collapsing, worldwide.

  8. Aisay Annie....good budget... definitely if you r a Malay...getting billions while the pendatangs get crumbs despite paying most of the gomen tax. U must b deaf dumb n blind to cast doubts about this blatant discrimination. This country is heaven on earth if you r a Malay..chiak beh liow.

    1. I agree with u on this one annie. Racist cant help but to look at others as one

  9. Ok, no-confidence vote will be tabled and the Budget will eventually squeak through. Hence, TSMY is going no where but to stay until GE15. Somehow, I loathe to hear a cocky cockcrow cock-a-doodle-doo in the House as if he knows best and everything. So, PH insists to retain his Opposition Leader title and hope for his another upcoming "I've the convincing and formidable numbers" strategy. Up till today, he has not uttered a squeal regarding Ajib's BNBBC appointment. Why? And why his constituency fails to submit a motion of no-confidence since he has long coveted the PM job? There are tons of whys and wherefores of his actions that need to be queried about. All in all, whatever he has done thus far does not at all commensurate with the position he is holding in PH. Not only low class but no class, just nothing but talk highly of himself. Shit.

    1. How about you? Why don't you become an MP than "Somehow, I loathe to hear a cocky cockcrow cock-a-doodle-doo in the House as if he knows best and everything."

      Don't be low class, no class, just nothing and talk shit.

    2. Annine what happen???
      not starat "kempen" and no budget. hmmm alaready packed like sardines. most likely have to class by kaki lima

      PETALING JAYA: More Malay and Indian students have enrolled in Chinese vernacular schools this year compared with 2010, according to Education Minister Radzi Jidin.

      In a written parliamentary reply, Radzi said there was an upward trend in data with the enrolment of Malay students increasing from 9.15% in 2010 to 15.33% in 2020.

      Meanwhile, the enrolment of Indian students and students of other races also increased slightly from 1.67% to 2.75% and 1.02% to 1.67%, respectively, in the same period.

    3. Annine remamber to get more of your people work harder pay more taxes and also "zakats"

      hmmm just to ponder 42% KWSP less then 5000 rm.
      maybe too "laid back" to accumulate more

  10. You must be joking it is okay. There are more holes than in fish net. Hide sana hide sini. That is why peoples hate shylock.

  11. Adoi..

    manja2nya raykat Malaysia.

    Govt shld give food vouchers instead, exchange dgn keperluan asas makann. At least takde siapa akan kebuluran.

    Bila cukup makan, sihat.. kan senang nak cari kerja?? Ikhtiar la sendiri, work from home pun bole senang dapat rezeki.

    Ramai sangat yg ngada2 dok merepet. 1 month easily can survive makan moy atau nasi goreng la. Wakil rakyat PH kan dok rumah melopong aje.. minta mereka turun padang hari2 gotong royong kacau bubur lambok.. bulan2 dok makan gaji elaun buta ke?

    Lagipun PH supporters tak perlu bantuan kan? Bukankah they despised TONGKAT, dedak whatnot? Tun, anak2 dn kroni2 dn DAPians kan ramai billionaires. Ebit Lew pun bole hantaq satu kapalterbangload of bantuan to Sabah, dok buat apa sorok duit banyak2 tuuu? Bantu2 la PH supporters.

    Haiyaaa. Sikit2 minta bantuan.. sendiri taktau cari makan ke?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  12. Fakta Bossku dalam Bajet 2021 vs Fak'tun dalam Bajet Tun 2021

    Fakta Bossku : Terima kasih kepada Pembahas Utama Datuk Seri Najib Razak yang mewakili Ahli-Ahli Parlimen BARISAN NASIONAL yang bersungguh-sungguh memperjuangkan suara hati rakyat yang benar-benar mengharapkan agar Kerajaan menimbang semula beberapa keputusan Belanjawan 2021:

    1. Kebenaran Pengeluaran Akaun 1 KWSP
    – Datuk Seri Najib bukan sahaja menegaskan keperluan Kerajaan mengkaji semula untuk rakyat mengeluarkan WANG MEREKA dalam Akaun 1 KWSP secara one-off dengan kadar maksimum RM10,000 bukannya beransur-ansur RM500 sebulan dan terhad kepada mereka yang hilang pekerjaan. Bahkan dibenarkan dikeluarkan oleh semua yang terkesan termasuk M40 secara pukal kerana tidak akan menjejaskan Belanjawan, malah 3 cadangan dibuat untuk menampung kekurangan dana KWSP.

