Wednesday 22 April 2020

Be positive, don't let the miserable people get in your head

Some people were just born to be negative.

At least that's what I think.

As the country shows it could overcome the Covid-19 crisis, they instead just have to find something negative to highlight.

Come on la, a positive story like this,

Double-digits five days in a row as downward trend in cases continues

and they twisted it into something negative.

Sorry. I rather not highlight such twisted reports here.

But hey, if you are living a miserable life, that does not mean everyone else have to be miserable like you.

I'm not saying that we should be overconfident about the progress so far, but worse than anything is to instill a sense of hopelessness among the people during a crisis like this.

I'm also not saying we should hide bad news. What I'm saying here is that we should not be twisting a positive story into a negative one....or any other type of news manipulation for that matter.

The same goes to the much talked about mistakes by the Health Minister and his deputy in the Covid-19 war.

The whacking of the two guys appeared to intensify as the country was making good progress of containing the pandemic

A whole bunch of people, particularly politicians or politically motivated people had latched on to it to highlight those mistakes, making it as proof of the current government's inability to handle the crisis.

It's a bit of nit-picking, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, the minister and his deputy had admitted their mistakes and apologised.

I'm glad that they were willing to do that.

I was also irritated by their mistakes, but felt that they should be forgiven and be allowed to continue with their work.

After all, those mistakes were not fatal. Wrong choice of words and attending a makan session during MCO....I know they shouldn't but not much harm done, I think.

I believe they would also be more careful next time.

A lesson learnt is good.

They probably realised now that it's important to keep the people on their side. Not just for political reasons but also more importantly in this fight against Covid-19.

Hopefully, we could see the end the MCO soon and rebuild our country as soon as possible.

I miss going to work more than anything else. Working from home is definitely not the same.

But, whatever it is, let us be positive as everything happened for a reason (and in my case, Allah's will) and I'm sure something good could be just around the corner if we remain faithful.


  1. How to Stay Positive When Everyone Around You Is Negative especially PH people surrounding you.. kikiki

    It’s so easy to end up in a bad mood when someone close to you is feeling down.

    Being there for our friends, family, and partners when they’re going through a hard time is really important, especially if they’re experiencing something genuinely traumatic, like the loss of a loved one.

    On the other hand, we all have at least one friend who throws a helluva pity-party when they’re just not feeling good about themselves or the world around them.

    1. lagi dua bulan tengok !!!! kiki!!!!

  2. Mungkin these people think they are above everyone else in Malaysia, tht they are the smartest and richest kut? Semua olang dMalaysia boloh2 malas2 PPE oso need people to contribute??

    That mayb if by chance their whole family is infected by this virus, the sarawak report Newcastle fella will fly them to UK for treatment? Or DOJ fellas fm US will charter a plane and ferry them to New York for treatment?

    Baca berita dey are looking into the legal aspects on this coming Dewan sitting "too short session".. nak tergelak ish ish ish awat la kelolo sgt mereka ni?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. A lot of sorhais in this penghianat najis gomen. What to do, use back door to take over.

  4. It is not so much the slip of tongue but it is the 'masuk bakul angkat sendiri attitude' at this time that is nauseating. The self importance & entitled attitude are still the same post ge14.

    More importantly, the mco law must be enforced.

  5. Agree with U, Anon 14.01.

    MCO law must be enforced regardless who u are. If there is TWO LAWS - one for us peasants and another for the kayangan people - the politician & their children, only people like Annie and Prof Nasi Lemak would be happy. A small matter to you but not to us. A thousand dollers is not just duit kecik for us. It is a month pay for some. And kena jel satu hari means a lot, rekod cari kerja habis kaput.

    Jadi, jangan memperkecilkan benda yg besar. We are all equal under the law. NOT: Some are more equal than others.

    1. Betul cik minah. Sebab meluat tgk ahli politik termasuk ahli keluarga mereka gila glamer & jawatan, ada kemungkinan saya akan undi ph balik ge15 jika anwar turun takhta.

  6. Being positive is good. Yg lain tu sour grapes.

    1. apa itu "sour grapes" tak dapat derma PRIHITAN ke? atau M40 "naturalised" reect bantuan!!!!

      difahamkan terdapat empat lagi penganjur induk bazar selain PPKMWP.

      Penganjur bazar Ramadan di Wilayah Persekutuan menegaskan bahawa mereka tidak dapat memulangkan 100 peratus bayaran yang telah dibayar kepada peniaga.

      difahamkan terdapat empat lagi penganjur induk bazar selain PPKMWP.

