Sunday, 1 November 2020

Dr Mahathir's twisted words

 Dr Mahathir came under heavy fire from all sides the other day for his post



11. Macron is not showing that he is civilised. He is very primitive in blaming the religion of Islam and Muslims for the killing of the insulting school teacher. It is not in keeping with the teachings of Islam. But irrespective of the religion professed, angry people kill. The French in the course of their history has killed millions of people. Many were Muslims.

12. Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past. But by and large the Muslims have not applied the “eye for an eye” law. Muslims don’t. The French shouldn’t. Instead the French should teach their people to respect other people’s feelings. 

Following all those criticisms, Dr Mahathir followed up that post with this one, 



8. But that is what freedom of speech is to them. On the one hand, they defended those who chose to display offending caricatures of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and expect all Muslims to swallow it in the name of freedom of speech and expression. On the other, they deleted deliberately that Muslims had never sought revenge for the injustice against them in the past.

9. Even my appeal that the French should explain the need to advise their people to be sensitive and respect the beliefs of other people is left out.


I have to admit that I'm on Dr Mahathir's side on this one.

His words were indeed twisted.

Really. Just read them properly, okay.

But of course, people have judged Dr Mahathir that way and there's nothing that could be done.

After all, people tend to think of the French aa nice, romantic and civilised.

They have Paris, the city of love and a beautiful language too.

How can Dr Mahathir said all those outrageous things about them, right?

Never mind.

Anyway, maybe if you  have the time, you can read the following article I picked up at

Algerians still remember France's colonial- era crimes, despite the passage of 65 years since the outbreak of their revolution against the French colonial rule. 

Every year, voices raise in Algeria demanding France to acknowledge and apologize for its colonial past in the North African country. 

Algerians accuse Paris of obliterating the Algerian identity, looting, torture, murder and carrying out nuclear tests during the colonial rule. 

France occupied Algeria for 132 years, from July 5, 1830, until July 5, 1962, when the country declared its independence from colonial rule. 

During the course of the struggle for independence, over 1.5 million Algerians were martyred, while hundreds of thousands more were injured, went missing or were forced from their homes. 

"France must acknowledge its genocide crimes against the Algerians since 1830," Algerian historian Mohammed al-Ameen Balghaith told Anadolu Agency. 

This year's independence anniversary comes amid popular protests that forced long-serving President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to step down in April. 

During the protests, demonstrators call for breaking with France at cultural and political levels and cancelling the use of the French language in state institutions, schools and universities. Protesters also blame Paris for the current political and economic situation in Algeria. 

Identity obliteration 

Algerians accuse France of erasing the Algerian identity and launching war against mosques and religious schools. 

In 1836, France opened the first Catholic missionary school in Algeria. 

Paris also enacted discriminatory laws against Algerians, in a move that allowed colonizers to usurp their lands. 

Skulls of fighters 

The French colonial rule has been faced with a fierce resistance from Algerians, which was met with a brutal crackdown by colonizers. 

In 1880 –1881, France took the skulls of 37 resistance fighters. The skulls are currently stored at the Museum of Mankind in Paris. 

Algeria has been demanding to return the skills since 2011, a demand rejected by Paris. 

May 8 massacre 

On May 8, 1945, thousands of Algerians took to the streets to celebrate the allied victory over Nazi Germany and end of World War II (1939–1945) and to demand independence from France. 

The celebrations, however, turned bloody when French forces opened fire on protesters, with estimates putting the death toll at around 45,000. 

1.5 million martyrs 

More than 1.5 million Algerians were martyred during the course of the Algerian struggle for independence from the French rule. 

Algerians accuse France of using civilians as human shield during their fight against the National Liberation Army (ALN). 

Other estimates put the Algerian death toll during the French colonial rule at over 10 million. 

In 2017, the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights, an NGO, estimated that the victims of the French colonial rule at over 10 million. 

The Seine Massacre 

On October 17, 1961, tens of thousands of Algerians demonstrated in Paris against the French occupation of their country. French police opened fire on protesters, killing around 345. 

Nuclear tests 

According to French officials, the colonial authorities carried out 17 nuclear experiments in the Algerian desert in the period between 1960 and 1966. Algerian historians, however, put the number at 57. 

On 13 February 1960, France conducted its first nuclear test, code-named “Gerboise Bleue” (Blue Desert Rat) in the Sahara Desert, southwest of Algeria. 