    2. Yuran Pengajian universiti dikurangkan dan plan data internet untuk pelajar-pelajar universiti awam dan swasta di berikan percuma.

    3. Bantuan Prihatin dinaikkan daripada RM1,000 kepada RM2,000

    4. Bantuan Prihatin untuk Golongan Bujang juga dinaikkan sebagaimana BR1M dulu daripada RM350 kepada RM600 dan lain lain

    Tun dalam bajet 2021..

    Fak'tun Atok : Mahathir persoal dari mana sumber kewangan untuk Belanjawan 2021

    Bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mempersoalkan dari mana kerajaan mendapatkan wang untuk menampung perbelanjaan negara yang dibentangkan dalam Belanjawan 2021.

    Beliau berkata, defisit kerajaan sahaja sudah mencecah RM85 bilion iaitu lebih besar dari bajet pembangunan sebanyak RM69 bilion.

    Nampak tak perbezaan fakta yang cuba di mainkan atok kau..!! Sedangkan masa 22 bulan berkuasa negara tak ada duit, negara bangkrap kena bon samurai, bon panda bailout kedai roti The Loft dan taikun Cina dapat projek Bandar Malaysia, OPCOM dapat beratus juta dll.

    Cakap siapa yang patut dinilai kewajaran dan kebenaranya dari fakta dan kedudukan kewangan negara..!? Atok cuba memainkan sentimen basi pembelit pengaruhi fikiran rakyat.

  13. Ternyata mereka yang memusuhi bossku dan UMNO cuba menyebarkan propaganda bahawa apa yang Najib Razak dan BN sedang bawa keluhan rakyat adalah semata-mata mahu jadi populis dan nampak seperti pejuang rakyat.

    Berikut adalah dari laman facebook bossku: –

    Ada yang tuduh cadangan KWSP RM10k dan lanjutan moratorium pinjam cuma sekadar permainan populis bossku nampak macam hero.

    Ok. Kepada mereka, bossku ada satu soalan paling simple.

    Soalan: Jika bajet 2019 sebanyak RM314.5 bilion tidak dapat selamatkan ekonomi pada tahun tiada krisis Covid, bagaimana pula bajet 2021 sebanyak RM322.5 bilion (RM8 bilion atau cuma 2.5% lebih tinggi) mampu menyelamatkan negara semasa krisis Covid melanda seluruh negara dan dunia?

    Jawab soalan itu sahaja. Kalau setakat
    Tun M sedia potong 10%, Bagaimana Guan Eng, Kit Siang, Anwar, atau Najib?

    Tun M sedia potong 10 peratus pencen, bantu golongan hilang pendapatan.
    Kalau setakat potong pencen 10% nak bukak semula kedai roti baru pun tak lepas..!!

    1. hope got budget to castrate!!!
      malay mail
      Man with 41 counts of incest charged with another nine sexual charges against daughter in KL
      Wednesday, 11 Nov 2020 03:33 PM MYT

  14. this gomen have no vision. For 85m you can send 10 to 20 students to do phd in top universities in europe and usa in stem. look over 20 years.40 years ago will doing my graduate study in usa l was intern in top usa company that produce missiles hop the terrain that can this target anywhere in this world. There are interns from china taiwan india that this company sponsored for 10 to 20 years as employees. Fast forward 20 to 30 years. What China and India have now. We should have send our scientists to labs in uk europe to learn about vaksin developments now and look for next 20 to 30 years. let them work there. We have no infrastructures to support them for thier growth.

  15. What is this budget of r&d. Gomen is clueless about this. We do not have resource and manpower to do cutting edge research. Our manpower planning is terrible. My graduate with MD with honor. She received msc from top uni in uk lab doing neuroscience pathology working on alzheimer. Upon returning she was posted as a&e docter at godforeshaken place. After less than 2 years fighting covid she resigning and trying her luck in uk. I dont blame her. If the country does not appreciate her better try her luck elsewhere. Btw she is a malayu and a muslim.