    2. Haha...anon 14:52 believe me it is good to be negative in times of coronavirus pandemic. You don't want to be positive, do you?


    PUTRAJAYA: As praise and well-wishes continue to pour in for Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah (pic), he is quick to downplay all the acclaim given to him.

    Dr Noor Hisham has been insistent that all the good work of the Health Ministry in battling Covid-19 is not down to him alone.

    On his official Facebook account, Dr Noor Hisham paid tribute to his "generals", Datuk Dr Rohaizat Yon (Deputy Director-General, Medical), Datuk Dr Chong Chee Keong (Deputy Director-General, Public Health) and Dr Hishamsham Mohd Ibrahim (Deputy Director-General, Research and Technical Support) as well as Dr Norhayati Rusli, the director of the ministry's disease control division.

    Ni baru contoh orang yg kerja kerana amanah bukan sebab gila glamer.

  8. Well Aannie. Unlike u I now enjoy working from home surrounded by family. Whenever feel bored just go to my laman and enjoy fresh air and flora. Less exhaust fumes nowaday because of MCO.

    Look like my employer is favouring new post Covic19 culture of working from home too...hopefully

  9. Why shoul we accept few peoples apology and admiting the mistakes while others face the consequences. IS THIS FAIR. We dont care about politics.IT is about law and constitution that nobody is above the law.That nothing positive about breaking and we the citizen condon it. NO IF AND NO BUT.

    1. True.Should apply dulu lagi. I still wonder how come Nobita corruption trial was stopped by AG ? Bukan double standard ke?

  10. Kalau nak 'Being Positive' jangan double standard - orang politik boleh lepas PKP/MOC tanpa didenda. Cukup takat mintak maaf. Bagimana dgn 7668 orang yg didenda dan dijel termasuk budak kolej yg kelaparan, keluar cari kedai nak beli Maggie dan orang-orang tua yg menunggu bantuan makanan.

    Mereka semua bukan penjenayah, semuanya ada alasan kenapa mereka melanggar PKP/MOC ,.sama macam Timbalan-Timbalan menteri dan anak Wak Jahid, Hidayah yg keluar pergi jumpa Menteri di pejabatnya untuk apa tah.....

    So, be positive, maafkanlah semua pesalah PKP 7668 orang itu, otherwise batalkan je PKP since undang-undang yg dipakai tak sama untuk semua orang.

    1. Setuju dgn anda Cikminah. No double standard please!

  11. Lebih 1,000 kes baru, Kini 10,000 pesakit di Singapura

    Kementerian Kesihatan Singapura mengesahkan 1,016 kes baru Covid-19 di peringkat awal, menjadikan keseluruhan kes positif di republik itu meningkat kepada 10,141 orang.

    Katanya, kebanyakan kes positif itu dikesan dalam kalangan pekerja asing tinggal di asrama yang menyumbang lebih 3/4 daripada keseluruhan kes di Singapura.

    Semalam, kerajaan Singapura melanjutkan sekatan separa ketat sehingga 1 Jun ini. Yang pelik msna peminat peminat Singapork especially dari kalangan pemimpin PH yang jadikan Singapore rujukan dan sandaran dalam semua aspek... diam macam setan bisu

  12. Bermula Jun 2020, seantero globe akan endure the worst-ever Great Recession. Sinar baharu hanya akan bergemerlapan pada 2023.
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  13. Ini masalah yang dihadapi penduduk tempatan juga, ada penduduk tempatan menghadapi ancaman pengusiran juga

    Sekumpulan etnik Rohingya hubungi saya malam tadi untuk beritahu mereka kini tinggal di tepi jalan kerana diusir dua hari lalu oleh tuan rumah mereka.

  14. Singapura akhirnya kecundang elok rasanya pemimpin PH tolong bantu Singapura menangani Covit19.

    Dulu kerajaan PH selalu jadikan Singapura tempat rujukan dalam segala aspek untuk diimplimentasi pada rakyat Malaysia. Kementerian kewangan dan kesihatan dibawah kerajaan PH selalu jadikan Singapura sebagai contoh dan panduan kepada rakyat Malaysia. Apa saja sumber berita dari akhbar Singapura (selalunya berita negatif berunsur fitnah) tentang Malaysia akan dicanang ke seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

    Ketika dunia menjadikan Korea Selatan dan Singapura sebagai negara contoh untuk mendapatkan lekukan rata graf Covid-19, namun awan hitam korona kembali singgah di Singapura.