The French nuclear experiments have caused the death of around 42,000 Algerians and thousands injured due to nuclear radioactivity, in addition to the extensive damage against the environment. 


The colonialist French authorities have committed abuses and torture against Algerian civilians, according to Algerian historians and victims. 

Electric shocks and the use of water wells as prisons were among the methods used by the colonialist authorities against prisoners in Algeria. 

The Algerian archive is another thorny issue between the two countries, with Algerians demanding France return thousands of artifacts, books and maps, a demand rejected by Paris. 

Yup millions died in that country when it was under French colonial rule.

If you have even more time, do try to check on the whole track record of French colonial rule in other parts of the world such as Indochina and see whether they are truly nice, romantic and gave the people they colonised freedom of speech.

What? Those were long ago?

Not really actually. And they don't even really apologise.

Also, they only left the colonised land because they were kicked out of them.


  1. The French opened their borders to millions of refugees out of compassion.

    That guy who sliced the teacher's head off was sponsored by French taxpayers.

    He was a refugee from Chechnya.

    Nice way to repay hospitality, kan?

    Here's the deal:

    If you don't like a country's laws, then fuck off somewhere else, lah.

    Simple, kan?

    Same applies to Malaysia.

    You don't like our laws, leave.

    Same applies to Ecuador.

    You don't like that country's laws, leave.

    Same applies to New Zealand.

    You don't like that country's laws, leave.

    Same applies to Ghana.

    You don't like that country's laws, leave.

    Ditto for more than 200 other countries.

    If the Muslims accepted by the French into their borders (there are 465,849 Algerian-born people in France, by the way) then claim that France has excessive freedom of speech, then please go back to Algeria, where there's virtually none.

    HINT FOR STUPID WHITE PEOPLE: Muslims don't help Muslims, why should you?

    Omputih nih semua bangang betui.

    Why even bother?

    The filthy rich Gulf States, they didn't lift a finger to help Syrians or Rohingyas, or ANY Muslims in history who have been in trouble.

    (PS: After Hadi Ada Wang and Ah Jib Kor had their pro-Rohingya rally for "Muslim solidarity", what did they actually do? Habuk pun tarak.)

    So here's my advice for the brainless Frenchmen: rather than trying to solve your Muslim problem, put pressure on Saudi Arabia to resettle all of them within Saudi Arabia.

    There's more than enough space, and even if you budget 5,000 Euros each as resettlement fees, it's nothing to the rich Arabs.

    It's win-win, because all these head-slicers will be in a country which not only beheads you, but can use bone saws, too. Jangan main-main.

    Toksah jaga tepi kain orang, Macron oooooiiiii.

    Let the Muslims sort out the Muslims.

    1. That poor teacher had already lose his head. Let’s move on.There’s no way we could reattach his head into the torso so he could came alive again. It’s already happened. Let’s the French draw a lesson from this episode otherwise more and more of the teachers would lose their heads.

    2. 12:56....I sincerely believe you are too stupid of an asinine to be even engaged in any discussion...

      Your first remark...if you don't like the country's law just leave...

      That cheachen refugee did not say he hated french law, he just hated that idiot teacher showing the caricature even after that teacher knew how much of a backlash it was since the hebdo case....some people react differently ...not justifying it but if one walks in a black neighborhood say in Brooklyn it will be suicidical of one to keep using the word nigger in every second word of his...

      Simple logic..
      There is freedom of speech..yes
      But there will also be freedom of action after be very careful in one's conduct

    3. Anon 17:45, tok sah nak tunjuk pandai kalau akal panjang sejengkal..

      Under french law, religion is fair game & ridiculing religion is not a crime. If any muslim living in french cannot accept this, they should move back to where ever they came from or work towards changing the law.

      There is no country that accepts your so called freedom of action to decapitate someone except maybe in a ME country if the killer happens to be the ruling party.

      I agree with anon 12:56, the europeans should follow trump's footsteps and just deport these so called refugees.

    4. 18:16....fair game silly twat!

      Try to say anything negative about the holocost or anything anti Jewish( anti semiticism apparenty ) and see there is no reaction from the law...

      Kalu u tak tau french law dok sengap....

      And u can agree with anyone with your insipid mind...none will pay heed!

    5. Anonymous1 November 2020 at 17:45

      "...he just hated that idiot teacher showing the caricature even after that teacher knew how much of a backlash it was since the hebdo case"

      Cutting someone's head off with a knife is against the law in France.