    1. Pi bljq tinggi2 balik pun nak harap gomen juga ke?

      Anak kamu ni mcam takde leadership quality atau creativity la.. pi mengaji sklh tinggi2 klo camni buat peghabih duit aje. Kutip sijil tu setakat tempek kat dahi ke?

      "If the country does not appreciate her better try her luck elsewhere"..

      Bill Gates dn Jackma mesti gelak terguling2 klo baca komen kamu nih!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Jangan lah jadi bodoh.Malu la sikit guna samaran nama professor.Semua dr kena buat compulsory dgn gomen bonded atau tak bonded. I have 4 children 3 Engineers and one docter. Not a single cent i used gomen money to finance their education.Two are now working with multinational. One is working in uk. She has to come back to do compulsory service. The question is are we giving the opportunities to these guys that they can honor thier country.Go to us uk aust or singapore you will find these peoples.

  16. bossku pon x bayaq cukai smpi 1.69bil.wahhhhh.kaya lorrrr.hahahaha
    xkan xbole tolong org miskin kot.sembang dlm parlimen,semua dia tau.mai kat court,emmmmmmmm.kikikiki

    1. lu ada perigi court tengok ? berapah kali ada perigi dengar ?

  17. Dah 9 lapuran polis dibuat pada Tun mengenai separation of power..

    Fiuuyooo kemain atok bentang bajet 2021 mula mula ok lah bole terima pasal kurantine 14 ari org yg mungkin +veCovit atau masih -veCovit yg merugikan ekonomi sesorang dan buisness online... klu buisness online niaga roti rasanya tak perlu bailout pun... kikiki..

    Cuma yang meloyakan tekak teman sampai naik kembang ucapan atok durasi minit ke 20 - 21.

    Atok mintak org politik dan urusan kuasa executive hendaklah dihentikan/dipisahkan (separation of power .. dengan izin) ni yg tekak teman tetiba kembang semacam rasa nak trus muntah hijoo.

    Bila atok tak ada kuasa ke main nak separation of power bagai...!!

    Fakta Kat bawah ni dah 9 lapuran polis pasal langgar separation of power masa atok berkuasa.

    Pengerusi UMMAH Malaysia, Mohd Zai Mustafa mengesahkan sebanyak 9 laporan polis telah dibuat oleh pihaknya terhadap Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Lim Guan Eng dan Tan Sri Tommy Thomas berhubung surat penarikan balik pembekuan akaun seorang taikun tanah berkaitan kes 1MDB.

    Fakta Kronologi Kes dan Arahan:

    26.10.2018: Peguam Tan Sri Lim Soon Ping (TSL) menulis kepada KP SPRM (pada waktu itu Dato’ Sri Shukri Abdull) untuk lepaskan pembekuan semua akaun peribadi dan syarikat TSL (salinan surat ditunjuk lagi).
    Salinan surat diberi kepada Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (TDM).
    05.12.2018: TDM minitkan surat dari Lim Guan Eng (LGE), dan berpendapat TSL “tidak boleh dipersalahkan” pembekuan akaun peribadi dan syarikat TSL tidak boleh dikekalkan” (minit TDM dlm surat lagi).

    19.02.2019: Surat Peguam TSL diterima oleh LGE dan beliau minitkan Peguam Negara Tommy Thomas (AG TT) arah pelepasan akaun-akaun itu dengan merujuk kepada minit TDM.

    31.05.2019: LGE tulis surat rasmi kepada AG TT mengarahkan akaun TSL dilepaskan daripada pembekuan;
    14.06.2019: AG TT menulis kepada LGE memaklumkan status kes dan arahan beliau kepada SPRM melepaskan pembekuan akaun2 TSL (ada lampiran surat lagi).

    Pada walaun unta sekelian udah udah lah tu jangan dok terkinja kinja sangat pasal 'saparation of power' bagai.

    Bila atok cakap separation of power 'gitu gitu' lagi dalam Dewan masa bentang Bajet 2021. Kalau setakat nak acah acah power bila kuasa dah hilang baru terhegeh nak sebut separation of power bagai..! Alahai naik geli geleman anak tekak ni yeopp ooiii..!

    Udah udah lah tuu atok, naik kembang tekak teman dengor nyer...

    Klu nak citer separation of power ni memacam benda 22 tahun 22 bolan boleh tulis. Boleh naik lenguh tangan teman nak tulis balik..!!