    Timbul persoalan apa yang sudah terjadi di Singapura? Dalam keadaan negara itu pada Mac hanya mencatatkan setakat 20 atau 30 kes sehari, tiba-tiba sahaja angka harian itu melonjak kepada 386 kes pada 13 April lalu.

    Lebih menakutkan angka tersebut naik lagi hampir empat kali ganda dengan jumlah kes harian tertinggi 1,426 pada Isnin lalu.

    Situasi tersebut menyebabkan Singapura kini menjadi negara Asia Tenggara dengan jumlah pesakit Covid-19 tertinggi apabila angkanya mencecah 9,125.

    Melihat kepada keadaan di negara jiran itu, ternyata Malaysia tiada pilihan lain untuk mempelajari dan mendalami belenggu korona yang kembali menghimpit Singapura.

    Inilah masa pemimpin PH bantu Singapura sekarang ini atau berambos terus duduk Singapura

    1. atok mamak kutty dan boboi sama sekali!!!!

    2. Ada baca surah Ad'duha....?

      Allah berfirman: Yang akhir itu lebih baik
      bagimu dpd awalnya.

      Means, manusia perlu belajar darpada kesilapan, barulah dia menjadi lebih matang dan berhati-hati. Experiance makes the best teacher.

      Memang elok kita belajar dari pengalaman Singapura ini.

      S'por terlalalu awal mendapat pujian, akibatnya, dia menjadi puashati, langsung tak berjaga-jaga. Sedangkan Covid baru nak menular. Kita di Malysia, awal-awal dapat gelaran paling tinggi jangkitan dan kematian di Asia Tenggara. Ini menjadikan kita lebih serius menangani serangan Covid ini.

      Jadi,jangan terlalu megah dan sombong dgn kejayaan AWAL ini. Ini menjadikan kita angkoh sedangkan vaksin yg sesuai masih belum di temui untuk menangani penyakit ini. Anytime, jangkitan akan menular semula.

  15. Ya lorrr...bagi la peluang...betul kata Annie...salah tu bukan lah mudarat sangat.

    Kadang kadang tak faham la politik Malaysia...masa BN bagi bantuan duit kata RASUAH...PH bagi duit boleh PN memang kena bagi duit...beratoq masyarakat nak ambil duit...
    so kita jangan cepat menghukum...when you are up there to manage a country you cannot please everyone...80/20 rules is the game and what risk are looking at..that's the skill and experience of trade off is worthwhile to assess risk and be positive...

    1. Tak mudarat pada anda yg anggap denda rm1000..00 tu cuma duit poket atau just a small change.

      Mudarat besar kpd mereka yg melihat duit seribu itulah penyambung hidupnya.
      Mudarat lebih besar kpd budak kolej yg tak mampu bayar denda lalu dipenjarakan seminggu. Rekod ini akan mewarnakan keseluruhan hidupnya.

      Jadi jangan anggap this is a small matter. It reflexes your integrity as a leader. Kepimpinan melalui teladdan.

      Kalau pemimpin boleh dibebaskan, kenapa pesalah yg sama harus menerima hukuman....bukankah ini cuma kesilapan KECIL...?

    2. Antara dua darjat:

  16. Narcissistic politicians will always blame the circumstances and find fault with others even teeny-tiny matters. They are just too infallible and perfect ones that can never be wrong and sorry. Bullshit!

  17. Corona virus Wuhan dah lama.. sejak Disember 2019 tu pasai diberi nama COVID "19".

    Kita di gempaq dgn segala macam berita dan video ngeri bencana yg menimpa keatas penduduk Wuhan. Lepaih tu SKorea, Japan, HKong, Singapore dan Malaysia!!

    Hanya yang bahalol otak2 sewel saja yg tak paham betapa bahaya dan ganasnya virus ini. Tak faham apa itu PKP?? Hari2 habaq Cluster itu ini tak faham bahasa juga ke?

    Satu bulan PKP ramai dah kebuluran?? Haiyaaa. Lembu, kambing kerbau tak pi sekolah pun pandai cari makan.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. itu animals takdak kena mco la prof. :-)

    2. "Pooper" nasi lambak
      kalau tah ada tulang ayam, pulu-pulu pun jadi

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