      There is no law of blasphemy in France.

      Whether Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian or anyone else.

      NOBODY gets to complain.

      If you know French history, there have been MASSIVE satire attacks against the Christians and the Church for more than 200 years.

      Nobody did any head-cutting.

      Even though they are the majority there.

      A country has a right to make its own laws.

      If you think you can change the law, then patiently lobby the French government.

      Cutting off someone's head is unlikely to achieve that.

      If you don't like French laws, leave France.


    6. don't seem to understand the flow of the argument and reaction here ..

      When the Chechen refugee beheaded the teacher, no Muslim worth an iota of Islam agrees to his action, in fact most if not all the people condemn this act as almost of khariji element...

      But what was shocking and worth condemning was the simple blurting of Macron saying that Islam is a backward primitive teaching that is called into question( something along the line) as if blaming the whole islamic world that agree to the action of that refugee!
      Coming from head of state defying any logic and almost a warp sense of accusation which erdogan rightly said what he said.

      That's the essential reaction to what the Muslim world was he had no sense of shame to run for 24 hours showing that disgusting caricatures in public across huge buildings etc which even most parents would not want their innocent 5 years old and to watch

      No Europe nation whether England German spain etc would even fact any sane person would not react of one person's act as if this embodies whole persons don't be stupid to tell us about history of how the Christian did not react to the caricatures if Jesus as a platform muslim to act the same way....

      You sound like atypical islamphobic person who hated everything Islam and Muslim and would rejoice if Muslim can be eradicated as quickly as possible....just grow up and dont be childish...and start growing some intelligence

    7. Anon 19:01, jewish is not a religion; anti semiticism falls under hate crime, i.e. the 'attack' is on a group of people. In any case, no one is going to be beheaded for hate crimes.

      Basic definition pun fail ada hati nak cakap pasal undang2..rotfl

    8. 22:05....

      "Something along that line" pale otak hang. Ko nih buta huruf, kot.....


      Wrong to 'stigmatise all Muslims', Macron says

      Macron began his speech by reasserting that the French principle of secularity guaranteed the freedom to worship, rejecting the "trap" laid by extremists which would seek to "stigmatise all Muslims".

      But the president singled out the ideology of "Islamist separatism" which sought to "create a parallel order" to the French Republic, asserting its own laws as superior. People should face up to a phenomenon that was enticing significant numbers of young people, he said.

      "Our challenge is to struggle against the downward slide of some in the name of religion, by ensuring that those who want to believe in Islam and are full citizens of our Republic are not targeted."

      Macron also acknowledged that France had failed its immigrant communities, creating "our own separatism" with ghettos of "misery and hardship" where people were lumped together according to their origins and social background.

      "We have thus created districts where the promise of the Republic has no longer been kept, and therefore districts where the attraction of these messages, where these most radical forms were sources of hope," he added."

      It's people like you who are actually the worst enemies of Islam.

      Someone tells you you've been insulted, you just nod your head like a dumb animal.

      Xpayah tunjuk pandai, oooooiiiiii.

      Otak konpom xde.

    9. Macron go back to history what France done to vietnam, algeria, morocco and other colonies. They go to these countries uninvited now these peoples are going to France also univited. You wreck thier cultures and religion now they are wrecking yours. This is karma

    10. That Chechen guy killed because he was told he was insulted lah doh.

      You think he went on a history lesson over 500 years of colonial rule?

      And what's the solution?

      Kill a few million more French, like Atok says?

      What do you achieve?

      Understand that Macron is SPEAKING THE TRUTH.

      Study this website very, very, very carefully:

      Then tell Macron he was wrong to plead for Muslims to take control of their own religion.

      The shame is, it's coming from a Frenchman. Muslims themselves need to say it!

      How long can you blame "others?"

      Cerminkan diri sendiri dulu.....

    11. 10:20....After he was lambasted by all and sundry and called a looney by that Turkish leader then this idiotic French President came out with that speech...seemingly trying to exonerate himself of what he said in the first day after the that time nobody listens to him anymore....only arseholes like u will quote him here and there....

      So forever Muslim will denounce Macron from now onwards....stupid move...just ask...would any Europe leaders do that....depicting such cartoons...

    12. 17:41....keep that phobia feeling of yours up your arse...stupid primitive thinking websites keep repeating ad nauseum the same ridiculous assertions....better still play urself whilst reading such articles....nobody pays heed!