    Atok gorenglah apa pun suma dah tak laku..

    sebelom tepokk.. haahh lu fikir la sindri..!!

  18. Ekonomi Mahathir Jual Yang Untung, Beli Yang Tak Laku. PH jarah wang Petronas punca defisit besar pada tahun 2021

    Saranan Bossku pada PM4/7/7i (Mahathir) dalam perbahasan supaya kerajaan PN tangguh atau batalkan projek pembangunan supaya saiz Belanjawan 2020 dikurangkan langsung tak masuk akal,” hujah Bossku lagi “Pada ketika pelabur domestik dan pelabur asing tidak melabur, PM4/7/7i juga mahu kerajaan hentikan pelaburan awam.

    “Jika begitu, celah mana datangnya sumber pertumbuhan ekonomi dan pekerjaan baru bagi tahun ini dan tahun mendatang?” soalnya. Najib mendakwa defisit Belanjawan 2021 yang besar adalah disebabkan RM54 bilion milik Petronas yang dijarah oleh kerajaan Pakatan Harapan pada 2019

    Pemikiran ekonomi Tun sangat low class ketinggalan zaman 30 tahun terkebelakang dan out dated, berdoa sahajalah supaya negara ini tidak dilingkupkan lagi oleh tangan hodoh ini.

    "Saranan Dr Mahathir Mohamad supaya kerajaan Perikatan Nasional (PN) menangguhkan atau membatalkan projek pembangunan supaya saiz Belanjawan 2020 dikurangkan akan memburukkan lagi keadaan ekonomi" kata Najib Razak.

    1. Semasa jadi Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir menyatakan kerana Khazanah Nasional telah menyimpang dari perniagaan teras (core business). Mahathir kemudian menegaskan teras perniagaan Khazanah Nasional hanyalah membeli saham-saham yang tidak laku.

    2. Banyak aset-aset khazanah menjana untung telah dijual. Penjualan ini berkaitan dengan pihak-pihak yang membantu PH sebelum pilihan raya.

    3. Mahathir ini juga menunjukkan hasrat kerajaan untuk melakukan “bail out” dan menyelamatkan syarikat bermasalah menggunakan dana negara. Hinggakan Kedai roti miliknya The Loft pun dibailout sebagai ganjarannya tokey bailout dapat projek Bandar Malaysia. Bila untung anak2nya pandai niaga bila rugi bailout..!! Berniaga apa namanya mcm nih.?

    4. Sepanjang 10 tahun lalu Khazanah Nasional mencatatkan kejayaan untung yg memberangsang dalam industri strtategik negara. Malangnya selepas diambil PH, prestasi Khazanah merudum dan banyak pegangan strategik yang menguntungkan telah dijual.
    (Nak Fakta tengok link bwh ini haahh..)

    5. Nilai Bersih Dilaraskan (NWA / Net Worth Adjusted) Khazanah telah merosot kepada RM91 bilion pada 31 Disember 2018, penurunan 21.6 peratus daripada RM116 bilion dicatatkan pada 31 Disember 2017 masa PH memerintah.

    7. Nilai Aset Boleh Tunai (RAV / Aset Boleh Direalisasi) juga menurun kepada RM136 bilion daripada RM157 bilion dalam tempoh 22 bulan PH jadi kerajaan.

    8. Khazanah mencatatkan kerugian sebelum cukai sebanyak RM6.271 bilion pada 2018, berbanding keuntungan sebelum cukai sebanyak RM2.896 bilion pada tahun 2017.

    9. Setelah BN hilang kuasa ahli lembaga pengarah Khazanah berubah Mahathir melantik dirinya sebagai Pengerusi. Mahathir telah melahirkan cadangan membuat kereta nasional 3.0 dan SilTerra dikatakan salah satu pelabur utama untuk projek ini. Guan Eng Menteri Kewangan PH mengumumkan Khazanah dan anak syarikat pelaburannya, SilTerra terlibat di dalam projek kereta nasional 3.0. tanpa melibatkan dana awam.!

    Kerajaan PH teruskan agenda jual aset negara yang dikumpul BN. (Link atas sana haah!)