    13. Macron is just dumb. He cant even control its citizen and is blaming the whole muslim in this world. He has freedom of speech. We have freedom not to buy anything from France.

    14. Anon 22:42, let us see how long this boycott will last. I think french ppl & the europeans will sujud syukur if they don't get anymore muslim migrants.

    15. Anonymous2 November 2020 at 22:42

      "He has freedom of speech. We have freedom not to buy anything from France."

      Even better than that, Muslims in France have the option to leave the country to somewhere more suitable.

      Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Sudan, Malaysia.


      Innocent passersby in France don't get stabbed to death.

      The Muslims are happy in a Muslim nation.

      Pls. start collecting donations, like PAS collected for Rohingyas.

      (What happened to the money?)

    16. What is the strategy?

      "Five people are dead after an attacker later identified as an Islamist extremist opened fire on a crowd in Vienna’s nightlife district Monday evening.

      According to The Associated Press, the suspected attacker, later named as 20-year-old Kujtim Fejzulai, was armed with an automatic rifle and a fake explosive vest as we walked through Austria’s capital.

      Unverified video showed the suspect, dressed in white coveralls, firing off rounds as he ran down Vienna’s cobblestone streets.

      Austrian authorities said police shot and killed the suspect upon arriving at the scene.

      Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said two men and two women died from their injuries in the attack, adding that a police officer who tried to stop the attacker was shot and wounded, and another 14 people were hurt.

      Vienna’s hospital service said seven people were in life-threatening condition Tuesday after the attack, according to the AP.

      “Yesterday’s attack was clearly an Islamist terror attack,” Kurz said. “It was an attack out of hatred — hatred for our fundamental values, hatred for our way of life, hatred for our democracy in which all people have equal rights and dignity.”

      If you kill a few random Austrians, why not kill the all?

      What is the logic?

      What is your objective?

      What does it say about your religion?

      Does this reflect Islamic teachings?

      Why do you think so?

  2. This saying was attributed to Finnish foreign minister.I dont know wether it was from him but the statement rang true.
    "I dont understand anything anymore.When we make fun of black people,we call it racism.When we mock the Jews we call it anti-Semitism.When we mock women,we call it sexism.But when we mock Muslims,we call it freedom of speech.

    1. France is maybe the most secular nation in Europe from public policy standpoint.

      Since 1905 it has never allowed even the majority race’s beliefs to have any policy influence.

      So if someone insults French Catholics or Protestant Christians, too bad. The government won’t intervene.

      To me, stabbing and murdering people does not help anyone to feel sympathy to your point of view.

      It only makes the French more suspicious of Muslims.

    2. Maybe its alright to insult the protestants and catholics but its a taboo to insult the Jews and you will go to jail for denying the holocaust.The secular French did murder millions of Muslims and non Muslims in Algeria,Indochina and parts of Africa in the last century.You seem to forget that but remember vividly the death of a hundred plus Frenchmen at the hand of extremist Muslims over the last decade.

    3. Anonymous1 November 2020 at 18:39

      So like Mahathir, you are living in the past.

      He's nyanyuk, what's your excuse?

      The Muslims in France have been killing because of cartoons, not because of 300 years ago.

      That guy who stabbed innocent people to death in Nice wasn't yelling about revenge for 18th century acts lah doh.


    4. Free speech.. you cannot say anything about holocaust.

  3. Out of context or within context, the remarks by the esteem old man was terribly unnecessary.

    He should give up any thought of changing the mindset of Msian public at large, what more of the world.

    At his age he should try hard to think snd talk of nice things.

    But as always, susah nak lentur buluh yg tak reput reput!

    1. What is terrible. Do you think French dont kill in Algeria, Morroco and other colonies.You reap what you sow.

  4. I beg TO DIFFER, dear Annie.

    2. As a Negarawan yang mana internationally recognised, @chedetofficial no need to react LIKE that

    3. Why not Tun M tidak memberikan President Macron contoh peristiwa junjungan besar di Taif telah dicederakan oleh warga tempatan?

    4. Dalam peristiwa tersebut, baginda bukan sahaja mendoakan warga Taif menjadi nama besar in the future but prevent Jibril from take the revenge on them.

    ISLAM bukanlah Religion. Religion itu bahasa Inggeris. Yakni maksudnya Agama. Agama Hadhir dari bahasa Sanskrit maknanya Ritual.
    ISLAM merupakan CARA HIDUP yakni the Way of Life.

    Tun M bukan Tokoh ISLAM yang kita cari.

    1. Saudara Herman Adnan,

      Does anwar ibrahim fit the bill to be your cup of tea as your ideal tokoh Islam and future PM?

    2. Who talk about anyone else except Tun M?
      Sahabatku 17:24
      Be Factual

    3. salam herman,

      apa beza tun m dengan macron? dua2 ketua negara, dua2 mempertahankan "group" masing2

      islam ialah cara hidup yang menyanjung sifat2 mulia. perlukah kita pada tokoh2 manusia?

    4. salam hormat anon 10:34

      Sudah tentu ISLAM perlukan TOKOH untuk dijadikan Contoh dan Teladan.
      Saya pernah berbicara dengan seorang cina bukit di Kelapa Sawit, Kulai, Johor DT.
      Umur beliau dalam lingkungan 50-an pada era 2007-2011 lalu.
      Saya amat rapat ngan dia sebab dia ada bengkel baiki pendawaian kenderaan.
      Satu hari, dia cakap pada saya dia nak masuk melayu sebab akhlak yang ada pada saya yang pada hemat beliau, amat baik bukan sahaja untuk hubungan sesama manusia, malah hubungan sesama makhluk.

      Yakin dan Percayalah, sudah terang lagi bersuluh ISLAM memerlukan TOKOH agar menjadi ikutan dari segi AKHLAK

    5. Point 4 seem to imply Jibril indeed were in rage or having a fuss to even take revenge upon them....yang musykil...tidak kah ALLAH mencipta malaikat tanpa sebarang Nafs.....?

      Kita lihat perbahasan hanya kerana Tun M keluar statement pros and cons semua jadi kalut dan ramai membodohkan sesama manusia....

      Angkara amarah dan ego maka manusia berperang dan berbinuhan memanjang selam manusia nig diciptakan....agree? We can agree to disagree.


    6. salam herman,

      sahabat cina awak tertarik pada sifat2 mulia

      ISLAM perlu TOKOH tapi manusia islam perlu sifat2 mulia.

      manusia perlu "yang maha kuasa" tapi "yang maha kuasa" tak perlu manusia

      maaf tuan rumah, rampas komen

    7. Salam Persahabatan 07:43 & anon 09:47


  5. Well....punca dia apa??? Kalau lukis muka pak hampa hidung babi hampa tak marah ka....kalau caricature muka Nabi Musa atau Isa sekali pun orang Islam mesti marah juga...Muka Nabi...jangan dok provoke. Pakai otak la sikit..

    1. siapa yang tahu rupa wajah nabi nabi? dalam dunia???

    2. Menumpang negara org buat la cara menumpang...

      Tak suka cara hidup depa, pi balik negara asal atau pi pindah negara arab lain..

      Rohingya baru kritik sikit dlm facebook & bangla kritik dlm tv hampa dah melenting, ni pendatang pi sembelih rakyat asal & macron cuma komen je bukan nya usir org2 muslim kat situ. Habis tu hangpa nak suruh macron puji ke???

    3. 18:23...hang lagi satu bodoh punya bangang....

      Yang dok buat penggal kepala cikgu Tu ikut perasaan dia... 99% orang Islam dunia tak setuju apa Yang DIA buat pasai ITU Salah Di Sisi Islam pun...

      Tapi awat Macron punya bingai boleh pi bagitau semua orang Islam pikiak macam si penggal kepala Tu...awat pi tunjuk gambar tak senonoh sampai 24 jam! DIA tak bodoh kah....

      Banyak orang perancis pun tak setuju apa Macron buat...Yang Salah satu orang , DIA blame 1.8 billion orang Dan boleh tunjuk gambak cukup memalukan...orang politik semua hanya pentingkan diri depa saja...pasai Tu semua kata dieni punya akai dah sewel

      Pasai kalu tak suka undang undang negeri pi negeri lain....

      Awat perancis tak buat benda Sama kat Algeria atau Indochina?
      Awat ingerris tak buat Yang Tu jugak masa depa mai tanah melayu dulu

      Ohh kalu mat salleh buat takpa, orang lain tak boleh....poodahlah

    4. Beza tu. Pendatang ni datang dari negara yang pernah dijajah perancis dan perancis tak pernah minta maaf di atas segala kezaliman terdapat negara asal pendatang tu. Sedangakn kita tak berhutang apa2 dengan rohingya tu.