    Elok walaun menasihati Tun Mahathir jangan jadi PM dan berhenti terus dari politik. Diam dan jangan buat komen atau kenyataan menghasut yang tidak masuk akal.

    Rakyat dah buka mata setiap komen dan kenyataan yang dilontarkan oleh Tun ada yang tersirat maksud dan niat atau muslihatnya.

  19. Keturunan Sultan Singapura berkerja jadi tukang cuci. Ini yang cuba dilakukan Parti DAP melalui kuda tua tunggangan mereka dan barua barua DAP.

    Singapura, siapa sangka terdapat kerabat diraja Singapura pada abad ke-19 kini hanya bekerja seperti orang biasa, mencari rezeki dengan membawa teksi, bekerja sebagai tukang cuci dan sebagainya.

    Di Malaysia, kuda tua tunggangan DAP sudah jadi Perdana Menteri 2 kali dan katakan apa apa nasihatnya ditolak oleh Yang Dipertuan Agong seperti yang berlaku pada Perdana Menteri Mahyuddin baru baru ini.

    Apa kah agaknya reaksi kuda tua tunggangan DAP ini..!?

    Sudah dikenalpasti kuda tunggangan DAP mempunyi sikap suka bergaduh, mencaci maki, menuduh tuduhan buruk , memfitnah jijik dan memburuk burukkan Raja Raja Melayu.

    Inilah nasib yang dialami oleh Tengku Shawal, 51, dan keluarganya dan keturunanya Sultan Hussein Shah waris Sultan Singapura bila kita alpa dan lupa.

    Kepada kuda tunggangan DAP ini perbanyakkan wirid mengingati Allah SWT , waktu semakin singkat. Jangan ditasbihkan nama Najib!! Lebihkan tasbih nama Allah SWT

    Tengku Shawal, adalah seorang putera yang mempunyai hubungan kekeluargaan dengan Sultan atau pemerintah diraja Singapura. Pengakhiran yang hina kerabat Sultan Singapura ini.

    Suatu penghinaan pada Raja raja Melayu dlm kes fitnah jijik Prebet Adam bila terhadap Sultan Johor dulu oleh Perdana Menteri ke 4 negara..!?

    Media dikuasai sepenuhnya penguasa tamak dan rakyat percaya rekayasa fitnah jijik ini.

    Akhirnya kes Perebet Adam adalah kes fitnah paling kotor dan paling jijik sekali. (Link dibawah Video)

    lagi link dibawah

    Tengku Shawal menerusi temu bualnya bersama Reuters berkata beliau pernah tinggal di istana yang terletak di Kampong Glam sebelum seluruh kaum kerabatnya dihalau dari istanamya utk dijadikan muzium tarikan pelancong.

    Diberi peluang menjadi Perdana Menteri kali ke-2 hanya sempat berkuasa dalam kerajaan PH 22 bulan sahaja dengan harapan pelihara dan angkat Raja Raja Melayu dan jaga Agama Islam agar tidak diperlekehkan..

    Apa yang cuba dia buat bila diangkat PM kali ke 2..!?

    Malah bertambah lagi teruk ICERD pulak yang mahu dipersetujui. Kita tak perlu lagi pemimpin2 hodoh ini lagi dimasa akan datang.

    Setakat acah acah power dng bait bait puisi konon nak jadi juara melayu, raja-raja dan islam bila kuasa sudah tiada lagi.

    Menurut Tengku Shawal, sehingga kini beliau masih lagi mengunjungi muzium yang pernah menjadi kediamannya dan Sultan Singapura kini dijadikan lokasi muzium di Singapura.

    Saya ulanggg..!! hanya jadi muzium untuk tatapan rakyat Singapura.

    Insyallah dengan kebijaksanaan Yang Dipertuan Agong dan Raja Raja Melayu dan kaum yang didatangkan dari timur akhir zaman sisa sisa panji kerajaan kalifah akan berkibar semula dari timur.