    5. Anon 00:14, perancis tak pernah jajah checnya. Algeria yg pernah dijajah perancis bukan negara gagal hari ini. Lagi bebas dari arab saudi.

      Belajar sejarah jgn belajar sekerat2. Perancis & british tidak mungkin dapat menguasai timur tengah jika kjaan ottoman/ osmaniyah tidak lupa diri. Perancis & british tidak mungkin dapat menguasai timur tengah tanpa bantuan ketua badwi As Saud.

      Ok faham, menurut ko hubungan sesama manusia ni tak lebih dari transaksi perniagaan, kita bantu cuma bila dia bantu kita balik atau boleh bantu kita dimasa hadapan. Itu yg ko belajar dari Quran ke?

    6. Anon 22:16,

      Kata contoh umat islam ni rasullullah saw.

      Hang nak pi contohi kekejaman inggeris atau peranchis abad 19 pasai apa?

      British dtg msia dia pandai menari ikut gendang, tak kacau hak raja2 & agama. Dia kuasai ekonomi ja sambil bagi sikit habuan kat raja2 sebab tu boleh bertahan lama. Belajar sejarah jgn suku2 pilih yg hang nak dengaq ja.

    7. "Hang nak pi contohi kekejaman inggeris atau peranchis abad 19 pasai apa?"


      Very good question.

    8. 8:03....hang ini awat dok Jack perancis...nak sangat jadi depa punya kerakyatan pi lah kat kedutaan depa..pi sua pungkok hang ...mana tau depa bagi hang green card kot

    9. Anon 22:01,

      Tu je hang boleh jawab? Dah habis hujah le tuu. Kalau akal panjang sejengkal...

  6. annine you donate tiga puloh ringit to Felda anak yatim funds ah!!!!
    rm 30 = sing$ 9 only

  7. Aisay Annie...the measure of a religion's greatness is the behaviour of its followers/adherents. So if you want to pancung kepala or instigate hatred...go ahead..its a reflection of your faith. Pls read the latest post by Anas Zubedy - he is a shining example of a Muslim.

    1. "....the measure of a religion's greatness is the behaviour of its followers/adherents."

      Very well said.

      Also read Syed Akbar Ali's book, "The Club of Doom".

      "Malaysia and the Club of Doom (The Collapse of The Islamic Countries) is a book published in 2006 by Syed Akbar Ali who argues that countries with a Muslim majority population have collapsed economically, politically and socially."

      It's true.

      Every Muslim-majority country is a basket case.

      The fault is NOT Islam.

      If people followed Islam properly, then there would be no corruption, repression, murder of innocents.

      That's what the book says.

      Go back to true meaning of Islam.

  8. Truth hurts. The best way for the guilty parties to ease off is to distort Tun's words to their advantage with intent to mislead others, just for them to feel better. So, attacking is indeed the best form of defense. For sure, they may stubbornly be in a denial state of mind by rejecting the reality, but the historical facts are always there for everyone to review. And likewise, Japanese's habit of rewriting its history textbook in an effort to whitewash its war crimes and Japanese imperialism during its brutal invasion of Asia. At the same time, attempting to indoctrinate school children with their beliefs while promoting national pride. We all know that is unethical. Well, truth is a naked and open daylight, regardless of how cleverly the facts are twisted and misinformed. Long live Tun!

  9. who cares what Tun say or didnt say.
    he twisted najibs words all the time.
    good riddance!!

    1. for god sake!!!! any study how mosli are denoucing when migrated in europe. heard that the rohiyga also converted when in christian majority country. anyway any action will be meet with reiprocal kind.

  10. Google French Foreign Legion
    These foreign brigade has fought wars all over the world


  11. Is it not Najib, the one who always change his words?

  12. Aduhh Atok Tun elok luluk lumah tiam2 udah.

    Satni President France tenyeh balik,

    ....Uuulala olang tua, itu Bersatu 13/222 pun tak mampu pertahan apasal menyibuk2 sgt ni?
    ....Uuulala olang tua, 22bln apasal tetiba lali letak jawatan PM7?

    ....Uuulala olang tua. Itu cikiut Saddiq dan kasut hitam pun sulah lali. Sikalang tggl belapa olang? Apasal lia olang talak mau berjuang dgn Pejuang?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  13. Professor takut presiden Perancis tenyeh balik?
    Alahai Professor.
    Apakah ini pendirian Professor dalam isu ini?
    Malulah pada orang tua yang dah nak masuk kubur!