    Kepada kuda tua tunggangan DAP ini dan barua baruanya dalam ICERD, COMANGO, Pluralist, Syiah, SIS yang ditaja dibiayai wang ringgit yang mewah oleh yahudi antarabangsa mahupun MCA atau MIC berpijaklah dibumi nyata bahawa tanpa Melayu anda selamanya hamba dan bukan Tuan...!! (link video dibawah)

    Karomah pulang ke gagang kuasa Raja Raja Melayu di bumi kaum yang dijanjikan akhir zaman datang sendiri. Kisah fitnah perebet Adam terhadap Raja Melayu oleh sang fitnah penguasa tamak harus dijadikan pedoman untuk generasi akan datang

  20. Alahai saki baki tungau langau Borosmah Najib...
    Sila berikan satu saja contoh Sumbangan Bermakna banduan jenayah terbesar yg MEMALUKAN seantero dunia itu. Sumbangan yg memberi manfaat menjadi legasi sepanjang zaman kpd rakyat, Islam & negara. Tak banyak, aku hanya minta satu saja, itu pun jika ada.

    Tun Ghafar Baba, setidaknya akan dikenang kerana idea MARA yg saban tahun mengeluarkan puluhan ribu anak bangsa sebagai pekerja2 mahir terlatih, ahli2 akademik & usahawan2.

    Tun Mahathir toksah cakaplah, terlalu banyak jasanya meliputi pembangunan minda, infrastruktur termodern menjangkaui zaman melintasi udara, darat maupun lautan. Hampir segala landskap & mercu tanda gah kebanggaan negara bertaraf World Class adalah cetusan & inisiatif Tun M. Beliau merupakan orang bertanggung jawab membawa sains & teknologi dan komputer ke dalam negara.
    Selain itu, beliau tangkas, cekal & berani mengekang sebarang pencerobohon tentera asing, menamatkan perang dgn komunis Malaya, tidak tunduk & gentar membalun depan2 pemimpin2 Amerika, Israel, Barat, India, Spura, Serbia, Russia, Myanmar & Thailand demi memperjuangkan maruah Islam & umat2nya. Beliau sendiri turun ke kancah peperangan di Bosnia memberi bantuan & menyelamatkan ratusan anak2 Islam Bosnia dibawa pulang ke Malaysia untuk jadi anak angkat dari terus disembelih oleh Kristian Serbia. Almarhum Yasser Arafat pernah menyatakan bahawa selain Allah SWT, Tun Mahathirlah dalam ingatannya setiap kali bumi Palestin diserang tentera2 Yahudi Israel.

    Apakah ciri2 ini ada pada Najib bacol-dayus takut bini, penjilat-pengampu presiden2 Amerika & puak2 Zionist Yahudi & itu.......??

    Aku tunggu reaksi balas kamu.....!!

  21. PejWang dah daftar..!! Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir berkata, pihaknya tertanya-tanya mengapa permohonan pendaftaran parti itu masih tidak diterima sedangkan mereka telah melengkapkan segala dokumentasi diperlukan.

    "Daripada pandangan saya, memang ada, jika tidak ia sepatutnya telah boleh diluluskan. Jika ikut petunjuk prestasi utama (KPI) ROS, mereka ada garis masanya.

    "Jadi, apa guna ada KPI seperti itu, jikalau dia tidak maklum kepada kita apa lagi yang diperlukan. Itu pun kalau adalah, kalau tiada mengapa tidak diluluskan.

    Pada boboi KPI yang ada sekarang tak sma dengan KPI dolu dolu. Dolu ukuran KPI boboi berdasarkan anak apak jadi PM. KPI boboi masa tu meme osem. Boboi mintak apa ajer suma dapat sebab apak boboi kan PM.

    Boboi dan adik abang boboi suma dapat cepat. Belum garu telo lagi suma barang dihajati boboi dapat.

    Masa apak boboi jadi PM, Boboi garu telo jer projek dan pink form ratus juta dapat. Boboi gentel telo ajer ratus billion duit bailout sampai. Sebab tu anak beranak suma taraf billionaire walau suma buisnessnya lingkup.

    Dolu geli geli gentel telo suma adik beradik boboi dapat. Dolu ramai kuda tunggangan boboi dan apaknya, skg suma benda kenalah buat sendiri. Skg boboi kena la guling guling atas jalanraya sama dng apak dan cucu tok wan sekali.

    Macam anak cucu Tok Wan guling guling atas jalan raya sambil julang plakad COMANGO Gereja seksuality merdeka, LGBT lisbo dolu dolu tuhh..!!

    Itu dolu boboi, sekarang KPI Yiddin PM ke 8.
    Mana maunyerr..!!